What is the worst your pet has done to your nerd / geek passion?

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So I bought the Pathfinder Lost Omens Character Guide months ago and impatiently awaited it’s arrival.
For my birthday, October 7th I got a 9 month old 88 lbs puppy named Atlas.
On the 16th I got the guide omg the mail and was able to finally look it over. I was so excited, but had to wait until the weekend to truly dive into it, so I set it up somewhere to glance at it when I could.
One day I come home to a floor covered with my book....
Anger, sadness, frustration. I was very upset.
After cleaning up this mess, I wonder:
What is the worst your pet has done to your nerd/geek passion?

I had a cat that would gnaw on the spines of smaller books. I think he liked the glue flavor. Thankfully, the damage was kept to the few video game guidebooks I had.

I've also had cats that would unceremoniously leap onto the table, scattering maps and minis that were in use, chasing after rolled dice to slap them across the room with a paw. Things like that.

Mostly just disruption, rather than real destruction

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I had a rabbit that ate the covers of 8 manga that I had shipped home from my time in Japan as an English teacher. He also completely chewed the spine off my 4e Dragonomicon book and half the spine from my Dresden Files Your Story game book.

We finally had to give up the bunny and replaced him with a kitty, who has thankfully not eaten any of my books.

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My dog bit a player. Yesterday.

Our household has four dogs: a grumpy old dog, a shy stealthy dog, an overeager dog, and a one-eyed clueless dog. The clueless dog lost the eye two years ago by chasing a car and catching it. All except the shy dog like to bark at strangers.

I like to recruit new players. The dogs bark at them the first day and then settle down. The newest player in my Ironfang Legion campaign likes dogs, so three of them like her already. The clueless dog, unfortunately, is extra nervous because my wife is out of town.

The overeager dog jumped in the new player's lap and she noticed a tick on him. That dog runs into the underbrush and comes back with ticks. She removed three ticks from him, drowning them in soapy water we keep available for ticks. When petting the clueless dog, she noticed a tick on him, too. He reacted badly to her plucking the tick out of his thick fur (the dogs have a medicine that prevents the ticks from attaching to skin) and bit her. Thankfully, he did not draw blood.

The clueless dog will be locked up in the bedroom for the next two game sessions until my wife returns in early November with a fifth dog. We will be caring for our daughter's dog Goblin again, a little goblin-eared dog from Redmond, WA.

Years ago, I got into a verbal argument with my partner who we were living together at the time. I cannot remember what the argument was about, but I remember it was heated.

To demonstrate displeasure, my partner grabbed my 1st edition core rulebook, and cracked it's spine. I remember being equal parts upset and amused, because I half was upset that my core rulebook was now ruined, and half impressed by the "tactic" employed to draw my ire. So I left the room. We never discussed it afterwards.

Not exactly matching your title, but I thought I'd share anyhow?

My S.O. knows that no matter how mad she is at me she should not damage my books because she is not totally convinced it would not result in a psychotic break.

I had my cat scratch my brand new SecretLab Game of Thrones Limited Edition gaming chair.

I immediately bought a baby gate.

Anyone who knows about those chairs and what they cost knows my hurt.

My dogs shredded my first copy of the 1e Core Rulebook. I left my house for about 40 minutes and when I came home it looked like it had snowed on my living room floor.

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A rescue-before-rescues-were-cool back at the release of the first Unearthed Arcana somehow managed to get into my room. They then got my new copy of that AD&D hardcover, ate the printed cover off of it, shred the first third of the book, and then... released the consumed paperwork through bodily means.

Given I was still rather young, I nearly did some horrible things to said dog before I managed to catch my breath, count to a hundred, and then step outside into sub-freezing temps without a jacket to cool off for about twenty minutes.

When the folks wondered why I was acting so strangely I simply made a finger motion of summoning, and took them to my room.

Their response was a more adult version of what I did, but we were all on the same page of WTF.

One of my players works for Troll Lord Games part-time in their printing department and he put together a booklet for our house rules. My dogs got hold of my copy yesterday and shredded it.

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(Suddenly wonders if some pets believe that the mere act of writing words steals them from one's head . . . .)

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About 10 years ago, someone accidentally shut one of our cats into the room where I had left my gaming bag on the floor.

Guess what she used as an impromptu litter box.

I ended up having to buy new copies of the 3.5 Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual. My copy of The Sunless Citadel was likewise destroyed, but as it was out-of-print, and I never replaced it.

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