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When is this coming out? Was late to find out about the crowdfunding site, want to buy the product

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Me too, popped by just to look

Check the announcements here I am waiting for release ideally even if its just for the NPC book for pf1ed.


It feels so close!

Yet still so far!


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But so close!

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Here is the latest blog Update.

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Here is the latest update from March.

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I missed the boat on this one. I understand its out. I get that there is probably a finite amount of books...but is there any plans to sell the pdfs anywhere?

No, it's not out yet.
You can see updates here:
(Click the little megaphone icon tab near the top.)

During Paizocon they announced that the expected release date was April 2022.

I did my own homebrewed Kingdom/army rules and am running it in pf2e right now, didn't feel like waiting another year to run this.

Oh jeez such a long freaking wait.

Well as long as I can get more Pathfinder 1e material, it's fine. I'm just going for the Bestiary for PF1e, because screw 2e.

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I gave up on the release as well and am well into an awesome reboot of Kingmaker (last DM'd it 10 years ago and really was hoping for this anniversary special for a new group in a new town, but alas!)

Here is the most recent update.

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Love the fact that they won't let us cancel our pledge, when they've decided to cancel their intention to get this done in a timely manner. It's been 2 years, 2 months, since the kickstarter ended, and all they've shown off is some art. They really let us down on this.

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Delayed until September 2022. Maybe longer, IDK, not surprised but as a backer I am angry and disappointed.

Not going to say more here, but I will be venting on twitter. A lot. So much rage.

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They have approved selling your pledge... I am interested in selling mine if anyone is still interested.

This is what is in my pledge:

Reward level

Ruler $ 150 1 $ 150
- Kingmaker 6 of 6: Sound of a Thousand Screams 1
- Weight marker 50
- People of the River PDF 1
- Guide to the River Kingdoms PDF 1
- PFS: The Silverhex Chronicles 1
- PFS: Oathbreakers Die 1
- PFS: Perils of the Pirate Pact 1
- PFS: The Horn of Aroden 1
- Kingdom Management Screen 1
- PFS: You Have What You Hold 1
- Kingmaker Map Folio 1
- PFS: Six Seconds to Midnight 1
- PFS: Fortune's Blight 1
- Kingmaker Poster 1
- PFS: On the Border of War 1
- Kingmaker 1 of 6: Stolen Land 1
- Kingmaker Adventure Path PDF 1
- Kingmaker 2 of 6: Rivers Run Red 1
- Kingmaker Companion Guide PDF 1
- Kingmaker 3 of 6: The Varnhold Vanishing 1
- Slipcase 1
- Kingmaker 4 of 6: Blood for Blood 1
- Kingmaker Adventure Path Special Edition 1
- Kingmaker 5 of 6: War of the River Kings 1
- Kingmaker Companion Guide Special Edition 1
- Kingmaker Kingdom Tracker Accessory 1

Kingmaker Pawn Box $ 40 1 $ 40
Kingmaker Hero Point Token (Exclusive) $ 5 1 $ 5
Noble Manor Flip-Mat Multi-Pack $ 20 1 $ 20
Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition $ 35 1 $ 35
- Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition (PDF) 1
- Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition 1
Legendary Games Forest Kingdom (PFRPG) PDF $ 25 1 $ 25
Subtotal $ 275
Weight 15.90 lbs Shipping costs $ 15.40

Not interested in making a profit - just want to sell it for cost (see total at the bottom of above list) - PM me if interested. thanks

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