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Entymal wrote:

Hangman's Noose is first level, but great for roleplay. A murder mystery in a courthouse with 12 total jurors (counting players).

Buff the encounters if needed, but the npc's were good.

Good idea, I'll take a closer look.

Btw, we already played Kingmaker.

Gorbacz wrote:

Pathfinder, being a D&D offshoot, is very combat-heavy. Paizo's adventures, excellent as they are, follow suit and are full of fights with some NPCs/social encounters to liven up things. Same with WotC adventures, since that's the baseline most people expect out of the game.

You might be better off looking for adventures written for less combat-inclined fantasy RPGs and running them using PF ruleset. That, or looking for some 3PP adventures that foucs less on fighting.

Would you have specific suggestions in the 3PP area?

My group played Fangwood Keep last which ended up being very low in roleplay.
Now they're level 6 and I'm looking for the next adventure for us to play.

Ok, I just posted this in the adventure thread. Then it seemed to me that there's barely any activity there any more.

So here we go again ;-)

Question is what the title says.

What the title says.
I hope I got the right forum for PF 1 adventures.

Doh, forgot to add, no 3rd party please.

Is there any feat which will give bonuses on attacks increasing with level like inspire courage?

I'm aware of the bard, archetypes like the evangelist cleric, VMC bard and the skald. Also feat like flag/banner bearer. That's not what I'm looking for.

Anything that would come independent of class would be good. It might even be a chain of several stacking feats.


Great, many thanks :-)

Rajnish Umbra, Shadow Caller wrote:

It's actually part of the Eidolon description. It's under "Link (Ex)".

After all, it would be boring to have all the rules in one place it's a rule that primarily affects the Eidolon.

Yeah, terrible necro.

I've been looking for the share item slots rule below. I couldn't find it. Is this specific to the chained sunmoner? Or does this also affect the UC version?

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Eidolons and summoners share magic item slots. SO between the two of them they can only wear two magic rings, one magic hat, one pair of magic shoes, etc etc. Past that what it can or cant wear is dependant on it's form. Aka it can wear shoes if it has feet.

Cool story, love it.
Has a bit of a Nurgle feel to it.
Show's nicely that evil can be really grizzly.

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Excellent description, makes me want to go on and adventure there right away.

And I love the fun touch with the skeleton playing a flute.

Is the champion the paladin of any alignment? That would be awesome.

avr wrote:
If you like playing with spreadsheets there's a combined spell list here.

Totally awesome, many thanks

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Is there any site offering a quick and easy comparison of spell lists.
I'd like to compare bard and bloodrager spell lists to find which spells are available to both classes and which are only for one of them, like good hope or longarm.

Not talking about level 5 and 6 :-)

Thanks for the ideas.

Unfortunately it's not yet totally what I'm looking for.

The id rager takes away too much from the original bloodrager.

I like the cries but they don't seem to scale for higher levels.

Are there options to give inspire courage to a bloodrager?

Of there's dipping bard or evangelist cleric, ..
And there's variant multi class bard.

Both options wouldn't really be preferable.

Would there be anything that's more organic to a bloodrager? Or any other way to get a similar level of buffing for the party?

3PP might be an option.

The skald won't help, our other melees will like to keep their senses (magus,...)

Great story, thank you :-)

Ok, makes sense, thanks.

I'll look for medium sized "wolfen" minis

What the title says.

I just want to understand the reasons.

In our next campaign I think about playing a wolfen from confrontation. They're all large. He'll be a buffer, so the reach won't really make a difference.

On the other hand any suggestions for similar looking medium sized minis would also solve the problem.

P. S. Perhaps this turned out to be more advice than rules. Please move if it makes sense.

The title confused me a bit, so small sidetrack

HiPS also stands for High impact Poly Styrene, used widely for plastic models, e. g. by Games Workshop. Not sure about Wizkids.

Franz Lunzer wrote:
I'd pay for a thumbstick USB-drive with all PDF's watermarked to my account.

That would also be a great option

GinoA wrote:
On a related note, how about a way to remove items from my downloads? I went through a period where I checked-out (nearly) every free download available in the store. Now, I've got a couple hundred items I'll never download again cluttering up my list.

Aaaaand Nerco number five

That would be awesome, I did the same thing and now have the same problem.

Also download all or even better mark items in list for download would be awesome.

I have a bunch of stuff I bought, the full versions of both humble bundels and a lot of free stuff.

Organizing that is a hassle down to unpacking every single download.

Your google foo is strong ;-)

Thank you, that's the one I was referring to. I thought it had different mechanics though.

pad300 wrote:
Bard (Filidh, UW pg 40), Divine 6 level spontaneous cha casting, from the bard list.

Don't remember the name correctly, but wasn't there also something like a divine bard archetype who cast actual cleric spells. I think it was something like singer of praise?

Anyway awesome work, just what I needed for finding options for my next character.

Many thanks to all of you!

Stay safe!

I like the whole thunderbird/garuda thing.

Are there any more ties to Golarion?

Jeven wrote:

The eldest of the good gods would have had priests in the time of ancient Azlant and supported their followers in the war against the serpentfolk who were humanity's nemesis at the time.

That said, I'm not sure which of the current gods were worshiped by the Azlanti. Shelyn and some of the empyreal lords, perhaps. Most of the others seem to be newer gods or closely associated with other continents (e.g. Desna the Varisian goddess, Torag the dwarf god, Sarenrae the Kalishite goddess).

That would be mainly Adabar, Shelyn and Desna afaik.

From their interests/domains they don't seem to be too involved in the snake topic any more unfortunately.

?Would there be anything liking them to fighting snakes?

I'm also looking further into the suggestion of garudas. There are the garuda blooded aasimars and Janasini mother of all birds. I only found minimal info on her but in that snippet she was crossed by the nagas.

The snake eagle also fit's this line of thought.

?Any suggestions along that line of thought?

Some good options already, many thanks.

Still open to more ideas.

For my PC in serpent skull I'm looking for a bit of additional background.

What deities, organizations, countries, ... hold a grudge, have always been fighting, ... against snakes, serpents and the like?

I'd prefer something not related to the serpent skull AP and no spoilers please.

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I feel a bit stupid and naive right now. I was hoping that with the end of the playtest the the aggressiveness would get less....

I hope that this community will find it's way back to a more constructive tone and spirit.

We recently fought some kind of incorporeal ghost which still had DR in an adventure pass encounter.

So at least DR and incorporeal are not mutually exclusive.

Volkard Abendroth wrote:


In much the same way, if a fighter were to take Weapon Finesse + Weapon Training (heavy blades) + Fighter's Finesse, Weapon Finesse will include heavy blades for that specific fighter.

I'd say it would be quite a quest to find that fighter and have him enchant a glaive ;-)

No worries.
I was hoping for a feat or something helping me there.

Is there any way to do this?

Imo to enchant a weapon with agile it needs to be a light weapon or have listed that it could be used with weapon finesse like rapier or elven branched spear.

I think that tying an effortless lace to a one handed weapon and then further enchanting it with agile would also work.

So much for strikt rules, the rest would be up to your table if it's not PFS (I didn't read all post, might have been mentioned at some point)

Edit typos

Depending on how you want to play your character you could also bump up the redemption item (4).

After all from a fluff perspective redemption is a big topic for Ragathiel.

In our kingmaker campaign I played a pali of Ragathiel and whenever we....

...met new local populations he always offered them to join the our kingdom peacefully and abide by the laws, despite their alignment. Most chose this way and kept the lives. Only a tribe of kobolds or mites or something similarly "dangerous" tried to fight, much to their loss.

True, was just hoping. Thank you

I know, it's a very old necro. I just ask here to show I did my searching ;-)

Has there been any feat that gives you channel energy without a to of prerequisites?

Excellent,thank you :-)

If a character starts with one level of WP samurai he gets finesse with katana, see below.

Would this allow to get dex to damage from UC rogue?

The Samurai is only a 1 level dip.

Graceful Warrior (Ex): The warrior poet gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat and can apply its benefits to glaives, katanas, and naginatas as if they were light weapons. This does not alter the weapons’ properties for the purposes of any other effects

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Our group will just keep on playing PF1. At our current rate we'll have APs for another two decades :-)

Perhaps we'll have to look more to 3PP for new rules options but well, doesn't matter to me. Or we'll explore home brew rules.

Despite this I hope the PF2 will be a great success. Paizo has brought our group maaaaaany hours of fun gaming.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Any online forum is by default a vocal minority. It's a self-selecting population made up of only the strongest opinions.

Definitely this. I'd expect most newbies to be intimidated by the current rough tone in the forum and not be very vocal due to this.

But the PF2 crowd is there irl. I recently met some of them at a small convention. Today I know more new people starting PF2 or switching to PF2 than I know people staying at PF1 (which includes me).

From this point of view I think Paizo won't go under due to publishing PF2 and I wish them great success. After all they have been and will be for many years to come provide us with fun adventures to play.

Fuzzypaws wrote:

I didn't get an answer to this before the other thread was locked. Are they really going to end the playtest and stop taking feedback after December? The schedule is so rushed. Most groups won't be finished with all seven adventures by then unless they start skipping adventures. My group can only meet every two weeks, and while we do go for like 6-8 hours at a time it's still taking two sessions to do each adventure, so only 1 adventure a month.

Should I just wrap up my Doomsday campaign with the new year because there's no point to proceeding?

If the campaign is fun finishing is a good reason to proceed.

For me this would mainly be a problem with APs that give insufficient motivation for the PCs. I'm currently struggeling with this in serpent skull. There my original PCs just left the group and I made a new better fitting one.

We also had some fun twists within APs for our DM. It was his first time and we sort of reversed a dungeon. It was a tower and we climbed to the top at night and worked our way downards instead of storming the front gate. Took him quite by supprise at that time but he rolled with it and it was a lot of fun.

Also in Kingmaker we had a LG multiracial kingdom. Basically every tribe/race/... was offered to joun peacefully and be part of all the benefits as long as they lived by the laws. Very few needed convincing or decided to break the law. At that point judgement was swift and drastic with the king being a paladin of ragathiel....

In the end it's to some amount up tp the players what they want to do but also depends on the AP.
If you want full freedom APs won't really work well.

My advice would be to discuss the expectations of players and DM as a group and see what kind of adventure will fit.

Can't say for the OP but I'm playing around with non Str melee builds and most of them came out very sub par compared to Str based melees. At least as far as DPR goes. Of course many will have a bunch of other fun abilities.

Edit. We do 20 point buy and there dumping Str for Dex or Cha gives you a max of 19 (or in a few cases 20) vs the 18 str you'd usually have.

Glad I was wrong :-)

It's a homebrew campaign so you won't have to worry about PFS or other tight interpretation of rules ....

Invoke the rule of cool.

Just roll with casting some restoration spell in conjunction with raise dead and remove some of the stat damage/neg levels

Intuitively I'd have said you use Cha for ranged and melee...
The advanced benefit says "The damage bonus from your appropriate ability score modifier applies to each strike" which means that there are more than one possible ability score. On the other hand the initial benefit clearly states Cha for everything.

So I guess that you only use Cha for melee.

Rethink this is a big bummer for me as I just started playing such a character at lvl 8 and was looking forward to using the advanced benefit soon. Looks like I'll have to talk to my GM

Would that still be available somewhere?

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