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Thanks for the clarification on the two Stealth listings. That made sense once you explained it since it is a complex hazard.

I think your idea of one check to notice and a second to find the mechanism.

It does have one DC for blocking the holes to make a square safe and a second for disabling one of the launchers.

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Part 3 of the AP has a dart trap hazard that the Stat Block is giving me issues.

* * * *

Stealth +20 (expert) or DC 30 (expert) to notice the three launching mechanisms built into the wall

Description Three launching mechanisms built into the mudbrick walls expel darts containing acidic chemicals.
* * * *

So I understand the second part (DC 30 (expert)), as it is the normal process. You need a Perception of 30 or more and be at least Expert in Perception to find it.

However I don't understand what this portion of the Stat Block means - Stealth +20 (expert). Help would be appreciated.

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Running Fall of Plaguestone for my group as a test of PF2.

They stumbled upon Hallod and made it to his hideout. They were beat up from the traps and other encounters when they got to him.

When our session ended, the dwarven fighter was dead, the cleric was unconscious (stable) with the Monk, Bard and Alchemist running back the way they came.

I am trying to determine if Hallod will press his advantage and chase them or let them go?

Could he potentially exit his hideout and beat them back to his house travelling cross country and ambush them as they exit?


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Good call on the level, not sure how I missed that.

This is my first time running PF2 as well, and I have played one session.

I may bump it up to Very Hard since it is Virulent for a total of 25.

Thanks for your help, this gives me a good place to start.

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What would the DC be for someone to identify the poison (Violet Breath) used in the first part of Fall of Plaugestone?

I have an alchemist in the party and I'm sure he will want to try to figure out what was used.

I would assume the DC would be based on the level, but I can not find one listed for Violet Breath in the module and it does not seem to be listed elsewhere.


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As the title says I need some help.

I need some characters for myself and a friend to do part II of Doomsday Dawn on Friday evening.

Due to life & work I'm not sure we are going to have time to get 4th level characters together in time.

Anyone that would be willing to share a character you have put together for the playtest would be greatly appreciated.



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Very cool and extremely helpful.

One suggestion, maybe a legend up top of the action type icons?


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As I understand it, one of the goals of PF2 is to address some of the challenges of playing at higher levels. I agree 100% that this is an issue that needs to be addressed, however I have some concerns about how it is being done. Please see my thoughts and let me know what you think and your own experiences.

Now for reference I have been playing "D&D" for 30+ years starting with the Red box (Elmore Cover) Basic set, up through 5th ed, with Pathfinder being my game of choice since it came out.

What it looks like has been done to accomplish the goal of making high level player easier is reducing the power level of characters over all and then spreading the power they get more evenly over those levels. This seems to have the biggest impact at lower levels which concerns me.

It seems like the changes are making the levels that get the most play less interesting and in turn possibly less fun. My reasoning behind this is that most new games start at 1st level or maybe 3rd depending on what story a GM is trying to tell. The game starts, you play through 1st, 2nd, 3rd level and then the holidays hit, or the GM gets busy at work (or any other number of real life things) and the game pauses or totally stops. At some point someone steps up or or maybe the GM comes back, but now the group wants to do something else or the GM has another cool idea and your back to 1st level with new characters thus never getting to those higher level and the cool things.

For me and I think others,I play because I want my characters to be able to do cool things, have cool powers and even cooler toys. The changes I'm seeing, some to streamline the system, some to make it more approachable and other to make higher level play easier seem to be taking these things away.

As I said above I agree higher level games can get unwieldy, difficult to play & run and something needs to be done. I personally don't see the way things are going as a great solution as it dilutes the play over all.

Off the top of my head I don't have any different ideas on how to fix high level play, but currently as I see the rules I wold rather keep the current system than dilute the system just to make levels that don't get played that often more playable.

I will be playing and running sessions of Doomsday Dawn and maybe find my concerns are moot in long term play, only time will tell and I didn't want to miss my opportunity to have my feedback heard.

Thanks for reading.


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graystone wrote:
Angel Hunter D wrote:
Danith wrote:
You guys do know this is a ROLEPLAYING game. If you want to play a rogue who uses a spear, reskin a rapier. It’s pretty easy to do this stuff. When pathfinder 1 came out it had all the problems 3.5 had. 5e has its own problems and I’m sure pf2 will have its own problems. But for Christ’s sake. Use your imagination people. Be creative.
Not an option in Organized Play which is a huge draw for the system.
Yep. Not everyone can alter the game at a whim. The basis of the game can't be reliant on refluffing of rule elements.

Not only is not an option for PFS, it’s not something I want to do. I did that for 10+ years with 2nd ed. One of the things I like with 3.x is that I have had to have very few house rules. I’m not a game designer ,I’m and player/GM I want to be able to play.

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Thanks for sharing, I found it very informative and expect it will help me when I run it in a few weeks.

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Alyran wrote:

If it's based on Earth gravity (so this may not apply at all) and going with the assumption that you are unconscious or otherwise trying to hit the ground as fast as possible, you would fall ~480 feet in the first 6 seconds, after which you are approximately at terminal velocity for a human in vertical position. Each subsequent round you would fall ~175*6 feet, so ~1050 feet.

All of this assuming that Golarion gravity is equal to Earth gravity and using my really basic understanding of physics. If you're doing some sort of spread eagle sky dive, the math changes significantly. Also, I might have just screwed up the math somewhere. Basing max speed off of Google.

Based on the math above I would call it 500ft the first round and 1000ft every round after that. So after two rounds you have hit the max damage potential. Which almost makes me think that actually looked at the math a little in determining the max damage. And really with a max of 750 it really should be a moot point for almost anything.

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Alyran wrote:
JDragon_ITTS wrote:

Along with the shortening of duration they have made a number of spells concentration.

Concentration takes an action each round to keep it going. The biggest impact I see is on Summon Monster/ Nature's Ally. They are concentration and three actions to cast, so you will only ever have 1 creature out.

I suppose you could Summon on the first turn, then the next turn cast a quickened Summon and use your third action to concentrate on the first monster.

True, and there is Effortless Concentration that allows you to get one free Concentration at the beginning of your turn (14th level Feat).

Until 14th or 8th with the Quickened Casting (1/day though) you can only have 1 creature out and I think I would be hard pressed at those levels to use a 1/day ability to get a second monster on the board.

* * * *
Another change with Concentration is how easy it is to have a spell disrupted. Only takes taking your level or higher in damage. no save/roll to keep it.

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Voss wrote:
defendi wrote:
Cool. But anyone can put on armor they aren't proficient in, there armor class is just lower. Or is there another penalty somewhere I missed?

Sadly no. A wizard in half-plate is at +3 AC and +0 TAC, + level. They've got to deal with the check and speed penalties as normal.

Both getting proficiency and dealing with the untrained penalty are both really trivial.

But at 1st level that is still possibly better than the +1 from Mage Armor and +1 from Shield cantrip. IMHO.

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Bless / Bane - now an Aura of only 30' and requires Concentration.

As I understand the rules of a Aura, which seem similar to PF1 you have to be within it to get the effect. Which means its more to keep up with as you figure out is it still going, oh and am I in the radius of it.

This in conjunction with the changes to spells being disrupted is going to make playing spell casters much harder. Base rule is if you take damage equal to or higher than your level you lose the spell.

For Example, 1st level Cleric casts Bless (one of his two spells at 1st level). Has to stay with in 30' or less of the front line so the Fighter benefits from it. Bad guy slips past front line (which is 30' away thanks to Aura) two actions to move up to Cleric, attacks, hits spell is gone since its going to do at least 1 point of damage, no save/roll just gone.

There is the Steady Spellcasting Feat available at 4th to casters. Which makes it so you have to take 2x your level in damage to lose a spell. Which still seems really easy.

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Yeah I'm scratching my head on walls as well.

Some of them actually give you additional options in the descriptions, but clearer definition of the basic wall would be appreciated.

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Along with the shortening of duration they have made a number of spells concentration.

Concentration takes an action each round to keep it going. The biggest impact I see is on Summon Monster/ Nature's Ally. They are concentration and three actions to cast, so you will only ever have 1 creature out.

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CorvusMask wrote:

Maybe you guys could make first bestiary be extra huge pricey one and ones afterwards are cheaper and regular sized?

I'd honestly love that and be more than okay with it, that way I wouldn't need to wait years for most of monsters from old bestiaries to be adapted

I like this idea.

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JJMJester wrote:

Yeah, the 2nd Edition of Pathfinder is going to be a different animal than what currently players are use to doing today.

Yes, they have already said that as of 2019 they will no longer be making new material for Pathfinder 1st Edition but they will continue to sell the books as long as people are interested in buying them.

I have personally seen people discuss rules from Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 on Reddit messageboards recently, a whole community that never come over to Pathfinder or followed in the other editions of D&D. Base off some of the comments about this update, there is going to be a lot of people wanting to just stick with Pathfinder, just got to find a group and you're good. An RPG is not the same as a video game not having any future support, you have all the RAW material to craft/play in adventures for years.

Please don't take this post as being negative, just trying to shine some light your way.

Very true, I've watched it happen with 1st ed AD&D, 2nd Ed AD&D, 3.0, 3.5, 4th Ed, Pathfinder, 5th ed and now Pathfinder 2nd ed.

While I'm still on the fence on what I'll do when it hits, no matter what happens I'm disappointed because it will be another schism in the game. It will divide off another set of players from the whole.

All you have to do is look at conventions, leaving out organized play yet another system (that is not that different from what came before it, its all still based on the d20 OGL) for GM's to chose to run games for, which means less games of any one system, which means less opportunities to play the game I want to play.

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As the title say our established group is looking to add a couple more players prior to starting our next Pathfinder campaign.

We will soon be finishing a 3+ year run of Rise of the Runelord's and starting Jade Regent after a short break.

We play a fairly by the book Pathfinder campaign that is tactically focused with RP elements and are always working to add more RP to our games. Our main goal is to have a good time, enjoy the game and hanging out with friends. We are looking for players that have a similar play style to the group and will be able to commit to the roughly every other week schedule we try to stick to. Occasionally we will go 3 weeks between games and then double up two weekends in a row to help keep up the 2 games/month rate. We understand that real life happens for all of us and do our best to work with people's schedules and adjust when needed. My biggest issue is with no shows, or last minute cancellations due to poor planning or something better coming along.

Most sessions will be at my home in Santa Rosa Ca.

Please send me a PM or email me at if you would like more details.



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Welcome back to NorCal.

Our group is looking for a couple additional players for a new Pathfinder Campaign we are getting ready to start in a month or so.

We are all the way up in the north end of Santa Rosa, but if thats not to far for you let me know.

If you want more details send me an email.


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Yossarian wrote:

Pinnacle of Avarice - alarm response map

When the players finally reach the Pinnacle of Avarice the majority of the inhabitants respond to alarms when the PCs are spotted. I made a map to help keep track of this, with the locations of the various enemies, their speed and response times. The grey background mobs don't respond to alarms.

Pinnacle of Avarice - alarm response map

First, thanks for the document it looks to be a great help.

Second, what are the Alarms that are mentioned in the book? I don't recall any details on an alarm other than multiple mentions of if and how long creatures wait to respond.

Is the "alarm" just the sound of combat and then word of mouth or something else?


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Yeah I have already been burned by HL on this stuff as well.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks for the feedback all, that is exactly what I was looking for.

Now I have some ideas to play with and determine exactly how I'm going to swing it.

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I have a few questions on the Sihedron Rings.

What the party will find out when identifying the Sihedron Rings?

I realize they will get all the abilities listed in the description, but what I'm not sure about is if it will allow them to know it will protect them from the Occluding Field?

They teleported to the Ice Fens and were not there long enough to encounter Svevenka, so do not have the information from her.

The just defeated the Hidden Beast and have acquired the first ring and identified it. I gave them the basics but told them I may have more next session.

They will be talking to Morgriv in more detail next session looking for information. Do the Skulks know about the field and the rings?


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Great information to have, thanks for asking and all the answers.

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I ended up doing an Arcanist Occultist since we are doing Hell's Vengeance. Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions.

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No the AotG was my idea, but thanks to your advice I'm moving away from it at this point.

The DC's are 34 for 9 checks.

I did some math last night and found a few things that will help with those DC's and that make not taking AotG not matter.

For the ritual I can get up to +8 for having additional casters (which are really just sacrifices) and having caster levels. I also can eliminate 3 of the 9 checks which can eliminate one type of check.

I figured at level 10 with max ranks, Int of 20 and skill focus in the two skills I will be at +33 for the checks.

The question of what would I like to do is the big one and I'm not sure. I hadn't looked at the Arcanist so I'll have to do that tonight.

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The AotG is not required, it just seemed like the +5 on the skill checks for the ritual would be nice plus a few other abilities.

I had missed the caster level loss, so thanks for mentioning that.

Other suggestions on getting to Lich?

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Looking for some build advice.

I'm going to be playing in Hell's Vengeance and have gotten approval from the GM to have my character work toward becoming a Lich before the campaign is over. (Or at least try)

We will be using the Eternal Apotheosis ritual from Occult Realms for the process. Based on other things I have read I think I will be going for the Agent of the Grave PrC to help with the required skill checks.

I'm trying to figure out what kind of caster would be fun and interesting to play and have the best chance of completing the ritual?

The ritual will require some tough Arcana, Religion and Spellcraft rolls so I will need to have those maxed out.

The trick is I don't want to play a necromancer, just a guy that wants to live forever and sees becoming a Lich as the best option.

My first thoughts are a human Enchanter or Conjurer but wanted to see what better ideas the hive brain might be able to come up with.

Suggestions on builds, individual feats, traits etc would be great.

BTW - 20 pt buy and all Paizo products are available.

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I'm going to be joining a pbp game of Hell's Vengeance and have gotten approval to play a character that is working toward becoming a lich.

The GM has also approved using the Eternal Apotheosis ritual from Occult Realms, which uses the Ritual rules from Occult Adventures.

I'm looking at using the Agent of the Grave PrC, my primary reason for this will be the additional spell access and bonuses on the Ritual.

The one wrench I'm throwing in to the build is I don't want to be a necromancer, just a powerful caster that want's to live forever. Possibly an enchanter or charm focused sorcerer. (Though I'm open to other ideas)

Any Paizo books / classes allowed, most races will be ok as well. We will be doing 20pt buy.

Thoughts, suggestions and ideas would greatly be appreciated.

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So more thread necromancy.

Does it require the spell caster to be a Necromancer, or is that just what most people do?

I'm looking seeing if I can do a PC Necromancer for Hells Vengance.


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Ticket purchased! :-D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thank you for the update.

How many tables will you be running for each session of Round 1?

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Anything legal for Guild Play :P

Tanis has plans for both low tables (Tier 1-3) and high tables (Tier 4-6) so bring what you wish.

Sounds good. So would if you are using a character from Season of Wrath will they have their Mythic abilities as well? (I would guess no, but figure it doesn't hurt to ask.)

Now to figure out what characters to play over the next few months to have ready.

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So has anyone heard what decks / characters we will be using or need to bring for the the ACG Interactive?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Any updates on when the ACG Open will be added to the event list so we can get tickets?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

When it was in the listing, it was showing at 8pm & 11pm on Thursday night.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks all, now all we need is the listing to sign up. :-P

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Just checked and still nothing listed for the Open. :-(

Also will it be possible to form teams at the event? The people I'm going with don't seem interested.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Actually I didn't. :-(

I had missed them when I first looked over the stuff and so wasn't really prepared when I came across them in each section and opted to leave them out instead of trying to shoe horn them in.

They were well done and would have added even more to the encounter, maybe next time.

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As planned I used this info in yesterday's session.

My players enjoyed it and it went well. It was a much better solution than just saying you spent the last 3 days in the library and here is what you found.

Thanks again for putting this together.

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Thanks for putting this together. My group will has dealt with Mokmurian and should be entering the library during our session on Saturday.

I have CI and think I will use this for the research, instead of the basic checks. I have a wizard and a Bard that blow most checks out of the water. This will provide a little more depth to the process.

I would post it to the Community Created Thread so it can get saved for other to use in the future.

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Sorry for the thread res, but what about Solid Fog and Acid Fog? Or Solid Fog, Acid Fog and Cloudkill?

Based on the info above I know the vision wouldn't be worse, but it seems to me you could be slowed, have the acid burning you and taking Con damage since they are all different effects.

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Sorry I did not mention this before, the player plans for the character to just have a stump when not wearing it.

He also mentioned something about having it holding/gripping the weapon so it would be easier to reattach.

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I have a player that is inquiring about the possibility of removing Nargrym’s Steel Hand when he doesn't want to have to worry about the Will save to attack giant's and then put it back on for fights.

The description does say the wearer can remove it.

My initial knee jerk reaction was to say no, but I wanted to bounce it off the brain trust here before making my final call.

My other thought was to allow it, but make the removal and placement process take a round or two to still have some impact from it.


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I'm wondering if anyone has done a map that shows the locations of the different important places from the adventure?

I'm thinking something like the map of the Mindspin Mtn's from book 3, that shows where Minderhal's Valley, Skirgaard and other places are located. It would need to show a little more of the area around the mountains but would be a good start.

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Thank you for the clarification Rob, that was the way I was leaning already but the confirmation is nice to have.

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Does the ability of Nargrym’s steel hand allow a character to use larger weapon's in both hands or only the Steel Hand?

I realize based on the example from the description that if you are using a two handed weapon it works fine, but I have a PC wanting to use 2 separate weapons.

To me the hand would only help with the weapon it is holding, but the wording is not clear.


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Thanks for the thoughts all.

I did catch the fact he should know they are coming and will get reports from the headless guy.

I have 4 players...
Conjurer - Very Tactical, has the Dazing Rod, plus like to use lots of pits.
Bard - Tactical, Flame Dancer mentioned above
Rogue (Bard's Cohort) - Tatcical, ranged sneak, can do sneak attack out to 50' and has Cluster Shot to help with DR.
Life Oracle - Semi Tactical, keeps people alive, very little offense.
Barbarian - Semi Tactical, new player been playing less than 6 months. Crit seeker build plus Superstitious rage powers.

So 5 characters in the party with 2 damage dealers and 3 support.

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My group will be entering the Ancient Library in the next session or two and I was looking over Mokmurian's tactics and think he may need some help.

My main reason for this is that they have a Flame Dancer bard and one of his tactics is to cast Fog Cloud and then uses Song of the Fiery Gaze (details below) allowing them to all see through it.

Song of the Fiery Gaze:

Song of the Fiery Gaze (Su): At 3rd level, a fire dancer can allow allies to see through flames without any distortion. Any ally within 30 feet of the bard who can hear the performance can see through fire, fog, and smoke without penalty as long as the light is sufficient to allow him to see normally, as with the base effect of the gaze of flames oracle revelation. Song of the fiery gaze relies on audible components.

They also have a conjurer with a Rod of Dazing that he is using with Snapdragon Fireworks.

With this in mind I'm thinking of having 1 or 2 Runeslave giants in the room with him when they attack.

Would this over power this encounter?

Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond.

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