What songs make you think of Pathfinder / DND?

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For me Depeche Mode- Get The Balance Right. Mainly because the lyrics read like instructions on how to play a True Neutral character.

Good grief. It's easier to think of songs that DON'T remind me of D&D and Pathfinder. But here are a few that do.

"Dark Avenger" - Manowar
"Into Glory Ride" - Manowar
"Sacred Heart" - Dio
"Sign of the Southern Cross" - Black Sabbath
"Hammer of the North" - Grand Magus
"Guardians of Asgard" - Amon Amarth
"Disciples of the Dragon Lord" - Astral Doors
"Templars of Steel" - Hammerfall
"Fear of the Dark" - Iron Maiden
"Tales of the Sands" - Myrath
"Temple of the King" - Rainbow
"Crusader" - Saxon
"Heart of Steel" - Manowar
"Man on the Silver Mountain" - Rainbow
"Gates of Babylon" - Rainbow
"Stormbringer" - Deep Purple

There. That'll do for now... LOL

Never Split The Party is easily at the top of my list for songs reminding me of Pathfinder. XD

Here are a few more.

"Stand Up and Fight" - Turisas
"My Ancestors' Blood" - Ensiferum
"Dawn of Victory" - Rhapsody of Fire
"Through the Fire and Flames" - Dragonforce
"The Last Command" - WASP
"I Am a Viking" - Yngwie J. Malmsteen
"We Are One" - Kobra and the Lotus
"In the Walls" - Seven Kingdoms
"Carry On" - Manowar
"Coleus Sanctus" - Powerwolf
"Armata Strigoi" - Powerwolf
"Lord of the Wolves" - Pathfinder

I have been working on preparing Ironfang Invasion for an upcoming AP.

The band Wardruna has really been "drumming" up some heavy visual inspiration for me.

I'm always listening to some form of instrumentals that draw from the ancient world when writing.

Check em out

This track just oozes with the sounds of such primal savagery and aggression.

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I can't believe no one has mentioned my favorite d&d/pathfinder song yet.
"Halfling camp (hear ye all you rascals)" by battle bard.
Its a very fun and light hearted song!

The soundtracks of the Goldbox games, Planescape Torment, Temple of Elemental Evil, Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara (The exclusion of BG, IWD, NWN and NWN2 is intentional. I didn't find any of their tracks that memorable. Exclusion of Kingmaker is also intentional: I'm waiting till its fully patched and it bundled with all the DLC is dirt cheap like I do with all modern games.). Also the stuff from the Shards of Eberron disc.

Pardon the slight tangent, but Backstreet Boys' "Larger Than Life" always reminds my wife and I of Earthdawn, an RPG that took the D&D's conceits of XP and levels and gave them a metaphysical explanation within the game setting. Very literally, the more people have heard of you (your "legend," measured in XP), the more powerful you get.

And the Xena soundtrack always gets me in the mood for some good old-fashioned ancient/medieval fantasy butt-kicking.

Not individual songs, but when I write my adventures, I'll always play anything from the following:

Basil Polidoerus (Conan movies, RoboCop too!)
Braveheart score
Lord of the Rings score
Grand Magus
Blind Guardian
, But specifically, Motorhead's 'Deaf forever'. THAT gets me ready crash gates and storm the castle!

Ooooh. I forgot about Gloryhammer! And "Stone Deaf Forever" is a gatecrasher for sure!

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Ooooh. I forgot about Gloryhammer! And "Stone Deaf Forever" is a gatecrasher for sure!

Actually, even though the titles are near the same, they are different songs. Deaf Forever sings about such awesome things as

"Horses scream, Viking dream, drowned heroes in a lake of blood
Armoured fist, severed wrist, broken spears in a sea of mud"


OH, that's right. Sorry about that.

"Stargazer" - Rainbow
"Thunderstruck" - ACDC

Just cause.


I can't believe I left "Stargazer" off my lists, as well as "Light in the Black".

I should also include Tony McAlpine's "Empire in the Sky".

I just finished posting a very long list of additional songs that inspire me and hopefully would inspire others as well but the Forums burped and I lost EVERYTHING I'd written. *shakes fist*

@Erpa thank you for pointing me towards the epicness that is Gloryhammer! "Cosmic infinity coarses through my veins! My body is ablaze with astral terror!"

THE Best version of Thunderstruck ;-)

WagnerSika wrote:

@Erpa thank you for pointing me towards the epicness that is Gloryhammer! "Cosmic infinity coarses through my veins! My body is ablaze with astral terror!"

THE Best version of Thunderstruck ;-)

Lol you're welcome. I had a chance to actually see them in concert this year. A very rare US tour, so I jumped at it, even having to drive 4 hours to Chicago.

(Lead singer/band creater of Alestorm also created Gloryhammer, but just plays keyboard for that band)

Going to try and remember as many of the titles as I lost earlier. I hate to seem like I'm hogging the thread but music is so important to me I just want to share songs that inspire me, both as a gamer and as a person and hope they, in turn, inspire others.

"The Old Gods Return" - Blue Oyster Cult
"Black Blade" - Blue Oyster Cult
"Snaggletooth" - Motorhead
"Enemy Within" - Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Ripper Owens
"Black Eyed Children" - Astral Doors
"Magic" - Axel Rudy Pell
"Mystica" - Axel Rudy Pell
"Lady Evil" - Black Sabbath
"Egypt (The Chains Are On)" - Dio
"Harvest Moon" - Blue Oyster Cult
"Fighting the World" - Manowar
"Hallowed Ground" - WASP
"Widowmaker" - WASP
"Night Comes Down" - Judas Priest
"Edge of Thorns" - Savatage
"Walk the Earth" - Silent Force
"Legend of Steel" - Luca Turilli
"Keeper of the Seven Keys" - Helloween
"Foresee Me and Dream" - Winter's Edge
"Army of the Night" - Power Wolf
"The Howling" - Within Temptation
"The Great Hunt" - Voices of Destiny
"Fighting the Darkness" - Primal Fear
"Call of Ktulu" - Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony

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Great instrumental music:
Two Steps from Hell
Antti Martikainen
Thomas Bergersen
Witcher 3 soundtrack

Battling for supremacy of epicness with Gloryhammer is Graveknight.
Especially the song Pumping Iron Power is awesome!

Great recommendations DungeonmasterCal, have to check out some of those bands you mention.

I'll be checking Graveknight out!

WagnerSika, thanks! I think you'll find something you like. I used 2 Steps From Hell as background music in my games. Also Nox Arcana. Check them out, too.

Erpa, Graveknight is awesome.

WagnerSika wrote:

Great instrumental music:

Two Steps from Hell


Also, soundtrack to the video game, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

"DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Erpa, Graveknight is awesome.

This may be my new favorite band of all time!! Love it!! Lol

Silver Crusade

Hm. I am FFIX soundtrack all the way. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

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