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Silver Crusade

That is a good build for a front line melee.

Consider a keen enhancement on the greatsword or look to take Improved Critical as your next feat to take advantage of the roll twice feature of your order. 17-20 crit range on a greatsword can do wonders, but it is really deadly with two chances to roll in that range.

Consider a scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone that gives +2 int and doesn't take up a slot to pick up another skill at max ranks eventually. As you get higher level, ability modifiers matter (slightly) less with skills since most of the bonus will come from ranks in the skill. Do this soon if the party has a particular skill that no one is decent with.

Also for magic items, boots of haste will get you another attack when you really need it, but also +30' of movement which will help you get to vulnerable enemies that tend to hide in the back of their party.

Planning several levels out, the feats Following Step and Step Up and Strike are some of my favorites since they allow you to position yourself for a flank without costing you any actions. Add an armor spike to your armor with the Menacing magic ability and both of your flanks bonuses go up to +4.

Lastly, the search function on the Archives of Nethys can be really fun if you are looking for ways to increase your class abilities and have some extra time. Typing in "challenge" will get you some cool magic items. (particularly Champion's Banner!) Archives of Nethys.

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My GM has indicated that the theme is to make do with what you get, should I just assume that means be able to heal yourself with magic and enchant your own weapons with bonded weapons? I really don’t see any other class that would be as self-sufficient.

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Hi all!

What are some alternatives to using finding and selling loot to power your characters up with items?

Especially looking for systems to add to the excitement/anticipation factor that buying gear provides.


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More fun, but less breaking physics than skirting around thermodynamics: put ant haul on a large or huge beast of burden and have it lift up an immensely heavy object to a very sizable height and build around it a gravity powered electrical generator.

Because magic, the energy required for the animal to lift it/ drag it via pulleys is much less than created by the generator, so a fully green perpetual motion machine! (well technically a closed system perpetual energy machine iff the energy eventually results in feed for the animal, but the outcome is the same super-efficient generation of energy)

This can also be done on smaller scaled using telekinesis and fly wheels, but nothing comes close to the energy behind the lifting and carry capacity of large/huge quadruped animals.

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Reksew_Trebla wrote:

Anyways, are there other ways to break physics?

Any magic effect that is instantaneous, particularly from bags of holding. The force of explosives has a lot to do with how quickly the gas escapes, so in a strong contained area (such as a barrel of a cannon) the instantaneous expansion of air from a bag of holding makes for very, very powerful acceleration. Probably destroying the bag, but hey, the price of scientific discovery is failure.

Also rockets. Extradimensional space means that the lift force isn't reduced by fuel weight, so SAM, ASM, and even tiny ICBM's are a possibility.

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No, more of a 10th level spell of the cheese school. Your character dies and you bring in their twin brother/sister, who looks a lot like them except for [insert distinguishing facial feature] and has the exact same stats and abilities.

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Twin character. Although it works best for finishing the session after an unexpected death rather than continuing that character indefinitely.

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Hmmm. Here are different ways I've roleplayed my OP characters:

Tengu: deathly devoted to his family, who happened to be the entire PFS, so made clear that threatening them was NOT ok. Had high sense motive but low Cha, so offered party insight into social encounters while doing his best not to bungle them (got a good GM chuckle when he tried to gather information by sitting down in a barber's chair and chatting people up).

Sensei: strictly disabling enemies and walling off party squishies while playing the part of Kung Fu Panda's Sifu to PC's 'grasshoppers' for inspired courage, so snarky advice combined with highest praise for when the party supported each other.

Rogue/Cavalier: self-described mook-bane, would seek out the least powerful enemies to build up her glorious challenge bonuses first.

Cavalier/Skald: dayjob was a confidence instructor with a 60 second ad for his 'How To Orc' self-improvement series (including AC 20 Abs, and Barrgh! (now available in Common!)), so his shtick was teaching others how to rage like an Orc (twin character to my partner's barbarian Orcella, who he constantly infuriated).

Ice Sorcerer was the Dude from the Big Lebowski, so completely clueless and in need of the party's guidance (especially on what to say as the face of the party), but he did actually find his rug after winning the Ruby Phoenix Tournament (it really tied the planes together!)

Sound-Striker bard was just stupid strong on attack, but gave really good buffs to the party, and I did learn the basics of Thuvan throat singing for when he used his abilities

The Medium focused on the Marshal spirit, so her power was keeping the party out of trouble, but used her unique Gnome perspective to find interesting and unexpected solutions to most problems (even when that was just finding out to use the pointy end of the spear as the Champion)

The Constructed Puglist/ Monk was a doctor, so only non-lethal except against outsiders and undead, and constantly sought to understand why the Society kept calling on him, of all people, for these missions (was really great when a doctor/heal skill was actually needed!)

The David Bowie Chronicler of Worlds was debuff build, so gave the party it's share of combat once the odds were in our favor, and had all sorts of fun disguises based on Bowie's actual personas (and voices to go with them).

Silver Crusade

Right now on the kingdom side of Kingmaker we have expanded right up to the borders of Pitax after creating a massive bridge across the southern Hooktongue Slough. Hopefully this prompts Pitax to show their hand and attack us first, but if not, we plan to use Epidemic to spread cackle fever throughout their armies (not anything deadly on the chance that it becomes a true outbreak and hits our side as well).

We also have a flying castle, which was planned as the crowning achievement of our strength, but we met the BBEG at its christening ceremony. She is even more deadly than originally written with mythic ranks and spells, so keep her from attacking the kingdom directly, we have built a small fleet of plane-shifting psychic flying skiffs and trained elite units equipped with +3 bane ammunition to bypass her DR.

On the adventure side, we are preparing for a dragon fight with a few contingencies to either draw it out into the open and then knock it out of the sky (muskets combined with the wingclipper feat) or trap and kill it in its lair (scrolls of earthquake combined with and endless supply of perfect ice).

Silver Crusade

So many! Tengu Swashbuckler that turned into a more deadly form as a tiny bird. Ki Mystic Sensei monk that would dimension door the entire party at the start of each fight who also had a killer kitty. Whirlwind trip Rogue/Cavalier that had a 50/50 chance of a free 60' move at the start of each combat. Cavalier/Skald that gave a +8 rage to the party with a familiar whose job it was to constantly put up moment of greatness. Ice Sorcerer who cast at about 6 CL above his level and had diplomacy in the 40's. Sound Striker bard with 60' range and a nearly limitless ki pool to recharge his inspire courage rounds. A Medium who was absolutely insane. Well the insane part was the notable feature, but a lot of fun! A Constructed Pugilist/uMonk with an oversized arm building up to Cerberus style chain to DDoor and vital strike any cluster of enemies. David Bowie in Chronicler of Worlds form with persistent save or suck spells and the ability to frighten all creatures at 30' to 60'.

People at my FLGS kind of knew what to expect, but I would start with the mooks in most battles and when I was the face of the party I tried to play as the party's ambassador in one way or another.

There were more than a few times when it was too much, like charging the glass golem and taking it out in one pounce or two mummies trying to get the drop on us and one hitting each with combat reflexes, but I also tried to come up with out of the box strategies with the group that didn't rely solely on these builds.

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That is pretty cool! Looks like the template reduces the CR without sacrificing ability scores or HP, which is just what I'm going for.

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What all feedback can you give for this scenario?

Can a stone construct be awakened and hit with stone to flesh to make it into the equivalent of a humanoid? (looking more spirit of the rules / rule of cool than a legal reading of what the spells can do)

The scenario:

I've been running a support Medium through Kingmaker, but when our Barbarian/ defender of the Cleric moved out of state, my character has had to move from the mid-line to the front.

I've managed it well by possessing various monsters and animals then polymorphing back into a small/medium size humanoid, but as we have progressed, powercreep has set in pretty hard. Without enough hit points, the possessed body is a liability to the party, but creatures with enough HP have very high physical stats -- to the point that our GM has bumped bosses out of the range that the party could take on without this front liner.

A potential solution:

We have designed and built a number of various constructs and golems to defend our settlements from magic attacks while the party is out adventuring, so I'm thinking this is the perfect way to balance the physical stats of a possessed body with the hit points that are in line with the level:

Awakened Angelic Guardian:
Medium Humanoid
Str 24, Dex 18, Con 16*, Int 27, Wis 11, Cha 19
Saves: FRW = Poor BAB = Full Class skills = none

Material: Irespan Basalt (+50% HP), HD increased from 6 to 9
Movement: Base 30, Fly 120 (Upgraded Wings)
Stone to Flesh + Channel Brick: loses DR and wing attacks,
gains healing by positive energy, constitution score
Awaken Construct: maximized/empowered awaken construct (by metamagic gems)

I'm thinking by all of these spells, it has lost almost all of its construct traits except for the fact that it does not have a soul, so would be immune to magic jar and such (but fortunately a mind so I can still possess it with Mindswap!)

Potential Problems:
- another PC or NPC at the table
- what will the new creature do while in my Medium's body?
- what does the new creature want for himself? does he even want to join the party?

Silver Crusade

Ah. You’re right. I’ve found definitive proof that it can’t be done.

Silver Crusade

Ok, different approach. At what size does something require a perception check from 10ft away? Are there any specific dimensions for traps and the like?

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So we are going on a dragon hunt and I want to get a feel for how many rounds we can prepare as it approaches (assuming not invisible and flying out in the open at 200ft fly speed).

With a +30 perception, the rules state I auto succeed seeing him at 300ft, but for every 10' beyond that, there is a chance I don't until I can't at 500ft (or about there depending on ambient conditions).

What kind of modifiers would be in place to account for the fact that it is as big as a house and flying right at me? (rules as written would be great, but also reasonable interpretations you would make as a gm)

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It looks like only army resources cost money on recruitment:

Improved Armor (3 BP): The army is armed with masterwork armor, increasing DV and Consumption by 1. For 15 BP, you can outfit the army with magic armor, increasing DV and Consumption by 2 instead. To purchase this, a settlement in your kingdom must have a Foreign Quarter, Military Academy, or Smithy.

So it increases consumption scaled to army size and has an initial cost of 3 BP also scaled to army size.

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Nice! I posted this here although its for my groups PF1 Kingmaker campaign since the lore with PF1 is mostly the same (and those forums don't have the same number of eyes on them now), but now I am curious about the level of magic available in PF2.

Do spells exist that are similar to Commune with Texts and Greater Create Mindscape? The plan is to create a literal living library where the knowledge gathered from Commune with Texts shapes the Mindscape held by the head librarian. Can that be pulled off at a high enough level in PF2?

Silver Crusade

Is there a Golarion equivalent to this? Something like a town or nation that actively looks to have a copy of every book ever written in its libraries?

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Is there any reason or rule that a coven can’t possess their way into a jar full of creatures (say a can of worms) and still cast their coven spells as SLA’s?

Silver Crusade

Here is one I’ve used.

Silver Crusade


i don't see the create section ? i wanted to add up the costs of each item:

To do that by the book, each PC can spend a day finding good, influence, labor, and magic using a skill that makes sense to your GM. On a good roll (20+), they can pay half price for 2 resources, on a normal roll (10+) they find only 1 of the resources at half price, and under 10, no resources.

Since you have followers, you can also do it quickly and simply by paying 2/3 the price. (Find followers under the downtime rules to find the 2:1 boost)

AwesomnessDog wrote:
A proper castle by another ruleset (kingdom building) costs 54 BP, and a BP costs 4,000gp meaning around 216,000gp; this seems more reasonable for the castle plus the entire support structure and staff surrounding just maintaining a castle of significant size and scope itself and its working features.

The 1 to 1 kingdom building ideas are a little strange. 1 house by BP is 12,000gp, so two of the castles by downtime rules for a building to house a half dozen people. It makes more sense that 3 BP builds a series of houses, and likewise building a smithy doesn't involve hiring one blacksmith, but perhaps encouraging a group of smiths with many of their own tools and facilities to move into town.

I'd imagine then a kingdom size castle has personnel enough to defend itself and the city/town it is in (giving the entire army stationed there a +8 to defense which can more than double its own defense modifier -- an army which, for comparison, consumes as much as 16,000gp worth of food and supplies per week.)

So somewhere in between you'll find a good balance for your campaign depending on how important your castle is and how much it protects the people in the surrounding area. And if it's sphere of influence becomes really big, you could start your own kingdom with a castle already built.

Silver Crusade

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Here are stats for building one castle: Castle

Create: 165 Goods, 31 Influence, 148 Labor, 2 Magic (7,390 gp)
Rooms: 2 Armories, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bunks, 1 Cell, 1 Courtyard, 1 Crypt, 4 Defensive Walls, 1 Drawbridge, 1 Escape Route, 1 Garden, 1 Gatehouse, 1 Gauntlet, 1 Kitchen, 1 Lavatory, 1 Office, 1 Sitting Room, 1 Stall, 2 Storages

“An elaborate fortified home, a noble’s retreat, or the heart of a settlement’s defenses.”

The goods influence labor and magic are from the downtime rules, which are aimed at PCs acquiring property as part of day to day life. The specific rooms determine to cost and value added and tie into the downtime system. But if you want just a number, 7,390gp gets you a modest castle.

To build this underground, I would go with wands of Expeditious Excavation as the cheapest means of digging.

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Not sure about a lot of the faiths, but being raised from the dead by Asmodeans likely means the paperwork will be hell.

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Toshy wrote:
Oli Ironbar wrote:
personal fave is Egoist Militia occult ritual
Aaaaand my campaign has a new villian.

Careful if you let your players use the ritual after defeating the boss.

GM fiat these:

- the text gives weapons 10 hardness / two levels which makes no sense
- what action does it take to command your own and other's weapons
- how many weapons can they realistically have and keep combat fun (I've pushed it to 11 weapons / caster before the backlash kills the caster, but that was for a Kingmaker army)
- do the weapons use the player stats at time of casting or current stats (do new feats apply to old weapons, ability bumps, and other such)

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personal fave is Egoist Militia occult ritual

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Slank wrote:

If I understand you correctly, and I might not, I just got home from a long day and my brain is a little foggy, that would model how the populace might react if the government pushed too hard in a particular direction, but it doesn't really reflect having a limited available population.

I see more of what you are saying that if there were a more inelastic labor pool, that would mean a cap to what could be built per turn, or at least a rising production cost for each additional building.

You could manage this by ranking building slots per turn, giving some (say 3 out of 5) at no additional cost, then adding a flat or scaling cost for building more than the labor pool normally allows (so building 4 has an increased cost and building 5 has a higher increased cost than building 4).

This could represent the cost of recruiting people from further and further away or of paying higher wages / paying people to keep working when they are already fatigued.

For regional labor pools, you could have repeated use of the highest ranked building slots result in a decrease along the diplomacy track or even turn it around and have neighbors recruiting from your lands which would impose the increased cost on buildings that are otherwise free from the additional cost.

Ex: we build a house, a tavern, and a stable at the listed BP price, but we also want a barracks and a watchtower. the barracks then costs its listed BP price +2 extra BP for it being beyond the normal labor supply. building the watch tower then costs +5 additional BP because we are stretching the labor pool even tighter.

Let's say we can afford this, so we repeat it for four turns in a row, and our comparatively higher wages draws so many workers from a nearby kingdom that they issue an edict banning our kingdom's people from the upcoming fair, lowering them from friendly to indifferent.

A few turns later, they take petty revenge and save all of their BP to spend in one large burst, driving up costs in your kingdom such that our second and third buildings now have the added +2 or +5 BP, and the fourth and fifth building now have a +10 added cost.

Silver Crusade

Hi Slank,

I've modeled the city population of a country as roughly 1/5th of the total population to put it closer inline with middle ages (although with magic, meh, who knows what it should be), so influx in cities comes from the countryside (which reasonably would be already occupied if there was arable land and some semblance of safety).

You could form a system where unrest increases with too much of one kind of development without another to support it, so if economy outpaces stability, the labor pool gets exploited, but if stability outpaces loyalty, people become disaffected.

Something like that?

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Sensei monk with abundant step sets up the final encounter against the boss of RotRL. Everyone is moved into place on the first turn, second in initiative is the Samurai, now adjacent and flanking the boss. One full attack later, we won. Never cast a single spell.

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If I possess a person then cast alter-self, does the person I possess change appearance?

Looking for RAW and your opinion as player/GM.


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Mark Hoover 330 wrote:
So what reasons or justifications are we GM's using to prevent PCs from using these skills and abilities? More than that, why don't we WANT them making their own gear?

Yeah, that's my bad and why my friends like me to GM, or lacking that, point the min/max cannon at something other than the main plot. But at that, I can tell you that I have avoided a situation which has a lot to do with ...

Mark Hoover 330 wrote:

Here's my thing R to the K: unless my players are absolute total noobs, they likely know some items like the Deck of Many Things are campaign-wreckers. If they still want them... its' EVERYONE'S campaign to wreck, including theirs. If the players are nihilists or shenanigan-types that just want to see the campaign world burn, let 'em.

and so knowing a campaign takes collaboration, and also being this guy:

Claxon wrote:

One would think so, but in my experience I've always had that one player (generally the same exact person every campaign) that always tries to push the boundary/limit. They would typically come up with a contrived backstory to shoehorn them in, even though it didn't really make sense IMO. Thankfully we were always playing in Golarion so while the choices were far fetched, none were impossible. Just a long long way from home.

I have created the perfect balance not only for crafting but also the downtime rules for creating organizations using one principle, what happens in downtime stays in downtime until the GM and party decide it would be cool and/or necessary to bring it in to the main plot.

And as a player playing a Gnome with neuro-divergence, it would make sense no other way than each moment of downtime being put to some ridiculous use. As such, my few recent for examples:

"Hey guys, you know all that leather armor that was too heavy and worthless to carry around, what would you say if I already cut out the best pieces, pressed them together using the glue I made from the hooves of the boar that attacked us, and sewed them all into a leather lamellar? Anyone want to use it right now? It's still a little wet from curing? No? Maybe later then?"

"Hey guys, you know that fabric I have been weaving every night since I put on that ring that made me never hungry and let me sleep in five minute catnaps a few dozen times a day, wait, have I told you about that? Well I have now, but anyways, I made this blanket to look just like the woods behind us, and the horses always look so cold, so I made one for each of them, so now when we sleep (well, you sleep) no one can sneak up and find our horses to steal. Do you think they would like wearing them? Oh, we could wear them? I guess we could wear horse blankets to blend in too."

"Hey guys, you know how I spent the last month collecting lost horseshoes? Guess what, it turns out four of them were magical. Well not magical, but I sold them for scrap I had enough money to make them magical. What happened to the money? Well you see I used it to make these magical. How? Well if you have gold and use it, it becomes magic. Doesn't everyone know how to do that?"

"Hey guys, you know that room full of alchemical fire I made the other week. Not the one that exploded, but the one next to it that miraculously didn't explode yet? Yeah, I was thinking about that one and I realized that if we control the timing of explosions within a tripart cylinder within a system of pistons we can create a lot of spinning motion. For what? I dunno, drying laundry."

"Hey guys, do you remember that time I sent the spinning laundry machine into the sky above the capital and it only exploded yards away from the cathedral, what if we found a way to make it explode on top of things we want it to explode? No, you're right, that's a too impractical way to hang out laundry."

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Belafon wrote:

It’s not a contradiction. Only one ray receives the bonus damage.

Look at the dates on the FAQs. The first one was 2011. The second one (2016) is a clarification of the first and specifies that the damage only applies to one ray.

I don’t disagree with you that the first FAQ might imply that each ray gets the bonus. But the later FAQ cleared it up. (Or, if you are cynical, “nerfed” it.)

That makes sense. It seems strange that they wouldn't change the 2011 FAQ in response to the 2016.

Silver Crusade

These two posts seem to contradict each other. Using just the spell Scorching Ray, the first indicates that inspire courage effects both the attack and damage on each ray, but the second indicates that only one ray receives the damage bonus. How would you rule this for PFS and then, what about for a home game?

Ray: Do rays count as weapons for the purpose of spells and effects that affect weapons?.

Weapon Attacks and Special Abilities....

Silver Crusade

Long story short, the party rescues a Changeling child and decides the best way to protect her in the long run is to help her form her own coven.

Now we are level 11 and she is a grown up 9th level witch with another witch and shaman as mentors, and is searching for an Iron Collar of the Unbound Coven to eliminate the need for an actual hag.

Will she be too powerful an ally at this point having access to these coven spells?

mind blank,
speak with dead,
Bestow Curse
Animate Dead
Baleful Polymorph

It's assumed that she is not directly adventuring with the party, but if she were asked to help, there is no reason in the plot yet that she and the other members of the coven wouldn't help.

Should we roll with the coven rules as is or say that there is only a defective Iron Collar of the Unbound Coven with more restricted access to spells?

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Talon881 wrote:
My initial thought is that it is not, that the ley lines weave in and out between the planes, only intersecting at random points (thus keeping the lines rare and valuable).

I run things by the 'yes, and ... / no, but ...' method of GMing, so it seems you just need another plot thread for them to follow up on when they find out that ley lines do not fill the center of the earth.

Maybe you build an adventure for them to explore the center of the earth and through a mysterious event they end up elsewhere where ley lines do converge. Maybe they find a way to scry through solid earth and find a lost civilization beneath the darklands -- or its ruins. Maybe they find that a secret cabal already has the answers and is bent on making sure the party never learns the truth.

Also, their vision of ley lines sounds like some great chances for a Final Fantasy VII crossover. If it is coming from that, you might want to steal a moment or two from that game just for laughs.

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Seasons Greetings!

I have an updated Kingdom and Army Tracking Sheet based on one of the best designed kingdom sheets I've found.

This sheet is based on the work of which includes a full description of the original sheet, which features city tabs which automatically populate images of city buildings.

Added kingdom building features include a turn tracking page, a place to record buildings/improvements from the Promotions phase, as well as an automated kingdom event roller.

For kingdom planning, there is an automated cost-benefit calculator to show the relative value of one building/building chain against others, as well as a tab to manually sort different buildings, and a tab is included for an at-a-glance view of which common buildings are already in which cities.

The army features include a description of each class' benefits and a place to build armies which automatically figures into kingdom expenses and shows the room available in the kingdom to keep each army in reserve.

Last, an optional homebrew mini-game is included in the Leader Influence tab. This tab has no automatic effect on the kingdom but is designed to give a PC individual options for how they direct their most dedicated followers.

Silver Crusade

Does anyone know who published the kingdom building sheet that looked like this?

Sample Main Page

I downloaded a kingdom building sheet years ago and have been steadily modifying it, but I am trying to find who to credit for the original work.

Silver Crusade

Silver Crusade

Let's stick to decisions that are palatable. Golarion already has Rahadoum, Cheliax, Hermea, Galt, Touvette, Nex, Geb, Irrisen, Nidal, Ustalov, Razmiran, and others to cover places where they prefer the unpalatable.

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Our Kingmaker campaign has a lot of downtime which my PC has turned into a lot of wealth by establishing a charitable Non Government Organization. What infrastructure, services, spells, and magic items for purchase or construction would most improve the lives of everyone in different parts of the kingdom (some rural/developing, other urban)? We have several thousand gp/turn right now and will soon have tens of thousands of gp/turn.

Our current projects include:
- basic infrastructure such as clean water supply, food banks, free shelter
- job training for unskilled workers (increases income from .5 gp/week to 10-15 gp/week
- free health clinics administered with lvl 5 clerics who rotate through to cast remove disease for those who prevention/mundane treatments haven't worked
- free childcare / primary education (estimated at 25% of the total kingdom population)

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My group just hit upon an idea to make choosing between these more interesting.

As far as we could tell, for every hill hex there is no reason not to build a mine with a corresponding foundry instead of a quarry. Our reasoning:

A hills hex with a farm, a mine, and foundry in a connected city reduces consumption by 2 and produces 1 Stability and 3 BP. (2 BP directly and +3 economy which is 1 BP using the UC calculation for economy)) for a total of 26 BP. (We ignore the unrest penalty because we are expanding quickly and houses reduce it in addition to allowing for other useful buildings.)

The hills hex with a farm and a quarry on the other hand reduces consumption by 2 and produces 1 BP and 1 Stability for the total cost of 10 BP. The 16 BP savings of the quarry is then negated after 8 turns because there is no building you can buy for 16 BP that will get you 2 BP income per turn. The savings on the quarry is just a trap.

But we came up with two rules (one by accident) that make for more interesting decisions:

1) Mines can only be built where an ore vein has been found already. The party can pay BP and wait one turn to see if a suitable spot is be found (the Kingmaker AP lists a few as part of hexploration, but our GM has picked other secret sites where there are veins). Each time we pay a team to search a hex for ore, the GM rolls a dice in secret to see if any is found, with a cumulative bonus for repeatedly searching the same hex.

2) Quarries on the other hand can be built on any hills hex, but any farm built on a hill with a quarry has its output reduced by 1.

The immediate result is that we are now much more interested in hexploring nearby hills first and then debating how long do we want to send teams to find ore before we give up and build a quarry.

Is there an optimal solution that we haven't found yet or do these rules create a solid mechanic for creating more investment in team decisions?

Silver Crusade

That raises another question of how many turns occur in each book. I suppose ultimately the productivity rate will depend on when certain hexes are explored and when the GM introduces certain events.

Silver Crusade

I’ve mistaken the rules about terrain improvements for our Kingmaker game, but I see a potential upside to it. Has anyone played it further to know how this would effect the Mid to Late Game?

Inadvertent House Rule: Mines can only be built on locations where a resource is known to exist. (Either as stated by the AP or the GM)

I may have confused this with the AP listing two sites early on or from various kingdom/civilization video games, but I think it will provide a throttle to how fast the economy can expand, so I’m not sure if we should change it.

Another mechanic that we have agreed on is that the divisor for economy checks will increase as the kingdom grows (d20+Econ score divided by 3 to start, then by 5 and maybe higher as the kingdom expands.

Do you think these will make the kingdom too ineffective later in the AP or will they help avoid the runaway economy score that makes some games too easy and ultimately uninteresting?

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And then there is the Soul Market in the Shadow Plane version of Absolom. I could see the life cycle of a Hag just shuffling along all the coterminous planes without the soul or hag ever reaching Abaddon.

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My GM has graciously created a Witch themed Legendary Spirit so that my character can in fact raise a changeling within a good aligned coven so that the changeling child can make her own choices. The Mind Blank coven spell will hopefully allow us to hide her from other covens.

But in the creation of Hags, the First World should come into play — they are the negative personifications of nature, so maybe their souls take a detour there.

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Was there ever a PFS rule that you cannot select Human as a category for Bane weapons or Favored Enemy? I vaguely remember seeing something somewhere that you had to specify an ethnicity as a further subtype because so many enemies in PFS are human.

Is that right or have I made that up?

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DeathlessOne wrote:
Of the two options, I'd go for the Kineticist as one of your group of three. The Kinetic Cover does not require burn to use, only a readied action. Also, it is a spell-like ability, so it can be used with the Quicken Spell-like ability feat, though you'd still need to be a relatively higher level to make use of that.

That is a cool use of a readied action.

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I'm brainstorming mass combat situations in case our GM throws them at us later down the road in our Kingmaker campaign. Not sure if we will follow the rules exactly for the actual combat, but he does encourage theater of the mind and out of the box solutions.

One thing I'll have at my disposal will be a set of casters with level 3 spells from the leadership feat (other players are thinking about the feat too, so there could be a lot of these casters), so of course the first idea is to spam fireballs. But what happens when the GM turns around and brings his own unit of casters?

The description of the spell makes me think there should be a low tech or low level solution to defending against Fireballs:

from Fireball wrote:
You point your finger and determine the range (distance and height) at which the fireball is to burst. A glowing, pea-sized bead streaks from the pointing digit and, unless it impacts upon a material body or solid barrier prior to attaining the prescribed range, blossoms into the fireball at that point. An early impact results in an early detonation. If you attempt to send the bead through a narrow passage, such as through an arrow slit, you must “hit” the opening with a ranged touch attack, or else the bead strikes the barrier and detonates prematurely.

Are there ways to throw something in the path of the spell and cause it to detonate early?

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Just started this in my Kingmaker campaign. Took a week to train one follower into a level of Medium, now I have them at a pyramid of other follower/teachers who can Seance their way into ranks into any craft, profession, or perform.

Right now the capital city is only a few hundred people, but even when its population is in the thousands there will be enough free classes to train and retrain the common laborers from 5 sp a week into a beefy average 7.5gp (assuming 1 rank, 3 class bonus, and at least a +1 on their ability bonus).

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My choice would be to invent an entirely new plane of existence where super powerful beings live out ordinary lives.

Maybe the world looks exactly like the world at level 1 and as the players' explore a plot thread emerges to explain why this world is so similar.

Bandits could be CR 15 outsiders reskinned to look human and fight with shortswords and crossbows. Maybe at times they unleash their full potential to raise the question of why this normal seeming world exists.

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Nosta1300 wrote:

When using the cluster Bomb Trick How dose stuff like Intensified Spell (Metamagic)

Or similar stuff interact with it.

Would a level 11 Sorcerer Deal 3D6 with each Fire Ball or would that not happen?

Intensify would increase the damage die past the 10d6 limit up to 15d6, but the magic trick seems to do that already by allowing you to send X cluster bombs / 2 caster levels without limitation to how many you cast.

One reading of the rules could infer that there is normal a limit of 5 cluster bombs (because the original spell caps out at caster level 10) and that intensified increases it to 7 cluster bombs (caster level 15 / 2 rounds down to 7).

Another reading would be that the magic trick feat overrides the original caster limit on the spell and allows up to 10 cluster bombs at caster level 20.

For metamagic like empower, you would multiply the total damage by 1.5, which is a little different from changing 2d6 to 3d6 by the math.

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