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Full Name

Elenel Etremenos, the Black Bard


Currently two Drow, two Half-Drow, and one confused Elf.


Usually bard or jester, with occasionally dabbling in scout, swashbuckler, or dread pirate.


Male, except for one of the Half-Drow.




158 for the first. The rest are all newborn.

Special Abilities

Having "shadows" of himself blasted across the multiverse due to being at ground zero for the birth of a Draconic Death God.


Chaotic Idiot, according to companions, with charming tendencies.


Lip service to Je, Draconic Death God. Raspberry to Lolth.


Just about anywhere.


Quite a few.


Adventurer, jack(ass) of all trades.

Strength 12
Dexterity 17
Constitution 12
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 9
Charisma 17

About The Black Bard

(Wow, I havent updated this in LITERAL DECADES)
Alright, you got me. The profile is my favorite D&D character, and my Messageboard Pseudonym. I named a business after this twit, that should tell you something. Mostly, that I am also a twit.

As for me, Morgan Rands, I'm living in southern Oregon with my wonderful Gamer wife, my two kids, and our various cats, dog, chickens, fish, and tortoise. I've started a small business crafting gaming terrain and minis via 3d printing (Black Bard Studios!) as a direct result of encouragement from Ben Loomes of Syrinscape. Oh, and I did work for Syrinscape on a couple of the Pathfinder Adventure Path soundsets!

Currently DMing: Ruins of Azlant, 2 Starfinder Games, soon to start Skull and Shackles.

Currently Playing: Elden Ring (because I hate myself)