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Fine, you iwn. I win.

Silver Crusade

It stands for I win.

Butchery of the English language stands for nothing.

I shall stand before you all then, erect and upright, and proclaim my victory.

Silver Crusade

Quiet Virginia Roach Motel House. I am the greatest!

The greatest of fools, perhaps. You greatness is exaggerated like a foot-long sub from Subway.

Silver Crusade

Mmm. I eat a TVCoB one and win.

This thread needs more well-endowed ladies...

Ewwww, Transfat Vegemite-Containing Beer? Honestly?

Well, enjoy that. Meanwhile, I win.

Silver Crusade

Jerry win!

I would make out a "Standard Tom" alias but that's too much effort for a game that ultimately means nothing.

Silver Crusade

Yeah. To be fair, Jerry is named after a cheap joke my brother and I pulled in Lego Lord of the Rings.

*sigh* So much strife, all in vain...

Silver Crusade

You strife, Jerry STRIKE!!! 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19

I'm surprised I like Cherry Dr. Pepper so much.

I am also surprised you like it.

I'm not sure why I'm surprised, but I am.

Silver Crusade

Spring attack!

Summer blues!

Silver Crusade


Yeah, this right here.

Silver Crusade

Nice try, CHICKEN.

Nice chicken, try.

There is no try. Win, or win not.

Win, you do not.

Silver Crusade

Hey, let's all go down to Off Topic Discussion to lucky7's linkified thread WOOO!!!

I don't understand... on the other hand I don't speak wolf.

I win.

And there's nothing more to say.

Well, we have all had nothing more to say for... Oh... 171 pages or so. I win, you lose.

Don't say that !

I win ! You lose !

(And I'm going to bed right noooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.........[collapses from exhaustion])

Silver Crusade

Good fun, so long as I win!!!

So long, I win.

Silver Crusade

nice, try, but I'm lucky!

You're just daft.

Silver Crusade

Daft Donald. Heh.

For the win!

Silver Crusade

Ham it up, but I'll win!

Dikembe Mutombo says it all.

Silver Crusade

Ah well. I still win.

You still lose.

I'm the one winning.

Okay, Quiche was the last - he wins.

No, wait...

The Very Ratty Mouse Hater looses.

Release the hounds. The Kat has returned.

The Chicken is toast.

The cat is cooked.

The dish is "cat à la lose, with Mongolian radish".

There will be no mercy, culinary or otherwise !

My malignancy - hidden under a false pretense of gnomish bonhomie - reigns supreme !

Ahahahum* [Muhahaha in reverse, Satan weeps !)

Gordon Ramsay doesn't like your dish, Quiche.

I tried really hard to find something that was safe for work.

Silver Crusade

Out of respect for that, I don't take the win away TOO hard.

I'll take it back gently.

It has been a long time since we met face to... beck, Vicious Chicken of Bristol.

You know the rules of this harrowing game ! SO... fly away from my kitch..., I mean my winning thread !

It's a harsh world. There are eastern gnomes out there. Some are even uglier than me...

Silver Crusade

*Burning Gaze*

*Mirror of Blazing Reflection*

Oh man you set me on fire yet again. Curse you Quiche Lisp.

As soon as you are put out, come see me and I will patch you up. The fee is a paltry win.

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