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Cellion wrote:

I think the idea that Malikah plans to use the Sun as a staging point for attacking Absalom Station seems good, but I mostly want to make sure I'm not contradicting intentions stated in later books. One of the things I often like to do when running APs is seed the early books with rumors, hints, or allusions to the BBEG's future plans.

For Q5, I don't think we have. But other objects seem perfectly capable of being sent to different planes without a Drift Drive. So I'm not clear on why it was needed here. I was hoping it was discussed in one of the other books and I just missed it.

I've read all the books except the sixth one. I too wanted to read them all before I started the game. I wanted to place seeds throughout each book. Unfortunately, reading up to book 5 has little to no information on General Kam or the Malikah. I am hoping I get more in book 6 but I'm not too hopeful. I feel like the AP is just meant to showcase the sun.

Pantshandshake wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Who wears armor on their own ship? It's not like there are boarding rules, or a quick means of exploding a ship and exposing you to space.

On the high end, anyone who doesn't want to die in the vacuum of space.

On the low end, anyone who wears a life jacket when they get on a boat.

I mean, I'd hazard a guess that more than half the people who play Starfinder have their character wearing armor basically 24/7.

My group definitely plays with armor on 24/7. The only thing I am thinking of which may work once is that they have to activate their environmental protections. That could get them during some of those events.

I've been reading through the AP and have seen a lot of environmental hazards from the sun but doesn't the environmental protection on armor make these useless?

For instance, during starship combat in the sun, it says that if the shields reach 0 then the inside begins to heat up and radiation becomes prevalent but wouldn't the armor make this moot?