The Gorilla King and the War for Saventh-Yhi

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I am looking for some advice or stories from people whose PCs ended up taking on the Gorilla King and his army. My PCs are fairly aggressive and are especially so against Anghazani and other such ape-creatures (basically treating them as the goblinoids of the jungle). Moreover, one of them is a Mwangi witch whose village was destroyed by Ruthazek's minions.

Did anyone have sessions where the PCs refused or failed the tests and did battle with the Gorilla King and his minions? How did it play out? Anything you would have done differently?

I think you are going to be hard pressed to find any group of 4-6 PCs that decided it would be a good idea to take on 100+ gorillas led by a demon gorilla king. :)

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For some reason, certain players have a hard time taking apes seriously. My group is still early in exploring Savinth-Yhi, in fact only tackling their second district which just happens to be the military district. They captured a couple of said apes from a patrol encounter and outright laughed at them when the apes have the location of their chief and his base with little questioning saying that the chief will eat their brains out of their skills.

The group then did a frontal assault on the fortress figuring it will save them the trouble of a bunch of annoying encounters with patrols. Long story short: we have two replacement characters coming in next session.

If you don't want your group getting destroyed by an entire army, I suggest arranging some minor encounters with patrols or something to get the hint across that these apes aren't pushover and their are a LOT of them.

My players certainly take them seriously now.

I read the mass combat rules and drew up stats for the Seventh Yhi-army, which consists of Pathfinder agents, Sargava fighters and the hunters from the Tribe of Serpents. According to what was in the module, I don't think there were more than 80 or so in the army of the Gorilla King, and when I did some mock mass combats, Seventh Yhi won each time.

I doubled the size of the Gorilla Kings army, and impressed upon the players that even though they might win the battle, a bigger battle with Ilmurea is coming. So they never went there, fortunately.

My group failed the tests and fought the gorillas. The DM wrote the battle between sessions after I rolled diplomacy to get various factions on our side and then resolved it with a fight against the Gorilla King.

In my campaign which is just getting ready to finish up CoSS each of the factions has moved into a district. The shackles pirates currently reside in the Mercantile District and I am considering just having the Gorilla King roll-up and take them out save a few survivors.

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