V20 Vampire the Masquerade, anyone?


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Anyone got any Cam character concepts kicking around? :) Starting a new vampire the masquerade game - Camarilla - set in Laredo Texas in 1985. Looking for interested parties. :D

definitely interested. it's been too long since I've played V:tM

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I do love a WoD campaign :-)

Any more specifics about the general tenor of the campaign?



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I have a few notions.

Would you be using any of the rules outside the core rulebook from V20 like rites of blood (admittedly mainly significant for Tremere characters... with actual rules for learning rituals), lore of the clans or the v20 companion? To varying degrees I have character ideas for ventrue, tremere, caitiff and nosferatu.

I have lots of ideas for different Cam kindred. Count me in as interested. I'd love to play VtM.

A thousand times yes.

Glad to hear it! :) Wasn't sure how many people here would be interested. :) To be clear, its on its own site, just trollin' for players.

It is a Camarilla game set in the United States, and deals with the themes of personal horror and the varied political motivations of clans and individuals. We're just starting up this month, and looking for new players to help flesh out the roster, and join us in ruling the night!

The game is set in Laredo, Texas, 1980, and focuses on the very close to home war with the Sabbat on the other side of the river. The domain of Laredo has taken a heavy blow at game start, with many court positions vacant due to the many deaths of the cities leaders.

The Sabbat have lost much, too, and reel back across the Rio Grande to regroup. So the Camarilla need to regrow too. Come help Prince Alexandra hold the city and keep the enemy on the other side of the border.

This is a 'once-a-day' at least sort of game, for those who are looking for something of that sort! Come check us out at http://lightonice.net/vampire/index.php.

You can also contact me @ Failjean#5980 on discord, or at our game discord https://discord.gg/5x2KBrZ if you're interested!

Tremere rites okay, and learnable IC but would like to do the RP and cost for such things. I do have some specific ideas about Tremere though, would probably have to be a longer conversation.

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I have a sneaking suspicioun since it's on another site I suspect I'll end up forgetting about the game every other day. Considering that and you have a few people interested I'll pass.

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Ah, yeah, I try to keep my PbPs centralized too.

Best of luck to the rest!

Curious... I'll have a look! I haven't played Masquerade in... 20+ years!

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interested...have a concept of a biker type Brujah....based on an old character of mine...

oh, and what are build guidelines?

Neonate characters with standard build, V20 book though I may allow other content as discussed with ST> :)

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yes please


Come check us out! :)

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ok....rough idea for my submission...

Brujah biker dude, rose from a ghoul to a full fanger. Short tempered, and very protective of his girls and his bar. Tough, and likes to lay a beating. I have a sheet worked up, but havent assigned freebie points yet....will get more done tomorrow. oh, and used the v20 pdf to make him...btw

Cool, cool. :)

I lived in the Rio Grande Valley for a few years, and am familiar a bit with Laredo. I'd love to a play a game set there - Laredo would lend itself well to Vampire, and I'd love to revisit the area in my imagination (even if it is set 30 years before I lived in the RGV :)

Although I own V20, I've never played it, so I'm re-familiarizing myself with the book now. When do you plan on starting?

Awesome. I'll check out the forum, might also reach out on discord.

Here goes...

So I am imagining an academic and entrepreneur who was born and raised in Laredo, left to pursue his studies and his fortune, and is now coming home... He would be next a generation tech genius (TCP/IP, Radar, cellular telephones), have participated in some big startups (Cincinnati Microwaves, AOL, etc.), and would have all the latest gear (a powerful computer with access to TCP/IP, a cool car with a radar and a phone, an alarm system at home, etc.).

I like the idea of exploring what was hi-tech then, and playing a decidedly retro-modern character!

Would that make sense?

We're kind of in soft start right now where people are playing arriving or recovering from the inciting incident. :) The game is continuous and has many moving parts and players, so its not the sort of thing where everyone all plays at once together. Check out the board for more info and to see how it works. :)

@alias, sounds cool! I love the 80s 'super tech' vibe, very clunky and funny. :D

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ok...finished my toon....

Jeb]Name Jeb Nature bravo Clan Brujah
Player Demeanour soldier Generation 12th
Chronicle Concept drifter Sire Willard


Strength 4 Charisma 2 Perception 3
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 3


Talents Skills Knowledges

Alertness 2 Animal Ken Academics
Athletics 1 Crafts Computer
Awareness 1 Drive 2 Finance
Brawl 3 Ettiquette Investigation 2
Empathy Firearms 4 Law
Expression Larceny Medicine 1
Intimidation 3 Melee 3 Occult 2
Leadership Performace Politics
Streetwise 2 Stealth Science
Subterfuge 1 Survival 1 Technology


Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues

Potence 2 Herd 1 Conscience 2
Celerity 1 Resources 2 Selfcontrol 3
Retainer 1 Courage 3
Haven 1


Merits Humanity/Path Health

Former Ghoul +2 Bruised -1 O
Open Road +2 Willpower Hurt -1 O
Injured -2 O
XXXXXXXOOO Weakened -2 O
Crippled O
Flaws Incapacitated O
Prey exclusion -1
Impatient -1 OOOOOOOOOO Weaknesses
Terrotorial -2 OOOOOOOOOO
Short Fuse -2
Enemy -1 Experience

boot knife, brass knuckles, Colt >45, sawed off shotgun,
'73 Harley, van w/sealed back cabin and bike trailer.

The build would be something like this...

Mike Jaeger:


Concept: Tech Entrepreneur
Nature: Architect
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Derangement: Split personality

Strength 1
Dexterity 4
Stamina 1
Charisma 3
Manipulation 3
Appearance 2
Perception 4
Intelligence 2
Wits 4

Alertness 3
Awareness 2
Empathy 3
Expression 3
Intimidation 1
Subterfuge 3
Drive 3
Etiquette 1
Stealth 3
Computer 3
Finance 2
Occult 1
Technology 3

Auspex 2
Dementation 0
Obfuscate 2

Ressources 4
Fame 1

Conscience/conviction 4
Self-control/instinct 4
Courage 2


Infertile vitae (5pt flaw)
New arrival (1pt flaw)
Lucky (3pt merit)

I'll probably play around with it a bit, but that's the gist of it!

I like him! Slap it up on the forum! :D

lexibean wrote:
The game is continuous and has many moving parts and players, so its not the sort of thing where everyone all plays at once together.

I've never played VtM but it has been on my list of games to try out. Do you have a cap on how many players you can have total?

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