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The adventure path as written does not let characters reach level 20.

Diego Rossi wrote:

During the XVI and XVII centuries, a lot of armies used leather uniforms. They were good enough against spent bullets.

What do you mean by spent bullets?

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I'm sure this is straight from the Five Kings Mountains Dwarven Forge

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Under mire, A ring of fire
A mystic flame, From Oron came
From the tremors, Of ancient embers
Crystal, treasures, and gold Did flow
We the keepers, Of all things deeper
Must keep the flames, Now pull the chains
Make the bellows blow…Burst of flame, rising up before us
The Forge of great renown
Our hearts beating now in chorus
To match the hammers’ pound
This is the realm of glory
The kingdom underground
Dwarven Forge, in the flaming roar we
Shall bind the blade renowned
Fill the wagons, With bones of dragons
For armor stores, Never forged before,
Coal depleted, The Forge is heated,
To smelt the ore, Go back for more,
Purge what’s useable, Pour the crucible,
Blows precise, in a hardy vise,
Now make the bellows blow….

Burst of flame, rising up before us
The Forge of heroes past
Our hands beating now in chorus
As molten hammers blast,
This is the realm of glory
The kingdom under grass
Dwarven Forge, filling up our stores we
Forge weapons unsurpassed
Draw the sword
Encrusted hilt shall glow
Spear and axe and halberd
metal white as snow
Keep the fire of Oron
Burning in the deep
Dwarven hand shall never
Let the hammer sleep
Burst of flame, rising up inside us
The Dwarven army goes
Our hearts beating now in chorus
To match the hammers’ blows,
This is the realm of glory,
The kingdom under snows
Dwarven Forge, shielding us in war we,
Shall conquer all our foes!

Azothath wrote:

note - in RL there are only (fungus & mold) spores in outer space as it is far too cold for any terrestrial leafy plant or multicellular organism to survive let alone the higher amount of solar and cosmic radiation.


We are part of Juffo-Wup.
Juffo-Wup is the hot light in the darkness.
All else is unfulfilled Void.

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Music with Rocks in! Be there or be a rectangular thingie!

I'm running book 6 at the moment and I agree that Richards return to the side of good was done badly. Do you guys have any advice on how to handle it better?
I would like it to be little shock to the PC's that he turns. Maybe some thing happens as a catalyst?
My PCs have installed Richard as a king, maybe Bellinda sends a kidnapping team and they kill Dessiter in the fight so he can't scry on his location?
If the Pcs are present they will most certainly foil the kidnapping but doing it "behind the scenes" seems a bit cheating.

I would imagine channeling negative energy would be a good way to deal with vermin infestation in a house or annoying bugs at the camp site. Burning hands could be used to light a fire. Grease would make moving heavy items around easier. Could be used as a massage oil. Sleep or slumber hex would make nap times in kindergarten a breeze. Or give an insomniac person some respite. Hydraulic push/torrent could be used as a (really dangerous) power washer.

Fey Gate? Why would you want to travel to a totally random spot in First World? 7th level Plane shift can do that already.

Remember that you can try to use acrobatics to avoid the AoO.

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Melkiador wrote:
Witches and their patrons do similar things. And shaman being made of witch and oracle has the same issues.

Since it is common knowledge that witches are made of wood, are shamans then half wood creatures?

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Sounds awesome! Could you post the lyrics or a link to them?

I had a druid/monk and flurrying with bites dealing 8d8+lots as a behemoth hippo was pretty fun.

In Iron Gods we used Grease to great effect against the giants in the palace in book 5 around level 15.

Grease wrote:
A creature can walk within or through the area of grease at half normal speed with a DC 10 Acrobatics check. Failure means it can’t move that round (and must then make a Reflex save or fall), while failure by 5 or more means it falls (see the Acrobatics skill for details).

Giants have even poorer acrobatics than reflex. So if they try to move at full speed, they fall down with out save. If they move carefully they must roll acrobatics and possibly fall down. At low levels the opponents actually might have relatively better acrobatics and ref saves than at mid levels. CR 13 Iron golem has -1 acrobatics and Reflex of +5. You have more than 50% chance to make it fall down. Even at level 1. If you are level 1, you should then run.

Azonath, are you supposed to plug those builds in some program? They are really hard to read.

I think Jack and Kyle are more of Mythic Heroes of Metal rather than gods.

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Arcaian wrote:
has led to the planes of Metal and Wood returning as well

Who is the ruler of plane of Metal? Lemmy, Ronnie James Dio, Dimebag Darrel, Alexi Laiho?

Minor nitpick, but druids must use wooden shields. So the tankard should work as masterwork light wooden shield.
Accelerated drinker trait lets you drink a potion as a move action.

At 10th level you could take Cayden Caileans Blade and Tankard divine fighting style to replace one attack with drinkin the potion in the tankard.

You don't need to be a cleric of Cayden Cailean to take Two Weapon drunkard. You only miss the divine focus and not interfering with somatic components part. And you GM already made the tankard to act as you divine focus. Thea feat does not really do much for you though.

Interestingly the DD3.5 version of Anti-magic field says

3.5 Antimagic Field wrote:
Summoned creatures of any type and incorporeal undead wink out if they enter an antimagic field.
Pathfinder version drops the mention of incorporeal undead but it is still implied later that they are treated differently from corporeal undead
AoN Antimagic Field wrote:
Elementals, corporeal undead, and outsiders are likewise unaffected unless summoned.
D20Pfsrd has a bit different line where the mention of corporeality has been dropped
d20PFSRD wrote:
Elementals, undead, and outsider are likewise unaffected unless summoned.

I am slightly regretting giving the vampire template to a PC. Letting them play dragons? *shudder*

ANGUS IS BACK! One better!

Woooooah, oooooh!
(Downloading upgrade)

I have drowned in the fires
But haven't lost my soul
Fallen hero, a legend now I'm reborn

Glory left my hammer
But now I wield the sword
Of primal power, created once by the Gods

My body was dead, I couldn't have been deader
But I came right back one better!

Woooooah, oooooh!
And my light will shine forever
It all has come together
Woooooah, oooooh!
I'm the Master of the Universe

Woooooah, oooooh!
And my green has turned to gold
New forces will unfold
Woooooah, oooooh!
Hail the Master of the Universe

Evil ruled in the future
But now I'll change the past
Darkest darkness, your end is nearing at last

I will save all the people
Of every galaxy
Mighty hero, back in real reality

I got stabbed through my old armour made of leather
But guess who's back one better!

Woooooah, oooooh!
And my light will shine forever
It all has come together
Woooooah, oooooh!
I'm the Master of the Universe

Woooooah, oooooh!
And my green has turned to gold
New forces will unfold
Woooooah, oooooh!
Hail the Master of the Universe

Woooooah, oooooh!
And my light will shine forever
It all has come together
Woooooah, oooooh!
I'm the Master of the Universe

Woooooah, oooooh!
And my light will shine forever
It all has come together
Woooooah, oooooh!
I'm the Master of the Universe

Woooooah, oooooh!
And my green has turned to gold
New features will unfold
Woooooah, oooooh!
Hail the Master of the Universe
Of the universe!

(Upgrade complete)

Grease is awesome spell, we have used it with great success even on level 13+. Giants have a crappy Reflex save and acrobatics skill :D

If a creature with reach and no Improved Trip or similar ability uses trip maneuver on a creature that does not have reach, there is no attack of opportunity. So yes, you will be out of reach.

Daywalker wrote:
If the undead has the frightful presence, incorporeal, light blindness, light sensitivity, stench, sunlight powerlessness, or unnatural aura abilities, the spell suppresses them.

A vampire does not have any of those abilities, RAW the spell does not help a vampire to survive sunlight, it just makes them look alive.

Tiny size gives further bonuses/penalties. +2 to hit +2 AC -2 CMB/CMD +8 stealth and +4 fly.

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Braininthejar wrote:

- The party arrives in Farholde on New Year, but no description mentions snow, and the picture of the Horn is green. Is it an oversight, or is the Western side of the island so much warmer? (the Boggard caves get a pass for having geothermal activity)

It is most likely an oversight (there are many such) but I explained that the western part of the island is much warmer due to warm sea currents and the sheltering mountains having quite a bit of volcanic activity.

How does one get "blood" from an elemental that is living lightning? Does it leave behind lightning balls that you need to immediately catch into a glass jar or something?

Blood, I think is not a good word to use, essence or similar would be better. I told the players that the elemental left behind "essence" that they then collected. Using lightning rods is a good idea, I would rule that it works. Any metal wire should be good enough for the job I think. They could also use a spell like Planar Binding to call an elemental and kill it.

Should there be some gear to be found from the remains of the 4th knot?

Yes, there should be something. No one has been in the Horn since. I would have them have some masterwork weapons and armor, a few potions, maybe a couple of alchemical items. Some money and normal adventuring gear. Aidan Kaels corpse should have some minor magical items, +1 weapon and armor and such. For some reason it is not said where the 4th knot or Kael was killed. I would place them somewhere on the first or second floor. The adventure claims that Kael "fled to upper reaches" but there is no direct route between the floors.

weapon that "counts as flail" which means he can trip with it.

You can trip with any weapon, the trip weapon quality just means you can let go of the weapon to avoid being tripped yourself if you fail the attempt badly enough. It also lets you add the weapons bonuses to drag and reposition maneuvers.

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Braininthejar wrote:

- the summoner using a lantern archon to give captain Mott a "divine omen" that his wife is cheating on him.
- The rogue using the circlet along with the portrait from the bedroom, to turn into lord Thomas' dead wife while backstabbing him in the final fight.

Creative ideas!


My party consists of a black knight with a sword, a summoner with a spear +monsters, a rogue with a rapier and a fire cleric. Even if half of them make both saves, their attacks might accomplish nothing beyond wrecking the new magic weapons they've just blown all their budget on.

If your Summoner is playing with any sense he will send his summoned monsters first in every room. I'm pretty sure that after the first time someones weapon takes damage, they will either flee or switch to secondary weapons. Remember that they can make knowledge(dungeoneering) checks to see if they know anything about the monsters. Then you can clue them about their ability to damage weapons. And sometimes its just fun to see the players despair about losing their hard won loot.


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1 My group had not much trouble with the escape. 25 point buy and 2 extra skill points helped. Even though _none_ of them took ranks in Disable Device they managed to get out. They had Grumblejack to help as well. It was a bit hairy but they managed to kill most of the guards without alerting the keep.

2 I used the material in book 7 and some suggestions here on the boards. The flesh golem (book 7) and the Gates brothers (Kevins idea if I recall correctly). Also I beefed up some enemies, like Odenkirk and commander Havelyn. Also did you remember to give all the story awards littered throughout? I missed a few and gave the players the xp later. If I would do this again, I would ditch XP altogether and just level them whenever appropriate.

3 Maybe the cultist confused Pale with White? They are almost the same color.

4 Good question. My players (or me) never noticed that. Maybe they had slaves throw them in the acid pit (C2), or just carry them outside.

5 Have you perused the book 2 thread already? My players killed Ezra immediately so I did not have that problem. Remember that Ezra is insane, the temptation to attack might just be too much for him to wait until the optimal moment. Also why not have him attack at the same time as Richard? Nice three way fight there.

6 I guess so. But do what ever is coolest.

The oozes were a nice shock to my party. If your party tactic is to always rush a room en masse this is a good lesson for them. You can have some minions hang back and then drag them back with reach weapons. When they are woken they are immune to the aura. Besides its DC 21 :) The oozes are non-intelligent, they do not know how to coup de grace. They attack the helpless PC grabbing and constricting and the pain wakes them up.

The individual book threads were really helpful for my GMing. Also Kevins really good blog entries have good ideas that I used a lot.

Izevel was handy for my group in book 3, but quickly after first chapter of book 4 her usefulness dwindled. She has mostly been hanging out in their base ever since.

This is an interesting build, have to consider it for my next character.

Ryze Kuja wrote:
Also, if you don't have a Wand of Greater Invisibility by now, get one. Greater Invisibility is +40 Stealth while not moving, +20 Stealth while moving, and doesn't drop if you attack something like normal Invisibility does.

If you are invisible the Dazzling display bomb will not work.

Dazzling Display wrote:
Make an Intimidate check to demoralize all foes within 30 feet who can see your display.

Lol, the first Dylan channeling Maximus was cool. Did you have different GM for each game?

I have never heard of people rolling for feats at character creation!
"I want to play an enchanter that charms and dominates the enemies with smooth talk and spells!"
"Right, lets see... <Roll, Roll> Your feats are Skill focus[Profession(Pig farmer)] and Improved Unarmed Strike".

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Heal acts like harm on undead, it just causes damage to them and does not cure anything.

"Add any bonuses you currently have on attack rolls due to spells, feats, and other effects. These bonuses must be applicable to the weapon or attack used to perform the maneuver."
I would say the enchantment bonus of the weapon used is in "other effects".

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Summon natures ally I, summon Mites to open things and Ponies to walk on things. Cheap trap detection.

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The Black Knight always triumphs!
I'll get me coat.

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My villains are about to take on Thorn. They killed Ice Axe but he dropped the antipaladin vampire in one round getting two crits. Immediately after he died to spells and ridiculous damage from the archer inquisitor. They negotiated with the queen and did some offerings on the altar. The anti-life abettors were a terrible shock with their AoE negative energy and death throes. They ended up killing one and fleeing the room, shutting the doors behind them. They killed a few grave knights without trouble and negotiated with Sherkov to keep him out of the fight. The dragons were a shock but died quickly. I have a feeling that Thorn will not last long against the party, oh well.

Belafon wrote:
if you are pure charisma, you are going to be blowing past the max Dex (Cha) limit on your armor

Take Celestial Obedience (Arshea) and get charisma as armor bonus to AC and don't worry about armor anymore.

Does the linked sheet have all the spells that are in AoN?

It is possible to become a vampire in Way of the Wicked if the GM agrees. In the third book, if you play your cards right, you can meet a vampire NPC who can make you a vampire if you get him an item he needs. To become a true vampire then requires 5 feats. You can start the process at about level 11-13. Pretty hard to do with just feats from levels. I gave my vampire PC the first feat for free and allowed him to change one old feat per level to a vampire feat. So in the end he became full vampire at level 15. A charisma based class is good for a vampire since you use charisma for hitpoints as an undead creature. My PC is an antipaladin (LE archetype that comes with the AP), the vampire template made him an almost unkillable juggernaut.

Fashion did exist on Earth before mass production or large population having disposable income. All the nobles and wannabes copied the style of the ruler and his/her immediate court. Marie Antoinette was a fashion icon, when she used the color puce, the burgeoise were so taken with it, the dyers could barely keep up with the demand. Marie Antoinette was rumored to have 300 dresses made each year and she never wore anything twice.

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Wow, that's rough. I do agree with many of the criticisms. I have redone almost all of the major NPCs so I did not really notice all the mistakes. And it did not make any difference if some skill points were in error on some soldiers. I disagree about the story being bad. While not brilliant it is easily on par with Paizo APs that I have read or played. The AP does require a lot of work on the part of GM, but at the same time I really enjoyed the work. It felt like I was making a good thing better, not that I was salvaging bad work.

SOLDIER-1st wrote:
I would love to see JJ be able to do Iron Gods 2

The Electric Bugaloo.

Just kidding, I'd love to see Return of the Iron Gods. With the PCs from Iron Gods as villains.

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Combining the words [Old Mage] Jatembe and juice makes me think of a retirement home and prune juice.
"[Persons name] juice" just sounds wrong in general.

Spell perfection fireball at 15

Intensify and empower are staples for fireball blasting.

I don't get why he would eat grilled raven?

Dazing assault, Dazing spell metamagic. Improved trip as AOO. Dazing critical, Stunning critical, Scorpion style reduces their movement to 5.

I noticed the Nereid grace max Deflection bonus is +6 at CL18.

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