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Jeff Przybylo's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,045 posts. 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 9 aliases.

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The yard catches Kellen, Lym, and Tomaru full on as it's erratic swing takes them by surprise. 6 dmg and prone on the deck. DC was 10 in this case, and Agile Feet would not apply, although I would give that to you for the tilting deck.

Thordak charges towards the beast, longaxe at the ready. Four arrows zip around him - over his shoulder, under each arm, and for good measure, between the legs. The troll looks around, shocked by the sudden pain, then it slumps to the deck, dead.


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Well, if you were offended by what Vexxous said, then you are REALLY not going to like this:

If your group is bored or not having fun, then that falls squarely on YOU as the GM. It is irrelevant whether it is mythic or not, AP or single module, 1st book or 4th, power gamers or RP(ers?). You are the one controlling the experience of everyone at the table, including yourself. I have argued this similar point in countless discussions and boards and impromptu gatherings at the FLGS: the GM makes or breaks a game. The AP/module is a framework for you to work from. You have to adapt on the fly to fit your group and your GM style.

Where I think Mythic has caused us difficulties is in the fact that we weren't prepared for what it could do. Once we have learned, we should adapt. To the OPs question: I would think a 1/4 ratio of Mythic to non-Mythic APs would be fine. The Mythic system is very popular. I enjoy running it as much as my players enjoy playing it. They know that as uber-Mythic as they become, there will always be something to challenge them to look forward to. Not all of the fights, but enough to make the story memorable.

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Praxim wrote:

affects Southern belle accent

"Why, my dear Lord-Mayor. We have just done gone and killed so many men these last few days, it's right hard for a girl to keep them all straight!"


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I guess I will jump in here. Forgive my photography, or lack thereof...

Some of these I've had so long, that I don't remember the names and/or the manufacturer, but I will try.

So to start:
Ameiko Kaijitsu, Reaper
Front Side Rear

And one more familiar face:
A blond Amiri, Reaper
Front Rear

More next week...

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It's a grand day in Sandpoint. You could hardly imagine a more perfect day to hold a festival. The sun shines brightly in clear, blue skies, and a tang of sea salt is in the air as a light sea-breeze comes in from the Varisian Gulf. The sounds of the gulls mix with the buzz of the people about the square where the festival is taking place. Looking around, it would appear that all of Sandpoint is here in the square. Dressed in their festive best, mothers trying desperately to keep their children clean, while young men strut about in an effort to attract the town's young maidens.


The smells of a dozen local delicacies waft about the square, each of Sandpoint's taverns striving to outdo the other in culinary battle. Lunch will be served shortly, and it promises to be an exquisite experience (but best of all, free!) Already the talk around the food stalls at the south end of the square is of the White Deer's peppercorn vension, the lobster chowder of the Hagfish, or (clearly the most anticipated, to judge by the talk) the Rusty Dragon's curry-spiced salmon and early winterdrop mead. Mayhap the reason for the Rusty Dragon's early lead is the proprieter, beautiful and talented Ameiko Kaijitsu. Certainly the town's men-folk are the first in the lunch line at the Dragon's stall, but even the women will grudgingly admit hers the best fare in all of Sandpoint.

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