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Jeff Przybylo's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Class Deck, Maps Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 4,188 posts. 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 15 aliases.

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I get Morgan Freeman.

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I got a PM from Corsario/Magna. He's crazy busy, and apologizes for dropping off, but asks to dmnpc Magna or have he go away for a while until he can get it back together. Because I don't know how long it will be, and we're in a bit of a tight spot, I'll take over for a bit.

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Guys, I apologize greatly for inconsistent posting. Work has become very busy and getting the kids through school is turning out to take a large amount of time. I prefer a regular pace, and a semi-quick one, but it has become difficult as of late.

One thing I will guarantee: If I can no longer do this, I will let everyone know. I will NOT just disappear. If it ever goes to 3+ days without hearing from me, send me a PM.

I am posting this statement to all my games, so I apologize to some of you who may have to hear it more than once.

Bear with me, I enjoy all my games and players, and have no intention of leaving them!

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I am back. I will get this on track today, I just have to get a map together...not that you'll need it for anything...

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Lym Blackhand wrote:
"I am inclined to agree where Ogres are concerned," Lym says, "but I do not have sufficient experience of other Giants to agree or disagree. Honesty compels me to say some Giantish creations are quite aesthetically pleasing. The paintings of Rau Bhem are quite impressive, and his poetry is very moving."

Are we speaking of Rau Bhem in his Surrealist period? Or in his short but brilliant Cubist period? I prefer the latter. Nicely done!

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I can sum up this awesome guide in two words: steal shamelessly. No, seriously, take what you like in other GM's games and use it in your own. Pain's guide here is sprinkled liberally with examples for just that. No one should ever feel like they have to do it differently just because someone else did it first.

I love this guide, and have stolen from it extensively. I still learn from it every day. My advice to new GMs: take your time and be aware of what you are getting into. Everything you do to make your job easier will help you keep going.

Good luck to you, and if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Nothing's been identified yet. Really not enough time to spend on that yet.

The Black Arrows fight with a desperation only those who are about die can muster. Vale wields his two axes like a man possessed. Two ogres rush in with hooks slashing. Vale blocks one high, slicing open the ogre's belly with his second axe. That ogre crumples to his knees, trying to hold in his spilling guts, when Vale kicks him off of the wall. The second ogre though, scores a hit on the ranger, driving him to his knees. The beast's overhand chop is blocked by Vale's axes crossed over his head in an 'x'. Slowly, the ogre drives the man's defense down, until his axes are nearly resting on his head. Two more ogres finish their scramble over the wall, and rush in to toward the defenseless man...

On the other side Jakardros works to defend Shalelu as she shoots a barrage of arrows at the attacking ogres. He dodges and parries with his sword, the providing the shield for her assault. Suddenly, an ogre appears on the battlement behind Jakardros. He hefts a heavy spear and heaves it at Shalelu. The spear enters into her chest, and she screams in agony. The half-elf slumps against the wall, the bloody tip protruding from her back. At her scream Shalelu's long-lost father turns about and stabs the ogre in the back, piercing its heart. But now his defense is down, and the two behind him tear viciously into the man with their hooks.

"Noooooooooo!!!!" Shalelu screams as the ogres cut down her father. Ignoring Jakardros, they step over his prone form to finish her....

Praxim's howl of victory sounds over the walls, echoing amidst the stone of the fort. The ogres pause, looking out at the sound. Their eyes take in the sight of the paladin with the heads of their leader and their sorceress, and their faces go white with fear. They fall over each other as they flee, some even jumping from the wall to the ground on the far side.

Within seconds, Fort Rannick is clear of ogres. Vale struggles to his feet, turning to look at the carnage. Shalelu begins dragging herself along the battlement towards her fallen father, spear still in her side, leaving a bloody trail along the stone.

The rain continues to fall...Fort Rannick is yours.

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Thanks Nara, that's the best compliment a GM can get.

I'm back, just having a little trouble getting the map together - not that that means anything is going to happen, you know, that would need a map or anything...

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Matter of fact, check here for my game. If nothing else, the Campaign Tab can be useful for your game.

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Terquem wrote:
Oh and old grognards coming along in a thread claiming that their being an old grognard means anything other than the fact that you are old, and a grognard.

Ouch. I'd like to think that I can bring a lot of experience without being overbearing. But, there's a reason I stopped trying to post my thoughts in those types of threads.

That said, I'd rather be an old grognard, the alternative being what it is...

...the alternative being DEAD, for those too young and non-grognardish to pick that up. ;)

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Third! Because Jamir didn't say third!

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This looks interesting. What is the expectation for play time on these encounters? Or is there no real 'we have to play for 2 months' or whatever...

I may give it a go as a 'guest GM', once I figure out the ins and outs here. If you'd like one, of course...

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I'll take the midden, you get the eyepatch. Both should add mightily to the RP of the story.

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See what I did there? Huh? Huh? A 'familiar' familiar? C'mon, work with me!!

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Whoa! Kazul didn't crit? What is this campaign coming to?

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I've thought of something (at least I think I did, I haven't seen it anywhere else) that I am going to try as a limiter to the use of multiple mythic/legendary points in a round. I discussed this with my group, and we agree it's worth a go. On the surface: it seems simple to adjudicate, has the limits I think will help, and doesn't make the players feel like they are being handicapped.

Make each (and every) use a of a mythic/legendary point a swift or immediate action. If it is not already defined, the swift/immediate classification will be based on the intent of the ability.

Each PC has one swift/immediate action per round = to half their Mythic Tier, rounded up.

We started this last week, but it didn't come up except once, for the legendary ranseur-wielding fighter (12 Ftr, 4 Champ) who did unreal amounts of damage under the RAW. Last week he merely did great amounts, but was happy with what he did, as was I.

More to come on this.

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Tangent101 wrote:

If you are constantly fudging the rules so to create an "epic" feel for the storyline, you are no longer using the rules. You're doing an ad-lib game that marginally is related to Mythic and to Pathfinder.

I would much rather modify Mythic so that it is not overpowered but is definitely over-the-top (like firing one arrow into the air and having a dozen or more arrows strike the ground in a ten-foot radius). You can give the game a Mythic Feel without having four Superman characters on the field.

Then again, that IS what I'm doing now, isn't it. ;) (ie, the link above to the other thread)

Fair enough. Although you may be overstating how much I fudge the rules. Of course, you have no way of knowing that based on one post from me, so all good.

To be honest I don't see the difference in our methods. Two means to an end, the goal being fun for everyone at the table.

I use the encounter level philosophy to its extent, as suggested in the Mythic book. The PCs mow down the mooks like they should. After all, they have been chosen by Fate to take it to the demons or die trying, right? We use the pictures in the book extensively. They know if it has a picture (and gods forbid, a name!), then they are in for a ride. We have another saying, usually after someone goes, "Well that fight was a b$!@+!" Someone else usually replies, "Hellooo she was on the cover!" My point? Glad you asked. Mooks don't get 'rule fudging'. Lieutenants usually don't get much either, maybe some more minions to make itinteresting, but that's it. If you are on the cover though...well...Paizo didn't pay Wayne Reynolds all that money and put you there to die in one round, know what I mean?

As far as giving it a Mythic Feel, I have visuals, sound effects, I even play the sound part of videos (I used Theodens speech on the Fields of the Pellenor as a soundtrack the first time their paladin army charged in Book 2, feel free to steal.) So there's more than just the adjustments.

I certainly hope no one misconstrues my posts here as 'my way or the highway' or braggadocio. I've been taught by some really good GMs in the past and I've done this a long time. I try to share what I've done in the hope of passing it on.

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Well, I am of the bent that heroes should be heroes. Before you blast me, I would say that I knew (I thought) what I was getting into when I started WotR. I quickly learned that I did NOT know.

So I adjusted.

I am not changing the Mythic rules as written - too much work.
I am not nerfing or slowing character advancement - too much work.
I AM allowing my players too be mythic heroes, and they are crushing it - sometimes.

What I am doing is adjusting the encounter to add to the Mythic narrative - less crunch and more fun. What does that mean? Sometimes more hp, sometimes higher DCs for the group, sometimes better saves for the bad guys - all based on enhancing the story at a given moment.

What I found was was that I wasn't ready for the changes to encounter levels that the Mythic rules brought. I am still learning, and my group is having fun with it. Here is the most commonly heard comment when a creature does something that the PCs suspect it shouldn't:

"Must be Mythic". And they soldier on. I've had one-shots on them, but in 4 books, it's happened twice, and that on fantastic dice. Here's the key: the PCs are involved in an epic struggle. And death is very real possibility. We have a saying at our table: "If we (the PCs) can do it to them, they can do it to us." It works for us.

Here is a good example: The battle with the shadow demon Eustoyriax. I made damn sure the barbarian failed his Will save. He went about, using all of his Champion abilities against the party, while they were fighting the SD and 4 of his SD minions. That is still their favorite encounter, even when they suspected I might have 'fudged'.

End result: We had a great time as a group. And that is the goal.

The best advice I can give applies to anyone playing an AP, not just WotR. Play to the story, and make the rules work for you.

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KakkarottoZ wrote:

Those are different systems, right? I'd be interested in playing, been looking to expand my RPG pool.

Google-fu says edge of empire is basically firefly in the Star Wars universe? That sounds awesome.

That's funny you put it that way. Say rather that Firefly is like life on the fringe of Imperial space. That is the theme for Edge of Empire.

Age of Rebellion is more military-ish. Members of the Rebel Alliance against the Empire.

Same exact system. Different focus. Both take place BTDSs - Between the Death Stars. You start post Death Star One.

No Jedi...get over it.

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Post your interest and thoughts...on the other hand, never mind about the thoughts, the Emperor knows what you are thinking.

<cue Imperial March>

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"Aren't you the rogue?

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Well, if you were offended by what Vexxous said, then you are REALLY not going to like this:

If your group is bored or not having fun, then that falls squarely on YOU as the GM. It is irrelevant whether it is mythic or not, AP or single module, 1st book or 4th, power gamers or RP(ers?). You are the one controlling the experience of everyone at the table, including yourself. I have argued this similar point in countless discussions and boards and impromptu gatherings at the FLGS: the GM makes or breaks a game. The AP/module is a framework for you to work from. You have to adapt on the fly to fit your group and your GM style.

Where I think Mythic has caused us difficulties is in the fact that we weren't prepared for what it could do. Once we have learned, we should adapt. To the OPs question: I would think a 1/4 ratio of Mythic to non-Mythic APs would be fine. The Mythic system is very popular. I enjoy running it as much as my players enjoy playing it. They know that as uber-Mythic as they become, there will always be something to challenge them to look forward to. Not all of the fights, but enough to make the story memorable.

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Praxim wrote:

affects Southern belle accent

"Why, my dear Lord-Mayor. We have just done gone and killed so many men these last few days, it's right hard for a girl to keep them all straight!"


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I guess I will jump in here. Forgive my photography, or lack thereof...

Some of these I've had so long, that I don't remember the names and/or the manufacturer, but I will try.

So to start:
Ameiko Kaijitsu, Reaper
Front Side Rear

And one more familiar face:
A blond Amiri, Reaper
Front Rear

More next week...

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"Since the first days of the Worldwound, Kenabres has answered the
call to action demanded by the coming of the fiends. We opened
our gates to refugees despite the danger. We tracked down demons
hiding in the guise of men and set them alight with righteous flame.
Still, the tide of fiends never ceases. They surge pitilessly toward our
shining border, that churning throng of creatures clamoring for
virtuous blood. Kenabres is the bulwark behind which we throw our
weight. The wardstone is our shield and also our greatest weapon. As
long as Kenabres stands, we will keep the demons trapped, and our
crusaders shall ride forth and put an end to their foul existence.”

—Onevere Worin, City Defender of Kenabres

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It's a grand day in Sandpoint. You could hardly imagine a more perfect day to hold a festival. The sun shines brightly in clear, blue skies, and a tang of sea salt is in the air as a light sea-breeze comes in from the Varisian Gulf. The sounds of the gulls mix with the buzz of the people about the square where the festival is taking place. Looking around, it would appear that all of Sandpoint is here in the square. Dressed in their festive best, mothers trying desperately to keep their children clean, while young men strut about in an effort to attract the town's young maidens.


The smells of a dozen local delicacies waft about the square, each of Sandpoint's taverns striving to outdo the other in culinary battle. Lunch will be served shortly, and it promises to be an exquisite experience (but best of all, free!) Already the talk around the food stalls at the south end of the square is of the White Deer's peppercorn vension, the lobster chowder of the Hagfish, or (clearly the most anticipated, to judge by the talk) the Rusty Dragon's curry-spiced salmon and early winterdrop mead. Mayhap the reason for the Rusty Dragon's early lead is the proprieter, beautiful and talented Ameiko Kaijitsu. Certainly the town's men-folk are the first in the lunch line at the Dragon's stall, but even the women will grudgingly admit hers the best fare in all of Sandpoint.

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