Last one to post wins

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Its a new page. Time to forget the pages of the past.

Sure, sure. We won't mention your proclivities for a couple of posts.

Silver Crusade


Stop scaring all the girls away.

Yumm...nachos. The breakfast of me.

The Exchange

wouldn't it be kinda funny if a smurf ends up winning this game?

No, we'd petition to delete the thread permanently.

Silver Crusade

I'd be happy now, cuz I'm winning!

About pickup lines: "I want to tickle your navel from the inside". Wins lots of cookies.

Silver Crusade



*tappy tappy tap*

Shadow Lodge

The famously adequate duck. I think I saw you in the cut scene when entering Baldur's Gate for the first time.

I see ducks all the the chinese restaurant.

I'm sorry, Dave, but I can't let you win.

Shadow Lodge

Sorry, hal, it's been discovered you are related to one of the servers employed by paizo and are hereby disqualified from this competition.

All these attempts... for nothing !

Will you ever learn, you humanoids and other lifeforms ?

I, Quiche Lisp, Master of the Culinary Speech Impediment, am destined to win this thread !

And so - I win !

Shadow Lodge

I'm not all that concerned with winning, I just like seeing your gratification delayed.

Silver Crusade

And giving me mine.

The Exchange

This place is nice. You know... the winning spot.

Silver Crusade

Just moved in! Glad you're on the floor below me!

Shadow Lodge

I'm glad you like me here.

I like you both over there, in the old winning spot. Too bad it moved to where I am sitting.

That's not what it looks like from where i'm standing.

Silver Crusade


Heel! Good boy.

Silver Crusade

It takes one to know one! Also I win.

I won.

*nibbles carrot, looks cute*

Eats rabbit. Tries to look cute with two rabbit ears... Sticking out of her mouth.

Silver Crusade

Rayman! Also I win. Eats Sissyl.

The Exchange

Say, is there a maximal length a thread can have on the Pazi servers? ccause if there is, this competition is gonna get rough.

For now, though, I'm winning.

I would safely say that is a non issue. Deep 6 FaWtL just broke 75.000 posts. Potato soup was had by all.

I had chili instead of potato soup, but, yes, the milestone was celebrated.

The Exchange

Alright then, on and on the game goes.

The game is over, as I am, and always will be, Last one.

Now, being the last one does not equal being the Last one to post. So, no win for you!

Lies! You no take win!

I win. Need I say more ?

I think we would all appreciate it if you didn't say anything more.

Indeed. But I still win.

In other news: This thread is the condensed dross of utter pointlessness that people always claim the internet is. Post here only to prove that you are a part of that.

That said, of course, I still win. Even if I already had last post.


*falls off table, lands on head*

Pointless? You consider this pointless? Winning is all that matters!

Remove all the points!!!

Silver Crusade

All or nothing, and I have it all!

Shadow Lodge

Yeah, but you can't take it with you.

I can.

Prove it!

Silver Crusade

I did.

Too bad you were doing that instead of winning.

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