The Beat-stick of Wellness!


So I ran into an idea on Imgur, and now I want to see if I can make this work. Would anyone be willing to help?

I'm interested in making a stick that deals positive energy as 'damage', healing the living and harming the undead. The only catch is that the player using it must violently beat the target with the stick in order for it to work properly. Could it be a use-activated wondrous item with unlimited uses, charges per day, or would this fall under another category of item creation? How much would it cost, given the variables?


Addendum; If possible, the item should be Wondrous, acting as Cure mod 10/day, or Cure Crit 5/day, and it is cursed, preventing the targets from willingly receiving it's healing, if being cursed reduces its overall cost. Or at least that's what I've got in my head.

What you're describing is essentially a wand of cure X wounds, that delivers the positive energy via hitting them with it (instead of touching them) which is totally just a flavor change. As well as changing it from a wand, to an item with limited uses per day.

The way the calculations work if you go over 5 uses per day you calculate as an unlimited use item (very expensive).

Personally, I would just rule that you can deliver the healing energy through the "wand" by hitting people with it and saying that you specifically purchase wands that are much larger than average, and shaped like what we would recognize as a baseball bat.

Yeah... I guess... But with charges per day, you wouldn't have to keep buying new 'beatsticks'.

I've never really run into an issue with buying multiple wands.

If you really need to heal up you can just buy boots of the earth (assuming you have down time).

I was looking at this item as a shtick. A healer with a stick that heals those in need, by aggressively beating them.

I understand what you're going for, and I think you can get this by reflavoring a wand to deliver the normally required touch as a "beating" and reflavor the "normally thin stick or baton" that a wand is described as, instead as being a baseball bat.

There is no real reason to create new mechanics for this when reflavoring works fine to cover it.

I would price and have crafting requirements similar to a wand that does the same healing.

Then give it to the rogue with sap master and Sneak Attack heal people whether they like it not.

Shadow Lodge

Actually, with charges per day you'd be encouraged to buy more of them anyway, or ignore them completely and gets wands instead.

Items that aren't as attractive as other options will be sold or never purchased. I can't remember the last time I saw a Belt of Dwarvenkind for instance.

Make it a wonderous item, club. Must deal at least 1 point of damage (not non-lethal) to activate. This would be especially potent vs undead as you would be doing club+str+ cure dmg. Probably 64k

Maybe something like along the lines of a flaming weapon, but positive energy damage instead. If you want to heal AND harm, I might double the enchantment cost to compensate.

*Thelith wrote:
Make it a wonderous item, club. Must deal at least 1 point of damage (not non-lethal) to activate. This would be especially potent vs undead as you would be doing club+str+ cure dmg. Probably 64k

Oh, this!

You could make it based on the Flindbar, which is a one handed D8 exotic weapon. Does bludgeon and piercing damage. Yours could have 1pt lethal piercing damage, always, the bludgeon damage would be your healing damage, and could be doubled with something like sap master because healing would be by all accounts non lethal bludgeoning damage.

Give it to an intimidation focused rogue with the feat that allows free intimidation checks after dealing non lethal damage.

Smack! You like that, punk?!

I feel wonderful. But very confused.

It's not exactly what you're asking for, but the Wracking Rod sounds kind of close...

Using the conductive property? I am now imagining a cleric of Calistria who loads their whips with cure wands and heals by applying...discipline.

"This is for your own good!" *crack whack wchshow*

What would happen if you attempted a coup de grace with such a weapon?

I'll see your healing beatstick and raise you Dokuro-chan's Exalibolg

Merciful Shocking Burst Staff of the Flesh Golem
Aura moderate transmutation CL 15th
Slot none; Price 93,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.

Created from a number of fused bones covered in skin stitched together with wire, with two metal bolts sticking out from the sides of the top of the Staff.
The staff allows use of the following spells:
Polymorph Any Object (into a Flesh Golem only) (2 charges) (for 20min)
Shocking Grasp (1 charge)
This Merciful Shocking Burst Staff (2d6 nonlethal damage, 1d6 of electricity damage, 1d10 of electricity damage on a critical hit), on a successful hit can turn its target into a Flesh Golem (costing 2 charges). If turned, each hit can heal the target 1hp for every 3 points of electricity damage done (constructs are not subject to nonlethal damage).

Construction Requirements
Craft Staff, Polymorph Any Object, Shocking Grasp Cost:46,500 gp

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