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"NO!" Magna retorts to Talia, a bit too sharply.

"No. Milady." She says, correcting herself. "You don't understand. The Forge Father teaches us to stand up and face our enemy. To protect our people in a straightforward way. I...have deviated."

The dwarf paladin drops her hands to her belt, gripping the haft of her axe. Her knuckles turn white with frustration. "But I am not working to change things for the betterment of the people. I am working to change them for myself."

"I have desired to rule for myself. I have compromised with one of my people's greatest enemies. I have wished violence on my own people because of the desire for power! I have...loved..." She speaks this last softly, with a sidelong glance at Edric. "In a word...I am...soft." She whispers. "Not the steel edge of the axe forged on the anvil of Torag."

There is a long silence.

"I will go north. Join the next band of crusaders bound for Mendev. They use the Sellen as a route to join Queen Galfrey's armies there. I need to re-forge my very soul, and I will go to the greatest such forge on Golarion."

"I am going to the Worldwound."

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From the doors to the Council chamber, Magna's voice breaks into your discussion.

"I..." she begins, her voice as unsure and wavering as you have ever heard her, "I..I have to leave" she stammers, her eyes downcast.

"I'm afraid I have been tested. And found wanting. My faith, my race, everything I thought I was." She looks up, and it is obvious she has been crying. "For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to bring the word of Torag and the might of his hammer to the unjust. I've known that my part in life was to forge the bonds of community that he teaches." She looks down again.

"I do not think I am worthy."

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Check the quest tab - I'll make it part of the reward for bringing him in.

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The great worg flashes by, taking hits as he charges. But his days of hunting the Kamelands are ended by Tali's precise strike, and his furred bulk tumbles to a halt just short of where Dregan stands. The last worgs let out a terrified yelp, and and dash off into the night.

Combat over, Vosil's great rug acquired. Hex (D6?) explored.

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Naralesh wrote:
I suppose neither Naralesh nor I fully understands nobles yet. Talia, this is your stage.

Indeed, nobility is a very odd thing. Think of an ultra-exclusive club, that you have no way joining unless by birth. You and your club are better than everyone, save those in the club with a better lineage. But you ALL are better than everyone else. And you fight tooth and nail to protect that. AND that's ingrained from birth.

Even your NPCs will have a hard time giving that up. They need a new club - and that's you all.

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YES! You want to know where I was going? This. This. THIS! Crisis arises, leaders say: 'Hey let's talk. Everyone (not in the Council) sit down and shut up (sorta) until we figure it out.' Excellent! Most astonishing wonderful! (my inner hobbit) You're going to need this in the future. I've read the books, trust me.

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Naralesh wrote:
I concur. I have absolute confidence you're going to a good place with all this. But I am having difficulty roleplaying how to react to the NPCs because I don't understand the situation.

Say your sorry (Vosil), kiss their ass (Talia), and get them back to work. Can't be plainer.

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Talia and Kaldrukth dispatch the worg on her. Dregan slays another - the one threatening Naralesh.

Need Edric to go in ROUND TWO still. He is prone. All of the worgs are evil, Edric.

Status Update: Magna is prone, a worg on her. Edric is prone, worg on him. Talia, Naralesh, Dregan are free of attackers. Vosil has a worg, but it is blind. Howls-in-the-Hills is up on the edge of dell and waiting. He is 40' away.

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Naralesh wrote:
I remember that quest. You get Light Side points for ensuring they get punished for their romance, and Dark Side points for letting the young love flourish...

And that is the mark of a great quest/mission, isn't it? One of the best I have ever seen.

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Aaaaaaannnndddd...I wrote that before I read Naralesh's post!

The Voice of Reason!!! Great post!

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Javell DeLeon wrote:
Are the icy stares the only way down? Or is there like a drop off from the top that reaches the bottom? If so, how far is the drop?

Stairs are the only way down. If only you had a large piece of cardboard or a laundry basket...

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Howls-in-the-Hills is a cunning hunter. Full of tricks and surprises, he has stalked these lands for a generation. So with a snarl and a howl, the pack breaks upon you from the west, where he played the echoes against you.

Two worgs are on Edric in a flash, fangs flashing in the firelight. Their bite draws blood, and the paladin is overborne by their rush. -12 hp, Edric, you are prone.

bite: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27 crit: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9 dmg: 1d6 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
trip: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25

bite: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11
dmg: 1d6 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
trip: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26

The rest of the pack attacks, one worg for each of you. Only Magna's skill at teamwork saves you, keeping you from being totally surprised.

att Talia: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15
att Magna: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17dmg: 1d6 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10trip: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25
att Vosil: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (15) + 7 = 22dmg: 1d6 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9trip: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21
att Dregan: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11dmg: 1d6 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10trip: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18
att Naralesh: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20dmg: 1d6 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10trip: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

These worgs are dynamite!

The worgs come on in a rush, and the party goes down under their savage attack. Only Talia manages to duck under her assailant and remain standing. She looks up to see the silhouette of a huge worg lined against the night sky, staring down into the dell.

NOTE: Everyone is hit and prone except Talia. Please note the damage you took, I rolled it above. You may take AoOs as they trip you, based on the Lookout Feat (you can act in the surprise round). Then you are up for ROUND ONE.

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Gaerd tilts his head to one side, looking at Talia with a strange look. "Ye have what ye hold, Milady." Then he walks away to rejoin the dwarves and get settled for the night.

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Hold on Turn 5 for now. Let's get some of the exploration caught up, because I've launched this too fast and dates are getting crossed up.

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Magna and Edric: don't stop your excellent interaction over rulership just because I moved forward. You can talk on the ride south, as you explore, etc. I don't want that to be cut short. You have months in game time to develop this.

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Male Human Fighter 3

"Nein, Herr Comarenza. Ich mochte Schoenhafen."

Apologies for bad German.

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Sorry, couldnt help myself

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26 Desnus 4707

The wagon train sets out the next day for the south, for the site of the new city. The journey takes several days, but in the end, you arrive without issue and the work begins. Many willing hands make for short work, and soon enough, things begin to take shape.

21 Sarenith 4707

The night sky is clear and the moon at a half when the faithful gather for one of the few formal holidays for Desna's followers; the Ritual of Stardust on the summer solstice. On the shore of the lake, with the moon reflected in it's surface, great bonfires are lit. A great feast is held, and those present watch the embers and sparks float out into the night sky. The celebrants chant and sing songs until the fires burn low. When only embers remain, sand mixed with ground star gems (star rubies, star sapphires, and rose quartz) is cast on them. Many of those in attendance make proclamations of love and friendship, and not a few marriage proposals are offered and accepted. The twinkling of the sand-gem mix as it rises with the embers is surely a sign that Desna witnesses and approves this night.

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Guess what? No taxes = no ECON roll. Phase 3, Step 4 is called 'collect taxes' for a reason. What a dumb name for the phase. How can have a 'no taxes edict' and collect taxes? They should have called it 'Collect Income'.

Second, I pretty much said that there is no upkeep phase at size 0.

Third, you build in the turn we are in. I'm not going to try and keep track of 'what's due next month'. If you do it in this turn, the BP is spent, the adjustments are made to the ELC (Econ, Loy, Stab). If not, then you don't get the bonuses either.

Fourth, is Kaalib going to be the 'official report guy' each month? That's fine by me.

Fifth: building housing or tenements does not count against your total number of buildings for the turn.

Sixth, the fort hex is prepped already - it has a structure on it. 1 BP to claim it and found Concord-on-the-Lake as well as the Viscounty of Fairhaven.

Seventh (sheesh), the map will have to be updated to show all of this: claimed hexes, farms, forts, cities, roads, etc.

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Darrick watches as three of the charter members walk out. He looks pointedly at Talia.

"It would seem not all of the members are in agreement with your proposal, Talia. Still, you have the support of the rest it would seem. I have not spent enough time with you all to vote fairly, but if it were my preference, I would throw my say behind someone with experience in governing matters."

He pauses a moment, lost in thought. When he speaks again, it isn't clear whether he is speaking about you, or something else...

"There comes a time when all will not agree on the direction the leadership is taking a nation. In that time, you have two choices: stay and have your say, or leave and forfeit your right to speak out about it."

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Am I the only one seeing the double-meaning to 'Privy Council'?

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Kingdom building thread here.

You have just received 50 BP from Rostland in your wagon train. See the new thread for all the kingdom building.

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Here is what you know about the Lebeda's and Darrick in particular:

House Lebeda is based to the southwest of Lake Reykal in Brevoy, controlling the plains and significant portions of the lake's hipping.They are considered to be the Brevic noble family that epitomizes Rostland, having significant Taldan blood, an appreciation for fine things, and a love of sword fighting.

Their castle, Silverhall looks over Lake Reykal and is where the family maintains its power. They control the shipping on the lake; their business of being brokers and merchants linking the north and south of Brevoy has made them rich.

Dame Sarrona Lebeda currently leads the house as regent until her son Lander comes of age. The oldest child, Elanna, is the house's representative in New Stetven; rumors say she is trying to arrange a marriage with the king.

The family's crest is a swan on water with the sun on the horizon. Depending on how the house fares, the people say the sun is either rising or setting; currently most people say the sun is rising. The family motto is "Success through Grace."

The name Darrick Lebeda does not ring any bells, but you have heard of a member of that family who is more than a little critical of Elanna's efforts to bind the Lebedas to the Surtovas.

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"Very well, Talia. I would normally require all the persons who are on this charter, but if one is missing, we will make do." He accepts Talia's arm and allows himself to be led into the common room of the Post. There Svetlana hurries about getting drinks of the Strolchnya, while Oleg grumbles but sets about the store. He is no fool, the wagons outside represent more business through the post than he would see in a year.

Once everyone is setaed, and drinks are passed, he speaks:

"The Swordlords are very pleased with your progress here in the Greenbelt. Events are moving quickly in the North, and they greatly desire a...reliable...neighbor on their southern borders.'

He chooses his words carefully, weighing them for impact. Clearly this a man used to the machinations of politics.

"To that end, it has been entrusted to me to bring you this..."

From a leather case he carries over his shoulder, he produces a scroll. The wax seal bears the symbol of Rostland. He breaks the seal, rolling out the scroll so as to read it:

"Be it so known that the bearers of this charter, having delivered the northern reaches of the Greenbelt from the scourge of banditry, having provided detailed maps of the lay of the land, and having done no small amount of work in the exploration of said land and the culling of hostile monsters and indigenous hazards, are hereby granted the right to rule. The nature and laws of rule are theirs to define, and the wellbeing of this new nation is theirs to protect. In accordance for providing a stable nation to the south of central Rostland, let there be a generous stipend of funds, support, and advice provided to this fledgling nation as a token of Restov and Brevoy’s goodwill, such that future relations between kingdoms might be mutually beneficial. So witnessed under the watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and by the authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne."

When he finishes, he lays the scroll down so everyone can read it.

"I have been sent here to assist you in this effort. The people and resources out side are to help with your...our...start." A broad smile breaks across his face.

"So. When do we begin?"

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The hags cackle and titter at Lym. Larastine shuffles forward a few steps more.

"Oh dearie. Oh Dearie. It's so much more. A wizard you say? The Runelords of Thassilon made wizards look like bumbling apprentices. Seven Runelords, disciples of ancient Xin. Seven points, seven deadly sins, seven Runelords. Each one a king or queen in their own right when they divided Xin's kingdom among themselves - after they killed him."

The hags begin a slow chant, deep throated and grim:

  • Alaznist of Bakrakhan, Wrath's jagged edge.
  • Belmarius of Edasseril, deadliest Envy.
  • Krune of Haruka, sluggard scion of Sloth.
  • Sorscha of Eurythnia, Lust's deepest desire.
  • Xanderghul of Cyrusian, Pride's dangerous game.
  • Zutha of Gatash, fat master of Gluttony.
  • Karzoug of Shalast, Greed's darkest night.

"They destroyed mighty Xin, greatest of them all. They divided his realm, after his fall. Where they walked, misery conquered mirth. Only to perish, when stars fell to earth."

The sound rolls through the cave, each note shaking the cave floor, until the end comes and the finish rolls over you and out into the winter sky. Then they turn to you and hiss in unison:

"We have no quarrel with you. You will find Lamatar in the next cave. Barl and Lucrecia are beyond. We will boil your innards when they have killed you - if you are lucky enough to be dead." The hags laugh and mutter among themselves, but otherwise ignore you.

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The man holds out the reins of his horse, but when no one is there immediately to take them, he frowns again, then lowers his arm, still holding them. His eyes take in the scene coolly, appraising each of you as you stand around the gate. Behind him, the wagon train labors up the small hill to the post.

"Talia Khavortorov, I presume?" He says after a moment. "Certainly you must be, Lady. You match the description I was given, and you bear the fine features of your family proudly." He adds, sweeping into a low bow.

"I am Darrick Lebeda, formerly of Rostland, and I am sent here by the Lords of that realm to...assist you in your endeavor in this land. Is there somewhere in we can sit privately? I have tidings that should be heard."

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The gates are not closed during the day.

A long line of wagons approaches the gates to Oleg's. Stretching out over a league or more, the train consists of supply wagons, cargo wains, and dozens of the covered version designed by the dwarven engineer Conestoga some years ago.

Two lines of armed guards in the two-headed dragon livery of Rostland ride on both sides of the road. There is a large contingent of them near what looks to be an armored wagon - heavy wooden construction with iron reinforcements.

A distinguished looking man rides at the head of the train, resplendent in a dark red traveling cloak on a gray palfrey. As he approaches the gate, he seems to take careful stock of the trading post and the surrounds. Just the faintest frown of disdain crosses his face before he sees you waiting. His face becomes a mask of neutrality as he rides up, and with practiced ease he drops from the saddle in front of you.

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The three hags blink, slowly. Then Larastine shuffles her fat body forward, stopping halfway to the cave entrance.

"The ogres are not in charge, sweetest. Do you not know?"

Larastine's sisters cackle quietly behind her. Tall, thin Grelthaga throws something in the cauldron, drawing a very pungent smell. Briselda flexes her talons as she laughs, iron-hard nails clacking on the edge of the black vessel.

"They do not! They do not!" They titter. "They do not know! Oh how precious! How perfectly delightful!'

Larastine shuffles a few steps forward again.

"He speaks of Barl and Lucrecia. Do you even know who they are? What they are? Lucrecia slew half the town by herself. Drownded and burned we hear. Barl destroyed Grolki Kreeg with his bare hands, even as Grolki was on his knees in worship." Her breath is rancid, the stench can be smelt even from where you stand.

"Barl Breakbones carried the Sign. As does the snake woman, Lucrecia."

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All of the following are purely my opinion, just because I can't really keep myself out of this discussion, try as I might:

The alignment choice is more of a set of guidelines than hard-and-fast rules. NG builds a balance between laws and freedoms for the people. But Vosil is right, it is literally the first thing you have to decide. Talia's description of what she envisions takes me toward NG, as opposed to LG.

Talia: A sense of responsibility for others does not = Lawful. That's what Good is for.

When naming: keep in mind you won't just be 'Fairhaven' (to use one example), you'll be 'the Duchy of Fairhaven', 'Kingdom of Fairhaven', etc. May help with the choice somewhat.

The kingdom building rules take into account an abstraction of the influx of settlers, birth rates, etc. It's best not to try and break it down into a mathematical equation.

A strong word of CAUTION: every Kingdom campaign I've been a part of on these boards has become an 'all about me' fiasco because of one or two PCs who hijack the game. Whether due to their politics, or alignment issues, or just need to take over, the game has either lost people who got tired of it or it has fallen apart completely. I've personally refused offers to run 3 separate games after reading through the gameplay. Don't be that player. We have what appears to be a good group here, I'd hate to see it get derailed. I will do my best to let you guys play as you wish, but if it looks like things are getting rough, I WILL step in in-game and fix it. That's why I have NPCs as part of it.

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While the interlude with Perlivash is fun, it is just that - an interlude, although I'm starting to like this little fey dragon! I did not expect Vosil's question, but that is all you will get from that, so we can move on.

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When Magna speaks her mind about her preferred moniker, Perlivash twists his long neck to go nose-to-nose and get his upside-down view of the dwarf. He tilts his head first to one side, then the other, much like a dog who is trying to figure out what it is hearing.

"But Miss Magna," he says, clearly enjoying her reaction, 'Magnitofera takes so long to say! Miss Magna is very you!" And he collapses on her head, convulsed with laughter at his own joke.

After a minute, he brings himself under control. "No, no bandits at all. We have seen none." He does seem generally puzzled about her warning. "Big ones must not be mad. Tyg and Perlivash do not mean harm. Just fun for all!"

But Vosil's question stops the dragon's mirth cold. He cowers down deeper into Magna's hair, tiny claws scratching her scalp as he digs in.

"Do not ask. No, do not ask. She did it. Because she could. No reason. No reason at all. Perlivash saw. He saw. She saw Perlivash, but he flew away. Fast as fast can be. He did not go back. Not ever."

The only thing more he will say to all your questions is: "She is beauty turned dark. She has no master. She walks where she wills, even here. She laid with the Stag Lord. She takes who she wants, but it never ends well for them."


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"Ooo! Ooo! A sweet! You knows how he likes sweets, Miss Magna! Perlivash always likes sweets!" The little dragon nestles happily in Magna's hair, ever the conquering hero as she rides back in through the gate. Nat follows, rake in hand and a clear look of doubt on his face.

Perlivash greets everyone as he rides along. "Hello Miss Talia! Hello Mister Dregan! Hello Mister Naralesh! Hello hello new faces! Tyg told me what happened! Tyg saw it all!" The pseudo dragon chortles enthusastically. Just as quickly he turns sober. "Miss Talia, we saw Mister Gavriil, yes we did. He did not come back. Rode away he did. Maybe you do not kiss so good?"

It takes some time to get it from him - and no small amount of sweets from the kitchen, but it turns out he and Tyg-Titter-Tut have been following you and watching. When you set out for the fort, Tyg followed along, while Perlivash stayed here. They kept in communication, but Perlivash grew bored, apparently after a whole hour of waiting.

Regardless, the news of your success reaching the post so fast was due to the little dragon's whisperings in the night. As for the pranks, he apologizes to Oleg - who growls - and to Svetlana - who just laughs gaily and feeds him more sweet cakes.

"Tyg won't come," he says sadly to questions, "too shy. Too shy."

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Male Human Fighter 3

"No one is really sure how we found out," Kesten says, "but yet we knew for sure this morning that you had ended the Stag Lord's reign, and were returning safely."

He takes the remaining bandits into custody, and gives a status report.

"Nothing out of the ordinary to report, Miss Talia. It's been quiet since you left. Although Nat claims he sees something in and about the farm plot. Something small, that he can't quite set eyes on. Always on the edge of his vision. He's out there now, trying to catch sight of it."

Kesten watches as his men lead the bandits away. He turns to speak. "Although we have had a prankster in our midst. No one will admit to it, but someone thinks they are quite funny."

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14 Desnus 4707

The trip to Nettle's Crossing on the Shrike River is quick and uneventful. There is no sign of Davik Nettles as you slip the Stag Lord's body in the waters. The man's corpse slowly twists in the current, turning round and abut in the water. Suddenly, the undead form of Davik Nettles bursts from the water with a spray of white foam. Reaching out from where he stands, his claws sink into the body, dragging it under. A moment later, the ranseur Nettles carried floats to the surface near the shore where you stand. Add a +1 ranseur to your loot.

15 Desnus 4707

The horns sound three times over the plains, heralding your return to Oleg's. All of the inhabitants are out to greet you, overjoyed at your safe return. Word of the Stag Lord's fall has spread fast, reaching Oleg's even before you arrived.

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The next morning dawns bright and sunny, a warm spring day in the Greenbelt. The clean-up of the zombies is not so difficult with the threat of the bandits gone. The half-dozen or so zombies attack immediately when you set foot on the hill, so by luring them out, the task is soon done.

A search of the loot does not turn up Svetlana's ring. Surely the elusive piece of jewelry must be in the Greenbelt somewhere!

The interrogation of the remaining bandits turns up a useful name: one Falgrim Sneed. Wanted by Kesten for crimes in Restov, he will be very interested to see Sneed back at Oleg's. In all, it is clear these are bad men. They do not show remorse for their crimes, and spit on your representation of justice.

On a sad note, while on your zombie purge, you find the remains of Dregan's brother Ulric. He fought to the last, but was in the end overwhelmed by the undead creatures. Only the presence of the zombies kept the predators away that may have scavenged his body.

What next?

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Ok, some side notes that I will mention here, then cover in game as well:

1. Svetlana's ring is not in this loot.
2. Falgrim Sneed is indeed here. He is one of the bandits you captured.
3. You don't have the authority, yet, to rule this place but you all know it's coming. You have 2 trusty NPCs right now: Asha and Kesten Garess. There's a reason there are avatars for those two. Dashedly clever, that!
4. D5 has a bridge, the fort is in C6. I've cut a copy of the map for you. Talia, this map conatins ALL of the terrain you have not yet explored including row 7. As there are no set encounters left, you can finish out the map at your leisure.
5. The map for the next part runs south of where you are now - so row 8, 9, etc. Talia will have to figure how to add more to it. Dimensionally it will be the same as the first map.

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This is where you really need to get into the rules for the kingdom. There are benefits to building at each site (and there are 3), but they are very different benefits. Here they are:

Oleg's: The trading post is a versatile structure built to serve as a place of business. If the PCs decide to found a city in this hex, they can incorporate Oleg’s as a free Shop, Stable, or Watchtower in their city grid (once chosen, the function of Oleg’s within the new city cannot be changed).

Temple of the Elk: Although the Temple of the Elk is partially ruined, building a city here gives the PCs a head start on a Temple, halving the initial cost of building such a structure.

Stag Lord's Fort: Located at the heart of the Greenbelt on a defensible hill near a plentiful source of water, fishing, and trade, the Stag Lord’s Fort may be the single best place to place a capital city. The fort itself gives the PCs a head start on building a castle, halving the initial cost of such a structure. In addition, if the PCs make this site their capital city, their nation gains a +1 bonus on Economy, Loyalty, and Stability due to its centralized location and ease of defense.

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Stag Lord: potion: Cure Moderate; +1 leather armor; MW longsword; +1 composite longbow (+2 STR); 20 arrows; amulet of natural armor +1; stag's helm (evil object)

Dovan: MW studded leather; +1 rapier; 3 daggers; silver SL amulet (20gp); turquoise earrings (130gp); 48 gp; 6 pp.

Akiros: 2 potions of CLW; MW chainmail; hvy steel shield; +1 longsword; composite longbow (+2 STR); 20 arrows; 3 +1 magical beast bane arrows; silver holy symbol of Erastil; silver SL amulet (20gp); 140 gp

Auchs: 2 potions CMW; potion Lesser Res; leather armor; club; Sl amulet (20gp); knight and drgaon toys (45gp)

There is a storage room: This long room contains a large number of crates, bags, salvaged lumber, and food. A cot lies amid the stored goods, a small lantern sitting on a nearby crate.

The Stag Lord's room: Thick layers of animal hides insulate this room’s walls. In one corner rests a ragged bed draped with threadbare silks and thick furs. On the floor, three stout chests
serve as furniture, cluttered with empty liquor bottles. A few more bottles lie scattered about the floor, leaving the room reeking of stale alcohol. Two of the chests hold bedding and other miscellaneous items, including a bolt of burlap cloth, old clothing, an iron ring, and three crudely stitched leather masks. In the third chest, the Stag Lord keeps his best treasures. This consists of 141 gp, a polished azurite crystal worth 9 gp, a carnelian worth 80 gp, a piece of hematite worth 13 gp, a shard of obsidian worth 14 gp, a red garnet worth 100 gp, a pewter belt buckle depicting a pair of entwined succubi worth 30 gp, and a silver charm bracelet worth 60 gp.

The Armory: Though ruined walls still separate this area from the other rooms, most of the ceiling has collapsed. The only remaining bit of roof covers the inside corner. Hides strung from a wooden frame partition this corner off, creating a dry storage area. Three unlocked crates in the storage area hold 10 longbows, 260 arrows, 5 short swords, 5 spears, four 50-foot lengths of hemp rope, a set of chisels, 2 hammers, 3 tins of iron nails, and 4 suits of leather armor.

While searching through the keep, you find a hidden door that leads to an underground cellar of three rooms and a tunnel connecting them. A large amount of stolen wealth can be found in these three rooms—the bandits have been stockpiling their ill-gotten goods for months. The majority of the wealth kept here consists of mundane trade goods like pelts, furs, tobacco, iron, bronze, miscellaneous weapons and armor (none masterwork or magic), and miscellaneous adventuring gear and tools worth a combined total of 6,850 gp. In addition, one chest contains 4,500 cp, 2,052 sp, 894 gp, and 21 pp, while a large bag contains 2,900 gp in various pieces of stolen jewelry.

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Well done! A suitably cinematic end to a long quest, imho! Thus ends Book One: The Stolen Lands. You are now 4th level, and we will begin Book Two: Rivers Run Red as soon as you are ready. The most important thing you can do now besides leveling is to get familar with the Kingdom Rules. We will be using the Ultimate Campaign version, as its more complete.

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The Stag Lord laughs out loud. He is an evil man, used to getting his way by force and savage brutality.

He moves toward Vosil, putting a boot in his chest and knocking the Varisian down, slammed against the wall. Talia's attempt to disarm him is brushed off with contemptuous ease, and his return backhand opens up a cut on her cheek and staggers her. A glob of acid hits him in the face, and he roars in fury, ducking just as a snowball flies in from Naralesh.

The Stag Lord straightens from his duck - just in time to meet the onrushing Magna. Empowered by the fury of Torag, her axe cuts a blurry streak in the torchlight. It barely slows as it cleaves his neck, sending an arc of blood and gore against the back wall and covering Vosil.

The Stag Lord's head turns over and over through the air, all things in slow motion, and lands with a 'thud' at Magna's feet. The body follows, the huge frame collapsing in on itself.

Silence, broken only by the whimpering of the blind men behind you.

It is over. The Stag Lord is no more.

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Naralesh wrote:
Man! That battle just went from "dire" to "we have the upper hand" in about the blink of an eye!

That tells you that both sides were teetering on the edge. A couple of disarms, a good die roll or two, and things shifted your way. If my second sneak hits Vosil (he's dead), and I get good backstab damage on Naralesh (he's dead), and this thing has a whole different ending.

Think about it: Vosil disarmed the Stag Lord, who is a ranger /rogue with human as a favored enemy. With his bow, there's a good chance he would've killed Edric. Without Naralesh's direction for the elementals, Akiros and Dovan most likely take down Magna. Four of you dead or incapacitated (Vosil, Magna, Edric, Naralesh), leaving Talia, Kaalib, Asha, Dregan. 3/4 are human, making them prime targets for the Stag Lord.

Result: bad ending for the PCs.

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ROUND EIGHT: you are up, things aren't looking quite as dire now, I'd say!

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Without getting to the always-contentious 'what makes a paladin a paladin' conversation, there are considerations in this AP regarding such things. We've had the discussion over the first bandits encountered and whether or not to pardon them - see Nat your local farmer.

Those things should be - need to be - considered. I don't believe it's 'lawful stupid' at all. 'Lawful' is one thing, 'Good' is another, combined they make for an interesting RP opportunity. In this case, you have what is an essentially helpless person, unable to defend himself. Making the decision to not cut him down in his current state doesn't mean you won't hang him later for 'unrepentant banditry', should he be un-redeemable.

And yes, I will get to the combat today.

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This is a gray area. If you read the Acrobatics skill combined with Movement rules (specifically movement through an opponents square), as well as the AoO and helpless rules, contradictions come up. The exact circumstances of this situation would - if we go by the RAW - show that Vosil can't move through their square because they aren't helpless, and an Acrobatics check won't do him any good because they can't perform an AoO. So he would be stuck, sort of.

That's just dumb.

In this case we'll use Vosil's first roll as his attempt to avoid the AoO from behind, and the second to get through their occupied squares.

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Female Chiss Soldier/Commando Wounds 18/18 Strain 13/13 Defense 0 SV 5 Cool GY Vigilance GG

Kara stood up to meet Djebelle as she came in, reaching out to catch the woman as she stumbled over the chair near the door. The close proximity gave Kara a whiff of what she'd been up to.

'...oh god she's drunk...

'...Quasar, eh?...'

Djebelle seemed to be in a mood to talk - Q-spice did that to you - and Kara needed a drink anyway. Matching her shot for shot, Kara said nothing while the woman went on and on.

'...a real, live Force user...' Kara thinks, her eyes narrowing. ' that what it does? Can you really feel all of those people?'

She didn't know what to think about Djebelle's rambling. She'd killed more people than she can count. The Espo guard on Taris, guilty of being in the way, took her knife in the windpipe. A Rebel Captain on Ryloth, smothered in his sleep. She never forgot any of's just...she didn't feel them like Djebelle was describing. She came out of her thoughts as Djebelle was talking about the Sergeant on Shantipole. She started crying, and Kara suddenly felt very out of place. Here was something she knew literally nothing about. She reached out her hand toward Djebelle's bowed head, then stopped. She didn't know how to...

She put her hand under the woman's chin, and lifted her head up so their eyes met.

"At some point you have to decide, Djeb. Which...'thread' is is more important? Yours? The ones of your team? Like it or not you - we - belong to something now. You've been running all your life, trying to stay away from the feelings of those around you. Maybe it's time to embrace it."

She didn't know what the hell she was saying. '...must be the Quasar spice, it had a way of making you talk like that. Ah well..another shot...'

That night, Kara didn't sleep for a very long time. And when she finally did drift off, her sleep was plagued with the nightmares of friends lost.

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Female Chiss Soldier/Commando Wounds 18/18 Strain 13/13 Defense 0 SV 5 Cool GY Vigilance GG

Kara says nothing as Aniera goes through her paces, typical Alliance recruiting stuff. She slams the energy cell home, turning the big blaster over and back as she checks the final assembly. She sets it down on the table and picks up her combat blade and a whetstone.


The edge of the blade rasps over the whetstone in a practiced fashion. The noise of steel over porous stone can be grating to some, Kara hoped that was true here...


"You know nothing about me, Alliance Intelligence."


Kara looks up at the Devaronian woman, red stare matching orange.


"Anything else?

Kara didn't like this situation. She was out of her element here and things were moving way too fast. She liked combat ops and the planning that went with them. She liked a team of skilled operatives, each knowing their area of expertise and what the others could do. Every man and woman did their job and could count on the team members to do theirs also. Now she was stuck in this Alliance mess, with this team of...she didn't know what. Now the Alliance had sent this one to keep an eye her. At least they were obvious about it, ImpSec wouldn't have introduced themselves.

She looks at the razor edge of the combat blade. Made from the finest carbide-titanium steel money could buy, it was a gift from...him. The thought made her frown, red eyes drawn tight as the angry memory came back.

'...Mon Mothma, three feet from me, could've put this right into her brain and got away before they knew what hit them. He'd like that...'

Kara explodes into motion, leaping to her feet and driving the blade deep into the table in front of her. On her feet, both hands on the table and breathing heavily, she says without looking up:

"Yeah, I'd prefer that..."

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Grey Lensman wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
I'm sorry your DM was so literal with that die. I had fun with it, but it wasn't a very big part of my games.
I had similar issue with the Fantasy Flight version - the GM (different GM) never added complications, he merely upped the base difficulty roll for such things, leaving the abilities I had chosen to be completely useless.

This is THE hardest thing to get used to as a player and a GM in the FFG system. You NEVER 'up the difficulty' based on conditions, environment, etc. You add Boost dice or Setback dice. Once you get the hang of it, this system rocks.

There are games going on in the FFG system here on these boards. This one is current.

This one just ended.

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And Dregan doesn't have to say anything. Remember the catcalls and jeers from the walls? Someone saw you! The aspiring playwright perhaps?

Was hoping someone would catch the connection to Talia's background!

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Talia Khavortorov wrote:
*This scene is not making Talia's magnum opus.

Scene: It is ten years from now, and a Queen Talia sits in the royal box in the Capital City Theater, awaiting the opening of a new play by a an up-and-coming playwright. The title: The Fall of the Stag Lord. As the curtain rises, we see our heroine creeping through a boulder-strewn field, the silhouette of a ragged fort in the background. All of a sudden, a zombie rises up through the 'ground' and grabs at her. She squeaks 'Run!' and exits stage right. The crowd laughs uproariously. Too late she realizes that the young playwright was a former bandit she pardoned back on that fateful day...

The zombies lurch towards the scrambling Talia and Dregan, but their undead legs can't keep pace. Edric charges down from the woodline, intent on destroying them. The three meet, just as an arrow whistles past Dregan's head. The faint sound of jeers and catcalls can be heard from the fort walls now that the bandits have noticed you and your flight from the zombies. The zombies reach a point some 300' from the walls - just short of your hiding spot - when they stop and sink back into the ground.

As you reach the safety of the woods, you now know why they weren't paying much attention to the hillside...

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Credit goes to the cartographer, Talia. You've done a great job following those directions!

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