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There are some monsters I am seeing in PF2e I really wish had PF1e conversions.

Judging from the entirely new (and unwanted, but that's another topic) system, it's not possible to convert PF2e spells and feats and such to PF1e.

However, the monster stats seem like they could convert half of it PF1e at least, but there're some things that need some judgment calls.

Since the material is open source, is there a 3rd party publisher we can request to write "Monster Conversion" PDFs from PF2e to PF1e? Since Paizo doesn't care to do both systems, as I believe they should because if I owned an RPG company I sure as heck would, someone else could do it.

We really need a thread to convert P2 material over to P1 and hopefully the Pathfinder designers can help.

For starters, can we get conversions of the new monsters in P2's Hellknight Hill Adventure Path?

Door Warden
Emperor Bird

Thanks, much appreciated!

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Need to make this thread since many of us want to still play P1 but also want the new material from P2 for our P1 games.

For starters, can we get conversions of the new monsters in P2's Hellknight Hill Adventure Path?

Door Warden
Emperor Bird

Thanks, much appreciated!

Is there anything in Pathfinder that allows a Cleric to bypass the one-step alignment rule for divine spellcasting?

For example, playing a CN cleric of a LN deity and still receiving spells?

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What 3PP companies that are well known and credited are sticking to continuing developing 1e PF material? Because I'd like to check them out and start supporting that.

The biggest reason I ever got into Pathfinder was because one of their "pillars" of game design was backwards compatibility with D&D 3.5 and there were a ton of us that hated WotC and 4e and wanted to go to something that carried on to what we enjoyed. It made the transition mostly easy. In fact, I have been running a D&D 3.5/PF hybrid system for years.

But, no offense to anyone, I feel like Paizo has become the new WotC with their 2e system. Abandoning a loyal base to unneccessarily change up an entire gaming system that's been statisically very successul for...I honestly don't know why. Profit? I mean, we all saw how hard 4E flopped. I personally have no interest in 2e because of how vastly different it is and all my 1e material is useless. It's not compatible at all.

So I'm doing what I thought I'd never do to Paizo, and I did with WotC, which is jumping ship from my support for them and looking to see what 3pp companies I can support that's going to continue to make the quality game I desire.

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Never got a large amount of Inevitable and Aeon monsters for the game. They sure went crazy on those Psychopomps, though.

Never got enough material for the Gunslinger.

Never got up to Bestiary 10.

Animal Ally, thanks for that! Forgot about that one.

Well, my player wants to make a ronin Samurai/Rogue type of character. Think of Zoro from the anime "One Piece." Not exactly, just the fact that he has a "samurai ronin" way of carrying himself and his fighting and is also a pirate (rogue) kind of character. He plans on multiclassing as Rogue, so anything that can help optimize a Samurai/Rogue would be great, although I am aware Pathfinder is not very multiclass friendly so he may only take a few levels of Rogue

HammerJack wrote:
I think you were probably looking for the Pathfinder advice forum.

Yeah I was, I thought I clicked on it, dunno how I ended up in the Starfinder one.

Considering Paizo has released very little for the Samurai, can anyone point me in the direction of 3rd party source material that has more options for Samurai?

In particular, I am looking for one where the Samurai can replace his mount for an ancestral weapon, sort of like a Paladin being able to choose a bonded weapon.

Or a Samurai archetype that replaces the mount with an animal companion instead. Be cool to play a Samurai with a wolf sidekick, for example.

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Was hoping for a Gunslinger only Player Companion but now that'll never happen.

End of an era. Nice gaming in PF1e. I'll miss it. I'm no fan of 5e D&D Pathfinder, I mean, PF2e.

He's a 16th-level Unchained Monk with 30 Wisdom (natural 20, boosted it 4 with levels, has a +6 item) and the Saint template from Book of Exalted Deeds, which grants his Wisdom as an insight bonus to AC/CMD. His equipment consists mainly of defensive items; +5 deflection, bracers +6, he has Barkskin ki power for +5 more, his Dex is 22.

His base AC is 52. He has ways of getting it closer to 60.

The Saint template gave him Fast Healing 10.

I'm tired of the game not giving Martials more abilities to overcome things without the use of magic. I was hoping there was a feat or even an alchemical item one could use on their weapon so that a hit could nullify the fast healing.

Outside of magic spells, for melee/ranged warriors, is there anyway to face a foe and negate their fast healing?

I ask this because of a PC who has fast healing and really high AC. So when they finally do get hit, it doesn’t matter because by the time they get hit a second time their damage is healed back up.

Is there a feat or magic weapon, alchemical item or class feature that can stop a foe from benefitting from Fast Healing? Or is magic the only way?

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Creon Vizcarra wrote:

Lastly, I guess I'm somewhat saddened that they're doing away with Inevitables in 2e, though I won't be making the switch myself. Does anyone know if they will write them out, just use them a lot less, just ignore them?

Yet another on my massive checklist of why I will stay far from PF2e.

So what Outsider will be prominent for the Lawful Neutral? Don't say Axiomites, that's just one race. I like Inevitables because of how much variety there is/can be.

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Gorbacz wrote:

You'll be delighted to know that in PF2, aeons will become much prominent and will replace Inevitables as the main True Neutral outsider race.

Not really, as I have zero care or likes for PF2. Too soon and too different.

The Gold Sovereign wrote:

Indeed, I wasn't expecting stat blocks for the divine. I would rather have no bestiary in favor of even more flavor and illustrations for the demigod monitors.

But I'm sure we are getting at least one new member of each subtype, and I'm actually hoping to see new cool inevitables and proteans.

New Inevitables and Aeons would be great right before PF1 ends. About damn time.

Finally, a book where we can get new Aeons! I hope, that is.

Brandcolt wrote:

You are right it would be easier and lucky for you people have done it!

Head over to the pathfinder2e subreddit and you will see a link in their info page to download the pdf that has all the updates included in their sections.

Ah thank you! That will save me the headaches!

I downloaded the Playtest PDF, but I see there are updates to it. Currently it's at version 1.6

Does the original PDF get updated or do I have to jump and forth between the two PDFs to see the differences?

It would be much easier to playtest the material if the updates were also included in the original PDF playtest.

Luis Loza wrote:
Barachiel Shina wrote:

I take it this is the final Player Companion for PF1?

So much for a Gunslingers Player Companion book.....

Not quite! We have a few more companions in the pipeline still! I know that the gunslinger will be getting some love in these last volumes. :)

Ah good news indeed!

I take it this is the final Player Companion for PF1?

So much for a Gunslingers Player Companion book.....

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Ugh, is there a way to convert new eidolon material for Unchained to make it for the NORMAL Summoner?

Not a fan of the Unchained one.

I think I figured it out. Fused Link works specifically for restoring temp hp provided by the eidolon which only happens if they are fused. But when split the eidolon is a normal eidolon so only healing magic restores its hp.

When a synthesist uses Split Form, can they still keep their Eidolon alive by using Fused Link class feature?

Secret Wizard wrote:

plz no strongheart halflings

What's wrong with Strongheart Halflings?

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Damn it, I hate pushbacks so much.

Please tell me this book will involve changes to the Shifter that will make it playable and on par with the other classes?

I may be mistaken entirely, but I thought there was a build out there that allowed you to wield a spiked chain as if it were a double weapon?

blahpers wrote:
The primary benefit is that twin eidolon doesn't involve fusing with your eidolon--you take on the physical shape of your eidolon, and your actual eidolon remains a separate creature. Hence "twin eidolon". That's pretty strong.

Ok I think I get it now, I see. Yeah that is pretty strong. Alright thanks!

I am confused by the Synthesis capstone ability. It looks like it does everything that being Fused already gives you, so what's the point of it really?

Is it really only beneficial when you do Split Form? Such as splitting you and Eidolon apart, and then using Twin Eidolon to gain the same benefits?

What's the difference between it and Fused Eidolon and what are the benefits/cons?

Very disappointed in the lack of new Aeons in this book. Least we got more Inevitables, but kinda hard to run a campaign involving all the Neutral Outsiders when there is such a lack of them. GYST Paizo!

Waiting on another batch of Shifter fixes, Paizo.

Can Paizo just link to this version of Shifter and completely make theirs obsolete? Especially since they stopped working on fixing the Shifter entirely now.

How does terrain affect large spaces?

Say I have a Huge (3x3 squares) creature walking through an area that's only 2 squares long full of dense rubble. Does difficult terrain affect them?

What about, say, a 10 ft. x 10 ft pit and my Huge or Gargantuan creature is going through it. Is their movement normal or is it difficult terrain? What if they stop and are partially in the space?

Thanks to those who can direct me on what to do. I am in a situation where I have a Huge (3x3 square) creature with a 2x2 square pit in front of them, and a Wall of Stone blocking the other side. I was curious if my Huge creature can partially share that space without hindrance as they attempt to break the wall down (the creatures only have 10 ft. reach).

The Gold Sovereign wrote:
We now have 7 Inevitables, 8 Aeons, 14 Psychopomps and 10 Proteans. The "neutral" denizens of the outer planes are still far from the celestials and fiends in number and diversity, but fortunately Mr. Jacobs has said there are new Inevitables in this book - the ones with fewer members until then.

New Inevitables finally. I hope new Aeons as well.

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The Mad Comrade wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Maybe there will be unarmored AC options for many classes in this one.
I hope so too, and that it is super-easy to 'export' to PF2e.

If you look at ENWorld's compilation of PF2e ruleset, NOTHING will be easy to export to PF1. It is its own RPG system barely based on the old.

I am the GM, I was hoping for clarification from the devs if they check this forum. Might have to message them directly.

Can someone explain to me Doom of Disenchantment? What if there is more than one spell affecting the attack, does this spell dispel ALL of them? Or is only one randomly chosen?

My one issue with this is not everything in it is "Standard Gunslinger friendly." I did notice some archetypes, thankfully, were but not all of them.

How would I make Alchemical Hotshot, Pale Slinger, Firearm Striker, etc. with a Standard Gunslinger? Those options would have been great.

Are we going to be seeing more updates to the wrongly unplaytested Shifter class soon? Or are we getting the shaft cause of PF2?

I wish Monsters had a way to increase their caster levels. Or is it now official that their spell-like abilities CL increases on a 1 to 1 ratio to their Hit Dice?

Menacing Shot says it functions as the Fear spell.

Meaning if the enemy passes the save, they're still Shaken for 1 round.

But if they fail, they flee in panic for 1 round/caster level.

But Gunslingers don't have a caster level. Am I to assume the enemy is in panic for 1 round/class level then?

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I am hoping we a get a "Gunslinger's Handbook" before PF2 is here. I doubt it though, Paizo doesn't care.

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These Player Companions better be JAMMED with game material since PF1 is almost out the door

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I'm just looking for ways to reverse engineer their feats to PF1e. Man, Paizo sure made the new edition as alien as possible to stop people from converting and staying with PF1.

The Debilitating Shot feat, how can I make that a PF1e feat? I am guessing Point-Blank as a prerequisites with Dex 15 as well. I am thinking the target hit makes a Fortitude save or is slowed for 1 round.

I mean, if no one in their department is going to reverse these to make them work for PF1e, I might as well try.

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captain yesterday wrote:

Well, first of all, they aren't screwing anyone over, so you need to get over that.

Second of all, I'd support this idea with my wallet, if only as an experiment.

Well they are to me, I want more options and new monsters for the material they have now. I would also like maybe a PF1 version of some of the PF2 stuff that's coming out, but for my PF1 games. Right now, if I want to support Paizo, I MUST play PF2E. If that's not screwing over the base, then what is?

Ok, thanks for the info everyone. Gonna check out Legendary Fighters and Everyman Unchained

GM Nitemare wrote:
Cant wait for this, the last PF book I will probably ever purchase!!!

Likewise, I can no longer support a WotC 2.0 after this myself.

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Here's an interesting idea that can easily rake in a ton of cash while ALSO pleasing the community at the same time.

Why not support BOTH PF1E and PF2E?

Yes, I know what people will say. But I'm not suggesting they equally do both, as we all know that will split their resources when they really want to focus on PF2E.

I'm saying maybe they release just a few products per year, better than nothing, I say! Right?!

It's better than screwing an entire community over who still want official PF1 material and don't really like and want to be forced to play PF2 because everybody else is, or arguing why they should switch.

I'm pretty much hanging on a thread here hoping I can look forward to more PF1 material, even if it's just a miniscule amount.

This is utterly depressing me thinking about it. :'(

Is there a 3PP for Pathfinder that has more stuff for Fighters, specifically new Advanced Weapon Training and Advanced Armor Training options?

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