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About Charlie Brooks

aka Charlie Martin

Author of Greystone Valley, Conquest of Greystone Valley, Shadowslayers, and Reality Check.

Dad blogger on BabyCenter.com

RPG Works:
- Creature Codex: Corpse Thief
- TRAILseeker #164: "Mightier than the Sword"
- TRAILseeker #162: "Monstrous Music"
- TRAILseeker #155: "The Mines of Mooncrest"
-The Ghol-Gan Heresy
-Wayfinder #18 ("Poppy Leshy")
-TRAILseeker #147: "Way of the Mongrelmen"
-Thirst for Knowledge
-TRAILseeker #146: "On the Move"
-TRAILseeker #142: "Sky Pirates"
-TRAILseeker #140: "Something Wild"
-TRAILseeker #133: "The Power of Prophecy"
-TRAILseeker #130: "Fantasy Noir"
-TRAILseeker #128: "Monstrous Heroes"
-TRAILseeker #125: "Shaking Up Assumptions"
-TRAILseeker #124: "Beldenwood: The Town of Bees"
-TRAILseeker #115: "Fantasy Law, Magical Order"
-Wayfinder #17 ("Agents of the Worldwound")
-Tyranny of Winds, Part One: The Sandstorm Prophecy
-Despicable Deeds
-Wayfinder #15 ("Matters of Faith" and "The Misfits of Wilkesmont")
-TRAILseeker #61: "The Lighter Side of Necromancy"
-Tales from the Laughing Dragon Inn ("A Comfortable Skin")
-Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine (various "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" and "Casting Call" columns, plus my greatest accomplishment: adding wandering harlots to Monopoly through "Epic Monopoly")
-Dragon Magazine ("The Western Wyrms", issue #263)
-Legends of the Lance Newsletter ("Fashions of Palanthas," issue #5)
-Shadis Magazine ("Cyberdata 3000," issue #51, plus various reviews)

Fiction awards won:
-New Millennium Writings Fiction Award - "Eight-Bit Heaven" (2011)
-Glimmer Train Best Start Contest - "Gods and Roses" (2009)
-Chaffin Award for Fiction - "Fantasy as you Like It" (2006)

RPG Contests:
-Kobold Press Lethal Lairs Finalist
--Ambush at the Oasis
-RPG Superstar Season 9 Finalist
--Dangers of the Drowned Garden
--The Faceweaver's Workshop
--The Grimple Playhouse
--Horseshoes of the Storm Rider
-RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32
--The Mekhum Temple
--The Hero's Breath