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This is a spoiler-filled resource thread for GMs running the Dawn of Flame Adventure Path, specifically for the first adventure, "Fire Starters."

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Some early thoughts as I prep the adventure:

The opening is the weakest part, by far. The PCs just happen to be there, they happen to get drafted into combat by someone they don't know, and then they're hired by someone else they don't know to take them somewhere else. This is beyond railroading.

Modifying this so that the PCs "acquire" a piece of technology that a researcher on Far Portal Station is paying for. May start it in the middle of a 3 way shootout as they're recovering it, maybe in a small Diaspora facility that's on the verge of destruction because the other parties (Brass Dragons, etc. to foreshadow) have some serious firepower. The PCs will be trying to race back to their ship and get away.

This takes them to Far Portal to get paid. Can meet the station master. I'll probably seed a doomsday prophet character here, to foreshadow some events and especially the psychic characters being strongly affected by the sun. I'm thinking Starfinder, Lashunta, sent to Far Portal by a Liavaran Dreamer, something about the proximity to the portal particularly afflicting them.

The buyer is Laeress. The McGuffin starts getting readings during the transaction and then the ship and whale burst through. Continue similarly from there.

I'm reworking the Laeress/Nib relationship to be student/mentor. Laeress was disavowed by the DCI for her theories too crackpot even for the DCI. Adds some reason for the PCs to mistrust Laeress when they find out. I'm not really into role-playing both sides of a domestic dispute while the PCs look at their phones, waiting for it to be over.

Nikkost and Lux will be a less violent encounter, more comedic. I'd like to bring back Nikkost as more of a Harry Mudd character in later chapters as they progress. We'll see.

I really like the unrest episodes. May expand a bit here.

The happy Nazi skittermander should be a lot of fun.

The Sunrise Collective dungeon crawl looks pretty solid on its own. Not sure a party of four L2s is going to make it through without some balancing, though.

Seems weird that we hear so much about General Kam but never meet him in this adventure. If he's not in the early part of book 2, may have to work him into the book somehow. The post-climax part, certainly.

Definitely plan to give lots of atmosphere on both locations in the book. The sun is one of the coolest places in the Pact Worlds.


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Some of my thoughts.

I actually really like the opening. It leaves it open for the gm and playing to work out how they meet and took this job. I REALLY love that the first thing you do in this adventure is fight a freaking fire whale with a space ship. It is so sci fi/fantasy.

I really like Nikkost and i would love for him to survive so i can keep bringing him back. Maybe in the second book he is in the brass bazaar and they pcs encounter him again maybe they save him from one of the gangs.

I have been trying to think of an real world example of what the burning archipelago would be so i can give example to my players. Thinking Dubai? open to suggestions.

Imps seem really strong especially if the pcs have the wrong weapons. ive been thinking of changing the encounter but not sure.

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