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PC's Name: Alimo
Race: Changeling
Class: Bard/Rogue
Level: 2/2
Circumstances of Death: Party, on an overland transport mission encountered a wreckage strewn bridge and the corresponding (bridge-)Troll. The flamboyant bard (AC 16) male charged the troll to protect the (female) sorcerer and priestess in order to buy the dwarven fighter time to trundle up from the cart.
Troll did a tripple hit, then followed up with a satisfying "rend" finishing , dealing 50+ points of damage on the 20 HP chivalric but ill-informed sod (although they had met a troll the session before, and hence, were pretty respectful of them as opposition ). Player proceeded to hurl his coffee-mug out of the window....
This introduced the term "he/she got trolled" for sudden deaths into our repertoire of phrases....

Setting and Adventure Path: Eberron home-brew

Two 10th level PC's (Wizard and Cleric/Sorcerer). Killed by the dragon in Age of Worms' 'A Gathering of Winds'. I still get a warm feeling inside when I think about the players whining.

PC's Name: Jean-Luc
Race: Human
Class: Rogue/Swashbuckler
Level 2/2
Circumstances of Death: The party decided to rest on a ledge 50 feet above the rest of the dungeon. Along came a gnoll patrol that yelled for the 10' x 10' lift to be lowered. The clever party raises them 30' and then starts using ranged attacks. After a few rounds of arrows, spells, and being knocked down from climbing the flind in the patrol drops. Just as the two gnoll barbarians are about to leap 30' to the floor, Jean-Luc takes it upon himself to leap onto the lift. They pull out great axes and after a swing each Jean-Luc is at -8. Then the gnolls casually drank potions of cure mod and threatened to lop off the fool's head as the party brought them to the top. By then ofcourse Jean-Luc had bled to death.
Setting: Shattered Gates of Slaughterguarde set in Faerun.

My first kill!
Name: Valen
Race: Lillend
Class: Gestalt Lillend/Bard
Level: 1
Stuck in a passage two small do to anything but lie there helplessly Valen was attacked by a tin golem. The sorcerer left with her to protect her was knocked against a wall so she was helpless as the tin golem pounded away at her with it's mace. The party could only do minimal damage with their archers so it soon dropped her past -10.
Campaign setting: My own homebrew world, The Syrus Murders

Tues night :)

Johnny Skywalker, Gnome Cleric 8(houseruled to give him a paladin mount. Long story)

So hes flying along on his celestial eagle mount (medium), swooping down on the gnollish war party the rest of the gang is fighting. Gets one good hit off on the gnoll sorc, then gets hit by 4x gnoll archers rangers and the sorcs fireball. Fails saves, eagle goes poof at 40 ft up. Players looks like he is about to cry... :)

last weekend.
Jane, lvl 7 barbarain, Tina, lvl 6 psycic warrior, lvl 3 (unshure on spelling)

Jane and Stan (a psion) were both run by the same guy, a total munchkin dude. So I had them fight a monk with spring attack who kept stunning fisting stan, and an elven paladin with a distance oathbow. They finally kill the monk after he smashes Tinas head, and Jane goes running off to fight the paladin. Paladin: "I swear to kill you!" Jane got hit with five arrows, each doing an additional 2d6, and a X4 crit. At 75% hp, she died before I had to roll. (She was lower level because of a raging barbarains 20-20 crit earlier).

Name: Li
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Level: 3
Setting: GH, Amedio Archipelago, Partial STAP
Circumstance: Rogue opens a bottle labeled "Danger, Poison Gas, Do not open" ....

Oh man, I almost forgot about this one.
Nox Things Over, Bugbear Barbarain lvl 6

The party was fighting a reekmurk ooze underwater underground. Nox was bragging about how many rounds of air he had left, and he ran into the reekmurk first. He got smacked, and started to retreat, when Tina, the only one in the party without darkvision, walks up in full plate. Nox gives her a slap on the back and keeps running. Despite the concelament and underwater stuff, Tina proceeds to beat the crap out of the reekmurk (mostly because it couldnt get through her full plate). Nox sees this and says "well, I guess I'll help." Next round, the ooze knocks him unconsious. He drowns while Tina finishes off the ooze. Then Tina says, "yeah, how much air do you have left now, Nox?"

Sidenote: The soulbow came back and retrevied Noxs bones, and now has a Noxbone sheild.

PC's Name: Katsu
Race: Human
Class: Samurai
Level: 13
Circumstances of Death: flanked by advanced Troll and advanced Minotaur that were defending a crashed Neogi Mindspider. They just clawed, bit and chopped him to death.
Setting (and Adventure Path, if you're using one): Greyhawk, on the Isle of Dread - I have an ongoing campaign that has since merged with the STAP. This was the players first night in the campaign!

Name: Bjornni
Race: Human
Class: Bard/Rouge
Level: 4/3
Circumstance: while climbing a rough and rocky slope, the pcs were set upon by a flock of Harpies in which several attacked using their song ability; the Bard rolled very poorly and was the only one to fail so he went and stood in front of two harpies while they attacked him; the rest of the party engaged other harpies who charged to attack; some harpies about 4; flew overhead waiting to determine who was toughest and to attack there; while one pc tried to save the bard; he just kept trying to move the bard and didnt really ever attack any of the harpies on them; the other pcs concentrated on their harpies and adventually won the fight; only one other pc went down, but he was at zero so no danger; the bard; who had a fairly lousy ac anyway; had aborbed to much damage and was taken to -21 and was dead.

Rhyan Garrow, elf rogue 7.
In the Hall of Harsh Reflections adventure in AoW, she fails a REF save horrably and falls undramatically into a spiked pit trap, going to -15hp immediately. The party spent all of its gold to ressurect her.

Just got reminded of this one...

Duthac, Human Warlock 8, Homebrew game.

Party ambushed by giant trapdoor spiders and orcs in a desert box canyon. Orcs have a Druid, who casts baleful polymorph. Duthac fails first save, gets turned into a desert hare. Fails second save, hops about, and then gets eaten by spider. I sorta felt bad, but not really. :)

PC's Name: Demaire
Race: Human Female
Class: Ranger
Level: 1st
Circumstances of Death: Had her neck broken by a wandering ogre's greatclub. The ogre was done in by the halfling fighter Tiboz, also first level, originating his signature moves 'The Shire Shank' and 'The Halfling Hack' with twin shortswords.

Setting: The Shreiken Mire, Yeomanry (Greyhawk)-Night Below Campaign (Yeah, it was an Adventure Path too, y' know)

PC's Name: Zedenka Potcoca
PC's Race: Human
PC's Class: Fighter
PC's Level: 7
Setting: Homebrew 2ed
Circumstance of Death: Beheaded by a successful attack from a Vorpal blade wielded by a fighter who was supposed to be an ally. It was the first round of his and his friends betrayal.

PC's Name: Bill Friendmaker
PC's Race: Hafling
PC's Class: Thief
PC's Level: 8
Setting: Homebrew 2ed
Circumstance of Death: Same fight as Zedenka above same round even. Their Thief/Illusionist backstabbed Bill. Same round then Tegan (mage who was friendly to Bill) casts a fireball affecting his unconscious body, killing him. To make sure there was no coming back for Bill the same Thief/Illusionist cast a Vitrolic Sphere on him and let the acid completely destroy him.

Dark Archive RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

Kuthax wrote:

PC's Level: 7

Setting: Homebrew 2ed
Circumstance of Death: Beheaded by a successful attack from a Vorpal blade wielded by a fighter who was supposed to be an ally. It was the first round of his and his friends betrayal.

A 7th level character facing a vorpal weapon? That's just CRUEL, man!

Fatespinner wrote:
Kuthax wrote:

PC's Level: 7

Setting: Homebrew 2ed
Circumstance of Death: Beheaded by a successful attack from a Vorpal blade wielded by a fighter who was supposed to be an ally. It was the first round of his and his friends betrayal.
A 7th level character facing a vorpal weapon? That's just CRUEL, man!

The PC's had one too.

PC's Name: Doran
Race: half-elf
Class: cleric
Level 5
Circumstances of Death: A troll mercenary, blinded by the wizard, moved to follow the sound of the retreating fighter. The fighter ran past Doran, but the troll stopped as soon as he caught "scent" of him. A crit from a greatsword did 48 points of damage. The good news for Doran was that after previously being reincarnated from an elf to a half-elf, he is now reincarnated back.
Setting: Shattered Gates of Slaughterguarde set in Faerun.

Kuthax wrote:

PC's Name: Bill Friendmaker

PC's Race: Hafling
PC's Class: Thief
PC's Level: 8
Setting: Homebrew 2ed
Circumstance of Death: Same fight as Zedenka above same round even. Their Thief/Illusionist backstabbed Bill. Same round then Tegan (mage who was friendly to Bill) casts a fireball affecting his unconscious body, killing him. To make sure there was no coming back for Bill the same Thief/Illusionist cast a Vitrolic Sphere on him and let the acid completely destroy him.

*in her best whiney/nasal voice...* Did Iiii doooo thaaaat?!

Yes, yes I did. BWWWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA. *cough* oh I mean, sorry Bill.

PC's Name: Chalren
Race: Human
Class: Cleric of Azuth
Level: 13
Circumstances of Death: Swallowed whole by the Overworm
Setting: Age of Worms set in Faerun

PC's Name: Keth
Race: Half-orc
Class: Barbarian/Druid
Level: 1/12
Circumstances of Death: Rolled a 1 on his save against massive damage after being bitten by the overworm.
Setting: Age of Worms set in Faerun.

I've officially been labelled a Killer DM.

PC's Name: Cery
Race: Halfling
Class: Warmage/Cleric of Brandobaris
Level: 2/3
Circumstances of Death: Chewed up by a fang dragon. He thought he was safe throwing his spells from the rear, until the party left a lane open to him. Note: After the dragon's first round of damage (40+ points) there were several calls to retreat. Cery just kind of backed up.
Setting: Shattered Gates of Slaughterguarde set in Faerun.

PC's Name: Sallix
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Level: 5
Circumstances of Death: The cleric cast a vigor spell on him, so that when the dragon bit him he went into negatives and slowly healed. He woke while the dragon was collecting its treasure, and was eaten. Note: Though he had many chances to flee, Sallix did his best to stand toe to toe with the dragon. Even so, if the cleric had used a standard cure and given him the hp up front I think Sallix could have gotten out of there.
Setting: Shattered Gates of Slaughterguarde set in Faerun.

PC's Name: Antonio
Race: Human
Class: Bard
Level: 4
Circumstances of Death: Even though he had fully retreated along with the wizard to another level of the dungeon, Antonio came back... And was promptly eaten. Note: I have no clue why Antonio went back to the fight, but he did soak up an attack that allowed another character to flee.
Setting: Shattered Gates of Slaughterguarde set in Faerun.

PC- Gailen

Circumstances of death- Aah, I love this one! Our great hero, two minutes into the first game with his shiny new character is attacked by kobolds, his first roll, fumble, critical hit self...instant death.
Seven years later the player still has not lived it down.

If only it were always that easy

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PC- Thorn
Race- Human
Class- Psi-blade
Level- 6

Circumstances of death- Grappled by the powerful bite of a Giant Alligator while attacking the lizard-folk in the swampy ruins of Tantyr-Nago and subsequently masticated to death.

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PC- Jee'Na (for the second time)
Race- Human
Class- Rogue/Fighter
Level- 4/2

Circumstances of death- Grappled by the powerful bite of a Giant Alligator while attacking the lizard-folk in the swampy ruins of Tantyr-Nago and subsequently chewed to a bloody mass of flesh and shattered bone.

PC- Jorey, Human Scout (rebuild of guy on page one:))
Homebrew campaign, deep in the heart of the abandoned gnollish empire, which they are trying to reclaim.

Last week, the PCs managed to drive off the caravan carrying the codices which contian the rituals required to return the gnoll god to existance. So they sent a hit squad after them to get it back. Jorey put up a good fight, but he just can't hit like the tank, and refused to break contact to get better position. Ended up getting whacked 3-4 times buy dual wielding gnoll rangers, and then dropped by a gnollish sorc with lightning bolt. Was raised later...

PC- Talir, Orc Battle Sorc/ Dragon Disciple (ECL 9)
Same homebrew-
Got the crap beat out of him buy a 1/2 fiend gnoll fighter with an unholy heavy flail. Gave as good as he got, but a crit on an AoO took him down. The look on his face when I rolled the nat 20.... And I wasn't even power attacking :) Was also raised later.

PC's Name: Nefen Ar Taran'Dai
Race: Athasian elf
Class: Scout 5/Wizard (preserver 5)/Arcane Trickster 1
Level: 11
Circumstances of Death: Disintegrated by Tethrades atop the ziggurat in the ruins of the city-state of Kalidnay.
Setting: Dark Sun, "Merchant House of Amketch" (Tethrades changed from a defiler to a 17th level psion).

PC's Name: Vok
Race: Mul
Class: Gladiator 5/Mul Paragon 3/Barbarian 1/Arena Champion 1
Level: 11
Circumstances of Death: Slain by a maximised cold energy ball (one round after surviving a 130 point maximised mind thrust!) by Tethrades atop the ziggurat in the ruins of the city-state of Kalidnay.
Setting: Dark Sun, "Merchant House of Amketch".

Name: Raphael.
Race: Wood Elf.
Class: Ranger.
Level: 8.
Setting: Rift&Aldaris's homebrew.
Circumstances of Death: After arrival in the town of Metz and walking across the village square a group of vampires appeared on the steps of the church. The warmage in the party figured a fireball into the location, 'killing' the lead vampire and setting fire to parts of the inn and the church.

This caused the two vampire spawns to cleave up the peasant girl they were using as barter to get the heroes to leave. Ranger had beef with the warmage before, decides the warmages action's caused the death of the girl and attacked. Sheriff department had to mop up, arrested the ranger and was on request of the party-leader set up for trial. Since the warmage, ranger and the leader carry military ranks(corporal, corporal and sergeant respectively) he was also brought up for insubordination and the shooting of a child(which happened in the wilderness). Ranger didn't say a word during his trial, his defence was in shambles and he was executed by executioner's axe.

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PC: Erne ir'Grr'stak (human rogue/bard/druid...2/2/1)
Adventure: The Temple of Kha'shazul
Location of Death: Encounter A5, Temple Portico
Catalyst: Varmystix, the dracotaur and friendly fire

The Heroes of the Fallen retreated after the first assault on the temple, to rest and recover after having to fight against the viscious blackscale lizardfolk, outer guardians of the temple complex. They had encountered the dracotaur (and one of the dragonlings) already, but the wily dragonkin had remained at the entrance to the temple and had not succumbed to the temptation to follow the PCs from the defensible portico.

The next day, Erne and his ranger companion, the shifter Peloran, once agani failed to sneak up to the temple. The assault begain anew, with artillery from the xeph psion Ali, in the group. Erne failed to dodge away from the electrically-charged energy bolt, and tooks significant damage. But the rogue fought on, being tagged here and there by the dracotaurs bite, tail, and spear. He tumbled behind the dracotaur to gain advantage, but the party just could not get Varmystix down, and barely inside, Erne spotted one of the blackscale adepts. Not wanting to be caught between the two, he attempted to tumble past the dracotaur, but stumbled along the way (incurring an AOO). Varmystix skewered him with the spear (taking him down to -15).

And Erne lay dead on the steps of Kha'shazul.

OOC: It was too bad. His backstory was pretty amazing...aberrant d'marked and everything....The PC never told me how many hpts he was at, fearing that I would pull punches on the mighty Varmystix.

The dracotaur died the next round when the orc fighter in the party finally reached the scene, and ran him through with a halbred.

This was the second death in the campaign. The first was a halfling cleric whose throat was slit by cultists in the Depths below Sharn.

PC's Name: Vincent Von Drake: Lord of Lies + Rand + Moonbrooke
Race: Half-Elf + Gnome + Elf
Class: Fighter + Ranger + Wizard
Level: 11 + 10 + 6
Circumstances of Death: An evil, powerful sorcerer who takes form of a powerful sword on the prime material plane was destroyed while in sword form, and in one last breath cast Wail of the one made their save......
Setting: Custom made dungeon

Grand Lodge

6th Lvl Elf Samuri
Homebrew Greyhawk -- modified SCAP w/ AoW
Aust falls to the Ebon Aspect.

This is the 1st PC of "The Order of the Cockatrice" to fall. Feel free to read my Campaign Journal, SCAP w/ AoW (modified homebrew), though it is mostly for the PCs in the campaign and our D&D friends not in that campaign.

DMs HOUSE RULE: I'm allowed to fudge die rolls but if I ever do (players won't know anyway) I will not allow a PC to die in that encounter. I try never to fudge rolls against BBEGs. The Ebon Aspect was definetly the BBEG that session!

-W. E. Ray

PC Name: Brogan
Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Level: 3

Setting: 3.5 Worlds Largest Dungeon

Circumstance: The party entered a room filled with bubbles floating all over the place, as soon as they entered all the bubbles began to swirl and slowly move to the center of the room to eventually combine and become a portal.

Out from this portal stepped forward 2 owlbears which were more trouble then orignally thought (party of 6 and all were rolling really really bad that night) eventually only one was left, half the party was badly injured the other fighter on single figure hitpoints. Brogan stood himself between the owlbear and the party to give them a chance to escape. A very noble act which sadly was his last as one hug later from the owl bear meant Brogan layed on the floor chest opened like a can of tuna.

The rest of the party later returned to close the portal and dispose of the foul beast and then dragged thier fallen hero off to the ice cold room where he was to be stored ready for meat loaf tuesdays :)

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PC Name: Zink
Class: Rogue
Race: Halfling
Level: 1st
Campaign: Greyhawk
Circumstances: First campaign, 1st day out, all level 1. After traveling most of the day with the rest of their newly formed party(first adventure for all characters), they come across a high brick wall in which they needed to traverse. The rogue was volunteered due to his 'skills' in climbing. Just as he is about to reach the top, he fails a roll miserably, slips and falls, and with a sickening crunch, dies on impact. The rest of the party looks at one another, when the wizard breaks the silence with; 'so now what are we suppose to do?' It was a hilarious moment.

PC's Name Alton Underbough
Race Halfling
Class Rogue/Shadowdancer
Level 20th
Circumstances of Death - Fails Hide check vs Githyanki Lich Queen and he is subsequently hold monster, fireballed, disintergrated, and fingered of death by the Lich Queen and her Beholder allies.
Setting - Forgotten Relams, Homebrewed Pre-Epic Campaign

PC's Name Danover Rusack
Race Human
Class Durid
Level 12th
Circumstances of Death - Cornered by undead, wild shapes into Gaint Eagle to fly away while on the end of a cliff. Drow priestess shoots him with a poisoned crossbow bolt. He fails his save and falls unconsisues while in mid flight and plummets to his doom.
Setting - Fogotten Realms, Homebrewed Campaign

PC's Name: Don't remember
Race: 1/2 Orc
Class: Ranger
Level: 1st

Circumstances of Death: Enters a door and is surprised by two flanking Skulks. Surprise round: 1 hit (6 damage). Skulks win initiatve. 1st round: 1 hit (5 damage), 1 critical (10 damage).

Setting: Jzadirune (Shackled City AP)

This was about a month ago, and was the very first room the party entered in Jzadirune. It started things off with a bang!

Character's Name: Devas
Race: Half-elf, now vampiric
Level: Bard 1/Vampire Spawn 2
Circumstance of Death: Failed a Balance check whil crossing a rope bridge, subsequently fell 200ft into a river and was swept away underground. The DC on the check was 8; she rolled a natural 1. The look on her face: priceless.
Campaign: Forge of Fury

Character's Name: Don't recall (wasn't very memorable)
Race: Elf
Class and Level: Druid 3
Circumstances of Death: remained to fight four stirges after the rest of the party fled. Subsequently lost initiative and the stirges succeeded on their attacks. They began draining blood and drained 9 points of Constitution in one round, This wa exactly the number that the elf had and she died instantly. Another 'Kodak' moment.
Campaign: Forge of Fury

Name: Xander
Race: Elf
Class: Fighter
Level: 6
Circumstances of Death: Falling through into a church understory, Xander was beaten to death by a very powerful infectious undead and was then laid out like bait to lure in his comerades who were fighting around a hole on the floor above. Sevral rounds later, after his comerades had jumped down to take out the undead and save their friend, he rose as a infected zombie.
Setting: Generic D&D - Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

Liberty's Edge

Name: Loki
Race: Death-touched
Class: Rogue / Sorcerer
Level: 3/3
Circumstances of Death: Attempted to sneak attack a “human wizard” (actually a vampire wizard), killed by the retaliatory slam attack.
Campaign / Setting: Homebrew.

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Another one bites the dust...Two sessions in a row!

PC: Calcarath, Acolyte of the Sovereign Host (male human cleric 5)
Adventure: The Temple of Kha'shazul
Location of Death: Again on the Temple Portico
Catalyst: Blackscale High Priest and Bheavamos

Counter-attacked by the High Priest and two adepts in the main hall of the temple, the Heroes of the Fallen fought bravely, low on resources and trying to hold off the denizens of the temple. The High Priest attacked Calcarath charging invisibly from the secret passage. The second hit (after Cal' had healed himself) brought the cleric down to 0. Then as the High Priest moved on to get other PCs (Cal' bluffed to feign death successfully). Cal, crawled away, trying to leave the temple and hide around the corner outside, possibly to run if the High Priest took down the rest of his party, made it to the stairs. There Bheavamos was waiting, breathing a line of acid onto the nearly dead priest. (Failed Reflex, -10hpts)

Note: The Heroes of the Fallen did eventually win the day, taking down the High Priest and then able to withstand the attacks of the dragons, before executing a counter-attack of their own.

Name: Unknown
Race: Elf
Class: Monk
Level: 7
Circumstances of Death: Camping in wait for a cove of witches to arrive, our would-be heroes allowed minions and a Green Hag to arrive and begin their preparations. The PCs then ran into the fray.
Two rounds in, almost all the minions (Lv 5 Adepts, CR 3) were dead, but then the creature that the witches had gathered to worship arrived on the scene; an Aspect of Chernovog, a powerful being capable of wielding Eldritch Blast and various varients of it. Whilst the other PCs were dealing with the last of the witches, the Monk (a wannabe Fighter) ran up to the Aspect on his own (at half health) and then took a single swipe from the Aspect which also infused the Eldritch Blast into the claw dealing over 6d6+6 damage. It was enough. The others arrived on the scene a round or two later to take down the Aspect and retrieve their fallen freind's body.
Setting: Generic D&D - Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

PC's Name: Sallix
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Level 7
Circumstances of Death: The hobgoblin bard had caught Sallix with a hold person After he had failed 2 saving throws Wyrmlord Saarvith had his eagle animal companion coup de grace the helpless fighter. The bird did only 10 points and the cleric took half of it with a ongoing spell. A Fort save DC 15 for a 7th level fighter shouldn't be a problem, but poor Sallix got a 13. The eagle consumed his eyes and Sallix's d20 went flying across the game store.

Setting: Red Hand of Doom set in Faerun.

PC Name: Jo
Class: Rogue
Race: Human
Level: 4th

While skulking around the Maze within the Goblin Kings Domain Jo failed to spot the nearby trap and triggered it. Standing in front of her was a image of her greatest fears, unfortunately her mind was not able to handle such immense fear which caused her heart to give way as she fell to the floor. The party looking on not seeing the cause just Jo dying make a hasty retreat out of the maze never to return.

Setting: Generic 3.5 DnD Worlds Largest Dungeon

PC Name: Shovrah Agnisdjottir
Class: Bard/Stormsinger
Race: Shield Dwarf, female
Level: 5th/1st
Campaign : Forgotten Realm

While stalking through the burrow/lair of a hag circle in the FR North (west of Siverymoon), the heroes emerged from an underwater passage into a shallow pool, on the bank of which, am unknown elderly woman ( Sea Hag ) was doing *unspeakable* "things" to an ogre lying flat on its back (don't ask, that campaign has had its very adult moments )...

Guessing that woman to be some lowly acolyte or whatever, the dwarvin bardess (with a penchant for grappling combat and the feats to back it up) charged the hag from the pool and... missed (roll of "2"). She then proceeded to consecutively fail her initiative (another roll of "2"), got the 'Evil Eye' from the hag, and failed both her Will and Fortitude saves with natural "1". Died of a stopped heart and with an utterly horrified expression ( preventing an open coffin burial.... ).

Player proceeded to get a hammer from the workshop and smashed the offending die to splinters.

PC's Name: Aureon; Tallindra; Elnir; Korrash
Race: Human; Moon Elf; Sun Elf; Half-orc
Class: Cleric; Rogue; Wizard; Monk
Level: 2; 2; 2; 2

Circumstances of Death: After triggering the face trap in the Whispering Cairn, these four fell 50 feet to there deaths. Two of their companions survived. One thanks o a ring of feather fall, and the other had enough hit points to survive the drop.

Setting (and Adventure Path, if you're using one): Age of Worms set in Forgotten Realms

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