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Heathy's Isle of Dread Thread

Game Master Heathansson

This is the discussion thread for two campaigns:

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I'll prolly check back in tonight.

Ebola in town + wind knocked down privacy fence + 2 tests this week + whatever else you have = busy me

Ebola= blecch! (Be careful!)

Downed fence= sigh, more work,

tests = blecch!

Hm,... so Ebola = Tests?

I must ponder,...

Good luck Heathy! Be careful dude,



I think I'm going to take a hiatus for a while from pbp.

I have so much crap to do that when I get free time I'm a zombie and can't hardly function, or I spend a long bit figuring out what the hell is happening and every time I get back into it, guess what: it's time to flake off again for a week.

In the future when I seem to be able to be involved with this form of gaming in some sort of fruitful way I'll let everybody know and see what/where/when is good to pick up the pieces and go on.

But, I am at least putting my pbp games on hiatus for the nonce.


I am sad, but I thouroughly understand the mental place you are at. Pip will be waiting patiently, strumming Lucille and thinking up his next snarky lyric. Go get that degree and best wishes!

Shadow Lodge

Male Human Expert 5

Best wishes, and hopes of a speedy return!


Right on. Off to study.

Ditto. Study dude! (And spend your non-study time with the family. You know the real one, not your online family) :)

Heck, maybe THIS will give me the time I need to actually update all of my PbP PC character sheets! ;P

As AZombie says, 'Peace and chicken grease!' :)

Happy Eat-too-much-and-pass-out-day!

I mean, Happy Thanksgiving! ;P

I'm Back!
(Mostly, anyway)

Happy Belated New Year all!

Hope all is well on all fronts.

Happy New Year, Rags and everyone!

Shadow Lodge

Male Human Expert 5

Happy New Year to all of you!

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