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Depending on what the cargo was, large parts of it would be ruined by the sea. Grindylows probably stole some of it.
Some things I would ask myself (and the players) before just handing out gold: Why did the bugbears not steal most of the useful cargo, like wine and food before sinking the ships? Why would all the ships in the harbor be full of cargo anyway? Usually the cargo would be offloaded pretty quickly to be sold.
To whom would they be selling the ships? And how? Are they going to sail all the ships themselves to Ghastenhall (or where ever)? Even if they manage to find buyers and deliver the ships they can get like 5000 gp per ship. Not that much for all the time and effort.

Vehicle rules wrote:
Repairing A Vehicle: The fastest and easiest way to repair a vehicle is with the mending and make whole spells, but more mundane methods can also be used. Craft (carpentry) can be used to repair most vehicles made of wood; because of their specialized construction, water vehicles require Craft (ships) to repair. Depending on the nature of the damage, such skills like Craft (cloth), Craft (alchemy), Knowledge (engineering), and even various professions can be used to repair vehicles, if the GM approves. In general, a day’s worth of work by a single person using the appropriate skill to repair a vehicle requires 10 gp of raw material and a DC 10 skill check, and repairs 10 points of damage on a success, or 5 hit points on a failure.

A galley has 1560 hp. If it is so badly damaged that it has been sunk it has been reduced to 0 hp and destroyed at -104 hp. Destroyed vehicles can not be repaired. So it takes one man 156 days and costs 1560 gp in materials to fix a sunken galley. There probably is some spare lumber in the ship yard. Or rather there was because it was partly used by the defenders or burnt for giggles by the goblins. Time to organize a bugbear lumberjack expedition.

In conclusion they should not bother because it is not very cost effective and they probably have better things to do. Like killing the king.

But can you steal the guys pants?

Chronicle of Legends introduced some feats that are aimed at specific prestige classes. The feat in question is for Loremaster.
"Once per day, you can cast any spell as if it were one of your prepared spells or spells known."
Is it really meant to be ANY spell from any list ever? This seems so good it is worth dipping a level with any wizard.
Does casting a spell of opposing school this way take up two slots?
Is the spell considered to be its original type (arcane, divine, psychic ) or the casters?

Small Update from Enemy Encounters set.

Act 1


Grumblejack: Ogre Killer

Act 2


Draugar: Skeletal Thug(3), Skeletal Warrior(6)

Act 3


Bugbears: Bugbear(4), Bugbear ambusher(2), Bugbear stalker(4)

Small update since I acquired Enemy Encounters

Act 2


28 duergar pawns to represent rank and file duergar. If the encounter in the Duergar city turns sour, there is a Duergar King pawn.

Charm person to make an enemy in to a friend.
Hydraulic push to push them away
Burst of Radiance damages only evil creatures but it temporarily blinds anyone failing the save.

Now I am wondering what a peaceglaive would look like...

In the Stormbringer RPG all magic items were actually bound demons. There were also items that had some essence of Law bound into them.

Stormbringer also gave Elric strength and constitution he lacked normally.

Life bubble, awesome spell that it is, does not protect against injury poisons though.

Varisian tattoo and spell specialization bonuses to CL are also doubled.

Way of the Wicked seconded! First two books are light on puzzles. Second book shifts some book keeping to the PCs, Dungeon Keeper style. You can run it just beautifully as written but it gets even better if you invest some time on customization.

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I would run the the scenario as intended even if it kills him. Have the assasins attack Bill and some NPCs first. Have Bill blame the PC for hiring the assasins to murder him and then have him escape, swearing vengeance for this betrayal. Make it possible for the PC to slip away or hide in the chaos too.

If he sticks to fight, a single PC death is easily remedied with money.

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From the Murphys Rules:
(1d18 or 2d9, five times)
1 The Big Little Book of Magic
2 The Book of Punch-Out Golems
3 1001 Things a Boy Can Do With Human Skin
4 Fantasy Forest
5 My Picture Book of Conjured Monsters
6 The "I Hate to Spell" Spell Book
7 Jane's Book of Monsters
8 Dick's Book of Demons
9 Spot's Book of Spririts
10 Understanding Traveller
11 Now We Are Tree: A Druidical Primer
12 The Big Book of Giants
13 The Little Book of Leprechauns
14 Papers and Paychecks
15 The Chaotic Evil Coloring Book
16 Naked Elf Women and How to Find Them
17 Plane Truth, the Magazine of the Astrally Alert
18 The D-18 Dice Chart: Theory and Application
- Worcester War Gamer's Collective
Space Gamer 74 May/June 1985

They should make a new complilation with modern RPGs and their stupid/funny rules. Actually the falling damage rule was silly in AD&D and it is silly still.

Re: Ghosts and falling

Universal monster rules, incorporeal wrote:
Incorporeal creatures cannot fall or take falling damage

I meant that how should I calculate the amount of actions they have?
If they are level 7 and have charisma bonuses of +2, +3, +1 and +3.
So first PC gets 0 actions, second gets 1 action, third gets 0 actions and fourth gets 1 action. All together they get 2 minion actions a week. OR should it be that they get 3 actions from their combined score of level + the sum of their charisma modifiers? The difference is not much, granted.

Oops, noticed that one key is missing. H&V refers to Heroes and Villains pawn set. It does not have any labels or numbers on the pawns which makes identifying them difficult.

Here are my suggestions for pawns to use in Book 3.
VC=Villain Codex
NPC= NPC codex
HV=Hells Vengeance
HR=Hells Rebels
WotR= Wrath of the Righteous
MC=Monster Codex
RoA=Ruins of Azlant
IS=Inner Sea Box
PFS=Pathfinder Society
SM=Summon Monster
SA=Strange Aeons
RoW=Reign of Winter
CotCT=Curse of the Crimson Throne
WftC=War for the Crown
II=Ironfang Invasion
RotRL=Return of the Runelords
SS=Shattered Star
S&S=Skulls & Shackles
MM=Mummys Mask
IG=Iron Gods
All entries are (or should be) in format of
NPC name; Pawn name(source),Pawn name (source)
or for monsters
Monster(amount); source(amount of pawns) or alternate pawn with name of monster (amount of pawns)(source)
For example Tritons(4);B2 (2),Merfolk warrior (B1),undine(2) (B2)

Act 1


Amphisbaena; B2
owlbear; B1, II
ankylosaurus; B1
woolly rhino; B1, SM
slicer beetle; II(2)
dire lion; B1(normal lion), SM
megaloceros; B2
emperor cobra; B2, CotCT(2)
girallon; B1
yeti; B1
tentamort; B2
allosaurus; B2

Act 2

Raiju the Exile; ogre mage (B1)
Dessiter;Mister Wanderlust(SA), Contract devil (B3)(HR)
Nessian warhound (3); GS(4), HR(2), HV(1)
Prince Gaius; (H&V sheet 3, 3rd row, 3rd character OR 4th sheet 2nd row 3rd character), Harighal(RoA)
Vampire spawn(11); CotCT(4), MC(5), Vampire nosferatu (2)(B4), androiod monk(2)(IS), Anaphexia assasin(4)(IS), silent enforcer(3)(IS), Geryon cultist (6)(HV), Brothers three (3)(RoW), Crimson musk vampire (6)(RoA), Blood spawn(4)(WftC)
Izevel; Aresphena (WftC),Medusa Archer (RotRL), Medusa(B1)
Duergar thane; Duergar captain(II), Urgraz(HV)
Duergar(less than one thousand); MC(8), duergar slaver(3)(IS), Duergar captain(3)(II) (Upcoming Enemy Encounters pawn set has more duergar)

Act 3

Soldiers of the watch(24+10+2d10); Guard(4)(NPC),Superstitious mercenary(3) (NPC),Lotheed Soldier(5) (WftC), Menador Soldier (4) (HR),Absalom guard(6)(IS), Glorious reclamation sergeant(4)(HV)
Holy warriors (12); Udaeus(3)(B4), Glorious reclmation knight (8)(HV, pawn 44), Mendevian crusader(6) and Molthuni soldier(4)(IS)
Clay golems (2); B1(1), Bronze sentinel (MM)
Captain Arthis Fidelis;Eagle knight commander(IS),Rayland Arkley(RoA), Omast Frum(GS)
Lammasu (2); B3 , Shedu(B3) Androsphinx(2)(B3)

Sir Dallidan the Bold; Alain on Donahan (IS), (H&V sheet 7, mounted knight)
Charging knights (7) and their horses; Glorious reclamation knigths mounted(4)(HV), spiked charger (3)(VC), Mounted Knight of Ozem(4)(IS)

Sir Giles of Tell; Kane Phyros(WftC),skilled sniper(NPC), Guard sniper(VC)
Elite archers (10); Dusk Warden(3)(IS),Glorious reclamation Knigth (with bow)(8) and Longacre deputy(4) (HV),novice scout(3)(NPC),swamp walker(2)(NPC), Guard spotter(4)(VC)

Durhan One-Stroke;Axe lord(NPC), Kazakador(HV)
Dwarven priestess;Deep marshal(NPC), Priestess of Torag(IS)
Dwarf noble fighter (6); sadistic healer (4)(VC),various dwarves(5)(H&V),dwarven rager(2)(NPC),Scarred wanderer(NPC),War priest(2)(NPC)

Acolyte monks (8);Silent enforcer(4)(IS),Tian monk(2+2)(IS),fang monastery enforcer(6)(VC), street thug(9)(VC), ropefist thug(4)(IG)
Brother Nicodemus;Priest of Irori(IS), Vigilant bodyguard(NPC), W.A.R.D.E.N robot(IG), Iroran champion (IS)

Shield archons (2); HV(1),B2(1)

Celestial griffons (6) and their riders Blessed knights (6); Glorious reclamation knight mounted on griffons (3)(HV), Sable company marine mounted(3)(IS), Viona Kadarius, mounted (HV), Vlasko the Fang and Ironwing Katzi(HV)

Holy warriors (8); Glorious reclmation knight (8)(HV, pawn 44),Mendevian crusader(6) and Molthuni soldier(4)(IS)
Priests of Mitra (4);Guard healer(2)(VC),Lacall Allamar(HV), Loran Allamar(HV)

Act 4

Sir Roland;Rayland Arkeley(RoA), Mendevian Crusader (IS)
Robert the Rapier; Mole(VC), Riley Kels(HV), Taldan Noble(IS), Cultist of Hastur (SA)
Father Rafael;as cleric in act 3
Varden Halfbeard; as dwarven noble fighter in act 3
Herman and Stanzer(2);as acolyte monks in act 3
Holy warrior (3);as holy warriors in act 3
Elite archer (4);as elite archers in act 3
Soldier of the watch (6); as soldiers in act 3

The-Flame-that-Sings; peri (B3)
Suchandra; scale the picture on page 57 to correct size and print it, use flat on the board or glue it to Pathfinder Paper Minis gargantuan base.

Legion archon (6);B3(2), movanic deva (1)(B2)(2)(HV), Faceless angel(2)(SS), Astral Deva(WftC)(SM)(B1), Clockwork angel(B6)

Lea the Huntress; leonal agathion (B2)

Blink dog (8); B1,HV(3)
Sirius the Hound; Large Wolf(NPC), Foo dire lion(WftC)

kirin (4);Half-celestial unicorn (B1),Pegasus(B1), Dragon Horse(2)(HV)(1)(B2)

Master of Serenity; Priest of Irori (IS), The First fang (VC), Hondo Heru(PFS)
Sambaethe;Alexeara Cansellarion (HV), Ohalia(WftC), Kordaitra Destaid(CotCT)
Movanic deva(3); B2, HV(2)

Act 5

Hippogriff (50); B2(2)
Roc (2), Pathfinder Paper Minis Summon Monster set has one.
Ghost martyrs (9);Fallen(B6)(WftC)(2)(WotR)(1), Phantom armor(4)(HR)(2)(B4)
Priests of Mitra (3); as clerics in Act 3
Holy warriors (6):as holy warriors in act 3
She-Forever-Silent; legion archon(B3), Balisse Angel(B5)
The Lord-Abbot; Olen Jack(PFS),Spell hunter(NPC)
Angels in iron(2); iron golem (B1), (PFS), (CotCT)
Bone devil (2); B1,HR,SM
Legion archon (6); B3(2), movanic deva (1)(B2)(2)(HV),Faceless angel(2)(SS),Astral Deva(WftC)(SM)(B1), clockwork angel(B6)
Taranea; Ghaele (B1)(SM)
Ara Mathra; Monadic Deva(B2),Orimos(HV)

Faerie dragon seconded. My gnome wizard has one and she is awesome. She is able to use wands and spells with pages of spell knowledge. Can be combat medic having a high fly speed. I have a Headband of vast intelligence with UMD on it so she can use cleric scrolls and wands.
If you put Intimidate on the headband she can give enemies -2 on saves.

Second choice would be lyrakien.

Adding to Syries's excellent advide:

You could also retrain your HP to get maximum amount each level. Takes 3 days per hit point and costs 10*your level*amount of days trained. So at 4th level 120 gp per hit point. Assuming you are barb2/fighter2 and that you get half max hp per level you need to retrain 16 hp. So 48 days and 1920 gp. If you retrain each level you can do it a little cheaper.

Race: Agathion or Archon blooded aasimar, exchange spell like ability to +2 Con on the variant aasimar abilities table. Net Con +4.
Scion of humanity racial trait and then Racial heritage half-orc to get amplified rage and symphatetic rage.

Can't go wrong with the classic hillbilly song

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Really, really great job!

Yeah, seems logical. That kills an idea I had for my Way of the Wicked campaign

(Book 3, Suchandra and the Flame-that-Sings having some support)

Can fire immune or resistant creatures be healed by the phoenix sorceres bloodline arcana power? Say, you have a deva with a couple of phoenix sorcerer buddies, can they heal the deva with their fire spells since it is immune to fire?

Cool, thanks. For some reason that is not mentioned in her PathfinderWiki entry.

Which one of them is hanging out in Abaddon?

Very cool! Reminds me of the Netflix document Wild Wild Country but gone even more astray.

IMO being unconscious is not the same as being comatose. The unconscious condition does not say that you are comatose when unconscious. Unfortunately comatose is not really defined anywhere.

I was thinking a couple of these guys behind the shield archons and maybe replace two of the clerics with two sorcerers. Both cast flaming sphere and use their move actions to heal one guy per round. Cast offensive spells with the standard. Hell, they could cast one sphere each round until they run out of level 2 slots so each warrior has his own 3d6/2 per round healing sphere. Thats like having fast healing 5.

The Flame-who-sings should have couple of these guys/gals as her companions.

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That was the most thorough answer ever. 10/10.

If I remember correctly (it has been sometime) our GM had the cloud be affected by the swarmbane clasp wearing barbarians chainsaw. There has been at least one swarm in every book so far(except 6, yet), so keep it nearby.

Thank you, hopefully it will be of use to GMs running WotW.

Bear Shaman wrote:

Totemic Summons (Su)

At 5th level, a bear shaman may cast summon nature’s ally as a standard action when summoning bears, and summoned bears gain temporary hit points equal to her druid level. She can apply the young template to any bear to reduce the level of the summoning spell required by one. She can also increase the level of summoning required by one in order to apply either the advanced or the giant template, or increase it by two to apply both the advanced and giant templates.

Other shamans seem to refer to the bear shaman or dragon shaman with their totemic summons.

But no aquatic bears or lions without Versatile natures ally, AFAIK.

This took a surprisingly long time, digging through all my pawns. I have forgotten what I pawns I used when I ran this part of the Way. But here are my suggestions for pawns in Book 1.
VC=Villain Codex
NPC= NPC codex
HV=Hells Vengeance
HR=Hells Rebels
WotR= Wrath of the Righteous
MC=Monster Codex
RoA=Ruins of Azlant
IS=Inner Sea Box
PFS=Pathfinder Society
SM=Summon Monster
SA=Strange Aeons
RoW=Reign of Winter
CotCT=Curse of the Crimson Throne
WftC=War for the Crown
II=Ironfang Invasion
RotRL=Return of the Runelords
SS=Shattered Star
S&S=Skulls & Shackles
All entries are in format of
NPC name; Pawn name(source),Pawn name (source)
or for monsters
Monster(amount); source(amount of pawns) or alternate pawn with name of monster (amount of pawns)(source)
For example Tritons(4);B2 (2),Merfolk warrior (B1),undine(2) (B2)
Act 1


Blackerly; Misguided paladin or Slave master (VC)
Guards; Longacre deputies (4) and Glorious reclamation squire(4) (HV), Guard (4)(NPC), Mendevian crusaders(3) and Molthuni soldiers (4)(IS), Horned Fang gangster(4) (RotRL)
Guard dogs (medium sized)(3); Medium dog and Medium Wolf(NPC) ,Riding dog (B1), wolf(2)(B1), warg (B1), goblin dog(B1), hyena (B1)
Servants; Charmed townsfolk (WftC), Honorary Tribune Onara Piscum(WftC), Roustabout (VC), Bolgart Caggan (HV), Apostle in Orpiment (SA)
Prison Warden; Darellus Fex (HV), Hermit (NPC)
Grumblejack; Ogre Destroyer (MC) or a special miniature.
Giant Toad; B2

Act 2

Vampiric mist; B2, RoA
Timeon; Squire (NPC)
Mithral cobras(2); Iron cobra (B1)(PFS), electric eel (B1),
Draugr(4); VC(6), B2 (3), skeleton(B1)
Sir Balin; Knight (NPC),Knight of Ozem (IS), Oppian Nevilindor (HV), Rayland Arkley (RoA)

Act 3

Captain Sambryl; Aron Kir (WotR), Syras Cokleburr Esq(WftC), chelish marine (S&S)
Sailors: Longcare deputy and Militia volunteers (HV),
Triton oracle;Triton (B2), Thalem (RoA)
Tritons(4);B2 (2),Merfolk warrior (B1),undine(2) (B2)
Small water elementals; B1, SM(3)
Dolhins(2); SM(2)
Bunyip(2); B2(1)
Yutak Chief;Zaril Namoth (PFS)
Yutak medicine man; Mud Shaman or Shaman (NPC), Thousand Bones(CotCT), Wildfire(VC)
Yutak hunters(5); Kuru thug (5)(SA)
ice mephit;SM (2). normal mephit B1
small ice elemental(4); B2 (1), RoW (1), small water elemental (B1), (3)(SM)
bugbear(4); B1(3) , MC(at least 2)
Odenkirk; Ulfen hunter or raider (IS), skulking brute (NPC), Hjort Fastax or Ostog (PFS)
Odenkirks sailors(6); pirate marauder(4) or Shackles pirate(4) (IS), Emperors thug(8) (CotCT), Einherji(2) (B4), pirate (S&S), roadkeeper(RotRL)

Act 4


dwarven engineers(10); recruit(6) (NPC), sadistic healer(4) (VC), also Heroes and Villains has some dwarves
Barnabus Eisenbauch; Dwarven rager or Hammer of justice (NPC), Gardel Vargrinnar or Kazakador (HV) or some dwarf from Heroes and
lantern archons(9); B1(1), SM(4), harbringer Archon (1)(B2),(1) (HV), paralectus aeon (B2),Will-o-wisp (2)(SA),(1)(B1),(1)(RoA)
lantern archon gestalt; large air elemental (B1) or large lightning elemental (B2)
ice golem; B1
Raven swarm; B6, RoW(2), Crowntop Kings (WftC), Bat swarm (B1)
Captain Mott;Endranni Malesk (HV)
Captain Eddarly; Daredevil hunter (NPC),Guard Sniper(VC), Xoxl(RotRL)
Rangers; cavalry Soldier(4) (NPC), Longcare deputy (4) (HV), Sodden Scavenger (IS)(4) Horses; VC(4),NPC(1)
Captain Barhold: Eagle Knigh commander (IS), Valeros (NPC), Royster MCCleagh(S&S), Rayland Arkley (RoA)
Soldiers with heavy crossbows; Superstitious mercenary(3) (NPC),Lotheed Soldier(5) (WftC), Menador Soldier (4) (HR)
Halberdiers; Guard (4) (NPC),
Captain Varning; mounted; Alain on Donahan (IS) On foot; Alain, cavalier (IS), Harsh lieutnant (VC), Verik Vancaskerkin(CotCT)
Archers; Novice scout(3) and Cavalry soldier(4)(NPC), Glorious reclamation Knight (with bow)(8) and Longcare deputy(4) (HV), Guard
spotter(4) (VC), Dusk warden(3) (IS)
Tacitus; Pyromaniac mage or Cruel Instructor (VC), Ezren (NPC)
Father Donnagain; Loran Allamar or Lacall Allmar (HV)
Acolyte clerics; Glorious Reclamation squire(4) (HV), Aasimar cleric (B1)
Mad Martin;Apperentice jeweler or Old Sailor or (if feeling cruel) Pig farmer (NPC), Jabral Louslik(HV)
Lord Havelyn; Knight of the Ioun Star (IS),Oppian Nevilindor (HV), Knight (NPC)

Probably gonna do Book 3 next as we are going to start that book as soon as we finish Iron Gods AP.

Have to drop a few guys with this bloodline in the vale somewhere! The solar bloodline should make an appearance somewhere too.

Wand of Create water should be worth 350gp.

The price of a wand is equal to the level of the spell × the creator’s caster level × 750 gp.

0-level spells are treated as being 1/2 level.

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-Luck bonus to saves. +1 to one save at first. Then another. Then another.
-Extra use of the domain power Bit of luck. OR another domain power.
-Able to burst in to a kaleidoscope of butterflies á la the Raven's Flight spell.
-Always have safe dreams. +10 to perception checks while sleeping, immune to Nightmare spells and similar effects.
-Use summon monster III to summon a star monarch 1/day.
-Cast sleep or Deep slumber 1/day
-Never get lost while travelling under the stars.
-Reroll a natural 1 1/day.
- x times per day invoke the power of Desna to get a +x luck bonus to a skill check/save/what ever as a swift/move/immediate action.
-Sacred bonus to Perform(Dance) and Perform(Sing)
-Cast one domain spell 1/day. GM picks. Or maybe have the player pick.
-Can use the symbol as a masterwork starknife. May improve with levels.
-Heal double the normal amount with rest. Heal ability damage quicker with rest. Heal ability drain with rest.

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Planescape Torment had the Vrischika's Curiosity Shoppe with some strange items like Baby Oil ("Interested? It's the real thing, of course. Thousands of mewling, mortal babies went into the making of the stuff." ), Devas Tears ("This is a small glass phial labeled as 'Deva's Tears.' They were collected from a deva who was captured during a Blood War skirmish. The fiends tormented the imprisoned angel for eons before he at last escaped – this small bottle holds the twelve tears he shed in that time. Deva's tears are said to soothe the most savage anger... even that of a fiend's tongue.") or Fiend's Tongue ("This is a fiend's silvery tongue floating in a jar of brine. It's said that, once placed into the mouth of any living thing, it will give the ability of speech, even if there was none before").

Cetaceal agathion but I don't really see it as cold based.

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Silver dragon

Thanks Magda! That archetype seems really interesting. What teamwork feats would you choose for the summoned monsters? Paired opportunist, outflank? You say no combat feats, did you use them on summoning feats then?

Can you elaborate a little Magda and JiaYou how you generate those numbers? I have been thinking of making a ranged or reach inquisitor or war priest for our next campaign.

Spoilered just in case.

It is tilted in relation to the gravity of Golarion but inside it has it's own gravity. So no danger of sliding around.

There might be some stairs, I don't remember, but horses and hippopotamuses can climb them.
I have to admit that we have explored only three areas so far so there might be places that prove difficult to navigate with a horse. Or a hippo.

For anyone interested, there are 3 Stained Glass golem pawns in the Hells Rebels pawn set. And one ordinary glass golem in Bestiary 2 pawn box.

You can't combine crossblooded with wildblooded bloodline.

Isuma (an NPC) has a cryo rifle, I wonder what her attack routine looks like in the book.
I don't actually remember any other NPCs using rifle weapons.

Well put Job Lauder, could not have said it better.

I can't find greater stained glass golems on Nethys or d20pfsrd. Did you just slap an advanced template on a normal golem or what?

As far as I know the energy damage bypassing hardness is up to the GM. Good thing your GM allows it.
So your GM did not limit the amount of attacks to 3? Or was it after this that he limited the attacks? What level are you? That damage sounds good but not OP, depending of course on the level.

Update on Book 6 since we have started it. My huge sized behemoth hippopotamus has been able to move all over with no trouble so far, so I expect that a horse has no problems either.

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