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Still freaking mean. Be nice to da chicks, even if you don't know them. Its called not being a dick.

I am winning. just like I am in the Wilipedia game.
I dare you.

I double dog dare.

Silver Crusade

To #1: LARPing is AWESOME!

Go to my game day and beat Portal 2 for the win!

Geez, peeps need to chill. Call in the ice elementals!

Hey freeze, I'm Batman - George Clooney, best bat in the series!

The thought of that movie makes me cringe still.

Know what makes me cringe?

Silver Crusade

My victory?

Yahoo Images?

My hunger?

You should probably try SlimFast.


We are never going to learn what makes Mark cringe, are we?

That would be anything anyone but Mark says or does.

Probably Bissell or Dyson.

Either that or the sight of hobbsdadolfin's unquestionable crush for Sissyl XD

On that note: tacos rule!

Silver Crusade

I win!

The Exchange

Or... do you?

No, he doesn't, but he can have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as a consolation prize.

The Exchange


If you win, you don't get anything, but just for entering you get PBJ sandwitches?!

Yeah, but you don't want to know what kind of "jelly" they're made with.

Vegepygmy butter and gelatinous cube sandwich! Yay!

that's what she said!

Silver Crusade

... you have no idea what she's saying do you. I explain for the win!

That's kind of a lose explanation, lucky7.

Lose or loose?

Silly sissyl.

still that's what she said!!!


WAIT WTF?!?!?!

There's entirely too much of that going on.

Silver Crusade

Say smurf and your avatar becomes such.

Shadow Lodge

smurf that


Silver Crusade

I win-smurfity smurf smurf smurf!

If you won why do you look like you hate it? Oh, wait you didn't win.

*tries to eat win, falls asleep after 3 bites*


*snot bubble*

rule #254, the win is not edible.

The Exchange

I think I'm winning, but when I get back from school later today I won't be.

you will not be winning.

Well, then. Smurf's suck. F%#+! I'm a SMURF again...

For the record, I hate fire trucks.

so do I.

How can you be subbed to Smosh and hate firetrucks?!?!

I am subbed to IEatUrWins and I don't like firetrucks.

Who the smurf is IEatUrWins? Meh... don't answer that, I don't really care.

wins are not edible.

Only people in the, know.

Actually, hobbsdadolfin ate my sandwich of wins a couple of comments ago.

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