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Ara-Mathra Advanced Paladin Monadic Deva

CR 16 XP 76,800
LG Medium outsider (angel, extraplanar, good)
Init +10; Senses darkvision 60 ft., detect evil, low-light vision; Perception +31
Aura protective aura
AC 36(40 vs evil), touch 16, flat-footed 25 (+6 Dex, +15 natural, +2 armor,+3 shield +4 deflection vs. evil)
hp 189 (14d10+112)+
Fort +23, Ref +23, Will +20; +4 vs. poison+4 resistance vs. evil
DR 10/evil; Immune acid, cold, electricity, fire, death effects, energy drain, petrification, charm; SR 23;
Speed 40 ft., fly 90 ft. (good)
Melee +3 morningstar +26/+21/+16 (1d8+14 plus solid blow)
Space 5 ft.Reach 5 ft.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 14th; concentration +14) Constant-detect evil At will-aid, charm monster (DC 22, elementals only), discern lies (DC 22), dispel evil (DC 23), dispel magic, holy smite (DC 22), invisibility (self only), plane shift (DC 23), remove curse, remove disease, remove fear
3/day-cure serious wounds, holy word (DC 25), mirror image , quickened mirror image
1/day-heal, hold monster (DC 22), holy aura (DC 26)
Str 29, Dex 23, Con 24, Int 23, Wis 22, Cha 27;
Base Atk 14; CMB 21; CMD 37
Feats Alertness, Cleave, Quicken spell like ability(mirror image), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Power Attack, Toughness
Skills Diplomacy +23, Fly +27, Intimidate +23, Knowledge (planes) +23, Knowledge (religion) +23, Perception +31, Sense Motive +27, Stealth +23, Survival +23, Swim +21; Racial Modifiers +4 Perception
Languages Celestial, Draconic, Infernal; truespeech
Environment any good-aligned plane
Organization solitary, pair, or squad (3-6)
Treasure double (+3 morningstar, +2 arrow deflecting mihril light shield, Belt of +2 con, Silken ceremonial armor +1)
SPECIAL ABILITIES Solid Blow (Su) If a monadic deva strikes an opponent twice in 1 round with its mace, that creature takes an extra 1d8+10 points of damage.
Lay on Hands 1/day 7d6, divine grace(+8 to saves)
Smite evil 1/day(+8 to hit +14 damage, +8 deflection to AC), Aura of resolve(immune to charm)

I gave him advanced template and the paladin creature simple class template, these give +4 CR together
He is now Lawful good, but I think that would be fine with Mitra.
Saves are sky high due to divine grace so I swapped Great fortitude with quickened mirror image. His attacks are not that high but smite evil gives him quite a punch against a single opponent. He will prebuff mith mirror image and aid and holy aura. I gave him some stuff to raise hp and AC a little.

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James Jacobs wrote:

I never bought into that analogy myself, simply because a deity is not a mortal phone operator. Part of what makes them gods is the fact that they can do godlike things like answer an infinite number of prayers simultaneously.

Otherwise it would probably be something like this.

"Cathedrals Of Mourning"

Under domes of anguish, I dwell…

Through the bleak and bitter night
Across the plains of blackened shards
I call your hallowed name
Bound by the shackles of time

Cathedrals of mourning I'll find
Cathedrals of mourning, now mine

The soaring pinnacles touching the ashen sky…

The gods of nightside realm
Cold eyes carved in the stones
Watching over these somber halls of wailing and fear

For the ones who never die
Dreaming through forgotten times
I call your hallowed name
From beyond the grim stars

Not dead which eternal lie
With stranger aeons death may die
I call your hallowed name
Chained by the sigils of moon

I witness the rise of elder gods
From the formless void
Beyond the screaming stars

New dawn that shall arrive
Blood moon and evernight
Now hear the call to arms
Your banner high above the restless hordes

Burning pits of sacrifice
Hecatombs of broken hearts
I call your hallowed name
Ever-changing mistress of night

Now the sky turns black and all shall fall…

Bind me
Fill me
From beyond the stars

Ah, you are right. The book version of Ara has 18 hd so I assumed your version did also. I should have read the stats more carefully, sorry.

Seems to vary a lot between groups. The builds presented by John Hawkins and others would have decimated my group.

The new Ara Mathra is kick ass. Shouldn't his AC be even higher since his breastplate and shield should both become +2? The AC line lists
+6 armor, +6 Dex, +19 natural, +2 shield (+4 deflection vs. evil). It should be +8 armor and +4 shield I think. For a total of 47 and 51 against evil. On top of that the bad guys probably suffer from his aura of menace, further making him harder to hit.
Also his 4th iterative attack is missing.

I am afraid he would be too much for my group who struggled with the leonal and the peri who I used as written in the module.

This version of Ara Mathra would hit any of them with three attacks each round easily. That would be around 90 points of damage each round. Plus they would all be blinded and deafened continually from his Holy Word.

Sunlord is cool, but like you said in your blog, he is just not the guy on the front cover :).
I'll tweak his feats some, maybe replace cleave and great cleave with quicken SLA (mirror image) and Iron will to shore up his weak will save. I'll probably give him two stained glass golem minions. As you suggested, I'm giving him the shield and armor he is wearing on the cover. I'm thinking +1 Arrow Deflecting mithril heavy shield and +2 warding mithral breastplate. The warding will annoy the antipaladin and inquisitor who have to renew their smite and judgements on him. It might be some rounds before they even notice :D
Now his AC should be 39, which makes him nearly unhittable by the group if they do not buff like crazy.
But knowing them, they will buff like crazy.

I don't want to raise his CR though. I will have him summon some meat shields while the party is breaking down his walls of stone.
Funny thing is, he could use Greater planar ally to summon a planetar or even a gate archon to lay smack down on the evil doers. The planetar would be tougher than Ara Mathra. It would only cost him 4200 to get one for 15 minutes. A worthy cause like this could mean the planetar would work for free. Unfortunately that would cheapen the fight against Ara Mathra. I think Gary should never have made him able to cast 8th level spells. Hmm, maybe I should knock him down a level and toughen him up with a template or something else.

The group acquired Robert the Rapier as a minion and I'm rebuilding him as an Unchained rogue as you suggest in your blog kevin. I noticed the he has +30 disable device in his description and I'm not sure how he gets it. 11 ranks + 5 trap finding +5 dex + 3 class +2 mw tools gets us to 26. Maybe Gary had him have the Deft hands feat but removed it later but forgot to alter his skills? Also he has disguise at +22 but I get it to 20 with 11 ranks + 2 cha + 3 class skill +4 deceitful. And he has used 1 skill rank too many, even with all favored class bonuses put to skill points.
I think I will go with Acrobatics 11 ranks, Bluff 11, Diplomacy 10, Disable device 11, Disguise 10, Escape artist 10, Intimidate 5, Knowledge local 3, Knowledge nobility 4, Linguistics 2, Perception 10, Sense motive 10, Sleight of hand 2, Stealth 11. That should be 110 points used.
I will ditch his Vital strike feat and give him some more archery skills. He also had bleeding attack rogue talent but bleed is not very useful so I traded it for Stand up to help him get out of sticky situations.
1 Weapon finesse (B), Deceitful, Iron will(H)
2 Rogue talent(Stand up)
3 Point blank shot
4 Rogue talent: Combat trick: Precise shot
5 Stealthy
6 Rogue trick: Resiliency
7 Rapid reload
8 Rogue talent: Trap spotter
9 Deadly aim
10 Rogue talent: slippery mind
11 Improved critical (rapier)

Should I change light crossbow to short bow? That would free one feat for something else. Any suggestions?

PS I will use the phoenix sorcerer in the crypts and replace one of the clerics with him. No sense wasting a generated character :)

I just had a look of Earnan MacCathlain and he is going to be a pushover with all of his 67 hps. One round of arrows from the inquisitor is all that is needed. I think that dropping his str to 10 and raising con to 14 and giving him a belt of con +2 should keep him in the fight for a bit longer. Also he is going to cast a few walls of stone on the way leading to his ritual chamber to give him some time to cast spells before combat. I'll have to go through his spell selection and feats to give him a little edge.

Embarrassingly, I took a closer look at him now and realized there were some bad mistakes in the build. I gave him Greater trip even though he should not qualify for it AND it makes him have one feat too many. Well maybe it is a miracle from Mitra! His hp were a bit too high since he had toughness in the original version. Also, his speed was left unaltered from 70 since flowing monk loses fast movement. In the heat of the battle I forgot to use the feature that replaces it, so it was a wash :D
Only the mistake with Greater trip had any relevant effect on the battle though.You could ditch Blind fight for Dirty fighting and lose Lightning Reflexes to to make him legal I guess. To be honest, he never used his Blind fight feat and had to make like two reflex saves. Important feats for him are Crane wing feats, combat reflexes and tripping stuff. Snatch arrows was to make him live a bit longer against the archer inquisitor, if your group does not have one it is safe feat to drop. Greater bane on an archer with manyshot is sick. I countered his use of greater invisibility with Invisibility purge from Sambaethe. Almost everyone failed their will save vs Sambaethes Sanctuary spell so she was relatively safe for the most of the fight.

But lessons learned, I have to be more careful when building up high level NPCs. Maybe I should get some PC builder stuff like HeroLab or something but I'm not sure I'm willing to lay down so much money :D

Every time he was attacked in melee he used either Redirection to trip and then AoO twice or elusive target to ignore damage. Almost every round only one character attacked him in melee so the swift action limit was not that bad. Sometimes he managed to trip one character with redirection and second with crane riposte. Soon they just tried to attack him lying prone on the ground :D Only after getting tripped twice and almost being kicked to death did Grumblejack remember that he does not need to land to fight. But since, apart from the party cleric, Grumble was the only one to succeed his will save against Sambaethes sanctuary, he concentrated his attacks on her.

Here is the slightly illegal Master of Serenity

The Master of Serenity, head of the Serene Order
Male human monk (Flowing monk , qinggong) 14
LG Medium humanoid
Init +8; Senses Perception +19
AC 28, touch 22, flat-footed 23 (+4 Dex, +1 dodge, +3 monk, +2 Wis, +5 natural, +1 armor; +2 vs evil)
Total Defense: +5 AC, deflect one attack that would hit, get AOO on missed attack
Fighting defensively: -1 to attack +3 AC, +4 from crane wing
hp 189 (14d8+84)+28 bears endurance+ 14 aid
Fort +13(+15), Ref +13, Will +11; +2 vs. Enchantment, +1 vs fear Resist fire 30
Defensive Abilities improved evasion; Immune disease, poison; Freedom of Movement, Aid, Protection from Evil, Bulls Strength, Bears Endurance, Resist energy
SR 24 Intimidate DC=27
Speed 30 ft.
Melee unarmed strike +18/+13 (2d6+6) or unarmed strike
flurry of blows +20/+20/+15/+15/+10 (2d6+6)
Ranged sling +15 (1d4+2), flurry of shurikens +1 +18/+18/+14/+14/+8 (1d2+3)
Special Attacks flurry of blows
During Combat The Master’s primary purpose is to defend the Oracle of Mitra and to avenge this violation of the sacred Vale.

Morale As the head of the Serene Order he has dedicated his life to the service of Mitra and the defense of the Vale.
Str 14(18), Dex 18, Con 18(22), Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +10/+5; CMB +18 (+22 to trip); CMD 38 (42 vs. trip)
Feats  Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, Lightning reflexes, Snatch Arrows, Blind fight, Weapon Focus (unarmed strike), 3 x crane Style Feat, Vicious Stomp, Improved Trip, Greater Trip(he should not have this feat)
Skills Acrobatics +21 (+35 jump), Climb +19, Intimidate +17, Perception +19
Languages Talirean
SQ abundant step, fast movement, high jump, ki pool (9 points, lawful, magic) maneuver training, Barkskin
Combat Gear bullets (10), 20 shuriken +1
Other Gear sling, amulet of mighty fists +2, Bracers of Armor +1,
Redirection (Ex)
At 1st level, as an immediate action, a flowing monk can attempt a reposition or trip combat maneuver against a creature that the flowing monk threatens and that attacks him. If the combat maneuver is successful, the attacker is sickenedfor 4 rounds (Reflex DC =19 to halve the duration). The monk gains a +2 bonus on the reposition or trip combat maneuver check and the save DC for redirection increases by 2 if the attacker is using Power Attack or is charging when attacking him. The benefit increases to a +4 bonus and an increase of the saving throw by 4 if both apply.
At 4th level, a flowing monk can use redirection against an opponent that the flowing monk threatens and that attacks an ally with a melee attack. At 8th level, a flowing monk can make both a reposition and a trip maneuver as part of a single immediate action with this ability. At 12th level, a flowing monk can use redirection against any opponent that attacks him in melee, even if the flowing monk is not threatening the opponent who attacks him. A flowing monk can use this ability once per day per monk level, but no more than once per round.
This ability replaces Stunning Fist.
Unbalancing Counter (Ex)
At 2nd level, a flowing monk’s attacks of opportunity render a struck creature flat-footed until the end of the flowing monk’s next turn (Reflex DC 19 negates).
This ability replaces the bonus feat gained at 2nd level.
Flowing Dodge (Ex)
At 3rd level, a flowing monk gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC for each enemy adjacent to him, up to a maximum bonus equal to his Wisdom modifier (minimum 1).
This ability replaces fast movement.
Elusive Target (Ex)
At 5th level, as an immediate action, a flowing monk may spend 2 points from his ki pool to attempt a Reflex save opposed by an attacker’s attack roll to halve damage from that attack. At 11th level and above, the flowing monk suffers no damage on a successful save, or half damage on a failed save. If the attacker is flanking the monk, the flanking opponent who is not attacking becomes the target of the attack. Use the same attack roll, and if the attack hits the new target, that creatures takes half damage (or full damage if the attack is completely avoided). Any associated effects from the attack (such as bleed, poison, or spell effects) apply fully even if the attack deals only half damage.

Greater Trip: Whenever you successfully trip an opponent, that opponent provokes attacks of opportunity.

Ki Throw: On a successful unarmed trip attack against a target your size or smaller, you may throw the target prone in any square you threaten rather than its own square. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity, and you cannot throw the creature into a space occupied by other creatures.

Crane Style: You take only a –2 penalty on attack rolls for fighting defensively. While using this style and fighting defensively or using the total defense action, you gain an additional +1 dodge bonus to your Armor Class.
Crane Wing: When fighting defensively with at least one hand free, you gain a +4 dodge bonus to AC against melee attacks. If a melee attack misses you by 4 or less, you lose this dodge bonus until the beginning of your next turn.
If you using the total defense action instead, you can deflect one melee attack that would normally hit you. An attack so deflected deals no damage and has no other effect (instead treat it as a miss). You do not expend an action when using this feat, but you must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed.
Crane Riposte You take only a –1 penalty on attack rolls for fighting defensively.
Whenever you deflect an opponent’s attack using Crane Wing or lose the dodge bonus from Crane Wing because an attack missed you by 4 or less, you can make an attack of opportunity against the attacker after the attack misses.
In addition, when you deflect an attack using Crane Wing while taking the total defense action, you may make an attack of opportunity against that opponent (even though you could not normally do so while taking the total defense action).

The Master of Serenity supported by Sambaethe kicked my groups asses pretty bad. They did eventually bring them down but the fight was a long one. I built the master up as flowing/qinggong monk using crane style. Every time someone attacked him he tripped them and then kicked them in the face. It was just so great seeing the frustration on the antipaladins face when he was constantly being kicked around like a bean bag lying on the ground. Archer of the group almost nailed the Master doing over 100 damage AFTER the manyshot volley was deflected by him. He used the flame to heal himself and Sambaethe cast wind wall which pretty much neutralized the archer for the rest of the fight. Holy ward was used efficiently and it kept the party mage off for many rounds. When she came online she turned the tables by managing to Boneshatter the Master to exhaustion. This one fight took about 5 hours real time :D

All the major fights have been long and hard but fun. The phoenix would have killed them, but during the fight they stumbled on his nest and realized they could threaten the eggs to get him to back off.

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His name suggests more Kull the Conqueror

Way of the Wicked has been wickedly fun!

Battle of Saintsbridge is over. The fight was long and streched the partys resources to the limit. One PC dropped into negatives, Grumblejack dropped into negatives, one Nessian warhound was killed but brought back with breath of life (have to retcon this though, I just realised that outsiders can not be brought back to life with that spell). Artephius was destroyed. In the end, I did not use the phoenix sorcerer as that would probably been a TPK. I tried to kill Izevel but she turned those attacking her to stone :(

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Our party of chaotic neutrals and one true neutral made her neutral good, we wanted to be sure there was no chance of Unity 2.0. The true neutral character became her herald.

I do not know anything about 5e, but since Pathfinder hardness affects energy attacks I would think that Resistance should extend to to them in 5e also. That is why they gave robots hardness instead of DR.

So how did your players do against Eiramanthus?

True resurrection can not do that, but Judgement undone can. Both require the soul to be willing to return. Why would the original Casandalee be willing? She has been chilling in what ever afterlife for some time now. Unless she was sent to Abaddon or Abyss I don't see why she would bother with mortality again.

1 level of ranger and the Shapeshifting hunter feat gives you favored enemy of your druid+ranger levels. If you are in a campaign with lots of one kind of enemies, at your level this gives you immediately +6 to hit and damage against them. Take 2 levels and you get combat style feat. Improved natural attack makes your 1d8 claws into 2d6 claws. Worked very well for me in Iron Gods, taking constructs as my favored enemy. Behemoth hippo with flurry of bites each dealing 6d8+30ish damage was fun.

Bob's your ucle

There was a

a lot of kytons
in the last two books.
The technic league used a lot of
ash giants
as their muscle.

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Remember to not pick the lonely bush as your hiding place. Also do not stand up just because someone asks you to.

Meet Touched-By-The-Phoenix, a human phoenix bloodline sorcerer.

Sorcerer CR 8 XP 4,800
Human Sorcerer 9
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +9; See invisible, Darkvision 120 ft
AC 23, touch 14, flat-footed 16 (+4 armor, +1 deflection, +2 Dex, +1 dodge, +1 natural,+4 shield)+1 deflection vs evil
hp 84 (9d6+50)
Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +8; +2 vs evil
Resist:cold 10 Immune: magic missile, fire
Weakness: vulnerability to cold
Speed 30 ft. Fly 60 ft (good)
Melee mwk morningstar +4 (1d8–1)
Ranged Light crossbow +6 (1d8) or ray +6 (by spell)
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 9th; concentration +13; +17 casting defensively)
4th (5/day)—greater darkvision, flaming aura, wall of fire(DC 20)
3rd (7/day)—dispel magic, magic circle against evil, fireball (DC 19), haste, intensified burst of radiance(DC 17),
2nd (7/day)— burst of radiance(DC 17), false life, mirror image, see invisibility, burning arc(DC 18 /DC 16), intensified burning hands (DC 17)
1st (7/day)—color spray(DC 15), mage armor, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement (DC 15), shield, burning hands(DC 17)
0th (at will)—daze (DC 14), detect magic, light, mage hand, mending, ray of frost, read magic, resistance,
Bloodline: phoenix sorcerer
Before Combat: The sorcerer casts false life , mage armor, magic circle against evil, see invisible and greater darkvision. Just before combat shield, mirror image and flaming aura.
During Combat: Sorcerer casts haste on his allies. Then he alters with damaging attacks on foes and healing fire spells on allies. He flees if all his allies are dead.
Base Statistics Without false life , mage armor and shield, the sorcerer’s statistics are AC 15, touch 14, flat-footed 12; hp 70 9d6+36.
Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 18
Base Atk +4; CMB +3; CMD 17
Feats Combat Casting, Elemental Focus (fire), Eschew Materials, Lightning Reflexes, Spell focus (evocation), Intensify spell, Toughness
Skills Diplomacy +5, Fly +8, Knowledge (arcana) +8, Knowledge (religion) +1, Linguistics +1, Perception +5, Spellcraft +6
Languages Celestial, Common
SQ bloodline arcana (When casting any spell that deals fire damage, you can instead heal your targets. The spell deals no damage, and living creatures affected by the spell instead regain a number of hit points equal to half the fire damage the spell would normally deal. ), Bloodline mutation(Blood Havoc), Immolation(as swift action Aura of fire for 13 rounds, unarmed attacks deal 1d6 fire, creatures that end their turn adjacent take 1d6 fire damage), Vermillion Wings
Combat Gear: potion of cure moderate wounds x3, scroll of wind wall, wand of resist energy CL3 (25 charges), holy water (2); Other Gear Light crossbow, 20 bolts, masterwork morningstar, amulet of natural armor +1, cloak of resistance +1, ring of protection +1

I am thinking he will join the Battle of Saintsbridge by either replacing one of the clerics of the final group or be in addition to them, depending on how easy the fight has been for the PCs so far.
If he flees, he'll go to the Mountain of the Phoenix to help there.

Very cool! If I only had a 3d printer...

The time for us to continue on the Way of the Wicked is approaching as we prepare to

meet Unity in his cyberspace domain
and finish our Iron Gods campaign.

I like the character of Raiju the Exile. He is said to be full of stories and tales from exotic lands. He loves to tell audacious tales about his travels. Half of which are just fabrication. Did anyone use this aspect of him? I would love to hear your take on his stories.

"Ah my lords, did I ever tell you that it was I who actually caused the Kingdom of Five Rings to collapse? It is true. You see I was hired to assassinate this minor daimyo of the Blue Lotus clan. Everything seemed to go smoothly. I infiltrated the daimyos summer palace,asameshi-mae. What? Oh, it means roughly easy as pie. Gaseous and invisible I crept past dozens of samurai. Strangely, all the samurai were female. I did not think much of this at first. I entered the bedroom and saw the noble couple engaged in rather exotic tantric exercises. *Sigh* Yes Grumblejack, I mean sex. Baka. Anyway, I solidified and struck at the man on top. Unfortunately he moved aside just as my blade was about to pierce him and I killed the woman instead. The man jumped to his feet with an alarmed yell and quick as lightning drew his sword in a masterful feat of iajutsu and cut a deep gash in my leg. At that moment I realized that it was not actually the daimyo at all, but the lord of a rival clan having an affair with the wife of my target! The samurai at the compound were the personal bodyguards of the lady. Just before they rushed in I went invisible and flew to the ceiling. The samurai, seeing their mistress slain and a man with a katana still dripping blood standing there, rushed him and cut him to pieces. Then they committed seppuku for failing their mistress. Of course the whole thing blew into a huge scandal that eventually caused the civil war that consumed the Kingdom. The war still rages to this day you know."

Tyrants grasp set is out with a few decent pawns for this book.


Master of serenity OR acolyte monks: Deathbower Gardener(4)
Ghost martyrs: Fallen ancestor(2)
Skrerabus and Skraeth; bone devil(2)

Also I missed out that in Iron Gods set there are some very good pawns of
all those angels flying around.
Legion archons(6); Digital angel(4)(IG), Evaluator robot(4)(IG).
You can use them for any medium angel really.

Tyrants Grasp pawn set is out. Not much for this book in there unfortunately.

Two Vampiric mists.
A bone cobra to serve as a mithral cobra.
Sir Balin; Tsomar Trant.
Commander Havelyn; Watcher-Lord Ulthun II

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{Mr Burns voice} Eeexcellent!

For point 1 I would rule that if it is not an ally of the archon it gets nerfed.
For them stacking I agree that as written they stack. But it then generates the problem of super nerfing the bad guys. Though as I'm GMing a Way of the Wicked campaign this sounds like something I could use...

JiaYou wrote:
If social interactions are important, then Seducer might actually be a strong choice. Charm isn't a bad hex at all (and works on creatures who you don't share languages with RAW) and with a high CHA it's reasonable that most people will find you sexually attractive so starting at level 1 your save DC should be something like 15-16. The kiss one isn't great, but if your other party members are down for some...sharing...you're looking at the entire party having +2 morale bonus to saves every day from 8th level...

Make him/her a worshipper of Arshea and fullfill your Celestial Obedience at the same time and "Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks when interacting with an intelligent creature who could be sexually attracted to you."

Hell Knight Signifier in Hells Rebels? I am not very familiar with that AP but rebelling against the State does not sound like something the Hell Knights would approve of.

Thanks Erik, I like the in-universe explanation for this a lot.
As the paralectus aeons are composed of electricity and gemstones, I like to think that there is a strong connection between them and the aeon stones.

Paradozen wrote:
The Azlanti empire did a lot of work on the magical properties of Aeon Stones, so likely any Azlanti seen with gems growing from their body had Aeon Stones implanted in them.

Why are they now called Aeon Stones and do they have something to do with Aeons?

More NPCs the merrier! Will this have all new art or will it have pawns from old NPC Codex and/or Villain Codex or Inner Sea box?

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Your character is toast, likely literally. Why would dying characters be immune to extra damage?

With elven parent I'd go slightly shorter age than half-elves. Maybe three quarters? I don't remember orc age categories but I think they are slightly lower than humans. For dwarf parentage even less, maybe one half of half-elf.

Jack Sparrow comes to mind. Make spur of the moment decicions without thinking of the consequences.

Argh, more Toothfairies, I have 12 of them already. I just have to sic all of them at my players some day...

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It says right in the (1E) Bestiary that goblins believe writing steals words out of your head. No mention of any region at all. Nothing is said about hooves stealing souls, only that goblins fear horses.

Limbs into blades could be treated morphic weaponry of the oozemorph. Nanite sorcerer bloodline ability Nanite strike would be very thematic.

Chainsaw would not be brand new though, it was introduced in the Technology guide.

Well, being made of tiny constructs, the Nanitecloud that Walks should not have a Con score. They should be immune to bleed effects.

Damn, better start saving up, even if I'm probably not going to shift to 2e in a long time. You can never have too many pawns :D

Rysky and zimmerwald1915, good points both, but is there an "official" explanation offered anywhere (a blog post or similar is official enough)?
Has anyone clarified, or given examples of, how should the unchanged reputation affect the goblin PCs? If they are able to freely walz in anywhere, the statement that goblin reputation is unchanged is not really true.

Should the average town guard greet Fumbus as warmly as he would greet Harsk? Or should he give him suspicious and dirty looks or worse? I realise this should change from town to town and country to country, but some baseline would be nice. I mean, is the dirty looks a norm and warm welcome a nice exception, or the other way around?
And yeah, I know all adventurers should probably get dirty looks from town guards :D

Goblin Ancestry wrote:
Though goblins’ culture has splintered radically, their reputation has changed little.

Has it been explained what has caused this radical culture shift? And if their reputation has not changed, how should it affect a goblin PC?

Orcs being the bad guys is so cliche. Why not have it be dwarven racial zealot who kills six million gnomes or halflings in his racial pogroms. Dwarves are lawful and industrious like I think the stereotypical german is. The Alps would be their racial origin. Humans could be tolerated like the germans did with the people of western European countries like France or England. Orcs would of course be from the Siberia. Their great chieftain Ghengis Khan laid waste to Europe in 12th century.

Option 1.
Wild shape lasts until it runs out.

If you turned into a plant or water elemental you might be in trouble if nobody heals you before the wild shape runs out your hp will drop since you lose the racial bonus to CON.

Otherwise you remain at -3 hp when the wild shape runs out.
You do not heal any amount of hp when changing shapes.

Depending on what the cargo was, large parts of it would be ruined by the sea. Grindylows probably stole some of it.
Some things I would ask myself (and the players) before just handing out gold: Why did the bugbears not steal most of the useful cargo, like wine and food before sinking the ships? Why would all the ships in the harbor be full of cargo anyway? Usually the cargo would be offloaded pretty quickly to be sold.
To whom would they be selling the ships? And how? Are they going to sail all the ships themselves to Ghastenhall (or where ever)? Even if they manage to find buyers and deliver the ships they can get like 5000 gp per ship. Not that much for all the time and effort.

Vehicle rules wrote:
Repairing A Vehicle: The fastest and easiest way to repair a vehicle is with the mending and make whole spells, but more mundane methods can also be used. Craft (carpentry) can be used to repair most vehicles made of wood; because of their specialized construction, water vehicles require Craft (ships) to repair. Depending on the nature of the damage, such skills like Craft (cloth), Craft (alchemy), Knowledge (engineering), and even various professions can be used to repair vehicles, if the GM approves. In general, a day’s worth of work by a single person using the appropriate skill to repair a vehicle requires 10 gp of raw material and a DC 10 skill check, and repairs 10 points of damage on a success, or 5 hit points on a failure.

A galley has 1560 hp. If it is so badly damaged that it has been sunk it has been reduced to 0 hp and destroyed at -104 hp. Destroyed vehicles can not be repaired. So it takes one man 156 days and costs 1560 gp in materials to fix a sunken galley. There probably is some spare lumber in the ship yard. Or rather there was because it was partly used by the defenders or burnt for giggles by the goblins. Time to organize a bugbear lumberjack expedition.

In conclusion they should not bother because it is not very cost effective and they probably have better things to do. Like killing the king.

But can you steal the guys pants?

Chronicle of Legends introduced some feats that are aimed at specific prestige classes. The feat in question is for Loremaster.
"Once per day, you can cast any spell as if it were one of your prepared spells or spells known."
Is it really meant to be ANY spell from any list ever? This seems so good it is worth dipping a level with any wizard.
Does casting a spell of opposing school this way take up two slots?
Is the spell considered to be its original type (arcane, divine, psychic ) or the casters?

Small Update from Enemy Encounters set.

Act 1


Grumblejack: Ogre Killer

Act 2


Draugar: Skeletal Thug(3), Skeletal Warrior(6)

Act 3


Bugbears: Bugbear(4), Bugbear ambusher(2), Bugbear stalker(4)

Small update since I acquired Enemy Encounters

Act 2


28 duergar pawns to represent rank and file duergar. If the encounter in the Duergar city turns sour, there is a Duergar King pawn.

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