[Spoilers] How did your party defeat that BBEG in the Government District?

Serpent's Skull

We are a group of 5 PCs at Level 8, allied with the pirate faction, currently plaing through the third part of the AP, The City of Seven Spears.
We moved camp twice (currently located in the Artisan District), but are still a far cry from having all exploration points. Our party consists of:

- Human Druid with elephant companion
- Dwarven Rogue (charge-happy!)
- Human Cleric (Luck, Travel)
- Human Bard (with a dragon thing, dunno the details)
- Human Sorcerer (Fire) (my character)

For several session now we had the problem of someone trying to scry us (the GM ruled that our druid, who was constantly rolling very good saves, would get an idea of being targeted by a spell). We have been in most of the districts, save for the military and residential district, which we peeked into briefly, and the government district, which we explored only partially so far (the western peninsula).

Sadly, our bard was killed by decapitation in the last session. The only option we had was do reincarnate him, but he didnt want do continue as a halfling and went on his merry way. The player is considering a summoner with melee eidolon as replacement right now, because we need a fighter. After that we learned that a guard from our camp had gone missing. Since we try to get personally involved into such things, morale and what have you, we investigated and found tracks leading to the government district. We had made brief contact with the serpentfolk guards there, in hope to negotiate a free pass into their territory, but chances were it was a moot point. The guards we encountered were very hostile and sneering, so we got somewhat pissed and wiped the whole crew of and entered their territory. Following the tracks, we got to the amphitheater, where we saw our men being tortured by a rakshasa (as the GM of an Eberron game, I kinda freaked out at this point).

We were invisible and our advancing rogue had been buffed with Silence, but naturally we could'nt mask our presence against the thought-detecting. The rakshasa vanished into invisbility in the first round, but our rogue had magic stones from earlier, who would cause a burst of Faerie Fire within a 10-ft. radius, so hello again Mr. BBEG. I landed a Fireball (tuned to ice damage), almost killing our tortured man in the process, and then our hilarious chase begun.

Our druid summoned some creatures and gave chase with her elephant companion, but with little effect. Our cleric casted another Silence on the raksasa's staff, which the creature abandoned after one round, only for the animal companion to pick it up and carry it after the raksasa. Our rogue managed to get close to the raksasa once or twice, but only to cover it with her Silence. I landed a few damaging spells, using my highest spell slots to enforce a higher save DC, but ery little damage took effect. Our cleric had problems overcoming the SR and wasted a few spells. Then, the enemy advanced to the amphitheater's exit and made a snide remark towards us. I was next and decided to not plink away a few hit points with another fireball, but to use Slow in conjuncture with my metamagic rod of Enlarge Spell, since the target was far off (stupid to not have tried Slow a bit earlier). Against all odds, it worked, and the druid's creatures swarmed the raksasa again (bringing the silenced staff with them. Our cleric landed a Holy Smite, then the druid casted something nasty, and finally the damn creature went down.

So thanks to the rogue's magic stones, the staff-carrying elephant, and my successful Slow, we brought down a rakshasa we totally were not prepared to meet or fight effectively. Now we suspect that this raksasa (we don't know its name) was the one who tried to scry on us, but we're not completely sure. I am glad it is gone, since playing detective games of chasing it in disguised form would have been a fool's errant, but we have so little information about what was/is going on the the Government district at this point.

So, how did your party manage to meet or defeat this creature?

Liberty's Edge

The party in my Serpent's Skull game visited the government district third, after first dealing with the military and mercantile districts. I had made more than a few modifications to the adventure as written, one of which was to replace the Charau-Ka in the military district with a tribe of Umasi, since I figured the group would have had their fill of ape-men for a while after their visit to Tazion.

Thanks to the silver tongue of the party's paladin, a devotee of Abadar, and a minor magical item that allowed him to plead his case before the aggressive Umasi attacked, the group was ultimately able to secure an alliance with the harvestmen rather than fighting them. As a result, there was little to tip off the self-absorbed Akarundo to the presence of a disruptive new force in the city. Furthermore, the party approached the government district from the south, using magical flight to "hop" between islands, and stumbled across the rakshasa's lair before encountering any of his followers.

Having minimal time to prepare, Akarundo sensed the presence of unfamiliar intruders and donned his human disguise just in time to greet them. The rakshasa failed to immediately sense that the paladin could detect his evil nature (the paladin's strong will having blocked his thought-reading abilities), and a brief exchange of words took place as the the two sides tried to gauge the motives of the other.

The battle was joined when another member of the party, the alchemist, realized that the creature was trying to subtly cast a spell to influence the mind of the party rogue. The rogue was effectively beguiled, and stood by uselessly during much of the fighting, but the paladin was upon Akarundo in a flash. Between the paladin's smite, the alchemist's bombs, and the rakshasa's failure to effectively cast defensively, the fight was over fairly quickly.

Of course, when the serpentfolk discovered what has become of their "god," pandemonium broke out in the city, and the party found their alliance with the Umasi tested somewhat sooner than they might have hoped.

I'll pull a couple of snips from the story journal that our DM keeps; one per post, as we ran into the Raksasha twice. In our story, he takes on the guise of an elf.

Asked about his identity, he says he is from a faction, but doesn’t say which one. He says he can be called “Shamus“
“A stage name, I see,” Bismarck retorts, “My name will be Amadeus.”
“Well hello, Wolfgang” responds the Elf.
The Elf plays, and the party approaches, taking up various positions in the hall while Bismarck heads straight for him. A couple of PCs feel a tug on their minds, and the Elf notes that there is some magic afoot. Though the Elf is playing the sitar, Joaqin does not perceive it to be bardic music. Jask casts detects thoughts, first noting two minds in the area of the stage, then Bismarck detects evil, which radiates from the direction of the stage. Before he can say anything, Bismarck hears a voice suggest that he “Tell them that I am good.” Jask detects that the Elf has an intelligence of 13. “Oh, he’s good” Bismarck says as he approaches the Elf, glaive in hand. Jask hears the Elf thinking incredulously “This guy is about to attack me!” and similar thoughts about the intentions of the party. Bismarck attacks, the other mind (a degenerate serpentfolk) comes out from behind a curtain, along with another degenerate serpentfolk who was out of the arc of the detect thoughts.
After a long fight in which the Elf casts lightning bolt on Jask and Bismarck twice, tries to put Suggestion on some of the PCs, and is noted to be protected by Shield and Mage Armor. Jask casts Dispel magic on the Elf, and Bismarck and others slowly beat him up. The party notices the Elf possesses a high damage reduction as well as spell resistance. Eventually the Elf flees, running out of the back of the building, and then across the water, with the party watching where he makes landfall on the far shore.

**The Sargavan Party, versus "Shamus" part 2: Where we learn Raksasha can cast illusions...

Day 14
It’s a foggy morning. The PCs cross the water to the central island, where serpent folk pickets/guards see them and attack them at the water’s edge, keeping the PCs from getting on shore. As the PCs fight, reinforcements arrive. The (formerly sitar-playing) Elf meets Ken at the water’s edge in 1:1 combat, but neither seem capable of landing a hit. Dino, Sasha, and Roar chop through several serpentfolk as a crocodile-man, dressed just like the Elf, walks out of the fog onto the beach and casts several lightning bolts into the water. (Ken has been fighting an illusion from the beginning) The lightning bolts and the serpentfolk are hurting Jask, Roar, Joaqin, Sasha, and Dino. Jask’s healing bursts keep them all going. Halima has trouble casting spells in the water, then Bismarck and Halima have trouble landing hits on the serpentfolk confronting them. Spells cast on the crocodile-man do not affect him. Roar makes a brave move past several of the serpentfolk to get adjacent to the crocodile-man. The crocodile-man’s bodyguards knock Roar out, and the crocodile-man compels Sasha to swim to the other island. Joaqin is quick-thinking, and his bard song counters the suggestion. The degenerate serpentfolk are getting beaten up, so retreat, leaving the crocodile man to fight the party. It moves to get Roar and two other PCs in a line, casts lightning bolt, and bends down to send the surge of lightning through an unconscious Roar, killing him. The PCs move into position to surround the crocodile man, and he casts magic missile into Jask, nearly killing him. Jask plays dead as the party surrounds crocodile man. Most of the PCs attacks are ineffective, but two blows from Ken badly damages the crocodile man, who casts invisibility and flees, his tracks leading to the water’s edge. Joachim casts Glitterdust, causing the crocodile man to become visible, and a powerful set of blows from the party finishes him off.

Scarab Sages

Our party has an ally, a - errm - Wizard - called "Ralissi". They picked him up in Tazion, in the pyramid, when they reached a stalemate where neither was inflicting anything significant on the other (fire, fire resistance,...). He had been posing as a Charau-Ka wizard - you may recall him from Racing to Ruin. So they negotiated a truce (he's ... very diplomatic) and eventually agreed to travel together to Saventh-Yi.

He proposed to the (Pathfinder Faction) party that if the combined group could defeat the Rakshasa, he was, prepared... to pose as a (charismatic) Serpentfolk figure, and take up leadership of their faction, pulling them into an alliance with the Pathfinders (!).

He overflew the central island, and also landed and quizzed some of the Degenerate Serpentfolk - he told the PCs about the Rakhshasa, so they could plan ahead and not just march in.
Pre-scouting noted the Zombies, so they made an early foray to deal with them and Ugimmo.

The plan involved making a distraction party: 2 PCs and a bunch of Pathfinders launching an attack of crossbow bolts and illusory Serpentfolk across the bridge to inflame the bad-tempered Charau-Ka, then leg it invisibly to the island and join the others, leaving the incensed Charau-Ka to make a real attack on the central island, and thus draw the Serpentfolk to that side.

The Rakhshasa, would, they hoped, be too busy with his perversions to rush out and deal with trivia unless the Serpentfolk felt the attack was going so badly wrong they would take the punishment of their ruler and admit defeat. (The PCs were confident this would not happen, with the only attack route being across the narrow bridge).

So there he was, lounging around, alone and unaccompanied, when the invisible party sneak in. They break cover by attacking... mostly futilely with his high AC and SR, but the Alchemist was able to lob bombs (touch AC, alchemical fire so no SR). Took a few rounds but basically one-sided... if you can't escape and can't dismiss fire, then Bombs are very dangerous.

Then Ralissi transformed into a Serpentfolk, and went out to the Degenerates and declared that he was now their leader!

My party avoided the Government district like the plague and subsequently saved it for last. In fact, they surmised that it was the Chapter 4 location.

I have a 6 PC party so I added two levels of staff magus to the BBEG. He smacked the the living crap out of my guys it was a battle of attrition which he lost and only the cleric in full on medic mode saved any PC deaths.

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