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Ceanmaps wrote:
Draven Torakhan wrote:
Jhaeman wrote:
Can you explain a bit more what the challenge you're having with it is? Is it the size of the area, drawing the terrain, etc.?
Basically, I've got this map. I just need to know what size to ask for when I take it up to Staples to get printed out; because it's too difficult for me to redraw on my grid-mat.

Nice to see my stuff getting Used :D

That map have 40x40 Grid, I Recomend 1x1 Inch Squares so I would Print it 40x40 Inch (Or 100x100 cm) Most of my Maps are 40x40 or 20x20 (its an early map on my new Stuff the Grid size is noted)


Beautiful job on it, I'm glad I found it; thanks for putting content out there~

Jhaeman wrote:
Can you explain a bit more what the challenge you're having with it is? Is it the size of the area, drawing the terrain, etc.?

Basically, I've got this map. I just need to know what size to ask for when I take it up to Staples to get printed out; because it's too difficult for me to redraw on my grid-mat.

Alright, gang. I am at my wit's end and need help. My party is about to go to Thistletop; drawing up maps of the fortress itself is easy enough, but I'm catching hell trying to draw up the "bramble patch" area.

I'm at the point of wanting to just go to Staples and have them print out a file for me, but I'm in dire need of a good Thistletop brambles map (with grid), as well as what exactly to ask the good people of Staples to print it out as, to be size-accurate. Help, please?

Awesome, thank you all for your help/input. I appreciate it.

Just a quick question I need clarification on. If a character can feasibly attack 4 times in a round, -can- they, or are they still limited to 3 attacks? If they can, does that fourth attack take a -15? I would presume so, considering +0, -5, -10.

To be more specific, I've built a ranger, with Twin Takedown. For 1 Action, I can make two Strikes, multiple attack penalty applied accordingly. So, if I start my turn next to an enemy, can I use Twin Takedown for 2 strikes, and then use each of my other Actions for an additional strike (4 total)?

Okay, so. Two sessions in now, moving slow because real life and scheduling issues are a bigger pain to fight than a tarrasque.

The party has, at this point, captured Calmont, brought him back to town, returned and recently met up with Alak. Just a few notes from our experience. (Of note, maybe; my group consists of two seasoned RPers, my son who's just getting into playing, and one of the 'veteran's wife, who isn't but so involved in the actual role-playing).

*City Hall fire - whoof. My gang did a good job, two of them helped herd NPCs out, while the other two took care of the mephit. They did well, got everyone out -just- before people would start passing out from the smoke/fire. City Hall is a mostly scorched shell now. I don't see how a group of four, even if specced SPECIFICALLY to put out such a blaze, even with (eventually, gotta get enough people out there first) a bucket brigade, could succeed in that. The flames spread way too quickly.

*To the Citadel. Went in, quickly heard the goblins/Calmont. Dispatched the grauladon. The DC for that rope seemed a bit high; a couple of PCs didn't even bother trying as they'd have to get a nat 20 to succeed. Surprisingly, it was our dwarf who made it up. Calmont was, well, Calmont, and offended the dwarf with his words. Dwarf charged, managed to grapple and tie up the halfling in one round. Dramatic scene ended rather..disappointingly. I played it 'by the book', but I feel that I should have let Helba at least lose an ear due to the dwarf's recklessness.

*Led the goblins out to meet up with Warbal, and brought Calmont back to turn him in to the authorities. Came back, met up with Alak. Amusingly enough, the healer-bard doesn't trust him, for no real reason (bard is the wife, and I think she doesn't understand that Hellknights aren't all evil). Everyone else has gladly taken him in to work together, for now.

*I know it's only book one, level one PCs, and trying to get new players (and GMs) comfortable. But honestly, so far, I've been surprised at how easy combat has been for them. The grauladon came close to dropping one PC because that bite hurts; but even that fight didn't last more than 3 rounds.

*After dropping off Calmont, of course the PCs went to the bookstore to look for Voz. My seasoned players suspect she's involved, but their PCs haven't thought that far into it yet. To help throw pesky heroes off of her back, I had a note left on the locked-up bookstore saying that the store is closed for re-structuring, after her last employees' antics, and the PCs bought it fairly easily.

Wow. I didn't expect this thread to blow up as big as it has. As always, thank you to those who have offered well-reasoned and well-stated replies throughout.

I'm going to wait and see, though my GM is already looking at house-ruling a lot of stuff, so who knows, but some valid points were made. My biggest issue with the druid, though, wasn't so much the duration; as much as the number of times it can be done. Different playstyles, etc - in the games I play it, it's not uncommon at all to not even get 10 minutes of downtime before someone else comes at you. But, we shall see what we shall see.

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Good points, thank you both for keeping it civil. Again, I've yet to play said druid, so you're both quite correct, it very well may play out differently than I'm thinking. It just comes across as severely limited in the reading.

Catfolk, some sort of wolven-type would be good [not necessarily rougarou, but that's fine too], ratfolk… I obviously have a penchant for animal-people. Honestly, a beast-type ancestry that has claws that do more than a piddly d4 would make me ecstatic.

And whereas I doubt it'll ever happen because I'm sure I'm in a MAJOR minority here, I'd love to play a tanuki and have it be ''rules-legal.''

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So, standard 'here's my two cents about 2e' post, ymmv, etc. I played through the playtest material, and dove-tailed into the finished version. I have the great pleasure [insert some sarcasm there] of playing with people who are somewhat stuck in the old ways, so I've heard a LOT of 'oh, I don't like this' without any substantiation other than it's different. Personally, I've kept an open mind, and where I might not agree with some things, I can at least understand where most of it comes from.

The three-action system is a thing of beauty. Even the naysayers in my group like this feature. It takes a bit for new players to get used to it, but overall it's just awesome on several levels. Ancestries honestly could have still been called races, and been done. It's a pointless change, but no big shakes there - I'm still in agreement with a lot of people that half-orcs and half-elves should be their own distinct ancestries, though. I do like the customization/focus that is inherent; not only in ancestries, but also in class.

Signature skills from the playtest were great; I firmly believe certain classes should be allowed to shine in the things they do over others. Signature skills helped that. Shame they got axed, it was disappointing to see them go. I liked the variable rage duration in the playtest as well [with the increasing-difficulty flat rolls]. Made sense and added a sense of excitement, but I understand it getting axed as it could be seen as a more complicated mechanic that doesn't need to be there.

To date, I've only played a barbarian, and while I liked the playtest rage rules, I'm good with the final rage duration as well. Aside from the Giant build being kind of suck due to how enlarge rules work now, I enjoy it. What I DON'T enjoy, is what they've done to druids.

I have yet to play one, but I've built one up to 5th level with the intent of switching in the game I'm in when it makes sense timing-and-storywise. Druids have great spells, this is true; they had great spells even in 1e. But if I'm going to play a spellcaster focus, I generally go for arcane - that's just my style. No, I play druids for that wonderful wild shape. And it's there that I've hit a major contention point.

Even with the Wild build choice; the one thing that wild-shaping druids do is extremely limited in terms of how often they can do it. Aside from regular spell-casting, they use Focus Points. Limited to 3 at the max, and not easy to get it up that high. My 5th level druid work-up has exactly ONE Focus Point. So, great, I can wild shape once before 'refocusing', which isn't always easy [more on that snag later]. Wizards have a good range of spells, fighters can swing their swords all day... but my character, whose entire concept is to turn into a bear and maul enemies..can only do it once. Feels bad, man. I will say, I do enjoy how wild shape works in 2e, with the scaling and all... but being so limited in how often I can use it, I don't know if I'll bother.

If anything, some classes need to have more feats like in the playtest, that give you more Focus Points. I know, -some- feats do that now, but we still have the 3 cap, and those feats now are a lot more scarce than the ones in the playtest.

...Okay, so main gripe over. For the most part, gameplay using the new rules has been fun and interesting, in general. There's been a lot of good changes. Just that there's some bad ones as well. Let's talk about Conditions. For a game that, in part, was meant to simplify rules, there's a BOATLOAD of conditions, and it's a bit overwhelming to keep track of them all. Resonance had a bumpy start in playtest, but they hammered it out, and it works well now. If I'm going to talk about magic though, I need to address the wand issue.

Wands are near pointless now, with how they work; and what irritates me the most about them is the reasoning why - as I understand it, one of the devs didn't like his players 'abusing' healing wands, etc. There's an easy fix there, limit access to such things. No, instead, he took this new system as a way to ruin it for everyone. Not cool, at all. I'm not as old-school as some, but I've been around, and I've never had this ''heal-spamming'' issue that supposedly needed to be addressed.

Again, I understand where a lot of the changes come from, and agree with the rationale. Some things -still- need polishing, however, and since the 'final' version is out, I fear they never will get the refinement they so dearly deserve.

The final issue I'll mention is one that pervades the entire core book and indeed, the way 2e functions. It's obvious that Paizo is trying to reach a wider audience, and new players/GMs. Understandable. But in doing so, they homogenized the experience, expecting that everyone should play in one specific way. Remember my refocusing note? Here's the rub. It feels like the developers feel sessions should all play out in a very specific way; some combat, some travel, some downtime. Anyone who's played in campaigns for any length of time should know it rarely plays out so cleanly as that. In the game I'm in; in the area I'm in, decent rest is never a given - which goes back to the point of not enough focus points/wild shape ability. If I can't 'refocus', I'm screwed after only a fight or two.

It's easy to list my complaints here, as it is for anyone... but I stress again that for the most part, I do enjoy this new version. It's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil, however, and the few glaring errors I've seen keep squeaking. I'll be sticking with PF2E, at least for the foreseeable future; but I am -REALLY- hoping we get some fixes somewhere not too far down the line.

Thank you for attending my TED talk.

Whoa, whoa, maybe I missed something.. but lizardfolk? Are we getting them as PCs in the completed PF2?

Good points being made. That being said, a druid who can't use magic fang on themselves is butts. Butts, I say!

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This is likely true. However, there's been a lot of 'gotchas' in 1e due to vague phrasing, so. Wanted to at least put it out there.

I'm hoping to get an answer from a dev, or some clear-cut page in the rules for this, speculation is good, but I'm really wanting a clearly-defined answer.

Some spells, such as Magic Fang in this particular case, are listed as Willing Ally for Target. To the point, does that also include yourself, or must it be an ally (i.e.; another character)? I'm looking at giving the druid a try here, and going the Wild path. Wild Claws gives me, well, claws, and if Magic Fang can be cast on myself, that'd be kind of awesome.. but no one else in my group has natural/unarmed attacks right now; so it'd be a waste to prep that spell if I can't make use of it.

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I'm seeing a lot of "OP-or-not" arguments here. That's really not the point. For utility spells, 1 minute is just not enough time. I can make that argument for other utility/useful spells along the board, not just druids.

With 1-minute transforms, it's severely punishing, period. On the other hand, let's be honest, guys. A full day of polymorph is ridiculous on the other side. I'd be happy if the 'regular' animal forms had 10 minute increments, at least. Or hell, a few minutes per level would work too.

Give the beast-focus druids a bone, let them spend extra spell points while in form to 'refresh' the use. 10 minutes isn't bad, but that's still a hell of a risk if I need to go mouse-form and scurry around, and pray like hell that my time doesn't run out right in front of a hostile. If I can pop another Spell Point as my time's getting close to running out to reactivate it, I'd be happy with that, too.

Granted, some of it depends on your GM. But in my case, my GM likes lengthy fights. If a round is 6 seconds, that means that I'm a good melee combatant bear if I need to be, for 10 rounds. Not bad, but sometimes our combats go over that. If a round is 10 seconds, well, that's going to be horrid; only 6 rounds of beast-form usefulness? C'mon.

EDIT: Also, I'm good with a feat to extend the time. But 10th level to get it? That's going to be torturous to get to that point. At the least, could we maybe get that feat a -few- levels sooner?


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Mathota wrote:
To repeat a thought I’ve seen here already; please don’t use boons to lock races behind walls.

...Actually, I can get behind this, too. For being a diverse world, and putting out so many awesome races as you did in PF1E, it does really suck that some of them get locked away..


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I just want to see another way to get race boons than going to cons. Myself, and most of the people I play with, can/will not likely ever get to Paizo/Gen/Whatever-con, but we still play PFS. So missing out on those bennies is really a disappointment.

So honestly, I'd be happy just to see three things (I know it doesn't really address this article, and I'm sorry about that, but...)
*Easier access to race boons.
*Race boons for GMs.
*And for the love of gods.. we obviously like catfolk. And yeah, proceeds went to a good cause.. but can't we have a Catfolk book again, that there's a better chance of acquiring?

(Sidenote - Or just get me a ratfolk boon and I'll stop complaining about things...)


Cool. I know it's going to be a moot point here fairly soon anyway, with PF2E, but it's something I was curious about. Thanks.


Apologies if this has been brought up before.

I've run a few sessions (Sadly, never had enough interest or cohesive schedules to do so long-term), and I made a tiefling PC in case I ever got to play. I allocated a few sheets from my GMing to said PC, as per the rules.

My question is; now that tieflings are not PFS-legal without a boon, could I still use mine, since I've allocated chronicle sheets to him? I know you can 'grandfather' if you've played with a character before options change, but I've never had a chance to actually -play- in a session with him yet.

Necro'ing, because this subject comes up a lot (and recently in my own games, thus why I'm here). I understand the answers... but it seems like this has been made a whole lot more complex than it needs to.

To wit; if you're not leaving a threatened square, how would you provoke an AoO anyway? Why even mention that the act of charging doesn't provoke?

Turelus wrote:

If you want I have a GoogleDoc tracking all my changes I've made to encounters. I've tried to retain true to the source as much as possible. G_wsh1A0/edit#gid=834151223

Second tab is the encounters breakdown.

Awesome. Part of my problem is a lack of consistent group size where I play. Sometimes we get barely/not enough people, sometimes it overflows like this. I honestly meant to drop the point buy down to 20 for this one, but I forgot until it was too late. Ah well.

Also, sorry to say, the link you posted here doesn't seem to work.

So, I'm about to start running, and I have 7 players.

One is a semi-wallflower; she participates, but only marginally, mostly there just because her husband is there.

The other is flaky about interests, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he winds up dropping. He may surprise me, though.

But. To the point; how do I run this and keep them challenged? I let them use the 25-point point buy system (20 is eh, to me, and 15 is just irritating).

I figure, with the added number of players and experience divvied up evenly, even if they're not quite at the Recommended Level for areas, they should do just fine. My biggest concern is them just blowing through all the fights/encounters.


Okay, so it's been quite some time since I've ran. I'm trying to figure out information, notably trying to figure out what faction a player I have joined (he has his sheets, but his faction isn't listed there).

When I try to find My Pathfinder Society info, I keep getting redirected to the main page. So I don't even know how to find -my- old info now.

Please halp.

Let's talk more about Shifters! I know, I know...

Anyway. The Shifter's Claws bonuses apply when they wild shape to their major aspect. Cool.

But what if I have a way to shapechange beyond that; let's say I have a GM that let me spend a feat to effectively have Beast Shape I as a spell-like ability? Could I then apply my Shifter's Claws to that form?

EDIT: I know some people will figure it comes down to a GM's ruling, etc. I'm hoping beyond hope to get some hard RAW judgement here, though.

How the thematic of cackle works, then yes; it should be cancelled out. It unnerves the listener, in effect - so if you can't hear it because your bard is out-shouting them, well.

Other verbal-component spells, I don't know about though. I'd look at them on a case-by-case basis, again based on the effect/thematic. It's magic, and there can be spells where -I- simply need to speak the words, whether my target can hear it or not, simply to activate or visualize the magic I'm casting. In those cases, Countersong wouldn't do much... maybe call for a concentration check, if anything.

So in other words, it is a feasible feat to take. Gotcha. I tested it out with my HeroLab and the Barbarian's animal totem powers, too (I don't have UW for HeroLab yet) and it worked, but I wasn't sure. Thanks

So, I've had this question for a couple of other things before, but I never thought to put it up here, and I'm looking at the Shifter now and it made me think of it again.

Shifter's Claws. Start at a d4, eventually go up. Improved Natural Attack. Raises a natural attack by a die of damage.

So. Shifter's Claws at 1st level, I now have d4 claws. If I take Imp. Nat. Attack at level 4 (or the closest time I can get it), do they become d6, and then go to d8 at level 7? Or would they just stay at d6 and I'd 'skip' that upgrade?

*Edited - Title clarification

So. A couple of points here, thus far.

*My players have just took on the Holding House. I find it odd that even if the PCs bluffs fail talking to Sabo (my group took the trickery option), that all she does is say "Go get more signatures and come back." From the illustration and blurbs, Sabo is experienced. I'd have thought she'd put an end to their obvious BS shenanigans on the spot.

*Ghenemal. The face of the group, acting as leader, stepped into the torture room to talk to her, and decided (with a bit of metagame, admittedly - citing 'we don't know how high her CR is. Ugh) not to interrupt her. She told him he could have the remains in a couple of hours and he agreed. Now.. the armiger is at -5 but stabilized.. What is the kyton's game plan here? I mean, her aura of truth still requires people to be conscious to -tell- the truth... when my PCs come back, will the armiger be dead?

*And lastly, a holdover from Book 1. As I understand it, Barzillai came up with doghousing. And the first official doghousing happens in Book 2. BUT. In Book 1, there's the unofficial one done by the CCG.. are we to believe the CCG is psychic, or that Thrune gives his supporters that sort of inside info?

Hokay, I have some questions.

First of all, the Wasp Nest. This is the source of several questions that came up.

A.) Stormwater Shrine - where does it lead? I saw earlier this has been answered as "to the sewers", fair enough... but~

B.) It's only 3 feet of water... by the description and appearance on the map, the dock isn't old/decaying.. so..why a dock? Ostensibly, smuggling halflings out, etc.. but a barge through the sewer systems seems..silly.. and the dock doesn't go all the way to the statue of Calistria, either.

C.) The gator. According to the text I could find in the book, the passage in/out has been blocked off a while ago... So how did a gator escape the patrols, through the sewers, and into a stormwater reservoir that's been closed off? I assume that's just an oversight, but an odd one, nonetheless.

D.) The sewer system itself. It's presumed the PCs might use the sewers to sneak around, there's even the sewer random monster chart for it.. so I'm curious as to where the PCs can and cannot go through the sewer systems.

And finally E.) which has nothing to do with the Stormwater Shrine.. can I just get a touch more clarification as to whether the group of PCs count as a Team for the number of Teams allowed?

Thanks for your patience and answers.

So, I'm about to run HoH again with a new group, and I recall running it once before...

Of all the haunts in Harrowstone itself, the silliest one is the first, in the antechamber. Once a person steps into the small 'room' with doors on all four sides, they all slam and "lock" shut. It's good for a jumpscare scene the first time... but it resets so quickly, and if a party goes in and out of Harrowstone repeatedly, I felt it got old quickly.

Plus, aside from a blatant "see, this place -is- haunted", it's a pointless haunt/trap. You don't take damage inside the chamber, and as it slams shut so quickly, and there's not many living creatures to chase you inside of Harrowstone, it's not like you'll be trapped away from your team and having to fight an enemy by yourself.

I just don't really see the point of that one. Feedback?

I actually enjoy Hellknights myself, so I've done some reading. Just wasn't sure whether Nail would be the best, considering the theme of Curse.

Also, I totally missed that they retconned Maidrayne... wonder which it's supposed to be, then..though in my games, I'm keeping her a centaur because centaur hellknight is just kinda awesome.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Okay, gang. help me out. I'm sure I've seen this addressed, either in the forums or in one of the actual AP books... but Asmodeus take me if I can find it at the moment.

I'm looking at running Curse soon, and one of my players is enamored with the Hellknights. I'm sure I can -make- it work, but I'm curious if there's a specific Hellknight Order that I should suggest to my player.

Thank you, dragonhunterq. First post in this thread that offers actual content and isn't aggro. Though again, this is the entire point. That makes me think yes, they say no.. it's all a cluster at this juncture.

Tetchy much? It's a simple question, and I'm starting to wonder if anyone reads the entire post before going off.

"I've seen this question in a few threads, and I've heard various answers."

So yeah, sorry my wanting clarification has apparently ruined your day.

Again, I didn't see it in the FAQ. If you'd like to find it and copy-paste, that'd be helpful.

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Yeah.. I advocate fluff, but silly fluff is silly. I go by the spirit of it, and let's be honest, adoption just doesn't work that way. If I was adopted by eagles when I was baby, I wouldn't wake up with wings one day. :P

But hey, that's just my two cents.

I didn't see this mentioned in the FAQ, though I admit it's possible I missed it.

Again back to natural weapons and unarmed attacks... let's say I have claws that do d4 from my race. I am a monk, and I pick up Feral Combat Training.

Feral Combat Training allows one to use natural attacks to qualify for unarmed feats, as well as allows them to be used in Flurry of Blows. The question here is; do they get the increased damage that monks' unarmed strikes get as they gain levels?

I'd like James Jacobs or another actual developer to chime in here, if only because I've seen this question in a few threads, and I've heard various answers. I -try- to run as close to RAW as I can, so an "official" answer would be most appreciated. Thank you.

flamethrower49 wrote:
Draven: Your post made me look into the situation. The Prestige Class's Winter Witchcraft ability basically says that levels of Winter Witch (PC) stack with normal witch levels, including archetype abilities, for pretty much all purposes. The Winter Witch (archetype) ability Cold Flesh, which grants resistance then immunity, is presumably included in this. Does that answer your question?

D'oh. I was looking at the "Spells Per Day" part, and somehow completely overlooked the Winter Witchcraft. That would explain it. Thanks! Your No-Prize is in the mail (along with another one if you get the reference).

^This. As noted, my witch is travelling in part to explore, but in part to 'scout out' the magic levels of these 'lesser cultures', to keep an eye on potential threats or useful things that can be turned towards Irrisen's uses. When things go bad, even as a Jadwiga, he'll gladly work to free Baba Yaga, as he understands it's through her will that the Jadwiga even have power. He also knows at least the basics of Tashanna's failed coup in the past, so there's that.

I'm short on time as I'm posting this, so forgive me if it's been answered already. Queen Elvanna has 10 levels in witch, with the winter witch archetype. And 10 levels in winter witch prestige class. She wears the Icecrown... which does 3d6 points of cold damage... per -round-. Max damage for that being 18 dmg.

Now, I didn't see any cold resistance/immunity given via the prestige class. The archetype gives cold resistance 10 at level 9, and immunity at 14th. The Prestige Class stacks with the witch class for purposes of spells per day and spell level; not other abilities (such as the Cold Flesh, which gives the cold resistance).

So then. Shouldn't wearing the Icecrown kill Elvanna -long- before the PCs ever get to her? By all my reading, Elvanna should be taking that 3d6 each round. I mean, yes, she will ignore 10 of that each round, but still..

EDIT: Derp. Sure enough, right above my head once I posted this. Sorry. But yeah, still; she's only got 10 levels of basic witch, not 14...

One member is an Ulfen who's bound to him as a manservant. As far as being Elvanna's line, well. Not everyone who -is- an Elvanna share the Queen's views. He's been travelling to keep an eye on magical developments throughout the Inner Sea.. thus being in Taldor when this all began.

Kalindlara wrote:
I'm actually playing an Ulfen winter witch

I have to ask, how's that going for you? I made a Jadwiga winter witch, of Elvanna's line (male, no real interest in the throne or anything), and I'm giving my GM fits* because the set-up doesn't really seem to take into account that a PC might be Irriseni, much less a Jadwiga.. We're still in the first book, but I've already bypassed a couple of encounters by 'showing my badge', as it were, and we expect more breeze-throughs in the second book, considering where it's located.

*Good-natured fits. He finds it amusing as much as I do.. though there's a part in the third book he's concerned about, as it presumes the PCs will take a certain side, and with the Irriseni/Jadwiga mindframe, it's quite possible we'll take the other...

OH. And as a thread-relevant answer? Yes.. I found myself making a Frozen reference, which led to us looking at the WW archetype and saying that yeah, it really does feel like Frozen a bit.

Sound the bells, lads. The sea is not yet done claiming poor souls...

Witness first the death of a young would-be priest of Abadar, turned rogue (there's a story there...). Despite a nasty bout with reefclaws which lowered the poor sod's health, he insisted on staying up through the night to make friends aboard the Wormwood. His weakness was preyed upon as a couple of brigands ambushed him alone in the bilges.

The would-be leader of the press-ganged lubbers would be next to fall. Despite a grand show during boarding practices under the watchful eye of Riaris Krine, Vinata Valdemar would prove to be less dextrous during the -actual- boarding routine against the Man's Promise. After ensuring his group passed over, Mister Valdemar himself fell off of the ropes, into the water. His thrashing quickly summoned a shark.. then another, and another, until it was a veritable feeding frenzy.

Oddly enough, Vinata has returned, meeting his fellows on the damned Bonewrack Isle. If the orc bullyboy who met him at the shore is to be believed, he was dropped off by a ghostly ship captained by a very striking female pirate...

(OOC here.. I posted recently in the Scarab Sages forum with no answer yet. Is there a Scenario that deals with this cursed artifact?)

Apologies ahead of time if this is in the wrong area... I'm aware of the general background, of Amenopheus losing his status in Osirion due to an artifact that wound up harming the Pharoah.. it's mentioned that it's an artifact that the Society picked up... but is this covered in any of the actual Society Scenarios? If so, which ones?

Hmm. This, plus the blog talking about it.. makes me VERY hopeful that we'll see a Hollow Mountain megadungeon released for play in the near future...

Okay, I'm having trouble finding another thread, hoping you guys can help out here... I've got a couple of new people wanting to join my game (still in Book One, about to hit Day 8), and as my group right now consists of only three PCs, fresh faces are a good thing.

The problem is, how do I go about getting new crew mates on board, in the middle of the sea? As noted, I know I've seen a thread about this, but I'm catching hell trying to locate it now.

Really depends on your play style, your preferences for "feel", and your PCs preferences for "feel." Case in point, I won't run Kingmaker because I know I can't do 'sandbox' games all that well, and I won't run Iron Gods because I don't particularly want sci-fi in my fantasy. :P

As far as personal favorite, though? Probably Mummy's Mask (but again, personal choices; I'm a big Osirion/Egypt buff)


Hm. No love for the Skull and Shackles book six? I mention this because I'm starting a S&S game, so it's in my head.

Honestly, I've yet to either play or run a full game through the sixth book of any of them, which makes me sad.

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