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Could someone expand on the Investigator Talents? Any in particular that stand out for people?

Thanks in advance!

Whose the Mummy's Mask NPC out of curiosity?

Do Ratfolk also have a name for themselves like how Catfolk do?

Do Androids get much?

Also generally speaking how is the book is it a good read?

I'm looking to play Catfolk so looking forward to seeing stuff about them. Between this and the Monster Codex it's a good year for playable race options!

So what are the racial options for Catfolk? Anything interesting?

What are the playable races and how are they?

Are there any new Investigator talents without having to go Psychic detective?

Also what are the feats like anything interesting for the non occult classes to pick up?

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead

The group slowly realise they're background characters in an Undead themed adventure and struggle to avoid being killed by rampaging heroes or the collection of horrors that inexplicitly all seem to live in the same small hamlet in the shadow of the baron's castle...

173. Doesn't like children and struggles to interact with them.

174. Believes Science is better than magic

175. Holds prejudiced views against various monster races but loves Kobolds

176. Keeps insisting their 1/16th Silver Dragon

177. Is trying to write a epic poem about their adventures but keeps making it about them

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107. Treating the game as something you try and 'win'

I've killed several PC's in Mummy's Mask. The last part of book 2 has the potential to be hellish for an ill prepared party.

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My players survived (Mostly)

As a GM some of my personal highlights were...

Haqim a rather eccentric merchant who was the owner of 'Haqim's all in one wonder emporium and fishmongers' famous for his motto. "I'll give you a good deal but try to cheat me and I'll gut you like a fish."

Qabar- A catfolk merchant, who may or may not be a crimeboss and his character arc of being a fallen Paladin of Shellyn trying to protect his aasimar adopted daughter by any means nessecary and getting one last shot of redemption to help resurrect the party Paladin. Including a fight with a Chellixan inquisitor tasked with finding her (who I made sound like Alan Rickman)

The Puzzleblade- An item found at the auction that was a wooden scimitar that every morning falls apart and has to be reassembled. If the roll is high enough the blade becomes flaming.

Old Eye-Taker” Sotenre- I ran this encounter as completely roleplaying based with the group having to defend their actions in the previous adventure from Faragi an undead Prosecutor who was quite racist and misogynistic among other things. I brought back undead versions of characters they had killed previously to provide testimonies.

Ajin Ra Baqa- This fight was very intense, I've spoken about it before but basically they choose to walk away and he attacked them and led to a very role-play based encounter.

The Darkfolk- I added Mournful Song a dark dancer desperately trying to find the Dark Folk looking in the necropolis. Mostly played for comedic effect the Dark Folk's attempts at surface talk was trying to find out why they called them 'Birds' and offering them half a dead rat as food.

I had a role-play challenge involving an Androsphinx trying to see if they were worthy. They had to take a god, a weapon, an animal and an element and craft a story. The winner got an extra trait (This trait the Wizard who sun about a sad Ibis elevated by Shelyn)

Shardizard who ended up taking an interest in the Oracle and has tasked him with slaying her brother who she knows is looking for her. I gave her a human form that was a young African woman but half her body is crystalline scales as she still hasn't gotten the hang of other forms.

A mad priest they found killing another group of Adventurers having lost his sanity during the Undead uprising. Turning into a giant werewolf (bonus points if anyone can guess the reference) he prove a challenge but Fireballs often win.

Most of the last section was a blast, the Cult's ambush was an intense fight for survival, the fight against the Head in the cage was hilarious but also horrific at the same time and the final floor was just basically a series of "oh s%&@" encounters. Though they survived eventually! They summoned a Vanth (Who I had as simply being Ajin Ra Baqa) to help kill Nebta-Khufre.

All in all I really enjoyed this book, I'm looking forward to seeing how they react to the social challenges of the next book though!

Name: Dr Josef Goode
Race: Half Elf
Classes/levels: Oracle of Lore
Adventure: Empty Graves
Location: The Sepulcher of the Servant
Catalyst: A fusion of Mummies and Coup De Grace.

The group came into the final chamber to fight Nebta-Khufre who is flies up and animates the dead. The group charge the zombies and manage to beat them down really quickly. The Oracle of Lore took a buff of enlarge person from the Sorcerer to help in the fight and that helped at first. The Oracle had a low dex already so took the hit assuming he'll be okay.

Then the Mummies walked into the fray, the Sorcerer fails and is paralysed. Then Nebta-Khufre does Obsidian Glass making the entire area they are in difficult terrain. The mummy that attacked the Oracle is entangled so resorts to attacking him instead of trying to get out.

The Paladin is also stuck in the glass and so has to resort to trying to escape and is unable to help. This is when the Oracle was hit by a ray of exhaustion taking his dex into minuses. Unable to do anything he falls to his knees as the Mummy places both hands on your head and crushes his skull in a Coup de Grace.

Name: Pepe the Songbird
Race: Songbird
Classes/levels: Wizards Familar
Adventure: Empty Graves
Location: The Sepulcher of the Servant
Catalyst: Sacrifice to help the party.

So the Oracle has been killed and the magic casters are slowly coming out of Paralyses. Faced with an enemy that won't accept a surrender they ponder their options. The group turns to the Wizard with the psychopomp summing scroll and demand he uses it. Needing to roll to make it pass he fails but only by a small amount. Seeing the situation the Wizards familiar charges himself with magical ability and sacrifices his life to power the spell. Summoning the mighty Vanth Ajin Ra Baqa (I know this isn't how it works but it seemed more cinematic to make it that way) who descended into the room in an explosion of raven feathers. From then on the fight turned in their favour and they won the day.

After this the Oracle who had become acquainted with Sharizard the dragon offered to bring them back. She used magic unknown to bring Pepe back as a Crystaline Psedudragon (The player wanted an Improved familiar) who brought the Dr back to life. In my game everybody gets one. If they are so inclined.

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For those who missed out on Paizocon can you give us a possible run-down of the rather excellent sounding Goblins and Dinosaurs adventure? The idea of Goblins shooting lasers on the back of Dinosaurs is too intriguing not to enquire about!

So just a quick question, if a Bloodrager had the Superstition rage power would he have to roll a Will save when he begins the rage and starts adding spells?

Also how would this work in conjunction with greater bloodrage

"The bloodrager can apply the effects a bloodrager spell he knows of 2nd level or lower to himself. The spell must have a range of touch or personal. If the spell's duration is greater than 1 round, it instead lasts for the duration of the bloodrage. This use consumes a bloodrager spell slot, as if he had cast the spell"

Does that mean he doesn't actually cast a spell but just gets an effect similar to it so he doesn't need to roll?

Any help in this would be most useful.

Crystal Frasier wrote:
Lanowar wrote:
Crystal Frasier wrote:
Lanowar wrote:

Shardizhad is the best name/pun for a Dragon ever!

Oh wait is this meant to be question, let me try again.

Is Shardizhad the best name/pun for a Dragon ever?

Shardizhad is my very first character insert ever. She was my character in our old college Council of Worms game.

So to answer your question: Yes, Shardizhad is absolutely the best dragon name ever.

I just had to google what that is (To my shame I know) and that sounds most excellent. Well I hope I did her justice then! The group I run with really have taken to her, though they're not used to talking to Dragons so that might be why!
Well, she's not necessarily a talky dragon, and they can simple fight her. Shardizhad is neutral, and can be kind of jerk about people touching her stuff. She likes things to be a certain way, but is very bad at communicating those ways. And she's a huge drama queen, but if you treat her well (and especially flatter her), she can very quickly take a shine to newcomers).

That's what I went for, she seems okay but once the players tried to touch her stuff her temper flared up I know it's not really something . The players are quite roleplay orientated and figured out from the description of the treasure pile she might like gems.

One thing I did do that I know Crystal Dragon's can't is I let her change shape, into that of a dark skinned woman but due to her young age she hadn't quite gotten the hang of the power yet so half of her body was crystallized which led to her moving in a weird manner that unnerved the players but still motivated them to talk to her.

Also unintentional or not my players assumed the name was a three way pun of Scheherazade from 1001 nights, crystal shard and Charizard the pokemon so if it was that's amazing, if not my players really go to some weird places when they hear a name.

All in all an excellent encounter in a well written adventure!

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Crystal Frasier wrote:
Lanowar wrote:

Shardizhad is the best name/pun for a Dragon ever!

Oh wait is this meant to be question, let me try again.

Is Shardizhad the best name/pun for a Dragon ever?

Shardizhad is my very first character insert ever. She was my character in our old college Council of Worms game.

So to answer your question: Yes, Shardizhad is absolutely the best dragon name ever.

I just had to google what that is (To my shame I know) and that sounds most excellent. Well I hope I did her justice then! The group I run with really have taken to her, though they're not used to talking to Dragons so that might be why!

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Shardizhad is the best name/pun for a Dragon ever!

Oh wait is this meant to be question, let me try again.

Is Shardizhad the best name/pun for a Dragon ever?

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So our group this session was composed off

Indyana- Catfolk Paladin of Shelyn
Doctor Joesph Goode- Half Elf Chelaxian Oracle of Lore
Dinajt- Ifrit Sorcerer

So our group were missing some players for tonight session but I decided to go ahead anyway because they were right at the end of the first part of Empty Graves and we had already missed a week and I didn't want to lose momentum. So I decided a shorter session with them fighting Ajin Ra Baqa was potentially a good way to do this.

When they arrived at the Grand Mausoleum Sebti the Crocodile and Nakht Shepses are in a heated debate about unleashing the Psychopomps onto the town. I had the group hear about this potential plan from Bal Themm who had pleaded with them to help heal the rift between the two of them and to stop the voices of the spires plans from (and in her own words) "Killing hundreds to save thousands". The group confronted Nakht on not having the Voice of the Spire use their military might to help combat the undead in the city and let let Sebti do her job and organise a response however Nakht refused to let anyone delay his plans to save Wati from the undead.

They argued that control of the Psychopomps was difficult at best and by doing so they risked turning the town into a warzone. To prove they could be controlled Nakht ordered a runner to go summon 'him' which terrified the kid and confused the group. “Who could you bring that would win your argument!” one of the party yelled and almost as if I felt he needed to respond a dark and raspy voice cut through their discussions “I will.” at first I described him as a hunched figure in a black cloak and hood covering his face holding a long golden staff. The Voices of the Spire surrounded the open area of the meeting room and starting chanting his name “ Ajin Ra Baqa, Ajin Ra Baqa, Ajin Ra Baqa,”

“It is simple, defeat my champion to prove you are worthy to save Wati.” Nakht said watching on as the cloaked figure stood there waiting to start the combat.

What happened next threw me off balance but in a good way, our Oracle of Lore threw his sword to the ground and went “No, I'm not going to waste time fighting our allies when the real enemy is out there.” I will be honest it took me a moment to figure out what to do next but finally a plan sprang to mind. “If you will not fight me, I will fight you.” Ajin responded as the cloak unfolded into wings and the Vanth stood revealed.

So for a a couple of rounds the Paladin stepped into the frey to stop the Vanth from attacking the Oracle while the Sorcerer tried to help combat the Psychopomp. When it seemed like the Vanth was going to get the upper hand suddenly Bal Themm burst through the ranks to try and talk sense into Nakht “This is madness, how could you do this to to those that come to help!” inspired by her words Qasin the Nosoi (and group favourite) rushed in front of Ajin Ra Baqa first hitting it with sonic damage and then attempting to fascinate him to make him stop attacking. Breaking free of this Ajin Ra Baqa turned on the small bird for interfering, only for the Oracle to jump in the way and grab the bird taking the hit.

The Oracle attempted to leave with Qasin so I had him roll diplomacy checks as he went to simulate his actions trying to prove how futile this fight was. Eventually he got through the priests watching that this was a waste of time and potentially dangerous waste of resources and they started to demand the fight end. Meanwhile Ajin Ra Baqa and the Paladin fought one another exchanging blows while Bal channelled to help keep her in the fight. Eventually Sebti used The Doctor's example to prove to Nakht her point and he finally saw the merit in her words and called off Ajin Ra Baqa much to the rooms relief.

Really I pictured this being a straight up fight, I wasn't expecting the Oracle to take a stand and to play it so well. Having Bal and Qasin jump in was a reaction to this and turned the fight into less of a brawl to more of a epic showdown against a superior opponent. I fudged a lot of the rules to make it work for the players and enjoyed doing so. Ajin Ra Baqa I made into the ultimate logical killing machine, he took offence to a Paladin being here and with every blow reminded her of his displeasure. I enjoyed the encounter very much and even If it didn't go the way I intended it to I enjoyed making it work for the players and turned what could have been a dull one sided fight into a scene from a movie.

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In our Mummy's Mask game I decided to introduce a shop owner, at first his name was simply Haqim and he sold items and was quite passionate about this. As a joke the group was warned he did not react well to trickery. His catchphrase is "I'll give you a good deal but if you cheat me I'll gut you like a fish." which lead to a joke that his shop is actually called "Haqim's all in one wonderporium...
...and fishmongers."

One of the group wanted to sell attack dogs to another adventuring party but was told he didn't sell them. Expecting that to be the end of it he rolled diplomacy to find a place so thinking on my feet I came up with Qabar an old Catfolk merchant who sold dogs because "I'm a cat, and I hate them." he had a half elf assistant who shines like fire. Assuming they would just buy the stuff and head on they insisted on returning to Qabar multiple times and so his backstory was born. An ex-paladin who fled his homeland to protect an Assamair half elf child he found in the arms of a dead angel from the forces of Chelliax he fell from grace, sacrificing his religion by doing whatever it takes to protect her. In the game we're playing at the moment I've just finished a sidestory in which a group of Cheliax inquisitors led by someone who acts and sounds remarkably like hans gruber came for him. I don't think the group expected an NPC I made just as a one note joke to actually have a backstory so complex and deep.

Still if the PC's are willing to invest into the story, it should be rewarded as such.

Fiiiine I'll go get your game, rassafrassa running Goblin game and everyone will enjoy it because We Be Goblins is an extremely well written joy ride of hilarity.

But I will be merging Goblins Dinosaurs and Lasers soon enough though!

Sara Marie wrote:
We Be Goblins Free! for 6 lucky attendees.

Awesome! But does it have Dinosaurs and Lasers though? Inquisitive minds need to know!

Sara Marie wrote:
Lanowar wrote:

Goblins and Dinosaurs...

We be goblins three should literally be about gathering Dinosaurs and rampaging around with lasers. Just saying.

A couple lucky people might just find out if that's true or not at paizocon.

I will be immsensely jealous of those chosen few

zergtitan wrote:
Lanowar wrote:
I am Groot?
Now all we need is raccon-folk to make a Gunslinger/Summoner named Rocket with his trusty Eidolon Groot.

I would just reskin Ratfolk really, but yes a Gunslinger/Summoner riding a giant tree person is the most amazing way I can get my GM to go. "Really, you're going with this? Okay fine let's see where this goes..."

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I am Groot?

Calth wrote:
Lanowar wrote:
So how do Legacy weapons work? Do they simply level up with you or is there something you have to take to make it work first?
Basically, there are 3 classes of legacy items (called scaling items). They level up with you, and consume a percentage of your WBL based on class (5,15,30). They gain certain benefits once you hit certain levels, and once you gain the last benefit they no longer consume WBL for subsequent levels. No other costs besides WBL.

Sorry when you mean it consumes Wealth by Level it does what exactly?

So how do Legacy weapons work? Do they simply level up with you or is there something you have to take to make it work first?

James Jacobs wrote:

Oh... trust me, I do want to do something with this. It's not about my motivation. It's simply my lack of time. I'm REALLY heavily involved with Hell's Rebels. Once that's over by year's end... we'll see about Sandpoint.

BUT It really helps to motivate me to hear folks are eager to see it! :-)

So what you're saying is you need help to get Hell's Rebels out so we can get to Sandpoint stuff? I'm sure this can be arranged...

Goblins and Dinosaurs...

We be goblins three should literally be about gathering Dinosaurs and rampaging around with lasers. Just saying.

I would definitely go with either Milani (with hopes she will get a Deific Obedience and Books)

I played an Neutral Good Kobold Master Chymist who had repressed his Kobold side which manifested itself when he used the Mutagen and became Lawful Evil. Basically as Lawful Evil I had the character doing things that he believed would help his alter ego become the true Kobold champion he knew he could be. So when he opened a chest and found a +1 mithril chain shirt someone else also needed and an extreme amount of gold he put on the chain shirt and then gave the money to the group. To him the shirt was valuable sharing the gold just meant he could make sure the others could afford the resources to protect his frail alter ego. It was an interesting character and one of the reasons I enjoy the master Chymist prestige class so much.

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Name: Anubarak
Race: Human
Class: Warpriest of Pharasama
Adventure: Half Dead City
Location: Temple of Nethys
Catalyst: Getting his head blown off by Velriana Hypaxes's Scorching Ray


Name: Indyana (I know)
Race: Catfolk
Class: Investigator
Adventure: Empty Graves
Location: The Canny Jackal
Catalyst: A mummy charged her and even though she crawled away the Mummy Rot devastated her Con thus turning her to dust.

Feros wrote:
Lanowar wrote:
Is it possible to expand a little on the Kraken Style feats?
Hmmf. By spreading it our I'm detailing A LOT of these feats, but since it isn't all at once...

Those are awesome feats, my Monk is definitely going to be taking those.

Is it possible to expand a little on the Kraken Style feats?

Are any of the new spells usable by the Alchemist?

I see Grappling gets some attention here, what does Deadly Grappler do?

For me it's the scaling weapons, as a GM I love character development and having something in place that also allows their gear to also increase as they do will open up some interesting new opportunities.

Welcome back! Funnily enough I am about to start Empty Graves for my group and I am very excited to see how they react at the awesomeness I am about to unleash upon them!

I'd love something for the Investigator to have a dog companion akin to how Sherlock Holmes made use of a Bloodhound called Toby. The concept of the Investigator having a dog companion to help him out is too tempting not to utilise.

The Investigator class would be a good one for this, they have trap finding and can gain resistance to poison unless you take the archetype that gives that up in favour of moving vital skills over to Int. Regardless they make excellent trap finders and can easily help you avoid a lot of the nastier stuff Mummy's Mask throws at you.

Has anyone ran “Old Eye-Taker” Sotenre as a roleplay encounter instead of a Combat one?

I was just wondering if anyone has done any side quests in Mummy's Masks and if so how did they go? I am thinking of putting one in book one just so my players can feel a bit more ready for the third part so any suggestions on what people have done would be most appreciated.

So I just finished the Tomb of Ahkentepi and it took us two sessions to complete. I have five players (though one couldn't make it for the second session) They are

Catfolk Archaeologist Bard
Human Hunter
Human Warpriest of Pharasama
Ifrit Sorcerer
Human Oracle of Lore

These two sessions have been plagued by bad dice rolls, the Ghost Scorpion nearly killed the Bard when it kept hitting her and no one could hit it. When they entered the temple itself the Sorcerer nearly died after failing it's climb check to get down into the Dungeon and the Hunter had to leave his animal companion on top. The group nearly died when the trapfinder failed to find the arrow trap. The Warpriest nearly died when he wondered off from the group and was jumped by the Warrior Dolls and again when no one could hit the giant Solifugids. The hunter failed a save and got branded with the hieroglyphic for THIEF on his forehead which seemed to amuse everyone. We left it with the group going back to rest up and preparing to do the next half of the Dungeon.

This half proved just as bad, the Sandling took out the Hunter and Bard who couldn't damage it due to the DR. The Warpriest and Sorcerer managed to just about take it out which meant that they had to awkwardly go and rest again.

When they returned they fell victim to the fake sarcophagus trap, the Sorcerer was shocked then eaten and had to try and blast his way out while the coffin took down the warpriest. While the others realised they couldn't damage it so tried to heal the priest. Once the Hunter critted the sarcophagus I let it spit out the Sorcerer to try and eat the Hunter but he missed and the group managed to destroy it. So they once again went to heal and rest up.

Finally they managed to make their way through the rest of the tomb, they defeated the cockroach swarm by dropping oil on it then setting it on fire and the Iron Cobra by effectively aid another until one person could hit it. They then went back and blitzed the Mining Beetles. Overall though they had a hard time on Dice rolls, constantly missing and rarely rolling anything over 8. As a GM I fudged some rolls because I was worried about frustration ruining the game. Still they enjoyed themselves and I think being level 2 will hopefully make the next part a lot better for them.

What's your view on non traditional crossbreeds like Half Elven Orcs (Elf/orc offspring not sure what you would really call that, maybe Half Elf Orcs? That's a question in of itself!) and as a follow up question can you get Tiefling/Assamair versions of other races such as Elves, dwarves, orcs etc?

I could so easily do something similar to Shadow of Mordor using this book. Have an army of unique and different Orcs that the players have to contend with.

I might just be coming off a post Shadow of Mordor high though.

Either a Monster race AP or an Evil AP

A couple of years ago I made a Kobold Alchemist whose mutagen form became more and more draconic as he levelled up, he gained wings, a breathe weapon and had decent claw attacks as well through savage mutagen (which I took to get Master Chymist I seem to recall) and as a character he was both interesting in a roleplaying and useful for combat and now I have the chance to revisit the character and my mind has gone blank on how I made it work.

So what I am looking for is some advice on how to recreate a decent Kobold Alchemist. It's for Reign of Winter so I'll be making him a white Kobold to help survive the cold and swapping out some skills to give him some survival to boot. So any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Heya Skeld, thank you for giving us these details!

Just a quick question if you don't mind. what do Corsair, Crusading
and Skewering magical abilities do? Also what are Beast Wrestler's Gauntlets?

Thanks in advance!

What exactly is a Dragon Yapper? Sounds like it could be interesting

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