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shadow conjuration spell and alignment?

Vengeful Bramble (A Custom Spell)

Kineticist: Telekinetic Haul question

Sorcerer dip for Ironfang

Air Leap? But why though?

overrun with str to damage stacking question?

Evil Worshiping Good

Enchanted Spear with Spear Dancing Style

Please reassure me about Unchained Action Economy

Adventures Guild Quest Board - Rank F

[Purple Duck Games] Kineticist of Porphyra (and guide) discussion

[Legendary Games] Chaaarge into battle with Legendary Cavaliers!

Primal Hunter Companion--Unchained or Regular Evolutions?

Bardic Performance and Prestige Classes that progress it.

The Blood War in Pathfinder's Multiverse?

How would you roleplay a Rakshasa?

Optimizing my AC as a Paladin (Wrath of the Righteous)

Impossible bloodline and how it affects constructs

Compensating Dragon Disciple's low BAB

Please Rate my Magus Handbook.

An NPCs response to a Sending? (spoilers for Ironfang)

Do humanoids wielding "grappling" weapons take the -4 penalty for not having two free hands?

How to build the laziest / most passive character?

Converting Harry Potter Creatures to PF

Mutation Warrior Pathfinder 3.5 new player needs advice

Wild Shape and the Dire Template

To kill an army

Packmaster Hunter wording

Help for making a magus with Kensai, Bladebound or Hexcrafter (or a combination of 2 of them)

Classes for royalty.

Transplant Visage and natural attacks

Clever (ab)uses for enter image

Is Grease created from the Grease spell flammable / ignitable?

Can players be mounts? If so how does movement work

Ways to grant touch spells through weapons

Marketing -- How to better market Pathfinder

Purpose for "Detect clouds"

Training Magic Weapon

Making Simkin

Need suggestions for a Large Beginner group

Mythic reach cleric for wrath of the righteous - combat maneuver focussed?

Bold Stare stacking question

Bestow Curse and Greater

FAQ Required - Beast Rider Cavalier

+1 Training (Exotic Weapon Proficiency (same as weapon)) Exotic Weapon is an awesome concept.


Suggestions for Inter Abyssal War needed!!

Horror Home brew; opinions, advice, etc.

Would Deathward help in this situation?

Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Rule on oils and ammunition?

Manuever Master "full attack action" question

Just Survive Campaign

Whats the hardest official monster?

[AAW] New Underworld Kickstarter gone live

See Invisibility and Ethereal Creatures

CONTEST: Announcing the very first DESIGNFINDER talent search competition!

Coolest Archetypes / Feats in Planar Adventures

Occupied spaces

Psychlings (psychopomp aasimars) playable race

Feral Gnasher build

Surprise Round question

100 or more Space Ship, Installation, or Base Rooms

Vampires and spawns

How to build a grapple master

Support build in a party of full-casters?

Making an intentionally impossible boss battle

Double-Chained Kama & Weapon Finesse

Harm Spell

Returning for items left behind - are they still there?

Looking for a list of spells that increase Strike ability

Which Demon to select?

Is there a way to count as undead for spell effects?

lipstitch question

Can remove disease cure alcohol / drug addiction?

Summoned monsters and their spells

I had a brilliant nightmare

Help with witch feats

What will saves aren't mind affecting?

Succubus in a grapple.

Boosting damage from non-lethal sources?

PFS - Core -Wizard

Looking for Pathfinder Class Feature and Spell decks

Guide to the Class Guides

Illusions and Movement

Searching the Wilderness

Creating Cybrids for Iron Gods

Siccatite and Frost Forged Steel

Monsterous Damsels Quest - Advice?

Seeking Spell Shenanigans!

Help Me finish a Gorumite Trip Monkey Inquisitor

Handle Animal checks on Animal Companions

Professions and Crafts

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

Bardess' Pathfinder Place (my blog)

Sanctified Slayer Ability vs Judgement benefits

Sniping Tactic

Ultimate Wilderness: Potential Errata

Feeling burnt out with my group, don't know what to do

Called Shots on organs while swallowed

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