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So it says followers of erastil can summon a celestial dire boar as a summon monster 3 choice.

My question is can you use versatile summon monster feat to summon a chthonic dire boar as a choice at that lv?

It stats
"When you summon one or more creatures that would normally be available with the celestial, entropic, fiendish, or resolute template using a summon monster spell (or an effect that mimics such a spell), you can instead apply one of the chosen templates to each creature. You can apply a different template to each creature you summon"

Would that wording allow it?

So under "painful injection" it stats if you hit a foe multiple times with a weapon with the injection property, the damage doesn't stack. Well what if you hit a foe with two different injection weapons? It doesn't say when you hit a foe with one or more injection weapons, just when you make multiple attacks with a singular injection weapon.

Granted its not pathfinder but D&D 3.5/Eberron had a creature type called Deathless. Good aligned undead.

The fluff technally is that they are heroic souls who refuse death's call, the paladin that won't quite after shes slain, the elder elf who continues to teach his people after his body fades away or the cleric who guards their deities temple until the ends of time.

They look like undead but have blue glow in there eyes thats ....calming?reassuring?, they also wear whatever armor and weapons that they had in life.

I'am I missing something? You only need 2 feats, angel blood>angel wings

Flying blade swashbuckler is pretty good at using daggers/starknives in melee and range combat and are pretty good at being a party face.

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I can't believe no one has mentioned my favorite d&d/pathfinder song yet.
"Halfling camp (hear ye all you rascals)" by battle bard.
Its a very fun and light hearted song!

PossibleCabbage wrote:

There's a debate about this in the rules forum, but like almost everything in the rules forum it gets tangled up in magus stuff. Without an official response, ask your GM if bladed brush works with slashing grace.

But part of the issue, particularly for an inspired blade, is that you're going to be hard up on panache (inspired blade only gains panache on critical hits with *rapiers*). 4th level daring champion will fix this, but you won't be regaining panache for a few levels, and even so a glaive will threaten at most 10% of the time as opposed to a rapier 30% of the time.

There's also the issue where while you can parry with a glaive, I do not think you can riposte against an adjacent opponent. I guess this makes Dodging Panache a lot more useful though.

yeah i know i have to wait to lv 5 to be able to regain panache with a glaive. i'm hoping that i'll be lv 5 or at the least very close to lv 5 by the time we change our characters. then again i have 7 points* of panache a day and the lowest so far i've been was 4. *(16 int, cha 18)

regarding using a glaive for parry+riposte. it seems to work since you can shorten your grip as a free action to remove "reach". plus it stats in bladed brush you can treat it as a one hand piecing weapon with class abilities such as a swashbuckler’s precise strike, which is a deed and so is parry/riposte. i mean i hope this works. i would love my swashbuckler to be able to strike foes 20 ft away for 1d10+(dex)+precise strike+challege.

Hi everyone. so i have a question, right now i have a NG human inspired blade swashbuckler 1/ daring champion cavaliar 2.

feats so far
1) weapon finesse (class)(rapiers)inspired finesse
2) weapon finesse (class)(light or one handed piercing weapons)champions finesse
3) weapon focus (rapiers)
4) fencing grace (1st)
5)two weapon fighting (human)( :( took it before i knew it did't work a lot with swashbuckler.)

so recently i saw the new "bladed brush feat"
Bladed Brush (Combat)
You know how to balance a polearm perfectly, striking with artful, yet deadly precision.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (glaive), must be a worshiper of Shelyn.
Benefit: You can use the Weapon Finesse feat to apply your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to attack rolls with a glaive sized for you, even though it isn’t a light weapon. When wielding a glaive, you can treat it as a one-handed piercing or slashing melee weapon and as if you were not making attacks with your off-hand for all feats and class abilities that require such a weapon (such as a duelist’s or swashbuckler’s precise strike).
As a move action, you can shorten your grip on the glaive, treating it as though it lacked the reach weapon property. You can adjust your grip to grant the weapon the reach property as a move action.

so our Dm is letting us tweek our characters after we finish the campaign (2-5 weeks) change race/feats/skills maybe class if it don'st change your character a drastically. heres what i was thinking.

1)retrain the free weapon focus (rapiers) to weapon focus (glaive)
2)retrain fencing grace to slashing grace.
3)retrain two weapon fighting to bladed brush.
4)take lunge when i can.
5) have swordsman flair =20 ft reach.

as far as i know, bladed brush should allow you to treat a glaive as a one handed slashing or piercing weapon for feats and class abilities. so by that reasoning slashing grace is valid. i know some had said it doesn't because you need a free hand with slashing grace, but could it be a exception to the (nothing in your off hand) rule for F/S grace feats like swordsman flair?

so does this work? is rapier with keen going to be better than a glaive with keen?

Chromantic Durgon: i know cleric or oracle would fit the theme. but i feel like the shaman can do all the things i need it to do.
1) heal
2) blast things(divine spells+a few arcane spells that fit with the theme.)
3) a familiar as a bonus :)
4)witch hexes(looking at you flight)
5)buff/debuff spells
6)decent BaB and weapon/armor proficiency
7)4+int skill points (thats noting to sneeze at)
8) able to cast shaman/cleric/wizard spells
technically i like the how it gives me a bit to work with towards the whole heavenly mage build.

1) well i would always prepare the heavenly one, but then at lv2 pick lore and then at lv6 maybe life(healing) or fire (blasting) depending whats needed in the party. though i might try put both of them on charts to see a how they work out. i'm just worried i might miss some of those hexes.
2) yeah i haven't play one either, thought that bonus to Wis/cha and the ability to use the humans FCB would be helpful, not to mention being half celestial!

Grandlounge wrote:

Right sorry rushed bus post

Human heavens shaman. Lore spirit at level 4 and FCB to get cleric spells. You should be able to build a really great list of spells that fit you theme.

sounds pretty sweet. though two questions.

1) would the unsworn shaman archetype be any good?
2) is that bonus feat very important? or could i just play a Aasimar with Scion of Humanity to gain the human FCB? (i thought tiefling would be a cool idea but the FCB and Aasimar stats fit better)

Grandlounge wrote:

Heaven oracle human. Wandering spirit lore. Improved familiar (Paracletus).

With this build you will be able to blast with Shaman, cleric and wizard spells. You have a familiar that is basically a floating Galaxy (is actually a star chart) that feed visions, past, present, future in to your mind. You forgo earthly needs of breathing or even touching the ground. You are in effected by weather endure element.

what is the exact build? is it oracle or shaman?

edit: oh do mean play a Human heavens Shaman and take lore at lv4 for the wandering spirit do gain arcane spells that are space/heavens themed? that might work.

Hi Everyone, i have a rather difficult question to ask. how would you build a character who is heaven themed. the idea was a character who could (shoot holy fire/etc), heal people, cast divine themed offensive spells. the closes thing i relate it to is Jellal from fairy tail. i know paladin sort of fits, but i rather have casting and magic attacks than melee abilities (though being able to hit something with a sword would be helpful.

are there any classes that can be build this way?
important note: probably starting at 1st lv and 3rd party stuff is not allowed.

whoops. i forgot, i'm starting at lv 1

Hi everybody. so for a upcoming campaign i have decided to play a gun themed class, but i need a little help finishing it up.

heres what i have so far

Tiefling Spellslinger 1/Eldritch Archer+Hexcrafter Magus 19
no stats rolled until.
if traits are allowed:(traits Magical Talent (mending cantrip) and Never Stop Shooting.

1 point blank shot
3 precise shot, familiar (Arcana)
5 rapid reload (pistol or double barrel pistol) HEX (flight)
6 Deadly aim
7 two weapon fighting, Empower magic (Arcana)
>20 (no idea :( )

weapons: pistol at 1st lv and then hopefully double barrel pistol at
lv 2 with the magus range weapon bond, if not pistol.

any feats that would improve this build? better traits? suggestions?
note: third party stuff is out. (no dreamscarred press,flaming crab games, etc)

sorry for the VERY late relpy!
i have decided to try the Spellslinger 1/Eldritch Archer 19 build. though i have few questions about it.

1) which would be better. a Human or a Tiefling? i know humans give you that wonderful extra feats. but Tieflings have good scores and some neat alternate abilities.

2) what feats should i take? i know archery feats area must. do i need amateur gunslinger for quick clear, or would the jury-rig spell be okay? (shame i can't cast mending as a cantrip :( )

3) any good builds out there for this?

4)Pistol or Musket?

5) just double checking, but can i get a new gun when i take Eldritch Archer through range weapon bond if i already have a gun for spellslinger? think about getting a double barrel gun.

hello everyone. i need some advice. so i need to make a new character for Saturday and was thinking about rolling up a gun class. but the options are many! here are some i'm considering.

Spellslinger wizard 1/Eldritch archer magus 19
pros: two free guns from wizard and magus* (*range weapon arcane bond)
cons: nothing to benefit shooting besides adding spells to shots.

Dune Drifter 20
pros: feel like a badass with a hat and guns, gain deeds and feats to add shooting.
cons: apparently challenge doesn't work with guns, which seems to be a oversight, under Ol'Reliable it states At 11th level, whenever a Dune drifter declares a challenge, the threat range of the dune drifter's firearm is doubled against the target of his challenge. it seems to claim that challenge and guns work together, or i'm i wrong?

Musket master 20 or pistolero 20
pros: lots of damage, dex to damage, and all deeds, lots of feats to aid shooting.
cons: not much else besides shooting.

note: i left out other gun classes like trophy hunter, holy gun, steel hound,etc because i haven't heard of any good build with them, though if someone knows of any good builds i would be interested

are people sure that challenge doesn't work with guns? under Ol'Reliable it states At 11th level, whenever a Dune drifter declares a challenge, the threat range of the dune drifter's firearm is doubled against the target of his challenge. it seems to claim that challenge and guns work together

Hello everyone. I was planning on buying the villain codex, but then again i'm not sure if there is anything that i could use.
a few questions.
1) i heard there are new archetypes. how many are there? are any of them good? are they made only for Evil characters?
2) any good feats? any that work good with a swashbuckler and/or cavalier?
3)is the book only for DMs making evil characters or can Players use it as well? i tend to play only good aligned characters.
5)when is the release date?

sorry, but i don't know much about the book besides it's called the villian codex, just want to know if it be worth the money.

Hi everyone. i need some advice. i currently have a inspired blade/daring champion character. i feel that the daring champion fits his Pirate fluff to much, and the abilities seem a little lackluster (except for challenge+precise strike) soon are characters will be able to change if we want, my idea was to change him to inspired blade 1/Grenadier alchemist 19? using is rapier as a backup weapon and infusing i with alchemy items, but is main weapon would be to throw lite cannon balls (bombs refluffed) at his foes. my question is do inspired blade and grenadier mesh together okay? i know they both use INT/DEX, or would it be better to say as i'am?

Gisher wrote:
Here it is. The stats are on the Weapon Descriptions Table under Exotic Weapons -> Ranged Weapons.

thank you, that helps a lots :)

Hi everyone. quick question. I thought that Ultimate Equipment had a repeating hand crossbow in it, but i miss placed that book and i couldn't find it online. does it exist? or did i just imagined it?

Gisher wrote:

It has been FAQ'd. Swordmaster's Flair will work with both Slashing Grace and Fencing Grace.

FAQ wrote:

Slashing Grace: In the 2nd printing errata, what exactly does it mean that “You do not gain this benefit while fighting with two weapons or using flurry of blows, or any time another hand is otherwise occupied?” Can I use a shield? What about a buckler? Can I use flurry of blows? Brawler’s flurry? Two-weapon fighting? Spell combat? Attack with natural weapons? What if I throw the weapon? What about swordmaster’s flair?

Slashing Grace does not allow most shields, but bucklers work because they don’t occupy the hand. Flurry of blows, brawler’s flurry, two-weapon fighting, and spell combat all don’t work with Slashing Grace. Attacking with natural weapons beyond the weapon you chose for Slashing Grace also does not work. Slashing Grace only works with melee attacks, not thrown attacks with a melee weapon. Swordmaster’s flair should have a sentence added to it that says “Carrying a swordmaster’s flair counts as having that hand free for the purpose of abilities that require a free hand, though you still can’t hold another object in that hand.”

cool! thanks for the info. i couldn't seem to find a FAQ or any other forum that stated that.

hello, quick question.
it's typical for a swashbuckler to take slashing grace or fencing grace. its also typical for a swashbuckler to buy a swordsman flair. but here's the problem, swordsman flair needs to be grasped in hand to use it. but S/F grace needs a empty hand to function. so by RAW you either can't benefit from Swordsman flair or S/F grace. it seems they should work together since both were "originally" made for swashbucklers. is this just a over sight or what? has it been errata?

Hello, i got a quick question. i'm currently playing a inspired blade 1/ flame daring champion 1. At lv 7 i plan on taking lunge and hopefully own a blue scarf swordsman flair. they appear to stack being they're both Un-typed bonuses, making my reach 15 ft for about a min

blue scarf: 1/day, +5ft reach for a minute, if you want to use it again you have to start spending 1 panache point per use.

lunge: -2 AC, +5ft reach for your whole turn, no limit per day

but here's my question, how in the world do you describe that. do i leap 10 feat and strike my foe? do i tie my rapier to my scarf and shoot it out and pull it back? do i stab the air so hard that it stabs the foe? both the scarf and the feat don't mention how it would look. spells that give you reach say, "your arms become longer" or "your weapon grows longer" etc.

i was wondering if anyone had a idea how this would look in combat. thoughts?

if traits are allowed, taking Heirloom Weapon would save you a feat, though that trait isn't that awesome as it use to be.

nicholas storm wrote:
I don't see how you can take multi-attack as you don't qualify for it. Skin walkers only get 1 bestial feature unless they take the extra feature feat. You can choose 2 claws or 1 bite, not both.

ah, but the (witch-wolf) skinwalker gains a bite AND 2 claw attacks. that racial variant (along with more) was released in either blood of the moon player's companion or inner seas races book (i can't remember which)

Chess Pwn wrote:
Wind_Paladin wrote:

darrenan: i could dip into brawler for another lv, but i'm not sure at the moment, maybe?

Chess Pwn: i don't plan on using flurry, plus don't get it to lv 2 brawler "which strikes me as strange.) at the moment i only plan on dipping brawler for 1 lv. so brawler 1/vigilante 19

I was answering darrenan who was asking why you weren't going for the flurry.

sorry, my bad.

darrenan: i could dip into brawler for another lv, but i'm not sure at the moment, maybe?

Chess Pwn: i don't plan on using flurry, plus don't get it to lv 2 brawler "which strikes me as strange.) at the moment i only plan on dipping brawler for 1 lv. so brawler 1/vigilante 19

the reason i dipped brawler was so could get
1)lethal 1d6 unarmed strike that applies full str to offhand.
2) text that says i can use my other limbs for attacks.
3) flexible feat for moments where you say (i wish i add "x" feat)
4) more flexable alinment (don't want to be a lawful monk)
5) brawlers cunning (always treated as having int 13 for combat feats)

SlimGauge wrote:
I think you mean "unarmed strike" with your feet rather than "weapon fight". The only foot weapon that I know of is the Blade Boot. It is explicitly an off-hand weapon.

yeah, sorry about that. i meant i would like to use unarmed strike with two weapon fighting (using feet,legs,knees) and then follow up with two claw attacks and a bit attack wansn't sure if a foot/leg could be used as a offhanded weapon.

lv 3 NG/CN witch-wolf skinwalker (brawler 1/ stalker Vigilante 2)
my stats str 16, dex 18, con, 15, int 11, wis 11, cha 14

feats: multiattack (1st), TWF (3rd), IuS (brawler), (weapon finsse lethal grace talant) and one floating feat from brawler.

so (1d6+3+1 main kick)+(1d6+3*+1 off hand kick)+(1d6+1**+1 bit)+(1d4+1+1 claw)+(1d4+1+1 claw) plus an extra 1d4 on each if i catch them flat-footed/flank or 1d8 extra on each if caught them unaware.
unarmed strikes are made at +6/4 to attack
natural attacks are made at +6/4 to attack

*brawlers apply full strength to off hand unarmed strikes.
** the natural attacks only apply half strength when used as secondary attacks.

Garlicmaster wrote:
Unarmed Strike wrote:
At 1st level, a brawler gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. A brawler may attack with fists, elbows, knees, and feet. This means that a brawler may make unarmed strikes with her hands full. A brawler applies her full Strength modifier (not half ) on damage rolls for all her unarmed strikes.

Yes, your brawler would be able to kick with his hands full. Also, you don't have to use off-hand attacks with Brawler's Flurry, since

Brawler's Flurry wrote:
She does not need to use two different weapons to use this ability.
You can kick with only one leg if you want to!

well, i'm only dipping one lv into brawler. i want to weapon fight with my feet, so i could use my natural claw attacks in addition.

hello, quick question. does a off-hand attack have be a "hand"? could a brawler kick with one foot (main) and use the other foot as off-handed? and would this work with the two weapon fighting chain? tying to keep his hands free for other Shenanigans :)

i just thought of something. couldn't i take the two weapon fighting path with unarmed strike, so when i two weapon attack with unarmed strike, i could add the natural attacks on afterwards? for a glorious attack of teath, claws, knees, tail, feet, etc! 0_o

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Hello, i have a confusing question that i need answered. i was reading about natural attacks when i found this line in the rules.

Creatures with natural attacks and attacks made with weapons can use both as part of a full attack action (although often a creature must forgo one natural attack for each weapon clutched in that limb, be it a claw, tentacle, or slam). Such creatures attack with their weapons normally but treat all of their available natural attacks as secondary attacks during that attack, regardless of the attack’s original type.

now couldn't a witch-wolf skin walker Monk (or unchained monk) use his normal progressing unarmed strike (not flurry) with is knee,foot, chest or even his tail :) and then do all of his natural attacks as secondary attacks? (which multiattack would help bring that done) it says i would have to give up a natural attack (say claw) if he used a weapon in his hand. but he's not using weapons in his hands or with his head. could this work?

Azten wrote:
Typical Alignment is not the same as "Always Chaotic Evil."

yeah, i went back and right in the description it said some can be good and fight against all kinds of evil. so far so good.

note: i should be able to pick a monster feat since were not in PFS game....i hope.

Hello everyone,

few questions
1) Can you take feats that improve natural attacks? or are they barred because they lose the ability when they turn to human.

2) i'd like to stick to Paizo material only. but if the feats don't work, would it be to much to ask the Dm to allow a Skinwalker to take aspect of the beast to get claws? i know that paizo fans united (3PP) made this a stranded rule for them when picking feats.

3) Do witchwolfs skinwalkers have to be CE? i would like to play a CG maybe CN one.

Hello everyone, i'm currently making a backup character for a campaign i'm playing in case my character dies, (that's a good possibly in a group who doesn't have a healer). anyways i thought i'd make a warlock vigilante that focused on the mystic bolts. (loved the warlock from 3.5) though my question is, is there a way to optimize mystic bolt so that it does decant damage. i know arcane strike talent+TWF+rapid shot make for a good build, but should i continue down some of the two weapon fighting chain? or are there certain feats i should take. i know Gloves of Deliquescence are really important to have and that lethal grace doesn't work with it by RAW or RAI. any suggestions?

one handed weapon trick? one more riposte? gah! now i might have to find room in my build.

yeah the Dm house ruled it. he thinks some of the errata's are just awful.

Johnnycat93 wrote:
I'd swap escape route for outflank

Outflank looks pretty good, i guess i'll swap it.

666bender wrote:

You forgot the level 1 and 9 team feats.

You might consider testing them with adding gendarme to. Daring champion

won't work since gendarme and daring champion both replace the level 20 class feature. and gendarme gives mostly mounted feats (power attack and spring attack are the only two i would choose from that list)

sorry i didn't list the teamwork feats, lv1-precise strike, lv9=escape route. lv17=overwhelm

the stats are after racial modifiers, i'll have to ask the DM if we're allowed traits or not. but how about this
stats str 14, dex 18, con 16, int 14, wis 10, cha 15.

1:weapon focus, fencing/slashing grace.
3:combat reflexes
4: +1 dex
5:power attack
6:steadfast personality
7:chain challenge
8: +1 dex
9:improved critical
11: martial focus
12: cut from the ski +1 dex
13: spellcut
15: critical focus
16: +1 dex
17: blinding critical
19:? (whatever)
20: +1 dex

WOW, so many post! and a lot of good suggestions, how about this
stats str 14, dex 17, con 16, int 14, wis 10, cha 16.
1:weapon focus, fencing/slashing grace.
3:combat reflexes or steadfast personality
5:power attack
6:martial focus
7:chain challenge
9:improved critical
11: cut from the ski
12:smash from the ski
13: spellcut
15: critical focus
what do you guys think?

Hello every one! i have a question to ask, i'm making a CG human Order of the flame daring champion caviler (that is also allowed Opptune parry and riposte) :) but i can't find any advice on feats other then for mounted builds. i plan on taking weapon focus and slashing/fencing grace, and probably combat reflexes at lv 3, but what then? is there any thing the daring champion excels at that i should focus on? or should i just go crazy on whatever?

Hello every one! i have a question to ask, i'm making a CG human Order of the flame daring champion caviler (that is also allowed Opptune parry and riposte) :) but i can't find any advice on feats other then for mounted builds. i plan on taking weapon focus and slashing/fencing grace, and probably combat reflexes at lv 3, but what then? is there any thing the daring champion excels at that i should focus on? or should i just go crazy on whatever?