DM Sothal's Kingmaker PBP

Game Master Franz Lunzer

Linked Calendar dates:

Calistril 30th: Arival at Olegs.
Pharast 1st: Fight with Bandits at Olegs.
Pharast 2nd: Ride out to explore.
Pharast 3rd: More exploring.
Pharast 4th and
Pharast 5th
: Return to Olegs.
Pharast 6th: Ride out to explore.
Pharast 7th: More exploring.
Pharast 8th: Return to Olegs.
Pharast 9th: Back to exploring, Kobolds at the radish patch.
Pharast 10th: Ride towards the Mites.
Pharast 11th: Towards the Mites.
Pharast 12th: Towards the Kobolds.
Pharast 13th: Back north to Olegs.
Pharast 14th: Return to Olegs.
Pharast 15th: Ride out to Thorn River Camp.
Pharast 16th: Ride Southwest, arriving near a swamp.
Pharast 17th: Check out the Boggard swamp, then ride southeast towards Stag Lords Fort.
Pharast 18th: Ride northeast, back towards Olegs. Meet Boris and Pjotr, fight Shambling Mound.
Pharast 19th: Ride northeast
Pharast 20th: Ride northeast to Olegs, arrive late afternoon
Pharast 21st: At Olegs, meeting Whiskeyjack and Nero, who join the explorers.
Pharast 22nd: At Olegs, recovering and resting.
Pharast 23rd: Ride out westward, towards possible location of Erastil temple.
Pharast 24th: Ride out southwest, towards possible location of Erastil temple. Fight boars at day and wolves at night.
Pharast 25th: Find the temple with help of Nero's familiar, fight a bear living there (who turned into a man when slain), clean out the temple.
Pharast 26th: Explore and map the lands surrounding the Temple of Erastil
Pharast 27th: Ride towards Olegs and explore and map the lands in between.
Pharast 28th: Map the lands, ride to Olegs, arriving at dusk.
Pharast 29th: Bringing Father Kavken to the Temple of Erastil (Today)