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heishi guntai......bad romanji

Special Abilities

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Japonia map map


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wa and kozakura: MAP



N Large animal
Init +7; Senses low-light vision, scent; Tremorsense[/b,]Perception +12
-AC 23, touch 11, flat-footed 21 (+2 Dex, +6 natural, –1 size, +6NA)
-hp 138
-Fort +16, Ref +12, Will +5
-DR10 (Magic & Slashing)
-Fast Healing 3
-Res Elec & Cold 10
-+16 to hide and move silently in forested areas

-Speed 40 ft.
-Melee 2 claws +23 (2d4+13 plus grab), bite +23 (2d6+13/19–20 plus grab)
-Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Special Attacks:
pounce, rake (2 claws +23, 2d4+13);(Sp) at will - entangle, pass without trace, speak with plants. 1/day - wall of thorns

Str 37, Dex 17, Con 25, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 14

Base Atk +15; CMB +24 (+32 grapple); CMD 36 (40 vs. trip)

Feats: Improved Critical (bite), Improved Initiative, Run, Skill Focus (Perception), Skill Focus (Stealth), Weapon Focus (bite, claw)

Skills: Acrobatics +6, Perception +12, Stealth +15 (+23 in tall grass), Swim +13; Racial Modifiers +4 Acrobatics, +4 Stealth (+8 in tall grass)[/URL]

ally ally oxen free!!!

Saltmarsh thread part II

Silenttimo alt #1

[b]phani ka dudha

iron mage take 3 PG/communityContent/houseRules/ironMageArcaneWarriorBaseClassThirdDraft& ;page=1#2

piskies, pickled pilchards, pickling plants, smuggler caves (cornwall pix) (herring prod'n)


knightly journal stebehil ieldLandKnights dMHeathysSaltmarshDiscussionThread&page=6#434562
fakey's combat wand(s) #270 discussion; this link is bad
map of saltmarsh


Halfway House rumors; innuendo:
Haunted house knowledge roll bonus for Beldan
Zoog-Chakka-told "the light" story Forest of the Zoogs
Barrelhouse-told Harvak fishermen go missing at night
Altai-knows Vaulter's mystic sigils are bunk
Old guy-told Harvak about the orphan; paladin

Lizard Boat patrons/npc's
Kialee--elf ranger owner
Ryan--blue ale
Onnry Klovow-clerk at library (wink wink)-inquires after zoog
Hargis--old boatman; reglar


Isirka--samurai green girl
Lord Jaigo--Scuttlecove

usual initiative order:
Stiggy +4
Gittik +3

seacave dimensions:
[spoiler]the hall winds to I4, J4, K4,5,6,7 and into a seacave that occupies k-p 8-14. at squares "15" is the ocean. Riese gets to k7 and fires off his 2 attacks.

At LMN 12 is a boat overturned; the remnants of two savaged smugglers, torn limb from limb, are draped over it. l-p rank 8 is taken up with 20 casks of brandy. At NO 10-11 stands a merrow, an aquatic ogre. He wields a heavy flail with a skull-shaped metal ball on a chain. His arm is inserted through the back end of a medium hammerhead shark, sans dorsal fin, pectoral fins, and tail; it serves as a ghastly shield.

Stovie Pudgworrnaigch--stiggy's friend
Rhennee fortuneteller--hit? miss?
mardel seinn
Domagel Mac -


Riese digs around the court documents hall of records, and finds a copy of the deed in the name of one Randolphus Swertlowe.
Further, there's a contract between aforementioned Randolphus Swertlowe and one Doctor Helborne Schrenker, a "rent to own" as it were; upon the completion of some bit of work defined as "Term X" the house was to revert to the ownership of Doctor Helborne Schrenker.
It's.....up in the air, to say the least...
Wanna hire an Attorney?


The call to the dark twin in the full moon brings the cold ones
Chant the blaspheme of the six-fingered master once for each of his fingers.

days until full moon: 21 (day of the ship from town)
on day 18, Beldan decides to go to town...
after the Slaughterhouse Escapade,...17 days!
Talking head day...16 days!!!
shopping til noon, then walking home--(giant fight) 15 days.
Sculptor goes to church; buying a horse 14 days.
Day after the tax collector-battle of the skull 13 days.
Sitting around house; 12 days.
Fishy time!!! Traing Tensor to Track. Stiggy Sees Something. 11 days.
Next day....10 days.
Altai makes cloak--8 days.
Dwarf/Duergar starts making trap(3days takes)--7 days.
Altai buys goats/caltrops--6 days.
Altai starts web et al...take 4 days--5 days.
Wow...that's been the busiest week of their lives!
Who is....Jobby Duke???
Kruelaid-Fri, Jul 18th--moving; prolly gone for 10 days.

Fort Bale-
Sir Pallios, Captain of Seaton's Second Cavalry Company
Sargent Patch

secret stuff!

Spoiler: Free-Wall-Plaque-_p_266.html

Kelanen on Wiki:


a-h top; 1- 18 side. The Leg man--
b-g 1-2 is the paddle; a circular rig of paddles; the top is about 5 feet below the poop deck.
a-h 3-6 is the poop; at d-e 6 is the helm wheel.
a-h 7-14 is the main deck; 8 feet below the poop; 4 feet below the fo'castle. There's stairs up to the poop at a7 and h 7; up to the focastle at a14 and h14; doors at b7, g7, b14, and g14.
There's a loading hatch, grated, at de 11-12.
The forecastle is a semicircle looping from a15 to h15; the top of the curve is at the tip of de 18's meeting point.


The Long House:
a-n across the top; 1-28 down the side.
The longhouse is roughly rectangular; at a-d 1-3, k-n 1-3, a-e 26-28, and j-n 26-28 are rooms not visible from the hall of the house. Doors at d2, k2, e27, and j27.

The throne is at gh 3, and there's a raised platform at f-i 2-5. Stairs in back down from gh1 each way, and stairs in front at gh 6 up 6 feet to the platform. A massive fire pit is at f-i 9-12 in a circle enclosed by that box, and there are pillars 10' radius carved with totemic masks, at cd 5-6, kl 5-6, ab 8-9, mn 8-9, then every 10 feet down the sides to ab 24-25 and mn 24-25; as well as a t de 24-25 and jk 24-25. There are curtains in front of all of the areas between the totem poles; leather and covered in pictures of lizardmen hunting, or fishing, of making canoes; general life events.

Ah Pook is Here, by Bill Burroughs
Note: Not work safe! Ugly beautiful.
p. 29 the bit about who's who.


dead mans chest dead man's chest

re: Witchwardens ask about Graz'zt's sword
re: Ghosty the gnome


How about something along the lines of having been alone with no one to rely on her for a long time, only to find herself the sole defender against some great nameless, shapeless threat for a village of innocents. The nightmare is that no matter what she does, she doesn't seem to be able to do anything and the innocents keep getting picked off. New night, new nightmare, same innocents, same result, night after night.

That's the best I can think of at the moment for Emrael.


Pip hates undead. They give him the willies. Also, spiders. Big hairy ugly spiders


He’s scared of lots of things. But more than ogres, demons, dragons, all of that, he’s scared of being in a situation that all his skills and tricks and tools can’t get him out of.

He’s also scared of being alone, in the long term. For all his rakish ways, he really wants to settle down, one day, with a nice girl ... and he’s scared, deep down, that he’ll miss his chance, or that his continual search for excitement and ‘the next thing’ is going to mess that up.


Altai's greatest fear, unsurprisingly, is losing his magical powers. His clammiest nightmares has him back in Rauxes, working as a bean-counter for the mad Overking, endlessly tallying up colossal mounds of worthless tat.


Never really thought about it. But it seems like the worst thing to Elgan would be to lose his freedom. (Not in the way that Beldan might) :) Elgan likes to be able to run free, to do what he thinks he wants when he wants. (He has never considered that his leaving to travel was actually permitted/encouraged, to educate him) He likes being able to choose who to help, regardless of race, or strength, etc. which is why he likes the Regulators so much. 2nd would probably be losing his friends in the regulators. Particularly Beldan, with whom he feels a kindred spirit, and Altai, whom he thinks of as a friend he has to protect, and as a mentor.

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another picture

negative energy plane

Rollin in the deep




the mob rules

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