Serpent's Skull

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Paizo Blog: Greetings from the Deep!


Player's guide

What XP track?

Blog: Who Will Save Your Soul?


Players Map Handout

Who's the cover girl?

Jungle Books?

So we have SS and CC APs....

SSAP Player's Guide

Eando Kline is Serpent's Skull's Owlbear?

Anyone have the physical book yet?


1001 Boons

Serpent's Skull Vs. Savage tide

(SPOILERS) Morale events?

Gaming mats for jungle terrain?

Smugglers Shiv - You awaken on the beach, what do you see?

Newbie Help - Serpent's Skull

Paizo Blog: Welcome to the Shiv!


Where the Serpernt People

Smugglers Shiv Detail Map (DM's Only)

Spoiler, looking for references on a particular npc

Jungle tunes?

Just finished Smuggler's shiv

Mini and prop suggestions?

Serpent's Skull Languages

Oak Island Money Pit

Blog: The Amazing Race!

Racing to Ruin Shipping

Factions (spoilers)

Escaping the Shiv (Spoiler!)


Environmental Hazards on Smuggler's Shiv

Racing to Ruin Expeditions (minor spoilers)

Wandering Monsters on Smuggler's Shiv (Spoilers!)

Paizo Blog: Meet the Castaways!

Pospicle Stick NPC Theater: The Revenge!

Paizo Blog: New Art!

Joining a faction

AP 38 Stat Block Issues

Giant porcupine (Slight spoilers)

Is Heart of the Jungle okay for Players?

How much focus on NPCs?

Special Materials in the Jungle

Convince me that it's going to be awesome!


Spell Component Pouches

Advice on running a group of 6?

First Time GM - basic SS questions for first session

City of Seven Spears Delay?

Blog: Frenemies in the Jungle!

Smuggler's Shiv in one weekend?!

Serpents Skull: Racing to Ruin / Sargava Lost Colony missing info

Serpents Skull AP, to all the people running this ap

Nethys runs Serpent's Skull!

Cherry Pie's Serpent Skull Campaign

Paizo Blog: Rumbles in the Jungle

Party Recommendations

Discuss the Juju Mystery

Paizo Blog: Art Is Safe

Paizo Blog: Cold Slither

Worshiping Ydersius = 2 animal companions?

EXP rate??

Additional maps in future volumes (like in City of Seven Spears)?

Map for the Boarded in Cheliax Player's Guide Trait

Serpent's Skull- Star Wars SAGA (Spoilers)

Another Serpent Skull campaign

PC taking over one of the NPCs... (Spoiler)

Is this figure too small to represent a charau-ka?

Cavalier in serpents skull

Have any groups made it off the Shiv with no deaths?

map of smugglers shiv

Gear availability in Serpent's Skull

Serpent Skull Body Count

Suggestions for my fifth player

Using Eando Kline's Journal?!

Group without a Rogue

NPC Relationships on Smuggler's Shiv

Is a Monk a good choice for the AP? Please no spoilers!

Boarded in the Mwangi Expanse and heat.

always sunny in sargava

Druid Animal Companions

Playable Races mentioned in the AP

Camp Mechanics - Smugger's Shiv


NPC Organizations

Blog: Fangs for the Memories

Clever players - Spoilers!

Eando Kline's Arrival in Ilmurea (Spoilers) - Thousand Fangs

Looking for Mwangi miniatures


First time DM, our session blog

Impundulu - question about this monster from Pathfinder #40

Please help me with my campaign hook

Products to use with the ap? And where is the jpg map that was for this adventure

Make GM Reference threads sticky

Request for More Information on Kline's Party

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