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DM Sothal's Kingmaker PBP

Game Master Franz Lunzer

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Ok, so Majet and Queslin go after Xanda.
Big Ern and Agerron? Split away again?

Majet and Queslin quickly find the trail Xanda has left, crawling on the ground.
Together you easily follow the tracks for a bit over an hour to a crack in the cliff the half-elf entered. Around the opening you also find a number of Kobold-footprints, leading in and out of the cave beyond.
One such footprint is inside and over a footprint of Xanda, so the Kobold in question left the cave after the the half-elf entered it.
There are no tracks of her leaving the crack.

Inside, on the stone floor, you have a hard time finding traces of Xandas route.
New rolls please.


Who said you'd be alone in the cavern? ;)
Having had time and opportunity to get herself clean and fresh, Xanda is left with rocks and stones to pry open the door.
Trying to get bolts and stones under the heavy rock closing her off is hard work and met with little gain, and gets her sweaty all over again.
The DC for the STR-check for lifting the rock is outside your ability.
You could try to break the stone, but it's got hardness 8 and plenty of hp.

male High Elf Ranger 1 (AC: 16 [T:13 F:13] [HP: 12/12] Fort: +3 Ref: +6 Will -1 Perc: +5 Init: +4)

Survival 1d20 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 5 + 1 = 9

F Gnome Alchamist 2


1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19

Big Ern shrugs and strolls along after Queslin et al., still with no clue who the deranged woman is.

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2

Agerron falls in behind Queslin. "I suppose she's another one of the boy prince's subjects," he quietly comments to Ern, indicating Michael as he walks.


So I assume everyone went looking for the half-elf then.

Walking around in the cave, searching for clues on where Xanda went, Queslin and Majet are a bit out of luck on the stone floor.
Branomonrik has a far easier time finding something: He locates a big boulder that looks to him like it would block some way.
Investigating the rock the dwarf finds the secret mechanism that held the big rock in place before it got triggered to let it fall down.

As there are only the two ways out of the cave (one out in the open, the other now blocked with the rock), Xanda most probably is behind the large rock.

Getting the boulder away from where he rests probably involved a set of pulleys, which are not present now.

male High Elf Ranger 1 (AC: 16 [T:13 F:13] [HP: 12/12] Fort: +3 Ref: +6 Will -1 Perc: +5 Init: +4)

Queslin looks to Bran for any ideas on how to move the rock.

F Gnome Alchamist 2

"We could try using a controlled explosion and blow it up?" Majet suggests

Big Ern smiles with guileless delight. "Stumpy, that's the best idea I've heard in a long time! At least, the best idea that didn't come from yours truly."

DM Sothal:
*Reads explanation of blocking rock* Ah, so levering it up is out of the options then. How solid are the walls/floor/ceiling around said rock? Maybe try and go around said obstruction? Xanda has three days until she dies of thirst :P (^_~) Also, something (I.E the shape into which the rock has fallen) is acting as a seal to keep said rock in place, so pushing/pulling the rock isn't going to work either. *Nods* SO, finding a way to dig past/around it still seems the best option. (At least knowing the rest of the party is coming to my rescue by blowing the be-jeebus out of my trapped space is comforting. :P ) (^_~)

Male Dwarf Cleric of Abadar 2

Branomonrik looks around the Large rock for ways to remove it.

Perception with stonecutting1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26
Craft Stone masonry 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

male High Elf Ranger 1 (AC: 16 [T:13 F:13] [HP: 12/12] Fort: +3 Ref: +6 Will -1 Perc: +5 Init: +4)

"That doesn't sound very... safe."

Devlin hops down from the cart and says, "Why yes, my oldest and dearest of friends and I do share a bond that breaches the boundaries of the planes themselves. Delfey has yet to truly let me down, though he has fallen a time or two, but only in my defense." He looks around at Vasily and his group.

GM Sothal:
I'm building up to a really big lie, and gamble. I'm going to try and sway these bandits into my service, with the promise of greater wealth and power if they side with me when I make my move against The Stag Lord. ;)


Devlin: Try your luck.

The man stare a bit at Delfey, but don't seem too concerned. Vasily asks, curiously: "It's... He's from another plane? What is it then? Some sort of Demon in disguise?
And what's that mission you talk bout?"


The walls seem to be solid stone, even thicker than the rock used to cut the way. You'd have an even harder time there. The 'guidings' that hold the rock in place, would be a possible point of weakness, but even breaking them is a tedious task.

Looking around to find a way out, she hears the group entering the cave beyond the rock.

Branomonrik thinks the easiest way to remove the boulder would be lifting it. It would be no task at all, if they had pulleys (like the Kobolds surely have), but it should be possible for two people to push together, if only they are strong enough.
STR-check of two PC's, for a sum of 40. No aid another.

Crafting a bomb to blow the boulder would be easy, would it not create the possibility to cave in the room you are standing in now. Also, you don't yet know how to delay the explosion of a bomb, so at least one of you would be in the cave during the blast.
You could try it still, crafting something that hopefully might just break the rock, or its brackets holding it in place, but just a little error in the process might be fatal.
Craft (alchemy) DC 25, failing by 4 or less means it just doesn't work, failing by 5 or more means it blows up in your hands, at maximum damage. Aid another is possible for PC's with the skill trained, but the above consequences would apply to the helper too.

DM Sothal:
Xanda will cup a delicate ear to the rock's hard, cold and unyielding surface. The better to try and understand what the others might be doing. If, indeed, they are doing anything at all and not just passing her prison by. (^_~)Perception:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

Male Dwarf Cleric of Abadar 2

"So do we ask the Kobolds for help tracking down what they shall most likely see as a trespasser or do one of you strong types want to move the rock?"

male High Elf Ranger 1 (AC: 16 [T:13 F:13] [HP: 12/12] Fort: +3 Ref: +6 Will -1 Perc: +5 Init: +4)

"Let's try pushing it first. Agerron, would you give me a hand?"

Str1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

"Outta my way, twig boy," Big Ern scoffs at Queslin's pitiful effort. "Let the real men give it a try. Ready, Killer?"

Big Ern drinks something from a flask that makes his already porcine features look downright bestial, then works himself up into a purple-faced fury on top of that.

Use Str mutagen and rage.

Str check: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14

F Gnome Alchamist 2

Whilst the others go about trying to force the rock away Majet goes about brewing something up to help in the boulders removal

Craft Alchamey

1d20 + 11 ⇒ (14) + 11 = 25

Male Dwarf Cleric of Abadar 2

Branomonrik chuckles "If that is a real man, Thank Adabar I was born a Dwarf!"

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2

"I will be happy to give it a go." If we assume we try until we succeed, can we both take 20 and assume it works?

DM Sothal:
Within her prison Xanda makes herself as presentable as possible. As well as looking as contrite and sorry in anticipation for the groups coming harsh words at the obvious stupidity of her wandering off.

That's a prediction for the kind of words at least Big Ern is going to be spouting. (^_~)

F Gnome Alchamist 2

"You guys may want to move." Majet suggests


Big Ern's fingers crawl into the rock, leaving marks like claws, but fail to lift it up with Queslin's help.
While Agerron takes over and tries again with Big Ern, Majet quickly crafts some sort of bomb specific for the situation.
The gnome's finger move fast, and she manages to get it just right in an amazing time.

The entry-cave gets abandoned shortly, Majet places the bomb and shouts a warning to the half-elf on the other side of the boulder, then ignites the improvised fuse and rushes away.
For a moment, it seems as like nothing is going to happen, then a loud bang rings in everyone's ear and dust and smoke billow out of the opening.
It takes half a minute to settle down just enough for the dwarf to enter the cave again.

The boulder closing of the cavern to Xanda is still mostly intact, but it's holdings are blown away now, making it much easier to get the rock out of the way.
Xanda pushing from the inside and Agerron and Big Ern pulling quickly manage to topple it, allowing Xanda to leave her imprisonment.

Nice roll Majet.
So, where to now?

Xanda steps forth and looks suitable abashed.

"Thank you." She says quietly.

"I never think a Kobold could create such a trap." She tries to explain.

male High Elf Ranger 1 (AC: 16 [T:13 F:13] [HP: 12/12] Fort: +3 Ref: +6 Will -1 Perc: +5 Init: +4)

Queslin is stunned into silence by the explosion. He looks upon the soft spoken gnome with new respect.
Once Xanda comes out. "If you are well, it is time for us to return to Olegs to recuperate."

"Demon? Far from it! I'm not certain, but I believe Delfey's existence began in the realm of the fey, The First World. He has a will of his own, and can do as he wishes, unless I require something specific of him."

Devlin pauses for a moment.

"As for the mission Taras and I are on, we'll talk of it after I have determined you and your men would be of use." He winks good naturedly and grins at Vasily. "Please, each of you tell me a little about yourselves, and where you'd like to see yourselves in a few years time."

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2
Queslin wrote:

Queslin is stunned into silence by the explosion. He looks upon the soft spoken gnome with new respect.

Once Xanda comes out. "If you are well, it is time for us to return to Olegs to recuperate."

"I agree with the elf, for once. We need to get out of here, before our new 'not-enemies' decide we're trespassing and get rid of the 'not'. After spending all that effort not to fight, it would be a colossal waste. Fun, but a colossal waste anyway." Looking to Queslin, he asks, "care to lead the way, Master Scout?" Surprisingly, it seems to the others that he says the last part without sarcasm.


Devlin: Give me a diplomacy roll please.
Vasily and his men are currently indifferent towards you, and a bit untrusting in general. Asking such a question raises suspicion.


Having found Xanda alive and unharmed, the group circles around the Kobolds home and rides out to go back north again.
The rest of the day and the following night go by without much action, but the weather turns increasingly worse by the hour.
Pharast 13th greets the group with a strong wind and many clouds that look heavy of rain.


All are now on the same day, but Devlin is some miles north and close to noon.
The group will pass the tree Devlin is 'currently' resting under later in the afternoon.
We'll see how the talk with the bandits turns out.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Abadar 2

Are we waiting for Devlin to post?


Yes, we are. I want that meeting played out before getting you (maybe) together again.

Delfey Diplomacy aid another roll: 1d20 ⇒ 11
Devlin Diplomacy roll: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25 (+2 from Delfey is already included)

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2

Just to let everyone know I'm back!



Even though the bandits are a suspicious lot, they agree to share a bit of their past. Their stories are pretty much alike, being outcasts from any direction and finding themself in the River Kingdoms, fleeing the law.
Two tried to live the life of a hunter before they turned into bandits, being recruited by one of the Stag Lords bandits. Their life didn't change all that much, they have to go hunting when no one is there to rob, but they feel stronger with the other bandits around.
They don't really have much ambitions, one jokingly saying he wants to still be alive in 3 years time. Only Vasily (going last) has a plan for the future saying: "I'll be a lieutenant of the Stag Lord in a few years. And I'm going to prove myself by burning down that settler Oleg up north, and by killing those mercers who killed Kressle and her troupe."

"So, you know of us now. We don't know you. Who're you? What's that secret mission of yours?" Vasily then asks in return.

"Who am I? As I've already said, I'm Devlin Medvyed, bastard son of one of Brevoy's ruling families. They tossed me out, so I find myself here. I wear the family name to that I may sully it, dragging it through the dirt they tossed me to."

"In truth, I am currently acting as if I am a member of a group granted a charter by the swordlords of Restov to explore this region. I am doing so on the orders of the Stag Lord himself, handed down during one of the rare moments he wasn't drunk off his ass." Devlin grins a little after saying this, and then continues, "Sadly, I was unable to prevent the rest of the explorer's from tracking Kressle's band back to her camp, and slaughtering most of them. Taras here attempted a tactical retreat, all the better to spread warning about the presence of a somewhat formidable new force here. He was chased down by an elf who is faster than he looks. They also captured Dimitry, but the boy was all to happy to be 'rescued'. We can take care of him at a later date."

"I'm sure some of you are possibly wondering as to how Taras her is still alive, and in good health, yes? That would be because I was able to sway the group into letting Taras and Dimitry spend five years, effectively, as slaves."

"In short, my mission is to use the resources of the swordlords of Restov to consolidate power for the Stag Lord. But," Devlin gives a quick wink to Taras, "I plan on consolidating power for myself, and using the resources of the swordlords, and that drunken fool to build something that would give us all what we want. Freedom, and enough coin to enjoy it." Devlin pauses and looks in the eyes of all the bandits. He then asks, "So, who here would be interested in having enough gold to build a mansion out of it?"

Delfey Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 15
Devlin Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 20
Devlin Bluff: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23

Damn, the dice love me tonight!


While the three other bandits believe your words, smiling at the outlook of riches and the other promises, Vasily keeps sceptical. He looks at Taras who already told a practical lie about the events at Kressle's camp, a lie that's contradicting Devlin's words to some extend.
And while the other bandits don't think about that contradiciton, already dreaming of their fortune, Vasily thinks hard about what's being said and done so far.
Devlin's words are convincing and well said, but why would Taras not tell them what happened up front? Why tell such a believable lie and then let Devlin say something else, possibly even the truth, that he ran away?
And why would some nobody he didn't hear of have such an important mission?
Sure, if Devlin is really a bastard of House Medvyed, he'd be the perfect suit, but his friends at the Stag Lords fort would have told him.
There's something fishy, but being unable to put his finger on it, Vasily plays along for now.

a bit exaggerated outcome of your awesome rolls, but you pretty much see the wheels turning in Vasily's head.

Grinning, Vasily speaks up again: "Now, that makes for an interesting situation. Where are those chartered now? Can we still repay Oleg's? I guess we can't kill your 'friends' as that would interfere your mission to undermine them..."

...<scratches ass>...


Big Ern: You got half a day of riding in that ass, and another day coming up. How do you entertain yourself (and the others) during that time?

Male Dwarf Cleric of Abadar 2

Bran could preach to him of Adabars glory, but only direct influence of the god himself could save that one. So he just spends time trying not to fall off the Horse who he knows is trying to kill him.

Xanda rides along quietly and contritely. Knowing that her actions in following the strange, purple Kobold were not the best over all...

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2

Agerron rides near the front (just behind Queslin). As he goes, he tries to remember the route, so if he needs to return ever to renegotiate with the lizards ...

Male Dwarf Cleric of Abadar 2

Notice, no one rides behind Big Ern, the damage inflicted by him breaking wind is something no one wants to take a chance on


I'm sorry this is taking so long. I really want to have this meeting have an outcome before the big group comes back north.
I could place a random encounter in your path, if you are really itching to do some dice rolling.
Or, you could have your characters get comfortable with each other, after being together for close to two weeks already. (I mean, right now, it reads as if you all ride close but no word is spoken. For hours.)
No one is curious, why Xanda went away on her own? How she ended up in the closed off cave?
Xanda isn't interested in what was decided (and how) with the Kobolds?

Male Dwarf Cleric of Abadar 2

What a lovely Idea

Bran looks over to Xanda as they ride, him trying to hold on the the horse. "Have I told you about Adabars Glory? It is his work we do here you know." He says sweeping him arm out to cover the land "All of this is chaotic and untamed, wild and not fit for civilized folk. But there is greatness here. I can feel it. In me bones I can." He says seeing what no one else does.

"I see great cities raising from this land, wealth, power sites of learning, art and magic. I see a great temple to Adabar at its center. Bringing civilization to this wild and untamed land." He says with a smile.

male High Elf Ranger 1 (AC: 16 [T:13 F:13] [HP: 12/12] Fort: +3 Ref: +6 Will -1 Perc: +5 Init: +4)

To Xanda

"What you did was dangerous. I don't make any claim on you, but if you are to remain with us, you must understand that putting yourself in harm's way endangers us all because we will come to save you. I ask that you be mindful of that as I place a high value on my existance. I am curious about why you were in the cave though."

In response to Bran's vision: "I see smaller, self sufficient enclaves. Each with it's own unique quality that adds to the greatness of this land."

Xanda smiles at Branomonrik's words, listening intently but keeping her opinions about what the lands around them may or may not become to herself.

At Queslin's words, she lowers her head and accept the comment.

"Aye, but the pupple Kobold? It was up to something..something same as the weird colour." She replies, not as justification for her actions, more as a simple explanation.

"That rock at front? It was set as trap. How such a little lizard make such use of such large rock?" She asks.

"Again, I am sorry and do apologize. But every one seemed wary of the purple Kobold...even the other Kobolds." Xanda explains to Queslin, using their 'native' tongue to better articulate her ideas. "When the purple one snuck off on it's own away from the rest of the Kobold group, I thought it was up to no good." She blushes slightly, "Seems I was right and it used spells and magic to lure me into that cave."
She finishes her explanation, looking at Queslin.

male High Elf Ranger 1 (AC: 16 [T:13 F:13] [HP: 12/12] Fort: +3 Ref: +6 Will -1 Perc: +5 Init: +4)

"Your suspicions are probably right." Then Queslin takes on a a jocular tone. "You got taken by a kobold. That is punishment enough."

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2
Branomonrik Assia wrote:

What a lovely Idea

Bran looks over to Xanda as they ride, him trying to hold on the the horse. "Have I told you about Adabars Glory? It is his work we do here you know." He says sweeping him arm out to cover the land "All of this is chaotic and untamed, wild and not fit for civilized folk. But there is greatness here. I can feel it. In me bones I can." He says seeing what no one else does.

"I see great cities raising from this land, wealth, power sites of learning, art and magic. I see a great temple to Adabar at its center. Bringing civilization to this wild and untamed land." He says with a smile.

Agerron turns a bit at the dwarf's words. "And I see a great army, surging from that city to expand the empire and turn back those who would try and take it away." He smiles, a glint in his eye.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Abadar 2

"Indeed! Civilization must be maintained, an army is the arm of a civilization. It is the sword that vanquishes barbarism and protects from invasion and brigands. " He says for once in full agreement with Agerron.

"Friends?! Ha! The only one that I actually half-way got along with was the paladin, surprising as that may be." Devlin laughs some more.

"As for where they are? I have an idea. They headed off to fight some mites, to get some statue back that has some importance to a tribe of kobolds in the area. I imagine that if they survived the mites, they went to the kobolds, assuming they found whatever statue the kobolds want. I'm hoping they used the statue to get past any guards the rats have, and slaughter them from within. Kobolds are nasty little creatures."

"As for undermining them, I'm okay with that, just not yet. I hope to use them to soften the drunkard before I end him myself. We have a....history between us. He's forgotten, but I haven't."

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