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Jeff Przybylo's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 6,337 posts. 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 17 aliases.

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Male Human Cleric of Iomedae 4 ac:19/11/18 hp: 23/23 f/r/w: 5/2/7 Perception +3 Init: +1 Channel 8/8

Thoughts and prayers Seraph.

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The group follows Talia, working down the narrow trail that leads to the oak hollow, when a flash of fur bursts from the bushes to Edric's left! Cat pounces on the paladin, claws and fangs slashing and biting.

claw 1: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (15) + 7 = 22 dmg: 1d6 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9
claw 2: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27 dmg: 1d6 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
bite: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

-15 dmg Edric

No sooner does everyone turn to look at Cat's sudden attack, when a muffled voice sounds in Talia's ear. Fetid breath is hot on her neck as the old man whispers; "Now die, pretty. The voices say so."

sneak attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9 Really???

But the old man's rusty blade turns on Talia's script draft notes! made that up!

Ok, sorry that took a while. ROUND ONE: you guys are up! Map is up.

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Male Human Cleric of Iomedae 4 ac:19/11/18 hp: 23/23 f/r/w: 5/2/7 Perception +3 Init: +1 Channel 8/8

I appreciate all the explanations. i haven't felt that anyone was demeaning or attacking me, I just started to feel like I was intruding.

No worries, I'll keep my posts up, and we'll keep going.

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26 Desnus 4708

B7 This is area where you first met the Swamp Witch. her swamp hut is much as you left it. But she is not home. Percival the scarecrow still keeps watch.

27 Desnus 4708


Nearly the whole of the area is explored when you hear an old man's voice ahead. If you didn't know better, you'd swear he was singing...

The voice is coming from just over a rise on the forest floor.

Map facts: B7 is half lake, half hills. The lake continues down from C6 and touches the line at A8. Then it fills the rest of the hex and just the top one-eighth of the B8 hex before connecting. A7 is a woods hex.

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Male Human Fighter 1 ac: 22/14/18 hp: 14/14 f/r/w: 6/3/0 Perception: + 0 Init: +3 Stamina 5/5

From his vantage point, Aelden could see Cimri and 'Shady' discussing...something. The look on Cimri's face and the furtive glances toward the knights and the helmet told him all he needed to know.

' must be joking...'

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The next full moon approaches, with much consternation and hand-wringing in Concord, but it passes without any untoward events. It soon becomes clear that neither Edric nor Sgt Murton contracted Kundall's curse.

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Male Human Fighter 1 ac: 22/14/18 hp: 14/14 f/r/w: 6/3/0 Perception: + 0 Init: +3 Stamina 5/5

Aelden stands near Cimri, absent-mindedly chewing on a stick of jerked beef he'd bought last night. It was a soldier's favorite, and he hadn't had some in quite a while. He was thoroughly enjoying it. It didn't hurt that Cimri's aunt was easy on the eyes either.

Still, the Iomedaens made him uneasy. He had his reasons, but he tried to put them aside by eyeballing the Sheriff.

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Male Human Cleric of Iomedae 4 ac:19/11/18 hp: 23/23 f/r/w: 5/2/7 Perception +3 Init: +1 Channel 8/8

GM Glyn, can I take 20 (Diplomacy) on the crafting of the letter to the Swordlords of Restov? The theory being Justinian staying up late, surrounded by wadded up papers on the floor and a full trash can as he scratches out and rewrites until he gets it right.

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Vosil Comarenza wrote:
Also, OGGM: did subsidizing Narthropple give us any useful information?

It indeed it does. Jubilost's expedition returns near the end of Desnus, 4708 (turn 12 of kingdom building). His hands over his maps before bidding you adieu. He's off to the south, but thanks you for your support.

Here's what he found:
Tiressia's grove.
An abandoned keep in b7 of elvish design. (woods)
The 'hut of a madman' in a7. (woods)
The swamp witch.
A river ford in D7. (hills)
A 'bowl of hot mud filled with black mushrooms' in B8. (hills)
An island in the middle of the lake with 'strange lights'. (lake)
A lizardman village in a8. (woods)
An abandoned ferry in B9. (hills)

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Sure is. You have to make a tincture for Edric and Sgt Murton to drink. That would be a Kn: Nat/Survival/Prof: Alchemy (or cooking) check at DC 10. Then Edric and the good sergeant have to make a Fort save at DC 7 to keep it down. THEN...they get a Fort save at +4 to save vs the curse. I'll keep the DC on that secret for now...

Lycanthropy is fun!

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Vosil Comarenza wrote:
There's also the small matter of 'attempt to kill and eat anything in sight' - which may not be ENTIRELY compatible with your role in running a kingdom: "And how is our army, General?" "Delicious!"


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I'm going to add Gav to the Nara/Talia spoiler

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We are going to do something a little different due to the split nature of the group - I'm going to try and add to the horror genre effect. We will be posting in spoilers for both groups: I'll have a spoiler for Dregan/Vosil/Edric, and one for Talia/Naralesh. The idea being one group will not know how it's going for the other. Talia/Nara are not out of this, but the others shouldn't know if/when they are coming; and they should not know how the fight in the streets is going.

Sound good? Hope so, I've working on this for a while. It's really a small bit in the AP as written, but I couldn't pass up the chance to get some good old fashioned horror in! One of my favorite campaigns from years gone by is a GURPS Horror campaign I ran. As always, feedback is appreciated!

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Female Chiss Soldier/Commando Wounds 18/18 Strain 13/13 Defense 0 SV 5 Cool GY Vigilance GG

There's no way Kara is letting those things get away without a healthy dose of lascannon love. She rotates the turret back and forth, spraying high-energy bolts around the canyon as the freighter climbs away. She doesn't care if she hits anything, she's just firing for the effect. Whether it's the effect on her or those creatures, she didn't know.


When finally the canyon drops out of sight, she climbs back up the ladder. The look on her face would stop a raging bantha. She makes directly for Djebelle and Aniera. "Did we get our little party favors?" Kara starts acidly. "The next time you go off to finish your cute little secret missions, you'll be on your own. When I call for an extract, you get your asses back or you get left...understood? This isn't some damned game. If it weren't for Juviest's blasters and that damned-fool Transdoshan, you'd all be dead!"

The Chiss woman is working herself into right proper rage. Even she doesn't know really why...could it be she actually cared about this new team of hers? Hard to say...for now she was dealing with her confused emotions the only way she knew how...angrily.

"YOU..." she barks at Thrask, "...don't have a lick of sense. That thing would've torn you apart. It basically did...and you're welcome for the stim in your backside. I wasn't going to haul you up that ramp. You could've counted your score in whatever afterworld you lizards go to."

She stalks over to Juviest and takes the offered flask. She drops to a seat on a crate and takes a long draw before handing it back to him. "No worries old man. Next"

Kara puts her elbows on her knees and sets her face in her hands. What was wrong with her? She couldn't say. They didn't deserve that chewing out. Thrask and Juviest fought hard - she'd trust them in any firefight. Aristi kept things running - they made their escape without a hitch. Aniera and Djebelle...this was important to them, that was obvious, so why the anger?

Kara didn't know...but she didn't like where the line of thought was taking her....

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Edric, Vosil, and Dregan ride hard in the dying light, leaving Naralesh and Talia to follow as best they can. Darkness falls deeply in the Greenbelt, and the first stars are already showing as you pause for a moment to let your horses catch their breath. The lights of Concord twinkle far ahead, easily seen on the hillock on which the castle sits (and the town is built around). It is a clear, flat mile from where you sit before you reach the town. There is no gate - you haven't built that yet - but you can see the lanterns from the watch as they walk their patrol routes.

The first light of the rising moon begins to show behind the trees, bringing a low rumble from the bound Kundall. He shifts uneasily in the saddle in front of Edric. The paladin urges his horse forward, Vosil and Dregan in pursuit. The horses practically fly over the even ground, glistening with sweat. Concord looms as a dark mass growing larger as the race plays out.

A single watchman spots the horses thundering toward the town, raising his lantern to get a better look.

"Ho there! Halt! State your names and business!" But the man dives out of the way as Edric and company nearly ride him down. The lantern tumbles into the street, the fall snuffing out the small flame. In the near-darkness of the street, the watchman does not recognize you, and shouts out a warning.

"Alarm! Alarm! 'Ware three riders! Alarm!"

The edge of moonlight now peeks over the rooftops of Concord, the moon not quite visible, but continuing it's inexorable ascent. Doors and windows clatter open, spilling light into the dark streets. Just as quickly, people duck back into their homes to avoid being trampled by the three.

You round the corner onto the main street before the jail. Already a troop of watchmen is forming under the night-sergeant's experienced eye. Another warning is shouted as you race forward. The sergeant calls his men to arms and issues a challenge.

"Ho there! Riders! Halt!"

Sitting with head bowed in front of Edric, Kundall emits another deep rumble, and a low moan escapes from his lips...

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Vosil Comarenza wrote:
Good thing we actually built a Tavern in Concord, or this bit of the AP would've been a challenge! ;-)

Oh ye of little faith....

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Male Human Cleric of Iomedae 4 ac:19/11/18 hp: 23/23 f/r/w: 5/2/7 Perception +3 Init: +1 Channel 8/8
Seraph_ wrote:
Thanks for being a full cleric Doran. That made this fight fairly easy haha. Now we just gotta beat this guy. XD

No worries. Although after that hit, I'm not feeling all that confident about 'just beating this guy'. :)

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Male Human Cleric of Iomedae 4 ac:19/11/18 hp: 23/23 f/r/w: 5/2/7 Perception +3 Init: +1 Channel 8/8
Seraph_ wrote:

GM Glyn Yep haha. But at least I know that my swarm gear is apparently lacking. -.-;

Justinian Doran wrote:
GM Glyn wrote:
The fire damage from a torch does damage normally to a swarm; a swarm is only immune to that if they're immune to fire.

To me that opens up a bunch of other questions like:

Do weapons that add energy attacks (fire, cold ....) effect swarms To?

Do non-area effect spells that do energy damage effect swarms now?

Is it only torches that have a 1pt area effect?

Good question. We kept it simple and left it to just torches. The only reason we did that was to prevent parties getting killed by swarms early on. No other logic applied.

To be perfectly, I wasn't out to prove anything. I had the old 3.X stats stuck in my head and thought who better to ask the JJ the director about it. Though now in light of GM Glyn's above post I am curious what weapons with Elemental capabilities could do to swarms?

After trying to find an answer I found a lot of vague notions so hence I asked him haha. I don't like vague

So on with the game and lets have fun. :D

Didn't think you were out to prove something. Was just having a discussion - I wouldn't have thought to go straight to the source, nice work!

I am going to have evaluate how we use elemental weapons though.

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Male Human Cleric of Iomedae 4 ac:19/11/18 hp: 23/23 f/r/w: 5/2/7 Perception +3 Init: +1 Channel 8/8

That's actually a great way to do that. Hadn't thought of that!

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Male Human Cleric of Iomedae 4 ac:19/11/18 hp: 23/23 f/r/w: 5/2/7 Perception +3 Init: +1 Channel 8/8
GM Glyn wrote:
The fire damage from a torch does damage normally to a swarm; a swarm is only immune to that if they're immune to fire.

To me that opens up a bunch of other questions like:

Do weapons that add energy attacks (fire, cold ....) effect swarms To?

Do non-area effect spells that do energy damage effect swarms now?

Is it only torches that have a 1pt area effect?

Good question. We kept it simple and left it to just torches. The only reason we did that was to prevent parties getting killed by swarms early on. No other logic applied.

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Talia Khavortorov wrote:
OK, map updated. I doubled its size and moved it to the right of the text on the sheet, because it is getting big.

I just looked at the new map...fantastic! It looks like you've updated the comments as well. Combined with the calendar, what a great history of the kingdom!

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Male Human Cleric of Iomedae 4 ac:19/11/18 hp: 23/23 f/r/w: 5/2/7 Perception +3 Init: +1 Channel 8/8

We've house-ruled the whole 1d6 damage. 1 pt doesn't cut it for low level PCs vs the damage output of a swarm that doesn't have to roll to hit.

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Male Human Fighter 1 ac: 22/14/18 hp: 14/14 f/r/w: 6/3/0 Perception: + 0 Init: +3 Stamina 5/5

Aelden sits back in his chair, watching Cimri leave. '...knew you'd see it my way...' He ponders that comment for a moment, wondering why in the nine hells he was taking jobs from a little girl.

'...because you like to eat, Aelden, ol' boy. not to mention having a roof overhead...'

Moonday was another day. Time to get drunk...

Same. Ready to move to Moonday.

Aelden arrived at the designated rendezvous outside the gate just before 11 bells. Old habits die hard, and his soldier's instincts told him to be five minutes prior to the time, just in case.

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Female Chiss Soldier/Commando Wounds 18/18 Strain 13/13 Defense 0 SV 5 Cool GY Vigilance GG
DM Darkness wrote:
Aelden Cormallen wrote:
FYI: in my background snippet, Aelden is NOT the sergeant. He is just a grunt who broke and ran.
Oops. Didn't notice that - too busy concentrating on not writing "Lieutenant" ;)

And you know that's a mistake you don't want to make.

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Praxim, the dragon is out of your 60' range...200' deep cave and all that...

A deep laugh rumbles from the rear of the cave. "Of all the outcomes of this meeting, the last thing I expected was the dwarf to be the voice of reason..." There is the sound of many coins shifting and moving with the impact of clawed feet. The sound gets closer and closer...

Then the darkness drops and before you appears the dragon. He is approximately 80' from you - all of it on the coin bed and difficult terrain. Crimson red, and much larger than you remember. The dragon over Sandpoint was large, a juvenile at best. This dragon dwarfs that one, a mature adult. His features remain the same, as do the scars of his recent wounds from your battle with him. He holds up a large claw to halt your questions.

"I have my reasons," he rumbles, his hot breath rolling over you even from this distance, "it was part of my agreement with Mokmurian when he defea...when he bested me in battle. If you live through it, you can ask him." The dragon says with some bitterness.

"The locals call me Longtooth, little one. But you may call me Hestoraxxas. Indeed, we are kin, although I might say the lineage did not favor you." He says to Aurora, taking a shot at her being a gnome and not a dragon.

To the rest of you, he speaks with some disdain (red dragon, after all!) "My hatred of you is surpassed only by my hatred of Mokmurian. But I will keep my word to you, if only because I do not desire another battle with you at this time! No, it will take all of us to defeat him." As if reaching a decision, he lays down on his bed of coins, head upon his foreclaws. But his hindquarters are ready, should anyone decide to do something foolish.

"What do I know? Let me see...I know the layout of the caves below Jorgenfist, which I will outline for you in detail. There are significant enemies there, lieutenants of Mokmurian. I do not know them, but I have seen them. There are also allies for you there, you will know them when you meet them. A stone giant named Conna. I do not know her importance to Mokmurian, but she is kept in the caves. She may able to help you."

The dragon cocks his head to the side, thinking. "There is more. Below those caves lies another...structure. I have never been there, but Mokmurian spends much of his time there, and keeps its secrets close to him. I believe there is a source of his power there."

"The Black Tower may be of interest to you as well. It is far more ancient than Jorgenfist. Indeed, it was the cornerstone that the Fist was built around. Rumors says that an ageless power dwells there, in league with Mokmurian."

"I save the best for last. There is another way in to Jorgenfist. A cave in the river gorge, guarded by foul undead spiders of great size. I would have burned them for sport, but was forbidden by that guð fordæmdur giant from doing so.' Heteraxxas huffs, and a billow of smoke rolls outward from his nostrils. "Still, time enough for that later. There is a tunnel in that cave that runs through the rock to emerge in the caves under Jorgenfist. Mokmurian believes it to be secure because of the deathwebs."

The dragon pauses to wait for his words to sink then he turns his great head to face Thordak. "We have not met, dwarf. But I can assure you of one thing: Mokmurian was responsible for the destruction of your clan. His death would go far to avenge that."

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Hmm...we can't all wait to see the direction the others go. I will have my character up tonight if all goes well.

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Male Human Cleric of Iomedae 4 ac:19/11/18 hp: 23/23 f/r/w: 5/2/7 Perception +3 Init: +1 Channel 8/8

Just for further clarification: Justinian is stating his thoughts on law and justice aloud. He is fully aware of his place (which is nothing yet) in the kingdom. Think of it as more character development - more exposition than action.

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A6 explored. Map is correct, but you can now add a resource in the hex at Wurm's Crossing (A5?). The resource is coachwood trees if it matters for a map symbol, Talia. When/if you claim that hex, you will have the resource to add to the kingdom's Econ. On to a6?

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Melianse holds up her hands, palms outward in a sign of supplication. "Don't ask! Please, don't ask! We don't want to draw her attention! Find the dryad, fix my trees, that is the agreement." With that she drops back down into her pool, and will not come out no matter how much you beseech her.

Not yet, my precious. No no, we does not tell, not yet.

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A Spymaster unable to Sense Motive? tsk. tsk.

"Oh very well." Melianse says with a giggle. She gestures with her left hand, and the men in front of her begin shaking their heads as if waking from a deep sleep. After a moment, they join Corax's group, although one of them looks back wistfully at the nixie as if he was having second thoughts about leaving her. Sometimes it doesn't take magic to charm a man.

Corax agrees with Gavriil's proposal now that he has his men back. As far as he is concerned, any source of lumber to make a living is good enough for him. "Anything to get away from these damn fairies." he mumbles as his men pack up their gear.

Melianse giggles again at Vosil. "Tyg and Perl? Of course I know them, silly! Who doesn't?"

At the mention of the unicorn, the nixie blanches. She turns a pale white and shakes from head to toe. "Don't speak of it!" She hisses, glancing from side to side. "The woods have ears, and not all of those are friendly! She'll hear you, and that would be bad, very bad."

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There are five trees cut down by the lumberjacks.

Melianse looks truly puzzled at Talia's and Gavriil's comments. She just stares blankly for a moment, then she smiles.

"Oh. Oh. OH! Haha! Oh you mortals are soo quaint!" She laughs. "Our sex? Really? My dear, if you do not use your gifts to control the men in your life, you are ugly, or a fool. But do not put me in your 'sex'. We fey are far beyond any of your mortals definitions of gender roles."

"As for you," she turns to Gavriil, "I found you attractive, but bore me. You want these men released? Very well. Send these men away and their comrades will go with them. If they return, things will not go so well."

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Wait, Gavriil has a family name???

Waiting on Talia's response to conclude the Narthropple question.

'water...fair lady of the water...' the nixie says sadly. "And I have a name." She rises up from the pool, her beautiful form standing on the surface. She spreads her arms wide. "My name is Melianse."

"I don't care if your name is the Red Queen," the man grumbles, "I want my men and my trees!" He stalks around his men to face Gav and Edric. "The name's Corax, my lords."

"Your trees??"

"Yes! My trees!"

"Why you slimy..." but Corax is cut off by Melianse.

"Dearest Gavriil." She begins, flitting her eyes and gesturing suggestively. "Could you help a poor fey, attacked violently in her home, helpless against these men?" She flits her eyes again at Gavriil. "I will do as you ask, love, as long as these men leave...and replace my trees."

"Replace your WHAT?" Corax exclaims, but Melianse cuts him off again.

"I can even help, " she breathes in a sultry voice, "I know a dryad nearby, a true 'Lady of the Wood', and she will have what we need to fix my grove. Although..." she says with a giggle, "she will want a favor, I am sure..."

Knowledge Nature DC 10:
The trees in question are coachwood trees, very valuable for furniture making. And from a metagaming standpoint, a resource hex for the kingdom! There is another stand of coachwood to the north, near the tatzlwyrm den.

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Gavriil wrote:
Gavriil hops on his horse to continue their exploration, wondering why they even have to check the next area since it's already been mapped for them...

Because I have nifty things in store for you...

The river makes a sharp bend here, widening into a deep pool dotted with lily pads and fringed with waving reeds. Several freshly felled trees lie beside their stumps on the shore of the pool, their crowns dangling in the water among fading tendrils of mist. The first time you passed through here and explored, this pool appeared to be no more than another mist-filled glade. Now however, much more is happening.

Six men with axes stand facing the pool, about 30' from the edge. Another man stands behind them, pacing furiously and mumbling to himself. Between them and the water stand two other men, also with axes. These two are right on the edge of the water, blocking the larger group. 20' from the edge of the pool floats a beautiful woman - or woman-like figure. Only her head is exposed above the water.

The pacing man notices you as soon as you enter the glade. "Hail travelers! We need some assistance here! This...creature...attacked my men as we were trying work here! It's hard enough making a living without all of the damnable fairies in these woods!

Knowledge Nature DC 15:
The woman is obviously a nixie. A faerie of the water.

"All lies." The woman replies calmly to the accusations. "I politely asked them to leave. But this...beast ...of a man threatened to hang me from a tree to 'drip dry' as he put it. I was forced to charm these two gentlemen into helping me. These trees had grown here for 200 years. They deserved a better fate than being some grubby peasant's slop table."

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It's a good idea. It's just the sort of thing a fledgling Viscounty might do - sponsor an expedition. Propose it in game!

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Asta Blackheart wrote:


Kobold Treaty

Mite Treaty

Just backtrack a bit from each to see the run-up. ^_^

Interesting...and some excellent work. I'd say you have a future as a lawyer if you aren't one already. The evil GM in me already sees holes that evil creatures - even lawful ones - might exploit, but I won't post those here! :)

There was quite a bit of conflict over it in my Kingmaker game. One player (our dwarven paladin) even left over it - sadly, but not for the reason you might think. They wanted peace with the kobolds, but events went otherwise. Our Treasurer was a kobold of the Sootscale tribe. Not Mikmek, but a full blown PC who took Mikmek's spot in the mite jail. He was splitting time between Fairhaven (our Greenheart) and the caverns. The trouble started when the dwarf paladin sent for kin to work the gold mines. The dwarves could not understand why the kobolds were allowed to stay. Neither could the three NPCs who were part of the Privy Council (don't ask, apparently it doesn't always mean a toilet.)

Then came a lesson in the River Freedoms, followed by the 3 NPC councilors leaving the city after being insulted by the Spymaster, and then insulting the dwarven miners. They made nice with the councilors by saying sorry, won the dwarves loyalty in a drinking contest, only to find the Chief would not see them. He wanted the Viscountess to come alone to the caverns. Which the PCs refused. It was at this time that our kobold player had RL issues, so we had to find a way to ease him out.

The excellent RP that led up to that departure is here. Please scroll to the top and read down from there. To set the scene: they were inside the front end of the caverns trying to get to the Chief , and had to turn back. It's a very good group, one I'm glad to say I have the privilege of running. I've been lucky, both the groups I GM are very good!

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Male Human Cleric of Iomedae 4 ac:19/11/18 hp: 23/23 f/r/w: 5/2/7 Perception +3 Init: +1 Channel 8/8

"Understandable, my lady, Justinian says to Seraph, "I can tend to the men just as easily in the field as..." Then the young woman comes with her emergency announcement. he watches carefully as the Council reacts.

"Lord Torod, if I may, I'd like to assess the fallen priest as well." He follows along with Torod and Imria. When they reach the scene, he kneels next to the dead priest, observing the wound and the arrow.

Heal check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27 Welcome to the game! Bang! 20!

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Seraph_ wrote:
Hero Lab is Awesome~ It can be clunky at times but its very, very nice.

Agreed. I don't use anything else now at our tabletop. In fact everybody but 1 player has it, and he's wavering. My table is filled with laptops and ipads now. The only function we ban is the dice roller. Dice need to hit the table!!!

One thing I haven't figured out is how to upload a Hero Lab sheet into these boards, save me a ton of time.

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Talia Khavortorov wrote:
Just taking into account OGGM's advice here. Though if we keep going south, you'll keep leveling us up, right OGGM ;)

Dead men spend no xp.

There's a lot to do in Rows 6 and 7, and stuff back home. XP will come from that, rest assured.

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The Old Beldame cackles gleefully. "Don't worry, dearie, it's squirrel. And yes, I've heard the rumors. I don't care, really, but that's why I live alone. And I keep Percival out there to keep away unwanted visitors."

A few moments pass while she eats her stew. "As far as 'your' people are concerned, what can I say? More children for the pot!" She says the last with emphasis, to make sure it carries through the windows. Then she cackles again. "You will have your hands full on your own with this land, dearie. You won't have to worry about one old witch in the swamp."

Having finished her stew, she stands up again, and walks unsteadily to drop her bowl into a tub with other dishes.

"But I can help you, if you wish. For a price, of course."

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Edric bailed me out...

The Old Beldame watches with a wry grin at the commotion on her stoop. "Men." She sighs, then she waves her hand and the door closes behind the paladin, the latch snapping to. Leaving only her and Talia inside. "Maybe it's best we talk alone, deary." She says quietly.

She struggles to her feet, aching bones creaking as she lifts herself from her little stool. The old witch fetches two brownish clay bowls from a shelf and hands one to Talia. Then she turns and begins stirring the cauldron. The hearty aroma of a earthy stew fills the small interior of the hut. She scoops a steaming ladleful into her bowl, then Talia's. "Please. Eat." The Old Beldame says, sipping at her bowl. "I may be a witch in the swamp, but I eat well."

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Gavriil wrote:

I got better...

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Talia, any idea when you can get the map updated? I only ask because we are crossing the lake back and forth here shortly, and it would be better to see what is happening.

I think I gave you this before, but here is what C7 looks like: hills hex. The line of the lake runs out of C6 and into the center of C7, then runs down and exits into B8. In the center of C7 a river connects to the lake and exits into D7.

29 Pharast 4708

Your explorations take you across the Tuskwater Lake, taking soundings and mapping what aquatic features you can. Far away to your southwest, an island with a lonely tower can be seen near the lake's end.

Exploring the hills on the northern shore of brings you to a smallish swamp. Somewhere in the middle of the swamp you run into what looks like a dwelling! A dilapidated mud-brick hut squats atop a small hummock in the middle of the fetid marsh, a thin tendril of bluish smoke trickling through a gaping hole in it's moss-covered roof. A wooden fence surrounding the the perimeter of the mound is festooned with crude fetishes crafted out of sticks, feathers, and animal bones. A pumpkin-headed scarecrow stares wistfully over at you from its perch, while a lone crow caws noisily from the top of a nearby cypress tree.

Kn Local DC 15:
most of the denizens of the southern Greenbelt know of the resident of this swamp: the Old Beldame. Some call her the Swamp Witch and say she is a hag who sold her soul to a demon or devil in exchange for her powers. Any time a child goes missing, the Swamp Witch is blamed, and her legend is used to scare children into behaving well or finishing their supper.

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Your search doesn't turn up anything useful. Edric does find his weapons, but not his pride...

:) Had to do it...before we go to B7, let's get leveled! Welcome to 5th!

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Female Chiss Soldier/Commando Wounds 18/18 Strain 13/13 Defense 0 SV 5 Cool GY Vigilance GG

Kara pulls her knife and starts cleaning under her nails. She doesn't really need it because of the gloves she wears with her armor, but...well...habits.

"I'll tell you a story old man," she begins, focused on her nails and not looking up, "maybe pass the time."

She sighs. "We were on Tanis, simple sector sweep, looking for a rebel base. We got the intel from a captured reb spy," she flicks a quick glance at Aniera, "and we were pretty confident we knew where to look. Of course Tanis had been overrun by the rakghoul plague, so we were wary. But, ImpSec told us that virus had run it's course decades earlier. he assured us there were no traces of the virus left on Tanis. Guaranteed it, even."

"So we conducted the sweep by the numbers: aerial recon followed by a ground recon. As usual, the flyboys were useless. Only this time I couldn't blame them, that jungles and those ruins could hide a starship. Turns out, they did. Hide a starship, that is. We found the Indomitable late on the second day of the op. Our team leader decided to make camp inside the wreck. 'More defensible', he said. Hard to argue with that, we had already had run-ins with the local fauna. They didn't exactly recognize humanities inherent superiority, if you know what I mean. Those nexu are fiercely territorial, and aren't afraid of anything. So we set up in a bay just inside the ship, and barricaded the doors to the jungle side. Sensor sweeps didn't reveal any lifeforms inside, so we just posted two sensor droids to check that side. Otherwise, standard operating procedure: two on watch, hour rotations, that sort of thing."

Kara pauses cleaning her nails, staring at the ground in front of her. "I was on watch, probably 0300, when the droids started beeping alarms like crazy. We barely had time to turn before they were on us. Rakghouls. Dozens of them. Fast as a nexu, and more agile. And they never made a sound, not when they were rushing us, not when they were hit, not when they tore a man's arm off... It was nightmarish. The blaster fire, the screams of the dying, and those damn rakghouls, silent as the grave."

"We fought for our lives. The rakghouls weren't looking for victims to add to their numbers, they were looking for food, and that ain't no way to go." Kara's voice becomes tense, grated. "The 3rd may be hard, but we never faced anything like that. In the end, it was Captain T'kellen that saved us. I was down, blaster empty, and had one of those things on me, trying tear my throat out. I managed to gut him," Kara holds her knife just so, "but he kept at me. Then there was this tremendous explosion, shredding that ghoul and knocking him clear. The blast deafened me, and I was dazed for what seemed like hours. When I finally could stand, bleeding from the ears and nose, I looked around. First thing I did was reload my carbine, but in that state, if there were any more of those things, I was easy meat."

"Apparently the Captain had detonated the breaching charges we brought. He killed himself, but that blast saved us...sort of. We were in bad shape. Of the twelve of us that went in the Idomitable that night only two of us lived. Me, and Kessler. I only survived because that rakghoul had me down behind some heavy shipping container. Otherwise, I'd be hamburger back there like the rest."

Kara pauses for a long while, still staring at the sand by her feet. "I called for a dustoff. Kessler needed a medic asap. They told us it would be 10 minutes, so I did what I could for him. I was bandaging the tears in his gut when he grabbed my arm. Scared the hell out of me because I thought he was unconscious. He dragged me down so I could hear him."

'Kill me.' He whispered, breathing hard.

'No damn way, Kessler.' I said. 'Medevac is due in ten mikes, we're getting outta here.'

"He gripped my arm harder, pulling me down almost against his face."

'Kill me, Savyn!' He croaked fiercely, 'You know what the rakghoul virus will do! You know! Kill me!'

"That hit me hard. I did know. We'd all had the briefings before we hit Tanis, but that damn IMPSEC..." Kara puts her knife away and grips her knees with both hands, but doesn't look up. "I pulled my arm loose from Kessler and stood up. Like some kind of machine I pulled my pistol, and pointed it at his head. He looked me in the eyes, then closed his slowly. Then I pulled the trigger."

Another long silence.

"I was sitting outside the Indomitable when the dustoff arrived ten minutes later. The bay burned behind me - I had set a few thermite bombs off to clean up the mess."

'I want a full report, Lieutenant! What the hell happened here?' The ImpSec officer shouted, in my face once I boarded the evac shuttle.

'Go screw yourself.' I replied, over the roar of the engines as we lifted off.

'What did you say, Lieutenant?' He yelled again, this time up in my face.

'I said...go screw yourself...sir.'

"His face got all red, and he grabbed my arm." 'I'll see you court-martialed for that, Lieutenant! I want to know what happened down there, and you'll tell me NOW!'

"I looked at him, down at his hand on me, and back in his face. Then I grabbed him by the collar and by the crotch, and heaved him out the open door of the shuttle. The pilot just looked at me, all blood and tatters, and said:

'I never liked that sonuvab!#$% anyway.'

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Lake, actually. Some of your time was spent in a boat, 'exploring for shoals and sandbars.

Talia, for mapping: the line of the lake runs to about the center of the hex, then it leaves C7 into B8. A river (Gudrin River) from the lake runs from the center of C7 into D7. C7 is a hills hex. Here is where we have some trouble: we have to add another map to the bottom of this one, starting with row 8 and going to row 10.

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Naralesh wrote:
Old Guy GM wrote:
AOOs for: Dregan, Gav, and bludbudlum (really Nara?) ;)
Just wait until I have to name a lightning elemental.

You shall be cursed that all your elementals shall be named 'Dave' and they will forever only do half of what you command.

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Just need Gav

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Bleeding from several wounds, Old Crackjaw continues tugging on Edric, jaws locked and trying drag Edric into deeper water, where he can drown the paladin and devour him away from the stinging gnats with him. His claws are locked down in the sand of the pool, straining to pull the man. Then two whips curl about the great turtle, one around his face, the other around his front left leg. Suddenly, the leg slips, and Old Crackjaw tumbles forward onto his face. The surprise of it causes him to loosen his hold on Edric, and the man falls backwards on his rear into the water, splashing those behind.
Edric Dex roll from falling back: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12

The beast surges forward in the water, trying bury Edric under its bulk and drive him into the sand.

AOOs for: Dregan, Gav, and bludbudlum (really Nara?) ;)

Bull Rush: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18 Before you ask, he's swimming, not standing up.

Edric manages to roll to his right, narrowly avoiding being crushed. But now he is on his side, in water over his head in his prone state.

ROUND 3: OJC went. Gav and Dregan are waist-deep in water with the turtle and Edric between them. The elemental is behind OJC. Vosil and Talia are now 5' from the turtle, knee-deep in water. Nara is on the shore, 10' form the melee. Edric is on his side (prone) in waist deep water with a thrashing melee around him. He is to the right of OCJ, sort of in the same hex. Gav and Talia are on that side as well.

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Female Chiss Soldier/Commando Wounds 18/18 Strain 13/13 Defense 0 SV 5 Cool GY Vigilance GG

Kara laughs out loud at the old Sullustan. "Rights and weapons? You're joking right? You only have the rights the Empire gives you, old man, or those you make on your own in places like the Outer Rim here. Get into the Interior worlds, and you have no rights save what Imperial Law says you have." She shakes her head. "Rights and weapons..."

"The thing is," Kara says, standing up and pacing, "is that the only reason we're still alive, that the Alliance is still around, is the galaxy is a big place, and the Empire can't be everywhere. But if they want you bad enough, they'll get you. Make a name big enough for yourself, and they'll come for you. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about."

She stops pacing to look at Juviest. "And you know what? Your name and face will be splashed across a billion vids, and every one of those loyal citizens will whisper 'good riddance'."

"Even the Outer Rim won't hide you. ImpSec, informants, Imperial military, and if you're big and bad enough, the Emperor sends him..." Her voice trails off to a whisper. Kara's hands shake ever so slightly as she speaks. "I saw him once, years ago. Only a fleeting glimpse before my unit set out on an operation. Just the word he was coming set the brass in a panic. When he came down the gangway of his shuttle into the hangar, it was....I can't describe it..." She falters. "He...filled the room...just his felt it..." Kara turns to Djebelle. "You know what I mean. But you don't. You've never felt anything that powerful...that...dark..."

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Lym, Tomaru:
"Why would you banish me to Elysium, mortal, when my home is Nirvana?" the agathion says acidly. "I find it hard to believe one who does not even have basic planar knowledge would be smart enough to summon me, let alone enslave me."

The agathion raises itself to it's full 7' height. It's piercing green eyes look down its long nose at you with some contempt. "I am listening, best be quick."

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