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Hey all! I'm new to the boards but I'm interested in running a game. I currently have a course of ideas rattling around. I'm thinking of;

An L5R 4th Ed game that's set around the time of the Scorpion Clan Coup but with heavily altered history.

A homebrew sandbox Dungeon World campaign with heavy emphasis on player choice.

A Saga Edition game, likely Clone War era exploring the effects of the war on the players as they go through it.

A Pathfinder Adventure Path, likely Strange Aeons.

A heavily added onto version of the Ragnarok campaign from Scion.

If anyone is interested in ANY of these games, please indicate so here! If I get enough interest, I'll go ahead and put it to a vote.

A bit about me;
I'm 32, a lifetime gamer and GM. I'm not new to PBP but I am new to the Paizo boards. I will post at least once a day and expect the same from others. I'm pretty open to just about any official material though will have preferences with race/class in certain situations.

Hope to game with you all!

I've been interested in a Pathfinder Strange Aeons game for some time.

That is not uncommon!

I'd be interested in Star Wars Saga and possibly Dungeon World. Maybe Strange Aeons depending on what the build rules are like.

I would be up for a Strange Aeons or the homebrew sandbox. I would love to join

YoricksRequiem wrote:
I'd be interested in Star Wars Saga and possibly Dungeon World. Maybe Strange Aeons depending on what the build rules are like.

Star Wars Saga for me, I'd definitely like to play a Clone Trooper.

Don't know the other systems and I run Strange Aeons and it's not the type of AP you can run and play in I think.

I can understand that. Definitely would ruin some of the atmosphere if you know the twists.

First of all, Welcome! for the most part, the people here are friendly and reasonable.

I'll echo Saga edition of Star Wars, but I would also vote for L5R, as I truly love the setting. I'd also be interested in playing Scion, mainly because I had a bad time running it and would like to see where things went wrong.

I'm curious to know what the bad time was!

Mostly Strange Aeons and Saga so far :P

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Intersted in eberything exept saga.

Saga Edition can be a lot of fun, and the Clone Wars is a ripe period for interesting campaigns, so I'll put forward my interest there. I'd also be down for Scion--it's a neat system, and I don't have a ton of experience with it but I'd love to play some more. Dungeon World might pull me in as well; I played it briefly on here a ways back, and it was interesting.

Starwars always get's my interest :)

The short form is I ran Scion for about a year of weekly games. The first few months were good, but I missed something and suddenly the characters in the game were so powerful that I couldn't challenge them without killing them.

Alot of people question the CR system, but at least it's a yardstick...

Ahhhh. Yeah, combat tends to skew as either super easy or super deadly. Especially the ones that are official scenarios.

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I am interested in Saga Edition though if you go with that would like to get a better feel for it, a military game or people caught up in it as they go along? Republic, Seperatist or other?

I'd be interested in Strange Aeons but am currently GMing the first book, for full disclosure.

I am also interested in L5R.

The Saga Edition game would be a military game, Republic-focused. I'd be considering disallowing Jedi. The game would focus a bit more on the players as people. Don't get me wrong, there'll be plenty of combat (it's Star Wars, after all); but I'd want to look more at how your characters deal with what happens than anything else.'re a civilian contractor, brought in for your mechanical expertise. What happens when all of a sudden Trade Federation droids start slaughtering people in front of you? How do you, as a soldier, react to a Jedi fall to the dark side and kill the rest of your squad? That sort of thing.

If we do end up playing L5R, we would be in the right timeframe for me to be engaged to Hida O-Ushi. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, and she's one of the hottest L5R cards I ever owned...

Why don't you like yourself? :p

Any system but base pathfinder :) i enjoy the chance to try out new things.

L 5R has started Here

I'd love to play L5R or Scion, especially Ragnarok. I'd play any of them but Star Wars though.

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