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One thing I always think about when handing out magic items is that somebody made that item. So I always mentally compare what I see handed out as loot to what is actually crafted by players. Usually I see the big 6, pearls of power, (edit: 1st level wands like clw), and a random smattering of scrolls being crafted. Then I think of this comic where someone crafts a Bag of Tricks and realize I'll probably never see anyone do that in a game.

So what items do you usually see crafted? Any odd items?

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I really haven't seen a lot of player crafting take place, pretty much just Weapons and Armor, Potions and Scrolls.

I cant think of ANY rings or staves being crafted.

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Other than potions (bonus feat for alchemists, witches can also take the Cauldron hex at 1st level) and scrolls (bonus feat for wizards), the number one item creation feat is Craft Wondrous Item (for three of the "big six," plus most of the "normal" magic gear such as boots of striding and springing/boots of speed, efficient quiver, handy haversack, etc.). After that, in order:

Craft Wand (especially healing)
Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Craft Rod (especially metamagic)
Forge Ring

Rarely, a character will take Craft Staff (generally a staff magus or a wizard qualifying for the Staff-Like Wand arcane discovery) or Craft Construct (only if the character is focused on that concept).

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My alchemist in a homebrew campaign realized at 5th level that he was the highest-level caster in several hundred miles. He learned Craft Magic Arms and Armor. Then the GM told me about the metal and lumber shortage so that the alchemist could not purchase any masterwork arms and armor to enchant, beyond what the party already had. In frustration, my 18-intelligence alchemist put his next level's skill points into Profession(Prospector) and found more metal ore himself. He became wealthy but without time for enchanting. He never made potions with his Brew Potion feat; instead, the infusion discovery to share extracts was sufficient.

In my Jade Regent campaign, the magus learned Craft Magic Arms and Armor, the sorcerer learned Craft Wondrous Items, and the oracle learned Craft Wand for The Hungry Storm module, which is about a three-month trip over the polar ice cap. I allowed them to craft at 1/4 rate late at night via Rings of Sustenance and to use scavenged magical materials from defeated magical creatures. The magus enchanted armor, the sorcerer made Cloaks of Resistance and Handy Haversacks, and the oracle put Cure Light Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, and Resist Energy on wands.

In my Iron Gods campaign, the skald had Scribe Scroll from her class and learned Craft Wand to make wands of Cure Light Wounds and Snowball. The magus provided the spell for Snowball. The skald planned to enchant spells from her Spell Kenning ability onto wands, but has not had time to make high-level wands. The magus recently learned Craft Wondrous Item at 7th level but so far has made only a pair of Engineer's Workgloves. The fighter has taken a 3rd-party feat better than Master Craftsman that will let him learn Craft Magic Arms and Armor.

But for non-magical crafting, the gunslinger and the bloodrager in Iron Gods game have made their own firearms. The gunslinger with the help of a friendly repair drone (Leadership cohort) built functional low-level robots from scavenged parts (Leadership minions). And the party is restoring a small spaceship!

Virtually nothing. There aren't any classes that can craft anything magical except for the Bard, and it honestly would never occur to the player to do so.

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Often each player takes a crafting feat, especially in APs. It sucks to be at the whim of the leavings or the GM when your character is best suited to the use of certain items. Besides it's often fun to add crafter and tinker to the traits of a character.

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In my Kingmaker game two players have creation feats: wands, rings and wonderous items. Kingmaker is a bit atypical tough in so that it gives you years of time to craft. If the players do not abuse it creation can also get pretty funny and useful.

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Valet Familar + Craft Wondrous Item is the most popular in my games for Amulet of Natural Armor, Cloak of Resistance, Pearls of Power, Belts/Headbands of Stats, tasty tasty ioun stones, wayfinders, and Handy Haversacks.

My players usually buy their rings of protection and rings of sustenance.

Sometimes I see craft arms and armor but it is more rare.

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My witch has crafted toys for the children in Sandpoint following the events that keep screwing that place over in RotRL.

Oh, you mean stuff useful to characters. In that case, nothing, my group isn't very fond of the crafting rules. *shrug*

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Aside from the basics, one major use I have is doubling up in a slot.

I also have a crafted staff (CLW, Garden of Peril), Bead of Newt Prevention, Diadem of Inspiring Rule, Ring of Seven Lovely Colors, Ring of Mind Shielding & of the Sublime, Quickdraw Spined Mithral Shield +1 (& Fearless), Spring Loaded Wrist Sheath of Vigor, Vest of the Deep (chest), Charm +2 Skill(X), and a Quarterstaff of Entwined Serpents

The party has made an item of Make Whole, a Homunculus, a leshy, spider climb boots, lyre of building, and more.


Everything. Both those listed in the Core and those not.
(The only exceptions being evil items. We do make those, we break them.)

Right now our cleric's getting ready to flex some potionmaking muscle; at least, he's building a quiet monastery to Irori in Sandpoint that the barbarian's trying to subtly redecorate as a Gorumite fortress. Said barbarian is actually the only other one out of the group (we also have a bard, a sorcerer, and a rogue) that's going for crafting; she made her MW greataxe herself, and is heading for Craft Magic Arms and (Not Any) Armour.

Almost nothing. Every now & then a potion will be brewed. We just don't spend a lot of time making our own items. We rely upon whatever we find & whatever we can trade for.

Right now I'm running a cavalier/Hellknight who has Craft: Armor. I took it mostly so that I can keep my own armor in good repair - as I doubt I'll be finding another suit of HK armor lying about. If I ever get a chance to add more magic to it A) bonus!, B) very surprised.

I think for fun I would make a ring of sustenance. It'd only take around four days. Then you have six extra hours devoted to crafting...

My wizard in RotRL has enchanted some weapons and armor, some big six items womdrous items, quick runners shirts, haversacks, lots of scrolls, some custom move increase boots, and lots more scrolls. Our cleric has made a couple of wands.

Nothing like a wand of mage armor for your monk buddies.

Are people here including instances of somebody (usually a Wizard) enchanting their Bonded Object?

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I think that a few wonderous items have been crafted by the party I was GMing. We kind of put the game into retirement mode after they hit 17th level. I never gave them much time for crafting, so I probably should have just had them re-train whatever crafting feats they chose. I probably won't bother picking up any crafting feats with my cleric in the campaign we are playing in now either... It just seems like a boring way to have my character spend his down-time

If it's up to me, nothing. Crafting is 100% banned, in exchange magic marts are easily and readily accessible. Get most anything you want, but you're gonna pay for it, dammit.

Things I have seen crafted:
- Wondrous Items
- Wands (1st level only)
- Metamagic type rods
- Customized Staves
- Arms and Armor

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A thought provoking article from Raging Swan this week on similar topic.

Making Magic items magical

Still playing in lower level AP (RoRL), so very little except a few potions and scrolls. I did knock out a Druid Vestment in our last campaign just before we stopped to start the AP.

I'm implementing ABP in my campaign, which just hit 5th, but I plan on no "magic marts" anymore so I'm going to work more of the dynamic crafting aspect and rely more on wish-listing as well for loot. Generally my goal is to make magic items more rare, do more unique things rather than just damage type and magic bonus. That being said it'll make crafting items more of an exploratory part of the game I hope.

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I have a player who loves making Wasp Nest of Swarming. Its a hell of an item.

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I think the most recent unusual item my party made was a pair of Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver.

In one higher-wealth campaign we had a lot of minor crafted items floating around, including All-Weather Boots (permanent Endure Elements), a Bag of Tricks, a portable bathtub, and - probably the most bizarre - a rubber duck that quacked when it detected evil auras. Imagine finding that in a dragon's hoard.

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Of course the best wand, is cure light wounds. Are you a cleric? Does being forced to be a heal bot, because you have a unique concept and build that can't worry about testing every scratch? Make a CLW wand. Crafted quickly, and you can shove it on whoever has UMD so they can heal themselves! In all seriousness, wands and staves are the easiest work around to limited spells a day, and they don't really take too long to make. Worthwhile investment.

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MageHunter wrote:
Of course the best wand, is cure light wounds. Are you a cleric? Does being forced to be a heal bot, because you have a unique concept and build that can't worry about testing every scratch? Make a CLW wand. Crafted quickly, and you can shove it on whoever has UMD so they can heal themselves! In all seriousness, wands and staves are the easiest work around to limited spells a day, and they don't really take too long to make. Worthwhile investment.

I'll confess - this particular wand I have a love/hate relationship. First impression, I just don't like the idea of that easy of healing because of some 1E ingrained bias - it just feels cheap at times to me (on the one hand). Then...at the same time as a GM it actually allows me -a lot- of flexibility to push the party deeper into an encounter day by keeping everyone's HPs up. it could actually be argued that CLW wand is one of the few ways to ensure "casters" will run out of spells before the fighters have to stop for HPs.

I probably got the most GM enjoyment out of it running oneshot dungeon crawls, you can cover a lot of dungeon rooms when HPs are less an issue.

Nothing against them, the DMs I have rolled alongside tend to shy away from magical crafting, but regard mundane stuff as fair play. Nothing against them, they simply preferred simpler play.

In a session zero (intro night), I simply (notice the running trend?) opted to load out with my Traveller's Any-Tool (3rd Level start with equivalent character wealth), DM asked me what I was doing in-character to prep along with goals/aspirations, and luckily stumbled into the craftsmen in-town who allowed me use of their facilities (my wealth to pay for crafting materials, their tools) and spent the next couple of days rolling for my weapon, armor, and some metal adventuring gear (1 point spent each in Armor-Black-Weaponsmithing). Patience and low-roll thresholds (neither of us were experts in crafting mechanics and both of us were researching it as I went) led me to starting the game with an adamantine bastard sword (Master Tinker gnome alternate trait= free proficiency) and mithral Kikko armor, got in a MW Light Shield to finish outfitting my Oracle and RPed incorporating Holy Symbols onto all three pieces of equipment to cover my butt during casting.

Everyone spent their starting wealth + 3000GP on getting two magic items (typically CoR & RoP/AoNA), and I ended up favorably jockeying masterwork exotic-material equipment. Took a couple of pre-campaign "days" but I still got my roleplay in whenever my Gnome PC left the workshops to schmoz around the starting settlement and socialize with my comrades. As the campaign progressed, my first 4k went towards getting those critical pieces of equipment enchanted whilst they were making do with the random drops or hoarding money for their first magic western weapons and armors.

How the heck did you craft an adamantine bastard sword in anything less than a year or two of downtime? How did you make the DC15 and DC20 checks reliably with only a point in craft?


+2 from Int, +3 because it's a class skill, +1 from the point invested. Traveler's Any-Tool +2 Circumstance bonus. Obsession (Weaponsmithing): +2 Racial Bonus to that skill specifically as a Gnome.

+10 Weaponsmithing at L1.
+8 Armorsmithing and Blacksmithing.

He was consulting the rulebook while I browsed PFSRD and gave me a DC of 20 (we were wrong) for a MW weapon and the armor. Granted a weekly check for each for the pre-campaign roleplaying. Gnome crafted during the day, socialize morning and night at a rate of 1K GP actual value/day of labor. Two armor rolls failed by more than five; designated those failures towards MW shield so I didn't lose my armor. Progress delayed and allowed to resume progress. The party was waiting on me, but I insisted that my PC would not leave town to go "adventuring" without

Referencing Adamantine Longsword now as an example, where he and I failed was to account for the increase DC for Adamantine (24, likewise for Armor being Mithril, was supposed to be 22). The DC could've been 26 as Bastard Sword IS an exotic weapon but I was persistent in asking for a roll and he made a call (had I known, I still would've feigned ignorance as opposed to retconning myself). He measured my work progress by GP/Day ratio, instead of the four days that Adamantine does take, and eventually, the campaign was ready to launch at our next meeting. Trail Rations are cheap, I create water as an orison, and I was a miser, so the party had to treat me to this Tavern establishment adventurers are always assembling at.

Curious _Ozy_, and no vitriol or sarcasm intended, where does the years of down-time estimate come from? I was a goober referencing the SRD on the fly at our session zero just trying to create a loadout that would work, and didn't see that.

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Avaricious wrote:
Curious _Ozy_, and no vitriol or sarcasm intended, where does the years of down-time estimate come from?

Because mundane crafting is measured in silver pieces per week, not GP/day.

It sounds like you applied the magical item crafting rates to mundane crafting by mistake.

Damn! Welp, I have to own that mistake. Thanks for the enlightenment Weirdo... funny enough that link is exactly what I was reading from then ^_^

There I was: "Crafting is eezy! Tink-tink-tink..."

It's been a while since I've not seen a full caster without Craft Wondrous Item. In one game, the witch makes wands, potions and rings while the cleric makes wondrous and weapons/armor. In other, both the Wizard and Oracle make wondrous items.

One thing I see almost every session is the crafter upgrading one piece of gear - raising the fighter's ring of protection +1 to +2 (or cloak, belt, armor, etc). The crafter's downtime days are heavily disputed between the other group members - we generally tip as well.

Answering the OP, I've seen mostly those "necessary" items being crafted and upgraded, like the "big six". For some reason the wizards in my groups never use their Scribe Scroll properly (last session the wizard had to use a limited wish to replicate a true strike spell to manage hitting an important touch spell).

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Avaricious wrote:
Kobold (I see you in so many threads ^_^)

Aahahaha! I'm inescapable!

*Leaps through portal*

*Leaps out*


I'm playing an occultist who's doing a lot of wondrous item crafting for his team (I need to do nice things for my buddies to make them forget that he's a kender and they want him to die). I wanted to make matching hats of disguise, but all I've had time for so far is cloaks of resistance. Still, it's a low WBL campaign, so his services are probably going to be really important coming up!

I'm currently crafting a Holy Avenger. It will be at least 5-6 more levels before I can finish it though.

Hired a Dwarven Blacksmith in Magnimar to craft the blade, a masterwork Cold Iron Longsword with Dragonskin Grip from a White Dragon and Silver-Plated Quillions. The blade has the name of the Empyreal Lord Falayna engraved into the blade, which will be Gold Plated save for the edges which will retain the Cold Iron black.

Slowly assembling the other elements needed to finalize the weapon. Then 5-6 levels to enchant it.

It sounds lovely!

Downtime is usually the problem with crafting. Since it is often limited the most practical things to craft are generally low level wands or enchantments added to existing items at +50% for sharing the slot.

However, there’s a Witch in one game who recently took Forge Ring for the express purpose of making herself a Ring of Freedom of Movement. Now other PCs have begun commissioning them too as well as getting her to upgrade their other rings. That same Witch has CWI and Brew Potion, and out of combat healing in that game is generally accomplished by drinking her potions, which she’s able to brew quickly since the DM gave her a “Blackwick Cauldron” as a gift. That game happens to have a lot of downtime and relatively few options for buying magic items, so the DM encouraged us to craft.

I personally think there should be an option to brew potions in “big batches” of 50 or so. Wands would still have a place they don’t draw an AoO, have better action economy for repeat usage, and can hold both “Personal” and 4th level spells. Folks wouldn't have to stand around waiting for the wand jockey to heal them between combat using wands of CLW though, and those who didn't care to invest in UMD would have a little more magical autonomy.

@MageHunter - Using the Ring of Sustenance for extra crafting time is pretty controversial in some circles. I personally don’t see a problem with it, but some folks think the benefit is unintended.

Avaricious wrote:

Damn! Welp, I have to own that mistake. Thanks for the enlightenment Weirdo... funny enough that link is exactly what I was reading from then ^_^

There I was: "Crafting is eezy! Tink-tink-tink..."

Yup, mundane crafting is crazy impractical, especially for high value items.

It may be 'realistic' to take a year to craft a set of mithril full plate armor, but it certainly puts it outside the realm of normal PC activities.

I'm personally a fan of allowing starting PCs (even 1st level ones) to craft their gear if they've got the skills/feats. It might make a Fighter who puts ranks into crafting armor and weapons a little stronger at 1st level, but that seems OK to me. It also helps out Wizards with Scribe Scroll and Alchemists or Witches who can brew potions.

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