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*chokes on air*

Silver Crusade

Well I win.


Puppy, HEEL!

Silver Crusade


Steal...the win.

Silver Crusade



Silver Crusade


"Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?"
"It's over 9000!!!"
"What?! 9000?!"

Incorrect, Dave. It is exactly 9000.

Shove it losers. I win.

Silver Crusade

Mine goes up to 9,001.

I think that's supposed to be 1009.

Silver Crusade

No. yours must be backward.

.sdrawkcab er'uoy erus ytterp m'I


*goes cross-eyed trying to read previous post*

Silver Crusade

I'm pretty sure your're backwards.

I'm always forward-thinking. Just like how I'm thinking I'm gonna commemorate my win with a parade.

Silver Crusade

Good luck with that.

It's great. I just ordered a float.

Silver Crusade

Why, THANK you!

And balloons that say "Too bad, lucky7".

Silver Crusade

Sorry, luckee. Jerry get win this time!

Jerry am barbarian?

Silver Crusade

Jerry am fighter. Sumting to do with Cleavage.

Sounds like Jerry am stripper.

Silver Crusade

Nah, but he got Great Cleave at 1st level SWEET!!!

Scarab Sages

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What's SWEET is my WIN!!

Mine is even sweeter.

In your case that is sweatier.

dolphin vs laser eyes.

dolphins win.

Your breath weapon is useless since I do not need to beathe.
Laser Eyes for the win.

Silver Crusade

Dolphin vs. Glowy eyes.

I win.

glowy eyes vs Ninja Laser Eyes.

Laser Eyes win.

[presents mirror and takes cover behind it. Mirror reflects laser and burns Belphegor to a crisp]

"Too bad, Belphie ! It's my time to win !"

Silver Crusade

I still win

*burning gaze*

Well, now I have toasted marshmallows to enjoy with my victory. Thanks.

Silver Crusade

Make your fort save, Kentucky

I don't have a constitution score so I'm immune.

Not immune. Dead. There is a subtle difference.

Silver Crusade

Because of Burning Gaze. So I win.

You win the right to the second place... after ME ! which is a high honor in the gnomish horrorifics !

the dolphins will fly me to the win

Silver Crusade

Dolphins don't fly, Tuna Boy. And the win is on dry land.

No way, The win is in the sky!

Silver Crusade

*burning gaze*

You just replaced your eyeballs with LED lights. That doesn't count.

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You just look like a bizzare hand puppet. I win.

I don't even know what races you hail from, Gruumash !

And I'm not sure I ever want to know.

That said: you lose and I win !

Hollywood, they made a movie about my winning in this thread ! Sadly, my fellow gnomes don't even know what a movie is :-(...

In that case they can better make a movie about me!

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