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I just wanted to get this out here.
Mark Seifter especially, with him always being one of the first to jump into the frying pan, but I really appreciate how much you all are wading into the boiling sea of outraged fans as you handle the PF2 slow unveiling. You guys really don't get enough credit for putting up with us angry geeks. For we are many, we are passionate, and we love our game. This can't be easy, especially with how much work you've put into all of this. So, I just wanted to extend to all of you, a big


You've earned it.

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Agreed and +1.

Also thank you for coffee and tea.

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Hear, hear! Hope you folks at Paizo are having fun.

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Agreed. The consistently positive messaging coming from the Devs is quite appreciated, and I look forward to trying to provide the best playtest feedback I can.

Thank you, indeed! It's really nice to see direct interaction between Paizo and the fanbase, and to even have a public playtest like this is really great.

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I really appreciate the fact that these guys aren't diminishing how great a game 1st edition Pathfinder is as a way to hype up the next edition.

It's also very nice to see such positive interaction, especially since it's easier for vocal (and sometimes even unfair) criticism to stick out more than praise.

I have my doubts about the new edition, but I get the feeling that some of the things I'm not a fan of will make more sense in context come August. The consistent discussion about the reasons behind the changes leaves me optimistic that y'all want to deliver the type of game I want to play, and I'm happy to do what I can to let you make that happen.

One more voice of thanks from me! I can only imagine how hard it must be to keep energy for the task, much less a smiling face before the proverbial camera, with the inevitable surges of outrage and dissatisfaction that surface. I pledge to do my utmost to keep my knee-jerk reactions restrained, to always proofread my own posts, and to wait a full minute then re-read it before hitting submit as the unveiling and playtesting advances!

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Adding to the group hug, I think the direct interaction with their customer base is one of the best things about Paizo, and these men and women are darn brave for sticking their necks out over something people are so ready to grab pitchforks over. I remember somebody in another thread saying they wished all the rules were saved and we didn’t get these bits and pieces, but another user explained that the earlier people got these individual details, the less backlash and the more healthy discussion there would be come August. And I think that’s brilliant. We all have five months to chew on the changes before we get to take a full bite this fall, and hopefully that time span will give everybody the ability to go into the play test with cool heads! Thanks again!


An interactive development staff is the best way to ensure a good product, even if it means that they need to wade through a lot of contradictory criticism.

I have nothing but respect for people who dive into such situations.

I agree. I hope this will actually result in the play-test's feedback meaningfully changing the final product.

Thank you for putting up with us ripping at you. We wouldn’t rip if we didn’t care.

Yeah, I really like the staff at Paizo. They seem like cool people that really care about what they put out.

We're a huge pain in the ass.

Thanks for bearing with us and helping us better understand the rules that are being teased out a tiny bit at a time.

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