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Agreed. Take my $!

Joe Pasini wrote:

There have been a number of questions about the ring of fangs, a magic item from The Cult of the Devourer article in Starfinder Adventure Path #2: Temple of the Twelve.

In this thread, we'll answer those questions in order to help GMs adjudicate its use.

Thank you, thank you!

Great answers too. Those all make sense. Much appreciated.

P.S. I love Starfinder. I'm still drooling over Alien Archive 3 right here.

This is super cool. Hurray for the candidates!

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VestOfHolding wrote:
Oof, look at all the stuff y'all found since I went down with the sickness earlier this week. This is gonna be one heckin' update. Here we go, I did my best to get them all in here:

Wow! Thank you for alll your hard work VestOfHolding! This kind of effort & attention to detail is super helpful. Paizo should put you on the payroll.

UnArcaneElection wrote:
Ronnam wrote:

Legacy of Fire was lots of fun, and I cannot off-hand recall anything uber-dark about it. I think that could be played with a light, fairytale theme. I mean, you have

** spoiler omitted **

I wonder if the most depressing part of Legacy of Fire might be where you start from.

** spoiler omitted **

Easy to skip over all that. I don’t recall any of that, so we must’ve left that aspect out. I don’t think that was integral to the overall story.

Legacy of Fire was lots of fun, and I cannot off-hand recall anything uber-dark about it. I think that could be played with a light, fairytale theme. I mean, you have

silly pugwampis, genies, fantastical demiplane, romp through the City of Brass, wishes, etc.

Thank you GMs for prepping and putting in all the hard work!

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I'm very pumped to see this. Should be stellar

I'm very happy to hear of this development. Starfinder + Wiz Kids = Joy

Sara Marie wrote:
Folks, Just a heads up, WizKids has issued a press release regarding WizKids Starfinder Battles Miniatures.

Thank you for sharing this happy news. I appreciate your hard work on here

NielsenE wrote:
8am was the start session time for most PFS stuff.

Thank you!

Hello, I'll probably fly into Seattle the morning of Friday. I'm trying to figure out when the early Friday games start. I noticed on these forums some GMs suggesting their times slots start at 7:45 a.m. Is that when the games actually start, or when doors open to the ballroom, or something else? Thank you very much.

oh gotcha! thanks. I thought I was missing out on some inside jargon.

Ediwir wrote:

-even in P2, 7 is still a number

I'm not quite as fluent: what does that sentence mean? Thanks!

Super excited for the Starfinder Beginner Box!

Yes. The backup generator was the the first armor upgrade my Shirren Soldier bought. He and his teammates were glad to have it when away from civilization.

I feel like Androids, Vesks, and Humans are the most common I'm seeing.

I'm currently playing a Shirren Soldier, Ghoran Vanguard, and Half-Elf Mystic.

Jason Bulmahn wrote:
Happy holidays to all of you as well!

Happy Holidays! Thank you to you and Mr. Seifter for checking in and posting here on these forums. I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas today.

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The more I play Starfinder, the more I like the Stamina-Resolve system.

Mark Seifter wrote:
Happy holidays everyone!

And to you as well!

I'm very happy with these revisions. This playtest process has been fascinating. I appreciate the developers working so hard and trying to make a great product by considering such disparate opinions and viewpoints. I look forward to checking out the final version next year.

Thank you Dante for posting.

Hiruma Kai wrote:
Actually, the Vanguard gets a special weapon specialization at 3rd level which lets them add their full vanguard level to damage with Entropic strike, even though its an operative weapon. Other class levels still only add half damage.

Thank you! My eyes glossed right past that.

Are there other Starfinder classes who have Weapon Specializations that function differently?

And operative weapons only get half the benefit of Weapon Specialization, so that's another reason to try Strength-Vanguard. I'm gonna make one for fun, see how it goes.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:
Can you use entropic strike on a thrown weapon? They're melee weapons.
If the melee weapon is one that allows you to add its weapon special properties to the entropic strike, yes. Otherwise, no.

Thank you for this, and the other clarifications. This playtest is awesome :)

If you want to focus on thrown weapons, Strength build could work nicely. You can use entropic strike with melee weapons that have the thrown special weapon property.

WagnerSika wrote:

Great instrumental music:

Two Steps from Hell


Also, soundtrack to the video game, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

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super cool :)

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For me, Pathfinder is D&D, which is my favorite game of all time. I get nostalgic about D&D. It’s been a consistent & reliable source of fun, socializing, and problem-solving since I was 8 years old. I loved playing with friends out of the red box, then the AD&D books. I have fond memories of drawing maps on graph paper, inventing new monsters, painting minis, and crafting worlds and the people and creature who live there. In 2000, some friends and I purposefully regressed and played AD&D for a while before trying 3rd, which we all happily shifted to. In 2008, D&D stopped being D&D, so I — and many others —shifted to where D&D still existed, Pathfinder. I love Pathfinder because I love D&D, and they’re wrapped up in my head as the same thing. I love D&D. I love wizards, castles, half-elf rangers, gnome illusionists, drow soulknives, mind flayer rogues, Gray Maidens, Harpers, Dragon Highlords, Warchief Ripnugget, Count Strahd, Red Mantis Asassins, oracles, favored souls, alchemists, Sandpoint, Baldur’s Gate, Toril, Krynn, Athas, Golarion, Sarenrae, Pelor, Tiamat, etc. etc.

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Actually, I think the diagram correctly reflects the PF2 version of cover & screening. It doesn't go by corner to corners anymore. Cover now is described as middle of your figure's square to the middle of your enemy's square.

While on the topic, I suggest adjusting these rules a little, because the way they're currently worded, cover is treated as a reciprocal concept, but it probably shouldn't be. E.g., per the PF2 Playtest, if I'm standing behind the corner of a wall and my enemy is standing alone in the middle of a nearby field, very often (depending on the exact angle) not only do I have cover from him but he has cover from me, even though I can see him and he's not hiding behind anything on his end. In other words, I'm being penalized for crouching behind cover, because now we're using the center of my figure's space rather than my best corner to determine cover. As in PF1 (and Starfinder, Imperial Assault, and other combat-style boardgames) I'd like to be able to make tactical decisions that reward a combatant for taking cover while exploiting an enemy's lack of cover. I think the Starfinder rules for cover are pretty solid.

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Thank you for highlighting the issue, which will help improve the final text. To avoid ambiguity, pages 8 and 178 should be revised to make them fully consistent with page 292, and they can still be readable, e.g.:

Rolling 20 is better! Rolling a 20 on the die means you succeeded, and you might have "critically succeeded" too. You also critically succeed if your total exceeds the Difficulty Class by 10 or more. More about critical successes is on page 292.

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I played in a few playtest games, and the GM obviously pulled punches, so only a couple PCs got dropped. I think if he'd played the monsters as truly motivated to end us, a TPK woulda been very possible.

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I like Makeitstop's suggestions a lot. I disagree with bringing back Size modifiers, but otherwise I'm on-board. Good work.

Maybe a Red Mantis Assassin would work nicely.

I think old Vrusk miniatures can still be found. Those were the insectile PC race from the old Star Frontiers RPG. They're a little more "centaur" shaped, but still look good. If you go to eBay and type in Vrusk, several pop up, but the price point might be too high. Currently around $8.

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1. Yes
2. No, I like the idea of blending Dex and Perception for initiative.

Steve Geddes wrote:

A small range of prepainted minis have just become available. They’re pricey, but reports on the quality have been quite high (I haven’t seen them myself).

Unpainted versions are probably a way off.

Thank you!

Okay I found those prepainted ones online for sale.... 4 minis for $30? Hm, feels too steep right now. I can wait for prices to get reasonable.

Peachbottom wrote:
I decided the cost vs quantity of the prepainted ones were too much for me. ... I'm still painting my Reaper bones kickstarter minis anyway so I'm in no rush.

Ditto! That Reaper Bones KS was fantastic. Still paintin' away on those... slowly

Eek. I did not participate in this Kickstarter, just came over to this forum to try to learn when & where I can start putting down my cash to buy Starfinder minis. What's the hope for Starfinder minis on FLGS shelves anytime soon?

I gotta assume without, because don't the ears fluctuate up and down based on their sadness/happiness?

LotsOfLore wrote:
Please let us have Starfinder novels!! Thank you! :D

Agreed! thank you for resurrecting this thread. I enjoyed the Starfinder comics in the back of the Pathfinder Spiral of Bones, but they were way too short. More more more please! :)

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Three Likes
• Goblins & Alchemists core,
• reducing but not eliminating Attacks of Opportunity,
• all changes from PF1 already found in Starfinder, e.g., removing iterative attacks, bulk, poison/disease changes, no age modifiers, no mechanical difference between small and medium creatures, finesse weapons, narrowing skill list, set number of HP per level, removing CMB & CMD, removing ability damage, etc.

Three Dislikes
• +1 per level to everything,
• essentially zero backwards compatibility,
• +10/-10 for crits. I've never had to pay so much attention to the precise results of every roll. I prefer "He rolled great, the result is somewhere in the 30s, definitely a hit, etc."

House Rules
• No prereqs for Skill Training feat.
• More bonus languages for high Intelligence.
• Un-nerf Spider Climb, Invisibility, and other buff spells. These spells don't make casters overpowered, rather, they help casters boost everyone in the party and enhance group tactical decision-making.
• I'd like to figure out a blend of +1/4 to all skills per level, and still have skill points to allow more customization as characters progress, and to ensure Intelligence isn't a dump stat.

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Requielle wrote:

The worst thing to hear at a table of players is "don't help me!". And I started hearing it more and more often as Doomsday Dawn went on. The risk that your helper critically fails is just not one that most people want to take after a while. So nearly every skill check turned into solo time, instead of group time.

That is where this particular subsystem fails at the most basic function of the overall game - cooperative gameplay. If, at the end of the day, the rules punish players for working together towards the goals of the story, it's counterproductive.

QFT. There's nothing more dispiriting than crit failing an Aid or Assist, so players rapidly stopped even trying. Sometimes a crit fumble is funny, but not for Aid or Assist. It just feels dreadful.

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dnoisette wrote:
magnuskn wrote:

I have hopes that James Jacobs may influence the PF2E devs a bit, because on the Roll For Combat podcast he was on, he said that in his ideal vision a caster who goes to sleep under PF1E rules and wakes up under PF2E rules could fulfill his role and do what he does just as well as he could in the first edition. Which is... not the case at this moment.
I'm guessing his opinion is quite unpopular at Paizo because the intent was pretty obviously to have Wizards wake up under PF2E rules and realize their magical connection has been severely impaired.

I dunno if it's an unpopular viewpoint, or I wonder if there's a disconnect between the story writers and the rules writers. Anyhow, here is what James Jacobs said around the 55:30 mark:

James Jacobs: My goal is for when the edition changes it should be pretty much invisible to anything in-world so like a wizard who is inside of his house doing wizardly stuff and the day before Second Edition lands and the day after he won't notice any difference in how things work. The rules for how his magic works will change but his role in the world won't change.

Stephen Glicker: So he goes to sleep and its First Edition and he wakes up the next day its like oh its Second Edition, my stuff works a little differently but it's pretty much the same.

James Jacobs: Not even that he just wakes up and keeps doing what he's doing. Every story we told in First Edition needs to be something we can tell in Second Edition, and vice versa.

I very much enjoy a Starfinder actual-play-podcast called Roll For Combat. The host recently interviewed James Jacobs, the creative director for Pathfinder. That interview can be found here. The entire interview is fantastic. I note that at the 55:30 mark, they talk a little bit about 2nd edition rules. If I understand correctly, Mr. Jacobs is more focused on the stories of Pathfinder and Golarion rather than the rule mechanics, so I enjoyed his perspective.

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Slyme wrote:
Bringing back critical failures in addition to critical successes is not fun in my opinion. All it does it punish players for bad dice rolls even more than just rolling badly does already.

Agreed. I’m worried about crit fails for PCs. I took double damage from a monster spell the other day which nearly killed me while I was at full HP. That felt too swingy.

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Upvote Stamina system. It’s fun and works well. You feel tough not needing clerics and medics so often.

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Balance is nice but as with all things, in moderation.

When you play the board game Dungeon! it’s baked right in that Wizards are stronger than Rogues and Clerics, but hey, we keep having fun playing Rogues and Clerics anyway.

4e was essentially perfectly balanced, but that felt homogenous and un-fun. 5e isn’t perfectly balanced, but people like it.

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Anguish wrote:
For instance two-weapon-fighting becoming class-locked.

Yeah, I find it ironic that so many feats that previously were general are now class-locked, which I think was meant to encourage characters to "stay in their lane" but then I see many posts about how a lot of players now feel essentially a "need" to multi-class... so if class-gating feats encourages more multi-classing, that's not really confining drivers to their lanes.

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Jason Bulmahn wrote:
So... I just want to clear one thing up. This theory, that we designed the game for PFS, is categorically false. We are trying to make Pathfinder the best game it can be. We want it to work for PFS as well, but the quality of the game is priority 1.

Thank you for chiming in & speaking to that assumption.

Greyblade23 wrote:
Reach weapons now allow an attack into an adjacent square in addition to any squares within the weapon's reach

Wow, I had not noticed that. Thank you for sharing. It's hard un-learning things.

I appreciate this thread. Thank you for starting it.

The most important thing I can do in PF2: play a Goblin core! Woooot! Dogslicers are my new favorite weapon.

very excited! looks awesome :)

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Robert Bunker wrote:
The game is mostly finished, the "playtest" is just a preview, and our feedback means nothing.

I don't agree. The developers fixed Signature Skills, at least in part because of customer feedback.

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Requielle wrote:
We bought the 4E core rulebook set when it came out, and after everyone in our gaming group read them, we stayed with 3.5E (and eventually moved to PF1E). It looked limiting and videogamey was the general consensus.

Ditto. I bought the 4th ed PHB, MM, DMG, and Keep on the Shadowfell. I found them interesting to peruse, but never actually played 4th because my buddies & I devolved into nerd-rage over the whole thing. I've playtested Pathfinder #2 and like a lot that it has to offer, but I'd like to see a lot of fixes (avoid +x/level to everything, unwind the overnerfing of spells, simplify or nix resonance, make healing easier).

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