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Finally came to my conclusion due to the nature of the campaign and the restrictions of which my GM placed on me.

I probably should've mentioned before, but I'm playing a Halfling Oracle support character. I asked my GM about Leadership and he said I could take it, with the stipulation that he have no starting gear, and the halfling has to fund all gear going towards him. It's kinda brutal to split gold between two characters, but I'll make it work.

That said; I've been looking for a build that needs little to no gear to be functional. This works as a compliment to my support character.

Human Tetori 5
Str 17+2 Int 8
Dex 14 Wis 16
Con 13 Cha 7

Feats; + Bonus Feats
1- Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Stunning Fist, Deadly Grappler, (Dirty Fighting, Combat Reflexes, or Bushwhack?)
2- Stunning Pin
3- Kraken Style
5- Kraken Throttle

As I get to higher levels, I'll finish off with Kraken Wrack and push into Rapid Grappler, Charging Stag, Combat Style Mastery, and Stag Horns. Opinions, advice, recommendations?

I am going into the RotRL campaign, so there will be casters. And FoM is gained at 7th for some casters.

Not sure if I can take the Constructed Pugilist Archetype, considering the tech level of the campaign I'm going in to.

If I go with the Strangler, I'll pick up Improved Unarmed Strike at lvl 3 with the Tetori. I'll also gain Improved Grapple as a bonus, I could also grab Deadly Grappler at 5th, or Bushwhack.

Gotta grapple, pin, crush. or at least that's my idea.
Ontop of that; I only have the unarmed strike damage of a 3rd level monk, which is 1d6, or 1d8 with Deadly Grappler.

With the Strangler 2/Tetori X build; at lvl 5, on a successful grapple, I have 1d8+4+2d6.

I honestly don't know. I could easily change my race, but I really like the idea of playing Killer Croc and his deadly hug repertoire.

Edit; I just remembered I can grab Kraken Style at 3rd, and Kraken Throttle at 5th. The benefit being that I get extra damage, so my previous estimation would be 1d6+4(str)+3(wis)+2d6(sneak attack)+2(throttle). or simply; 1d6+9+2d6. I'd pick up bushwhack for a sneaky grapple-to-pin, and Kraken Wrack for progressive damage.

Secret Wizard wrote:

I think a Brawler makes a better fit in this case, particularly with Charging Stag Style.

It would allow you you to go with something like charge, trip, grapple, pin, execute if you go with the Strangler archetype.

That's what I figured, when I was looking into the Tetori and Strangler archetypes, but someone pointed out Tetori have Inescapable Grasp, which shuts down freedom of movement.

I was set on the Strangler because of the Martial Flexibility. It's a huge boon for variation, but how can I contend with magical effects that impede my ability to... impede?

I'm making a Tetori Monk that takes the "predator vs prey" ideal to a monastic level. He's an ambush predator and that's his favored style of combat.

Lizardfolk Tetori Monk 5
Str 16+2 (racial)
Dex 15+1 (4th)
Con 12+2 (racial)
Int 10
Wis 16
Cha 8

1 Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Bushwhack
2 Stunning Pin
3 Kraken Style
5 Kraken Throttle

I've noticed other feats and styles as well, like Feral Combat Training, Charging Stag Style, and Dragon Style too. I'm really interested in focusing on this ambush predator idea. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if I'm being a pain about all this. I appreciate your help greatly. I just don't want to build a character and have it smashed to bits because of a nitpicky RAW situation.

That's what I figured, but then there's the FAQ.

FAQ wrote:

Fighter: Can I learn a new fighter bonus feat in place of one of my armor proficiency feats?

No. Despite wording in the Armor Proficiency feats, fighters (and other classes) have a class ability that grants proficiency in those armors--it doesn't actually grant those specific feats. Therefore, the fighter's ability to learn a new feat in place of another feat does not apply to these proficiencies.

I know it's a different context, but it's still confusing to have the rules tell you one thing, then have the FAQ state stuff like that.

Chain Mastery specifically states EWP as a prereq, so that's why I'm looking for clarification on the subject. Plus this becomes reference material for anyone who runs into this kind of issue later down the line.

I'm making a Half-Orc Gloomblade, and I'd like to utilize the Spiked Chain as my preferred weapon. My only problem is a RAW legality on Chain Mastery and Dance of Chains.

Does my character need EWP (Spiked Chain) if she's already proficient with Spiked Chains?

I need some clarification on this, because my speculation is that EWP isn't something classes normally grant, which creates the need for EWP as a prereq for Chain Mastery and Dance of Chains.

Name Violation wrote:
Do you have bodyguard, benevolent armor, and the halfling trait helpful?

My GM hasn't worked with traits before so he doesn't fully understand them. I do have bodyguard as well as cautious fighter and blundering defense. I want to get benevolent armor though. That's one of my next item goals.

As for personal defense. I have the ashen path spell, an eversmoking bottle, and obscuring mist spell. So I have some bfc to make it harder for bad guys to hit me.

I'm playing a lvl 7 Halfling Pei Zin Practitioner with the Succor Mystery and Powerless Prophecy Curse.

I'm struggling between two options. Pitiful Foe, or Shell of Succor. I've also discovered about a feat called Harrying Partners which lets Aid Another bonuses last the round, as opposed to the next attack roll, or to AC against the next attack.

I figure I can take an Extra Revelation at 9th to pick up Teamwork Mastery and gain Harrying Partners, but I'm not sure if I should be offensive or defensive with my 7th level revelation.

What would y'all recommend?

I've got an Unchained Monk I'm finishing off, and I just recently found out about this Wanderer Archetype for the Monk. Can it be applied to an Unchained Monk?

I'm asking because at 7th level, the archetype replaces Wholeness of Body with Wanderer's Wisdom, and at 13th it replaces Diamond Soul with Free Step.

Made an Unchained monk last week, had to get it ready for the next session and I was so frustrated with building it that I forgot to put a driving effort behind her. So I came up with a basic backstory for my character which explains her origin and how she became a Monk.

She's a Vudrani woman, born in Absalom. Her parents are traveling traders, so she got to see the world as a child and wound up splitting paths with her family to become a monk after months of soul-searching. She came upon a small temple that was in desperate need of refurbishing and met an old hermit who offered to teach her to become a Warrior Monk. She was hesitant at first, but stayed to help fix up the temple while he taught her the Way of the Blink Dog. After the temple received its much deserved tlc, the hermit sent her on her way as a Monk-Errant to reflect on the lessons he taught her and chase out evil where ever it might hide.

That's about as far as I got. I'm just trying to create a set of precepts for her. After studying Shaolin and its precepts for Warrior Monks, I'm looking for a way to alter them to reflect Ragathiel's Paladin code. Ragathiel is known to employ aasimar, paladins, blink dogs, and kirin as his most common servants. Now while she's not an active worshiper of Ragathiel, her training encourages her to take on the mannerisms of Blink Dogs. That's where an altered set of Precepts is needed. I'm looking for opinions on this.

1- I observe the precept of abstaining from bringing harm to the undeserving.
2- I observe the precept of abstaining from taking that which is not given.
3- I observe the precept of abstaining from sexual misconduct.
4- I observe the precept of abstaining from falsehood.
5- I observe the precept of abstaining from intoxicants that cloud judgement.

Do you think anything should be added, or altered?

So I'm making an unchained monk for an upcoming session; I'm still looking into a vague Code of Conduct, but I'm struggling between Jabbing Style and Pummeling Style, though the idea may be irrelevant later on.

Theory; I am facing a Wizard 30 feet up in the air and I'm using Pummeling Style. I use Abundant Step to charge via Dimensional Assault and strike the wizard with a flurry of blows as per Pummeling Charge. Does this work, RAW?

My goal is to abuse my Abundant Step to close ranks and disable casters.

Pummeling Style; Whenever you use a full-attack action or flurry of blows to make multiple attacks against a single opponent with unarmed strikes, total the damage from all hits before applying damage reduction. This ability works only with unarmed strikes, no matter what other abilities you might possess.

Pummeling Charge; You can charge and make a full attack or flurry of blows at the end of your charge as part of the charge action. You can use Pummeling Charge in this way only if all of your attacks qualify for using Pummeling Style against a single target.

Dimensional Assault; As a full-round action, you use abundant step or cast dimension door as a special charge. Doing so allows you to teleport up to double your current speed (up to the maximum distance allowed by the spell or ability) and to make the attack normally allowed on a charge.

My big question involves these three. Does Dimensional Assault count as a charge for Pummeling Charge?

I found the Highlord class while looking through all the Psionics that Dreamscarred Press has to offer. I really like the class, and I'm making a Half-Giant Sovereign who set out to build a lasting legacy.

So far; this is my build.

Half-Giant Highlord 4 (Tenets of Dominance)
Stats already adjusted; +2 Wis & Str, -2 Dex, +1 bonus (Cha)
Str 16 Int 10
Dex 10 Wis 12
Con 14 Cha 18

1- Expanded Collective, Unwilling Pariticipant (bonus)
2- Collective Focus
3- Ability Focus (Unwilling Participant)

I can go into more detail, if required, but this is the basics of my build I'm working on. I want to focus on abusing conscription, converting enemies to my cause and putting an end to any who would challenge me.

I'm looking into any advice or recommendations on stats, considering I've never actually built a character like this before.

I don't expect to get fully online until lvl 15. I'm focusing on Jabbing Master first, which is my primary combat. The Abundant Step portion is icing on the Kung Fu cake. I was just curious about the game mechanics and if Flying Kick can be used as part of the Dimensional feats. I could perform a dynamic entry from above if it all works out mechanically.

I'm currently playing a lvl 3 UnMonk focusing on the Jabbing style, but I'm thinking of later down the line when I have more "Freedom of Movement".

I'll go over this with my GM soon, but I'm looking into the RAW about this.

At what point in the Dimensional feats, would I be able to combine Abundant Step and Flying Kick, or other Style Strikes?

Maybe I'm not thinking of this properly. The way the 'attack' should work is that if the character is within range, he can attempt a grapple with facial tentacles, bringing the individual in towards a beak, or tentacle, which breaches the skull enabling the character to devour the victim's brain. It's meant to be evil, considering the deity in which this item/ability reflects.

Zarius wrote:
Scotty, this is why you fail... None of that gives him a bite with grab. He'll, near add i cantell, none of that gives him grab.

I figure something like the the Tentacle cloak, but a mask. Four tentacles, 1d4 damage each + grab, and improved grapple to allow the mask to do biting damage like a death-effect.

Ah! Okay; So my character hasn't been implemented yet. I'm waiting for the next campaign, or for my current character to die. Though my current character is quite helpful to the group and everyone seems to have the ability to self-heal.

I want my character, or at least the cult that he's part of, to have members that fleshwarp, or adorn themselves, to share likeness with Cthulhu. So facial tentacles that would give them the 'natural' ability to grapple someone's head, bring it in, and bite down to eat their brains. Like an Illithid, without being an Illithid.

I'm attempting to give my support character a superfluous bite attack with the grab special. I have a few ideas on how to get it, but no solid wording on if it's possible.

First idea; Fleshwarping. Second; Ask GM if I can have it as a racial trait. Third; Find an item that grants that ability.

This idea stems from a Cult within Cheliax, that is part of a character background. Basically the Cult aspire to be like Cthulhu and thus some alter their bodies to reflect his likeness.

I'd like to ask if anyone else has delved into fleshwarping and could help me estimate a cost, or any other ways to procure that ability in question.

Mkay, good to know. I'm considering something for part of a character background and it involves a variant of fleshwarping, which the Drow are renowned for.

So I ran into a topic about the differences between Faerun Drow and Golarion Drow on another site, and I've come here to ask a question that peaked my curiosity.

Are there any families of Drow that live on the surface, maybe in Cheliax?

Yqatuba wrote:
Also could you use wish to remove an acquired template from someone that makes them evil? (broken soul is the one I am thinking of right now) and would they return to their previous alignment then.

Probably? Ask your GM. I know of two ways to change someone's alignment, outside wish and miracle. The Helm of Opposite Alignment, and Greater Bestow Curse. Which could definitely put a damper on a Paladin, Monk, Barbarian, and any other alignment-based class you could think of.

If the "acquired" template is a curse, then Remove Curse, or Break Enchantment, would work as well.

Thanks for the info. The wording was a little unclear for me. I have a monk build in my head for a proper Drunken Master, using the Brazen Disciple archetype. The goal is to feint and use trip, or dirty trick maneuvers.

Note; Drunken Masters don't actually need to drink, they're just really good at making their opponents think they're drunk.

So as I'm reading this feat, I'm pretty impressed by what it lets you do. So my question is; Does this feat allow you to grab greater maneuver feats, without having to get the improved versions? The highlighted section is what I'm scrutinizing.

Dirty Fighting;
Benefit(s): When you attempt a combat maneuver check against a foe you are flanking, you can forgo the +2 bonus on your attack roll for flanking to instead have the combat maneuver not provoke an attack of opportunity. If you have a feat or ability that allows you to attempt the combat maneuver without provoking an attack of opportunity, you can instead increase the bonus on your attack roll for flanking to +4 for the combat maneuver check.

Special: This feat counts as having Dex 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, and Improved Unarmed Strike for the purposes of meeting the prerequisites of the various improved combat maneuver feats, as well as feats that require those improved combat maneuver feats as prerequisites.

So I've been trying to think of a way to add an Elan PC into a PF campaign, and I came up with a way, but I'm not sure how it pans out. Advice is welcome.

There's no real knowledge as to how Elans came about, nobody really knows the exact details, or events, except that some are chosen, and changed into Elans through some unknown process. So I thought I'd make it my character's background considering that Pathfinder Campaigns don't have Psionics in their campaigns.

Cut to Hell's Vengeance; The character's family is Chelish Nobility. The father a minor part of the slave trade within the Chelaxian Empire, who sought to utilize mutable methods and turn useless trash into something outstanding. He studied fleshwarping and it's effects on physical, attempting to vary it and manipulate the mind as well. His goal is to provide slaves tailored to the buyer's desires. A fully capable body, and a highly malleable mind, keyed to the owner.

I digress, though, as his attempts to bolster and mould the minds of slaves lead to further study in a discovery of 'magic' without an arcane or divine source.

Imagine, if you will, a bodyguard capable of disarming and crippling an assailant with only a thought, yet completely submissive to the will of the owner.

He ran out of slaves, and because he had several children, tried a refined method with his youngest daughter. The process stripped away every bit of her essence except for the most resilient traces of Azlanti blood. What rose from the experiment was, in all senses a Pure-Blood Azlanti, and yet clearly an aberration.

So the idea is that Elans are an attempt at creating functionally versatile slaves through refined experimentation with fleshwarping, and their origins hold within Cheliax.

What do you guys think?

Hah! We found two sarcophagus', one emanated evil, so we bound it down. While I was investigating the other, I discovered it was a mimic. We slew it, and sold the sarcophagus, sealed. Didn't even bother opening it. We took almost everything that wasn't nailed down, and even absconded with the billiard table. Though we did leave the adamantine trap door, and didn't even consider looting, let-alone harming, the friendly NPCs. We even talked our way out of several combat situations. I'm guessing it's the non-violent approach that's costing us in loot.

Since it's a low-treasure campaign, we should at least have 16,000g individually. I'll ask my GM if we can have a side-mission or something to make up the difference, so that we're not under-equipped when going into the fourth book.

Also, it's gonna be a bit hard to convince her, because we're doing pretty well against the non-magical enemies we keep running in to.

My party is nearing the beginning of the fourth chapter in the Carrion Crown campaign, and I'm curious if there's something wrong with our character wealth. I'm playing a Ratfolk Investigator and I damn-near sniff out every inch of every place we've encountered thus far. I've calculated my character's equipment and items, and I've got about... 9000g of personal wealth, not counting expendables that've been used.

I've got a +1 Mithral Rapier, Rapier, Bloodstained Handaxe, mw silver dagger, mithral shirt, buckler, cure light & cure mod potion (one each), a formula alembic, and a handy haversack. That's about it. And I'm pretty sure the rest of the party does as well.

Now I checked the GMG and, if I'm reading it right, each of us should have roughly 33,000g in gear. Rationing that out with the rule of thumb that no item should be more than half that, I'd say we're missing quite a bit of hidden fortune.

Is there some secret stash that the whole party is missed, or am I just paranoid and Carrion Crown is a seriously low-treasure campaign?

I mean, could I use Craft Wondrous Item to create an incandescent blue sphere, using Animal Affinity as a prereq instead of Owl's Wisdom. Cool thing about Psionics is I only need one power to cover what six arcane spells could do.

I'm making a Vitalist, and I'm planning on buying/making ioun stones and implanting them. I have a few questions on this subject because things don't always go as planned. A few of these are most-likely going to be directed to my GM, but I'm going to ask them here anyways.

1- Can I make ioun stones with psionic powers?
2- Are they still called ioun stones if they're psionic in nature?
3- Would I be allowed to enhance an ioun stone after it's implanted into my character's flesh?

I'm interested in technical ruling, because some of the ioun stones say "stacks" and I feel that's redundant if you can increase the powers of individual ioun stones.

When I said "group pacing" I meant that my group in general wants to keep the story rolling. No downtime, which sucks, because I'd love downtime to attune with ioun stones and surgically implant them, however I come across them.

FYI; We're not doing Hell's Vengeance right yet, we're still in Carrion Crown and I've got a different character in that setting.

Alright, well where should I adjust the personality then? My character is still going to be a sadist that gets off on torture, but one who wills herself to fit in with regular society. A 'model' citizen of Chelish culture. If the GM does campaign traits, I'll choose the Chelish noble who's family is rising in slave-trade.

I'm looking for an elaborate list of laws known in Cheliax, because I'm going to play a NE 3pp character that buys/kidnaps/enslaves on the rare occasion, but only for a specific reason. She's a sadist and an off-brand manipulator, who gets off on torturing her prey, very slowly, when she's got the opportunity to do so, but I'm in doubt that we'll have time considering the group's preference on pacing.

I want to say that my character has preference towards younger subjects, because of how easily they succumb to fear, like Pennywise without the makeup.

The character in question is described to be Elan and a former Azlanti, or a clone, yet to be decided. Elan creation is relatively unknown, and left to speculation. She'll have pure Azlanti features, Deep red hair, and pale white skin, which would benefit her only so much.

Blah, blah, blah. I'm looking for the laws of Cheliax to help build my character so I don't go around doing something that would draw a lot of attention outside what the campaign provides. The character tortures, kills, and eats peasants/slaves, preferably children, anything that she can legally get away with.

Would anyone happen to have a list?

So I saw this guy while watching a playthrough of Dark Souls 2.
Imperious Knight

It made me curious if someone has already attempted this, or if there's a way to do this with two tower-shields, or a single tower-shield made for this purpose. It's incredibly intimidating, and even more so when he's swinging those shields around like a pair of greatswords.

Obviously I'd play a bit more aggressively, but having this as an NPC would be an interesting situation to deal with. What do y'all think?

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I've been wanting to create a Necromancer for a long time, and it's been a shtick that all Necromancers are evil. So I've come up with an idea for a Metacreative Psion that creates ectoplasmic facsimiles of skeletons, zombies, etc... with the Astral Construct power. Now I doubt I'll be able to make an epic-scale army, but after leveling enough, I could fall into Thrallherd and build an army of believers that excel in theatrics, and construction.

I'm not actually a bad guy, and I do it all for appearance. In a pinch I can conjure up constructs that appear as I need them, spreading fear in my wake. #BFCFTW. Like a moving house of horrors, I travel to give people a fright for fun and make coin from it. I could literally design adventures for common folk to be 'heroes' for a bit. Something to brighten their world-weary lives.

Do you guys think it could work? I would definitely build the character for BFC, but have this in mind for the build as well. So I don't want to tank Charisma, use Int for Craft (Sculptures), and round out my Wis, Dex, and Con, for reasonable saves. Str is my dump stat 100%

Well, GMs swapped half-way through because my original GM was dealing with his business at the time; he had no time to prepare for sessions.

The 2nd GM stated that there was a doppleganger of my character, as a result of his semi-self-sacrifice. My character had a split-personality disorder and decided to sacrifice one of the personalities, upon consensus that no evil should hold such power over. So My character and the 'doppleganger' were stuck in a long drawn-out war with each other over control of Occipitus for a few millennia, which is more than ample time to gather levels to accommodate for that, and time to change it. If my GM approves of the idea, it would mean that my character won that war and the rest would work itself out gradually.

I'm going straight to my friend after I post this, but I need to get this tangle of information out of my head and organize it.

My original character was a level 17 Alchemist with the Smoking Eye template. He became the Lord of Occipitus in the Shackled City campaign, and I would like to continue his story into godhood. The party failed Cauldron, and it lies in a ruin of volcanic ash, fractured earth, and lava.

Now; My GM has a homebrew world that's disconnected with the gods. Some BBEG destroyed the bridge between other planes so that evil could take over the world. I imagine the BBEG succeeded, but I want to help bring light back to that world. My friend even has a painting that bridges his world to the Shackled City campaign to bring potential heroes to restore the 'light'.

My plan is for my character to sacrifice everything he is and has, including all life on Occipitus, to create a duplicate called Ambrosia, sealed within a crystal orb. He is to go through the painting with Ambrosia, bringing a powerful fount of divine energy, to a place devoid of interference from outside planes. So he'll basically start over as a lvl 1 character with a crystal orb containing a piece of eden that might turn the tide against the evils in his world.

What do you guys think? Should I change anything, fix up some ideas? What class path should I try for? I'm guessing something divine and charismatic, but I'm not sure what path I should choose.

I was looking at this item as a shtick. A healer with a stick that heals those in need, by aggressively beating them.

Yeah... I guess... But with charges per day, you wouldn't have to keep buying new 'beatsticks'.

So I ran into an idea on Imgur, and now I want to see if I can make this work. Would anyone be willing to help?

I'm interested in making a stick that deals positive energy as 'damage', healing the living and harming the undead. The only catch is that the player using it must violently beat the target with the stick in order for it to work properly. Could it be a use-activated wondrous item with unlimited uses, charges per day, or would this fall under another category of item creation? How much would it cost, given the variables?


Addendum; If possible, the item should be Wondrous, acting as Cure mod 10/day, or Cure Crit 5/day, and it is cursed, preventing the targets from willingly receiving it's healing, if being cursed reduces its overall cost. Or at least that's what I've got in my head.

Ratfolk Inspired Blade/Empiricist. Started working the watch a couple years ago after a short experience in adventuring. Looking to settle in Riddleport, he took up into the Watch for money and started collecting trinkets from jobs. He hopes to set up a nice warren and start a family as soon as he can find a proper mate. If that doesn't work out, at least he's got a stash of baubles to buy a longer lifespan.

This is mainly why I want to find another group to play with. I know she's a greenhorn GM, and she wants everyone to have fun equally... I just really need to sit down with the group and let em' know how I feel about this whole situation.

I've got a bad case of poor self-esteem. As an attempted trap detector, and the only one with perception and disable device maxed, I still failed because of poor rolls and well placed traps. I'm even running around takin' 20s to find these things, and I still manage to muck it up, so my friend jokes with me about it. It hurts because I'm the only one in the party that can do the job. It makes me want to stop playing the character and do my own thing, which would invariably clash with the rest of the party.

I'm not skeptical, I know it's magical and not classified as armor. I just don't want my GM to fiat my character and effectively ruin my enjoyment for the game.

It's hard enough having scent and not being able to use it as frequently as I'd like. I'm pretty sure oozes have odor, don't they?

The schools I have in mind are Conjuration, or Transmutation. Sub Schools would be Teleportation, Extradimension, or Enhancement.

Just a few ideas though.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
Jurassic Pratt wrote:
Master of Many Styles can't be chosen with Unchained Monk.
But you can pair MoMS with levels in the Brawler class, which I believe is the plan if you read closely.

The whole point was to figure out what constitutes as armor, RAW and RAI. Monks, vanilla & unchained, lose their AC bonus when wearing any armor. Bracers are, by definition armor that goes over your forearms, so that's why I was inquiring.

Side addendum; I'm still heavily debating. I've got several character ideas, and I'm struggling to decide which one I should use if my current character dies.

It'd either be a brawler or monk that ran away from home to avoid an arranged marriage, and her adventures draw her to the Worldwound to test her mettle against the demons that spew from it. The choices here are a Pummeling Style Brawler, or a Jabbing Style UMonk, both of which are rather fun build ideas. The first based on STR, and the second on DEX.

Or a Tiefling Arcanist that was subject to magical mishap, being caught in the backfire of a failed polymorphing spell. She is now an Anthropomorphic Sheep, wandering after artifacts in hopes that she can reverse the effects. The accident was in the mana wastes between Nex and Geb. Her teacher was attempting to restore the magical equilibrium to a portion of the wastes.

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Came up with an idea for a Tiefling Arcanist.
When training with her professor, she was caught in the backfire of a failed polymorph spell and transformed into an anthropomorphic sheep. Since the accident, she has doubled her efforts in study with hopes that she might end this rather embarrassing condition. She's currently in pursuit of artifacts to channel her magic and reverse the effect. She's quite an adept caster, but her sheepish instincts tend to hurt her efforts. Can she gather enough arcane prowess to undo her teacher's magical faux pas?

The premise is that she's studying into artifacts that could effectively reverse this her condition, but her primary course of study involves conjuration and battlefield control.

As for stats, I imagine this might work;
Str 10 Int 18
Dex 16 Wis 14
Con 14 Cha 8

Though I'm still deciding on if I should go with School Savant, or attempt a vanilla arcanist. Whatdo you guys think?

Well, I'm actually changing my build-plan a bit, my goal is to dole out a ton of damage as quickly as possible. So I'm dipping two levels in master of many styles with a brawler build to mix Pummeling and Jabbing styles. MAXIMUM EFFORT!!! If I'm right about it, I'd be doling out an extra d6 of damage with each consecutive hit after the first, and it'd all stack together via pummeling style, before DR is applied.

You guys helped me greatly with this. I'll work with my friend to see if we can pull of a powerful flanking pain-train.

Well I appreciate the answers I've received. So as far as I can gather, the warpriest will outpace me because of access to divine magic. So there really isn't anything I can do with my unchained monk, within the rules, to outpace a warpriest in AC, right?

Even if I were to have the Qinggong Power (Barkskin)?

I don't know why either, but my GM looked at the Unchained Monk when I proposed it as a character, and she questioned the whole "AC Bonus" aspect. The Warpriest is going heavy AC, trying to make himself impossible to hit, while still wrecking house with damage. I feel like he's lackluster because the Ranger is doing insane damage, and I'm doing a minimum of 8 damage with each attack, as a swashtigator.

When I say "Questioned" I mean that she's worried I'll outpace the Warpriest and ruin his fun, making him want to quit. I don't want it either, but the Unchained Monk and Warpriest are classes with scaling damage, and he's got a 3/4ths BAB compared to my full BAB.

I just want to have fun, and I think my fun will be found in an abnormal monk.

I was reading up on the ability and this is what I'm curious about;
When unarmored and unencumbered, the monk adds his Wisdom bonus (if any) to his AC and CMD. In addition, a monk gains a +1 bonus to AC and CMD at 4th level. This bonus increases by 1 for every four monk levels thereafter, up to a maximum of +5 at 20th level.

These bonuses to AC apply even against touch attacks or when the monk is flat-footed. He loses these bonuses when he is immobilized or helpless, when he wears any armor, when he carries a shield, or when he carries a medium or heavy load.

What's the definition of armor in this situation? Is it anything that grants an armor bonus, or is made with the intent to be used as armor? If so, would that mean that Bracers of Armor nullifies the AC Bonus?

It's a stupid question, but I'm trying not to ruin the fun for a party member who plays a 'versatile' War Priest.

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