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Starting to plan what I'll need for GMing, but have never run any type of official adventure path or anything before (only home games). Does anyone know what would be a rough time estimate for completing each part of Doomsday Dawn?

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I just ran Lost Star this morning with a party of 2 plus a GM NPC. Whole thing took roughly 3 hours. Can’t attest to anything else, but I’d allow at least 4 hours if you have newer players, or even 5 if you’re doing character creation too.

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I just ran it in about 6 hours, but I am rather experienced. My suggestion would be to read the module part you want to play, and then read up on any rules you do not have a firm grasp on.

We did it in 5 1/2 hours with a veteran GM and players (for PF1), but who tend to get off track (albeit in bursts rather than extensively).
PCs scoured the dungeon & players didn't quibble about options.

Had to look up lots of conditions which had been looked up in prep, but there's so much new info to juggle, right?
Would recommend note cards or a cheat sheet until those become second nature.

Yeah, 5 hours for the first part for us as well, once we got character creation out of the way. Though that was skipping two of the encounters - the players were very mission oriented.

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