GameMastery Map Pack: Ship’s Cabins

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GameMastery Map Pack: Ship’s Cabins

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When the battle goes belowdecks, no Game Master wants to spend time deciding whether the next hatch leads to the galley or the bilge. Fortunately, with Paizo Publishing’s latest GameMastery Map Pack, you don’t have to! This line of gaming accessories provides simple and elegant tools for the busy Game Master. Inside, you’ll find 18 captivating 5" × 8" map tiles that can be combined to create a complete loot-laden pirate vessel, or be used with GameMastery Flip Mat: Pirate Ship to reveal what lies below its battle-scarred decks.

    Locations include:
  • Bilge
  • Captain’s Cabin
  • Cargo Hold
  • Galley
  • Officer’s Cabin
  • Sailors’ Quarters
  • Skiff

Game Masters shouldn’t waste their time sketching maps every time their players set out upon the waves. With GameMastery Map Pack: Ship’s Cabins, you’ll be ready for whatever mutiny and mayhem the seas have in store!

For use with all tabletop roleplaying and miniatures games and suitable for experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Master’s arsenal.

Wet, dry, and permanent markers erase from the tiles!

Combines with and expands Flip Mat: Pirate Ship.

Cartography by Jason Engle

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-406-1

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Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Maps Subscription.

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GameMastery Map Pack: Ship’s Cabins GameMastery Map Pack: Ship’s Cabins GameMastery Map Pack: Ship’s Cabins GameMastery Map Pack: Ship’s Cabins
GameMastery Map Pack: Ship’s Cabins GameMastery Map Pack: Ship’s Cabins

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4.50/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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"The Wormwood" out of Pathfinder AP #55!!!


This map-pack depicts the 5 decks of the "Wormwood", the pirate ship on which the PCs have to work in part one of "SKULL & SHACKLES" plus a skiff.
This map-pack "combines" with the "Pirate Ship" flip-mat (which shows the upper deck of the "Wormwood" in a ship to ship battle with "the Man´s Promise", another ship from the AP.

The first lower deck is missing one tile to be completely depicted. It could have been included if the "skiff" tile had been left away.

UGLY: Sold out!

Fantastic, eve without the Pirate Ship Flip Map


I happen to own the Pirate Ship Flip Map so this map pack is doubly good!

I've said it before, but it can't be said enough... Jason Engle is the master at battle map artistry. His work is second to none.

This map pack is a must have for anyone running a game with sea faring as part of the story line.

I highly recommend this product!

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Announced for February. The image is a mockup, and will change prior to publication.

Will these be usable or interchangable with the Ships map pack already released? Thanks for your response.

I would also like to know this. I love it when the flip mats and map packs sync up.

Silver Crusade

It'll surely connect with the pirate ship from the month prior. It would nice if it matches with at least some of the bigger ones from Ships.

Am I missing something?

Aren't the cabins and such already visible on the ship, if all the decks are showing? (As with the previous Ship Flip mat?)

Just to let Paizo know, the new PDF offer has me back on board with this subscription line.

Madquest wrote:

Am I missing something?

Aren't the cabins and such already visible on the ship, if all the decks are showing? (As with the previous Ship Flip mat?)

These are more than likely different cabins. I am asking if these cabins are interchangable with the pirate ship cabins or not. I hope you have a great day.


Image updated and preview images added.

A new secondary image has been added to show how the Map Pack works with the Pirate Ship Flip-Mat.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Description updated to match the finished product.

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This looks very cool. I can't wait to use this for Skulls & Shackles.

Will the players' ship for S&S be presumed to use this map?

Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
Will the players' ship for S&S be presumed to use this map?

Examining my copy of the Wormwood Mutiny, and looking at what I can see for the ship's cabins, it appears to me that this map pack seems to show

S&S Spoiler:
the Wormwood, rather than the ship which the party takes later, The Man's Promise.

RE: S&S spoiler:

The Ship's Cabins Map Pack details the Wormwood while the GameMastey Flip-Mat: Pirate Ship shows The Man's Promise on one side and the boarding action (i.e. the two ships side by side) on the other.

GM Wulfson wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Bah. I would've ordered them with the adventure if I'd known that. Now I'll have to settle with the PDFs. Bugger.

OK, I think I need to visit my local gaming store and have them do a special order for me

Is it me or it has no way to go on the main deck without going threw the officer's cabin or the captain cabin? Are the sailors supposed to go threw the hatches when they come form their quarter?

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Hey Paizo Folks!

Love the Flip-Mat Classics!
Any chance at Map-Pack Classics?!?
This would be a perfect set for such.

Think about it if you have not already.

Hoping for a re- print

Dark Archive

+1 for a reprint.

I have the "Battleship" flip-mat and while it is great this one here is much better for a pirate campaign.

Dark Archive

Any news about a reprint ?

Skull & Shackles is now translated in french. It could be a good idea to make it available again !

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber


For the PDF, if you print it, is the grid in 1" blocks, printed, and you just need to trim the edges off?

Pathfinder Maps, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Maps, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
drsparnum wrote:

They quit doing map packs a while ago. Odds are far better for Flip Mat Classics.

Then again, a case can be made that this map pack is an essential associated part for the Pirate Ship Flip Mat.

Cant find this specific one on sell anywhere. :-(
Hoping the PDF copy would print out as useable 1" grids, but want to confirm before ordering. We have a glass top to lay over it to use wet erase markers.

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