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Pieces of Eight
I am adding an artifact to my Skulls and Shackles campaign. I am sharing my plan for it here in case others have feedback, or if they want to add something like this to their game.

If you google around, someone else made a cool artifact already called Pieces of Eight. What I describe here is totally unrelated to that item. I created this artifact to provide in-game encouragement of co-operation among my players, who may be playing selfish and evil pirates.

Why Add Pieces of Eight:
This is a Besmaran artifact designed to give the campaign some more pirate-flavor. More importantly, I want an item that helps bind the team together. I’m placing no restrictions on alignment in my game, but I don’t want player vs player combat or player-vs-player thievery. The campaign offers other mechanisms to bind the players such as a shared starting experience and likely shared hatred of some NPCs. This item is one more mechanism to encourage cooperation. And unlike the former two, I describe below a way to use this to encourage co-operation for characters that enter the campaign after the first adventure.

What Is It:
The Pieces of Eight are a set of 8 silver coins that offer modest benefits when held individually by chaotic characters. If a crew of pirates acquire the whole set the power is amplified, but a lack of communication or coordination by the holders could diminish the items effectiveness.

What do they look like:
Each Pieces of Eight is a silver coin of good size that feels thick and satisfying in the palm. One side always bears skull and crossbones somewhat reminiscent of Besmara’s holy symbol. The opposite face usually appears blank. However, if it is keyed to an individual (described below) that individual sees his own likeness on this face of the coin and his name engraved in bas relief. This side appears blank to everyone else – only the keyed individual sees his likeness.

What do they do:
The Pieces of Eight can exist in three states: unkeyed, keyed, and setted. The powers vary.

Unkeyed: An unkeyed Pieces of Eight confers no penalty or bonus to its holder, although it does radiate overwhelming enchantment magic.

Keyed: When a bearer possesses a Pieces of Eight keyed to him, he gains a +1 untyped bonus on swim and climb checks if he is chaotic. If he is chaotic neutral he also gains one level’s worth of favored class bonus (e.g., a bonus hitpoint or skillpoint) and the benefits of the Cheat Death trait while he possesses a keyed pieces of eight. Characters who are not chaotic can still possess a keyed Pieces of Eight without harm, but they do not gain these benefits.

Setted: If a crew of eight individuals hold all eight keyed Pieces of Eight they gain access to divine magic. A character can receive these benefits regardless of alignment. This “setted” status can happen because the crew acquires the Pieces of Eight by their own pluck, luck or effort (which I term organically), or it can occur by Besmara’s will (which I term divine will). In my game the party will acquire them organically, but I describe both below because in the history of the item I have a story where they are acquired by divine will. The Pieces of Eight are more powerful when acquired by Divine Will.

Organically: Each holder of the Pieces of Eight selects one domain from Besmara’s portfolio (Chaos, Trickery, War, Water, Weather, Deception, Duels, Oceans, Protean, Tactics, Thievery, and Storms). He can then cast the level 1 spell from this domain with a caster level equivalent to his hit dice. He uses his charisma as the relevant ability score when casting a spell using this item. If his charisma is too low to cast that spell, then it functions at the minimum ability score to cast the spell. At levels 6-10 he can access the second level domain spell once per day, at levels 11-15 he can access the third level domain spell once per day, and at levels 16-20 he can access the level 4 domain spell once per day. At levels 16-20 he can, alternatively, forgo the use of the spells of levels 1-4 and instead cast the level 5 domain spell once per day. He does not need to make this decision until he is ready to use the item (i.e., the spells are not “memorized” in the traditional sense and the user can choose to use the level five spell in the moment provided he has not otherwise used the Pieces of Eight that day).

Divine Will: If the Pieces of Eight are “setted” by Divine Will, the Pieces of Eight operate identically to how they work when acquired organically, except all bearer’s function as character level 20 for the purposes of the divine magic, regardless of their actual character level.

How is a Pieces of Eight keyed to an individual?:
There are a few ways one can become keyed: It can be gifted, willed, or placed.

Gifted: Anyone possessing a keyed Pieces of Eight may willingly gift it to another. To gift a Pieces of Eight, the currently keyed individual must hold the Pieces of Eight at arm’s length during the full moon spring tide (this happens about once a month) so the Pieces of Eight with his likeness faces him and covers the moon from his perspective. He must then speak the name of the individual to whom he wants to gift the Pieces of Eight. This will key the Pieces of Eight to the new individual.

Willed: Anyone possessing a keyed Pieces of Eight may perform a similar procedure to the one described under “Gifted” except he holds the coin with the skulls and crossbones facing him when he speaks the name aloud. In this case, the Pieces of Eight remains keyed to the original person. However, upon this person’s death the Pieces of Eight will automatically key to the individual named during this ritual. At any spring tide with a full moon the Keyed individual may repeat this ritual with a new name to update who will gain the Pieces of Eight upon his death.

Placed: If a bearer of a Pieces of Eight dies without a named willed individual then the Pieces of Eight will be unkeyed (it can also become unkeyed as a deathwish, described below). A cleric of Besmara may cast Greater Dispel Magic (this is an alternate use of Greater Dispel Magic), succeed at a check vs. caster level 25, and touch an unkeyed Pieces of Eight and key it to a new named individual. As part of the casting, the cleric must perform the ritual for willing a Pieces of Eight described above (e.g., only during a full moon spring tide, while holding the Pieces of Eight so it blocks the full moon).

Of note, at anytime Besmara herself can adjust the keying of a Pieces of Eight by divine will and cause them to be lost or found anywhere on Golarion.

How do Pieces of Eight encourage cooperation?
In two ways...

First, two individuals cannot select the same Besmara domain of setted Pieces of Eight. To select a domain, the bearer of a Pieces of Eight holds the coin at arm’s length during a spring tide full moon so the coin covers the moon and names a domain. If two or more individuals name the same domain, neither individual gain the benefit of this domain until he can do a new ritual at the next spring tide full moon.

Second, at the moment of death of a holder of a keyed and setted Pieces of Eight, the bearer may make a deathwish to cause the bearer(s) of any other keyed Pieces of Eight to become unkeyed. The deathwish is a bit meta-gamey because I’m not defining it as a free action, standard action, immediate action, etc and the character is technically choosing after he has died. Basically, the dying player character can just choose to throw someone out of the setted crew by wanting it to be so at his moment of death.

…my hope is that selecting domains causes the setted crew to have to plan together monthly on domain selection, and if they get it wrong there is a temporary penalty. I’m hoping the deathwish option causes a bearer of a Pieces of Eight to think twice about doing harm to another bearer of a setted Pieces of Eight.

What is the in-game story/lore behind the Pieces of Eight?
The gold dragon Mengkare, who rules the island kingdom of Hermea in the Steaming Sea, set out to create a utopia for humanity that he ruled absolutely in a city he named Promise. Approximately 200 years ago, in the guise of a human wizard Lamond Breachton, he set out to find the best, brightest, wisest, and most beautiful to join his utopia.

At this time, handsome Pete was a loving trophy husband of the pirate captain Cutlass Jess. Cutlass Jess and her crew achieved modest renown and operated out of a port on Shark Island (this is shortly before the time the Sahuagin began to overrun Shark Island). Handsome Pete’s rugged handsomeness struck Mengkare as Mengkare toured Golarion, and the dragon sent a letter to invite Handsome Pete to Promise. Handsome Pete agreed and traveled to Promise. It is unknown if, at the time Handsome Pete traveled to Promise, he knew his invitation did not include his wife, Cutlass Jess, or if Handsome Pete discovered this later. Regardless, the invitation did not include Cutlass Jess. Handsome Pete came to miss Cutlass Jess, and freely left Promise to return to Shark Island and his beloved.

Mengkare set Red Mantis assassins on anyone who left Promise, including Handsome Pete. Fortunately for Handsome Pete, Cutlass Jess and her pirate crew discovered his assassination order when Cutlass Jess and her crew seized a Red Mantis ship bound from Ilizamagorti for the Shackles. Doubly fortunate, Besmara herself found Mengkare’s entire Glorious Endeavor to create a perfect human race through breeding beyond distasteful. Mengkare’s effort to kill the husband of a pirate of the Shackles’ for not staying in this so-called utopia personally offended the pirate goddess. Besmaran faithful today believe the pirate goddess secreted the Pieces of Eight aboard the same ship with the Red Mantis assassins’ orders to kill Handsome Pete, and Cutlass Jess found them.

Cutlass Jess sought to shield her husband from the Red Mantis assassins, using the warning the seized note offered her, and she turned to her crew for help. Cutlass Jess’s crew saw little profit and great risk taking on the feared assassin organization. Cutlass Jess used the Pieces of Eight found on the assassins’ ship to sweeten the deal with her crew, and offered to share them with seven of her officers. This secured the needed help to defend her husband. Cutlass Jess attributed finding the Pieces of Eight to good fortune, but the Besmaran faithful today view it as a miracle of Besmara’s hand. Regardless, the crew agreed to help Cutlass Jess ambush the Red Mantis assassins.

Cutlass Jess and her crew used the powerful magic of the Pieces of Eight: flamestrike, ice storm, and call lightning to slay the Red Mantis assassins. They then used False Vision to fool Mengkare when he scried the battlefield, and tricked the dragon into believing his assassins had killed Handsome Pete.

What became of Cutlass Jess and Handsome Pete? Unfortunately, according to the tale, a few years later Cutlass Jess lost interest in Handsome Pete and took a new lover.

What became of the Pieces of Eight? It is not known if Cutlass Jess is the first to use the Pieces of Eight, but this is the oldest story of their use. Over the next two hundred years to present day, occasionally pirate crews have uncovered the Pieces of Eight and used them to outwit and outduel opponents. Usually, these opponents come from beyond the Shackles and seek to impose their ideology on the freedom-loving pirates.

There are also a handful of cases where pirate crews with the Pieces of Eight don’t co-operate, and the Pieces of Eight fail them at a critical juncture, often resulting in the death of the bearer. For example, Bart the Betrayer, at the time known as Black Bart, saw the Pieces of Eight fail him. About thirty years ago, Bart and his crew made a good living raiding Osirion ships in the Inner Sea and then fleeing back to the Shackles. The Ruby Prince, Khemet III grew tired of this piracy, and commissioned Cheliax to construct a Ship of the Line for Osirion, Desert’s Salt, and end the piracy on its shores - starting with Black Bart. Fortunately for Bart, he and his crew held the Pieces of Eight. Bart and his crew sailed bravely to face Desert’s Salt in the open sea. However, at the sight of Desert’s Salt fear overcame Bart but his officers pushed him to take on the Ship of the Line. Bart poisoned his officers during breakfast the morning before the anticipated combat. He intended to flee from Desert’s Salt using the Pieces of Eight’s ability to conjure obscuring mists, and fog clouds, and then complete his escape with nondetection. If successful, he would survive the day and keep his ship and his life. However, all the powers of the Pieces of Eight failed him at this critical moment, and Desert’s Salt captured Bart the Betrayer. The Ruby Prince hanged him from a short rope in Sothis.

Despite these stories, most often the Pieces of Eight show up as incomplete sets, and The Pieces of Eight have not been united as a set in over three decades. Bart the Betrayer was the last known pirate to have the set.

How will I use the Pieces of Eight in my campaign?
I plan to introduce the Pieces of Eight as treasure in the first adventure. I am following the suggestion elsewhere on these message boards to insert the Dungeon Magazine adventure Salvage Operation into this adventure (very happy to crack out my old issues!). My players (likely 6 PCs) will find six of the Pieces of Eight mysteriously and without explanation already keyed to them. If a player dies, I expect his Pieces of Eight to go to a friendly NPC and the newly created PC could come with one of the missing Pieces of Eight. In this way, a new character who doesn’t have the common experiences of the existing players still has a reason to join and co-operate, and possibly a reason why he joined my player’s crew. If the game goes past the point the players have ready access to raise dead, and I don’t expect any permanent death, then I plan to have the players find the remaining Pieces of Eight as treasure if they have not done so already.

I suspect, and want, my players to believe Besmara left the Pieces of Eight for them. This won’t be the case though, and I look forward to the excitement when they realize someone else left them in their path. They can come to this discovery with divination magic or high knowledge checks about how the Pieces of Eight work, because they will need to “unlock” the powers of the Pieces of Eight with character levels which will imply that they did not receive them by Divine Will (see above). My campaign links Skulls and Shackles on the front end with Savage Tide on the backend so I don’t want to spell out how I’m linking them here as it risks a spoiler of the Savage Tide adventure path. If you pick this item up for your game, I encourage you to have them come from some mysterious (but mortal) benefactor rather than Besmara herself, because the Skulls and Shackles doesn’t feel like the Adventure Path with strong divine destiny elements.

What do the players know of the Pieces of Eight?
Anyone holding a keyed Pieces of Eight instinctively understands the bonuses it grants him and that he cannot possess more than one Pieces of Eight at a time. If he holds his Pieces of Eight and wonders how to change the image on the coin he instinctively understands how to gift and will a Pieces of Eight, and also the powers it confers upon him at that time. A player holding a keyed, but not setted, Pieces of Eight also instinctively knows the item will grow more powerful if setted. A character holding a setted Pieces of Eight knows the powers available to him, the ritual to choose his domain, and understands he has the deathwish ability as do others bearing a Pieces of Eight.

Here are some other things revealed with study:

History DC 30: To know the story of Handsome Pete and Bart the Betrayer described above.

Local 15: The Pieces of Eight are a powerful artifact of Besmara. Individually they grant a small boon, but if a team of powerful individuals brings the eight pieces together, they can access divine magic sacred to Besmara. They have not been brought together for decades.

Religion 20: The Piece of Eight are a relic created by Besmara. Besmara respects self-made pirates who obey only their own scruples; however, she knows some challenges require working together as a team. The faithful of Besmara believe she created the Pieces of Eight to encourage cooperation when needed. One who has a Pieces of Eight may freely give his piece to another person. However, at any time Besmara wishes, she can ordain specific recipients of the Pieces of Eight or cause someone carrying one to lose it.

Arcana 25: If a player makes this knowledge check while studying a Pieces of Eight, he understands keying and the powers a keyed Pieces of Eight confers. He also knows this artifact becomes more powerful when setted, but does not know the specifics. If a player holds a keyed Pieces of Eight he instinctively understands much of this information but this arcana check can succeed even if the studies Pieces of Eight is not keyed to the individual making this check.

Arcana 30: This reveals the Besmaran domain powers granted by a setted Pieces of Eight. It can be made even before the studied piece is setted.

Arcana 35: This reveals the difference in power between an organically setted Pieces of Eight vs. when they are setted by Divine Will. It is here, if the players have all eight pieces, the players could realize that someone other than Besmara left them in their path (but who!? And why!?).

How are the Pieces of Eight destroyed?
If a daemon uses a Pieces of Eight as currency to purchase a selfless gift, all Pieces of Eight lose their magical abilities and become silver coins.

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The 3E savage tide modules can be dovetailed into the shackles.

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Hi, is there a way to search for the most liked posts in a section of the website? For example, I am planning to start running a new adventure path and would like to see the most liked threads in that section.

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This could be awesome but it will be tricky to get it right. The simplest thing is a side quest with just the witch where she seeks a scroll of plane shift. Next would be a side quest with all but the witch to go rescue her. Coolest would be to have everyone going simultaneously, but the hardest. Maybe you can contrive a plot where the players need to get to a certain pot in golariona dnthe witch a certain spot in he'll to link up reliably with a plane shift. Then you have one fight where the partybis fighting to get to that spot in golarion quickly, while the witch needs to hang in a dangerous spot in he'll suffering sporadic attacks. It will be. Oiler if they have a way to communicate e too.

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What are the consequences of the size reduction by 1 step?

I imagine a target would lose/reduce its reach and its bonuses to CMB/CMD would decrease with its smaller size.

Does the target's ability scores change? For example, target gains +2 size to DEX and -2 to STR similar to reduce person? Or does it matter what the exact size change is (for example going from huge to large has a different adjustment than going from large to medium)?


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I thought the Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag soundtrack fit this campaign well. I went through and assigned songs from the soundtrack to particular events in the story. I pasted it below in case anyone wants to borrow it.

Adventure Part Story Arc Song Notes

Wormwood 1 Campaign Opens Buccanneers
Wormwood 1 Life Aboard Wormwood A Pirates Life
Wormwood 1 Jape's Keelhaul Fair thee Well
Wormwood 1 Salvage Operation Side-Trek Meet the Sage
Wormwood 2 Attack Man's Promise Men of War
Wormwood 3 Bonewrack Isle The Bucaneers
Wormwood 3 Mutiny Take What is Ours
Fever Sea 1 Squibbing A Merry Life and a Short One
Fever Sea 2 Piracy/Overall Ship Combat Main Theme (This is also overall ship combat music for the campaign)
Fever Sea 2 Navigation Life at Sea
(This is general shipboard planning music throughout the campaign)
Fever Sea 2 Encounter Dominator Ship of Legend
Fever Sea 3 Tidewater Rock I'll Be With You
Fever Sea 3 Isabella Locke Lay Aboard Lads
Fever Sea 3 Mancatcher Cove Queen Anne's Revenge
Fever Sea 3 Sahuagin Tribe Confrontation
Tempest Rising 1 Present at Port Peril Portobelo
(This is also general Port Peril music)
Tempest Rising 2 Investigate Spy Ring Modernity
Tempest Rising 2 Hell Harbor In the Midst
(This is also general Hell Harbor music)
Temepst Rising 2 Calistra Temple La Havana
(This is also general Quent music)
Tempest Rising 2 Temple of the Hidden Name Tampa Bay (This is also general Beachcomber music)
Tempest Rising 2 Apothecary Moderntiy
Tempest Rising 3 Regatta Batten Down the Hatches
Island of Empty Eye 1 Prize like no other Into the Jungle
Island of Empty Eye 2 Chelish Fort Marked for Death
Island of Empty Eyes 3 Ruins of Ghol Gan The Spanish Empire
Island of Empty Eyes 4 Feast Saba Island
Price of Infamy 1 Pirate Council Vote The British Empire
Price of Infamy 2 Islands of the Damned the Fortunes of Edward Kenway
Price of Infamy 3 The Black Tower The Ends of the Earth
Price of Infamy 4 Harrigan Fleet Battle On the Horizon
Price of Infamy 4 Harrigan's Fort Order of the Assasins
Hells Heart 1 Building to Chelish Armada Fight Last Goodbyes
Hells Heart 1 Chelish Armada In this world or the one below
Hells Heart 2 Fort Hazard Under the Black Flag
Hells Heart 3 Lucrehold Pyrates Beware
Plunder and Peril Lilywhite Tampa Bay

Any Poignant Moments Throughout The High Seas
Any Bloodcove Prizes Plunder and Adventure
(General Bloodcove music)
Any Ilizimagorti/Scuttlecove Palenque
(General Ilizimagorti music)
Any Senghor Stealing a Brig
(General Senghor music)
Any Ollo Secrets of the Maya
(General Ollo music)
Any Slipcove Saint Pierre
(General Slipcove music)

Music not placed/Saved for Side Treks
Stealing a Brig
Santa Lucia

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I would also like the pdf please.

Drsparnum AT yahoo.com

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Does your equipment meld when using fey form?

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The typical professional in pathfinder has +3(assume wisdom 14 and 1 rank). He therefore earns 6.5 gp/week, or 6.5 gp/40 hours, or approximately 0.2 gp per hour.

The lyre does 2400 man hours of work in 30 minutes (100 humans × 8 hours per day x 3 days).

The lyre does approximately 50 gp per work per 30 minutes.

I agree you don't want to be making checks. If the PC has plus 17 perform I would cap this at 4 hours per day. This amounts to 400 gp per day. If your player has a lower perform skill you need to determine how long he or she can expect to play per day.

So every 2.5 days the lyre saves the party 1 plunder. That is pretty good, and I would let the PC feel good about it.

Use these rules to let the player cut the building costs in half to a maximum of 1 plunder per 2.5 days. Based on the adventure, time is unlikely to be a limiting factor, so functionally the lyre is giving the pcs double bang for the buck.

I would go even further, and double the plus 2 bonus for impressing avinar soreness to plus 4 and have him comment he is impressed with what the pcs did with the time and workforce they had. Now PC feels extra good.

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Is this product a compilation of all the other products on this page:

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Must be the season of the witch.

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Thank you. Really great ideas!

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PsionicFox wrote:

Sorry to necromancer this again, but TBA if you're still around I'd love to see your conversion work.

marcaes [at] gmail [dot] com


Me too!

Drsparnum at Yahoo dot com

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I'm working up a side-trek to run for my players. It is somewhat inspired by the movie Guns of the Navaronne.

The players will need to scale a cliff to get up a hidden side of a tropical island occupied by enemy pirates (and possibly other natural/fantastic threats). They then need to quickly cross the island in dangerous territory to get to the other side and take out cannons on a high cliff. These cannons are used by enemy pirates to threaten shipping through a narrow straight. They are climbing the cliff because it gives them an approach that is not seen, but unfortunately for the PCs, it is not to close to the cannons.

I want a friendly wizard to be waiting for them at the top of the cliff who casts communal phantom steed to help them quickly cross the island and get to the site with the cannons. The wizard is level 9, so plan that the communal phantom steed spell will make 6 horses each lasting 90 minutes. The horses have a speed of 80 ft per round and can cross sandy/muddy/swampy ground easily. This is the only assistance this wizard will provide the party.

Where I need advice:
I want to treat the phantom steed ride across the island as a skill challenge, kinda like the equivalent of a motorcycle chase in Pathfinder. Please help me brainstorm things that could happen during this phantom steed ride to make for a fun and interesting skill challenge.

The players are level 5-6.


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If my players win the race and it is close I plan to go with the adventure path as planned and have them win outright. If my players do okay, but don't win, I will also go with the adventure as planned and have Harrigan get caught cheating.

But if my players lose badly I think I will mix it up. My current thinking...Harrigan wins the race and gets a nice island. Tessa proposes to the party a little know bylaw of the shackles where if you sink a battleship class cheliax ship you also get an island. It is little known because no one had done it. I will then work up an adventure where the players need to take out the officers on the cheliax ship....maybe someone is assassinated and replaced by a hired doppelganger of the party. Maybe another one goes on shore leave. Maybe the players get the ships plans and use dimension door to get on the ship, kill a chelish officer, and get off. Maybe another one can simply be bribed Then, when all the experienced officers are out of the picture it becomes possible for the players to sink this much bigger ship. If successful bonefist reluctantly rewards the players the isle of empty eyes. However knowing the stories and hazards of the isle bonefist knows it is a mixed reward.

It is more work for me but I don't want losing badly to be consequence free. I plan to have each officer have a couple vulnerabilities to give the players a chance to take them out, and a couple ways the players could learn about these vulnerabilities.

I am using a homebrew ship combat system so losing all the good skill checks on a ship is a big setback in ship combat.

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

My two cents to a couple things above...

1. If the party has see invisibility up I would give them 1 opposed perception/stealth check to spot the eel. As a player I'd feel cheated if I didn't have a shot after preparing the right counter. The party may (probably will) or may not catch him after he is spotted.
2. If the eel starts blowing up ships it is reasonable to expect the party to have dimension door, phantom steed or similar at this level to quickly reach the bay. If they don't they probably won't get a shot at saving a ship.

It will be a while before I can run this one but I hope to run this with as little railroad as possible within the context of an adventure path.

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I don't think righteous might stacks with form of the dragon because polymorph spells call out that you cut have other spells up that change your size. Researching form of the dragon 4 with special gm permission seems like the only way.

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What should we be doing now if we have a subscription and want the huge figures at a discount?

Yoshua, I saw you mentioned we should wait until after the first shipment which is fine with me. It just feels strange because that means at least 2 shipments and I didn't know if there was some savings for us/Paizo for it to be 1 shipment.

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Does anyone know of a way to polymorph into a gargantuan gold dragon? I have that mini from the pathfinder battles set and I would like to see it used.

Form of the dragon 3 allows you to turn into a huge gold dragon, and I don't think there is another spell you can add to get 1 size bigger.

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I am not an expert in sailing, but my understanding is that on earth the winds near the equator go up, rather than across. This phenomenon makes it very slow sailing through the equator. Something like this would probably happen on golarion. On earth these are called the doldrums.

The shackles, near as I can tell, are a bit north of golarion's equator. My plan is that the eye of abendo creates frequent choppy cross winds. Although this might make sailing more demanding it prevents the doldrums from forming. Thus this region is the easiest place to go over the equator anywhere on golarion. Hence a lot of intercontinental sailing is attracted to this region. Routes that might appear faster going up eastern gerund might actually be slower because of the doldrums, hence some ships risk the pirates and go up the west side of golarion forbspeed.

I like this idea because it is passably realistic and ties to the hurricaine...the regions iconic feature.

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RAW: My basis for thinking the default is that it can't be made permanent is that it is a different spell. The quotes above tell me how the mythic spell works and how we should fill in the blanks where it isn't spelled out. But it doesn't put mythic magic fang on the list, by raw, of things that can be made permanent.

RAI: I dont think the designers intended for spells that use a consumable daily resource (mythic power) to be made permanent. Casters will obviously choose slow days when daily uses of mythic power are inconsequential to make those spells permanent and then have its enduring benefit. It is tantamount to carrying over unused mythic power to another day.

Again, all this (like everything) is gm discretion, and that discretion/leniency is kind of encouraged with permancey. But my question is where is the default and for me the default is in is not allowed.

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

My read is no one should assume mythic spells can be made permanent by the rules. In any game the gm can make exceptions, and with what can be made permanent the gm is invited to do it, right in the spell.

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

If I put up permancey arcane sight the incremental benefit of putting up permancey detect magic and permancey enchantment sight looks minor. Is there a good reason to spend the extra gold to get permancey detect magic or enchantment sight if you know you will get permancey arcane sight?

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Mythic magic fang and mythic greater magic fang modify all of a creature's natural attacks. If it was possible to make mythic greater magic fang permanent then it would be much cheaper for a creature with multiple attacks to make them all permanent. You would get the increased bonuses for all of the creatures attacks with one permancey spell.

However, my read is you can't make mythic spells permanent unless it is called out as a spell that can be made permanent (and to my knowledge none receive this call out).

That was actually the original question I was looking into when I found this old thread. I personally like to keep everything on a topic in 1 thread because others may look I to this topic in the future and will want the wisdom of the crowd in one place. I did not think of making permancey resilient, saw the idea here, got excited about the possibility, and then realized it wasn't allowed

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

I consolidate.

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

I don't think you can make permanencey resilient because it is not a mythic spell. Resilient only works on spells that can be cast as a mythic spell.

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A level 14 druid casts greater magic fang on a level 10 wizard. The wizard then casts permancy on the greater magic fang effect. Tomorrow an enemy casts dispel magic. What is the relevant caster level for greater magic fang, 10 or 14? 10 right?

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I have a ps4 and I am waiting until I can buy a ps5 at the regular price to get one. I can't believe there is still a shortage, but here we are.

My plan is to get horizon forbidden west on ps4 next month and "save" eldin ring until I get the ps5. I really enjoyed the original horizon game but I suspect, based on reviews, I will like eldin ring more than the horizon sequel, although I think I will still like the horizon sequel. For those who have played this do you agree with this plan or recommend I change it?

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Does the caster of time stop know exactly how many rounds of actions he has to work with?Basically, does he know the number on the d4 or does the gm roll/know that?

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

The stone remains but I would only rule it has the special properties in the instant it flies as a stone discuss. If the spell was meant to give you special materials it would say so.

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Question: Can I choose a lower caster level than the item (provided it is sufficient to activate the spell in question) voluntarily at the moment of activation?

Context (if it matters): I received a plot-based item in an adventure that lets me do resist energy (cold or electricity only) at caster-level 19 3x per day.

We are currently level 8. I can count on 1 finger the number of times we have been attacked with cold or electricity attacks in the whole campaign. Moreover, since that attack came out of nowhere, I of course did not have the spell up, so we've benefited from the item 0 times to date.

I want to put a protection energy spell on my self at one caster-level higher than my own caster-level so that this spell effect is likely the first spell peeled off if I am hit by a dispel magic that starts with the highest caster level effect. If I do the effect at caster level 19 there is almost no chance my enemy will be able to dispel it, and thus it will not absorb the dispel magic effect, and the dispel magic spell will just progress to my next spell (which is probably actually useful).

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That is a list and a half. Thank you majuba!

I am a transmuter and I do often miss a player or two in a haste spell. It isn't the end of the world but someone can be miffed for being left out.

I think it is more useful when attacking the enemy...your friends might stay bunched up patiently for a haste but your enemies are rarely as considerate when you want to slow them.

We are going to level 20 and I could get a quickened vast slow option with spell perfection.

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I think it is your call. Keep in mind the advantages of each approach: 1. Faster play if there is just 1 roll, vs. 2. Less extreme all/nothing effects if it is rolled individually for each target.

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Does the Vast Spell metamagic feat work with any feats other than haste and slow?

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Thanks team! I'm in the same place. It wasn't the ability that drew me to the prestige class. Still, I had hoped there would be some cases where it would provide a marginal benefit. However, it seems like, lich library excluded, the ability is downright counter-productive and dangerous to use in a party that also has a rogue with a modicum of trap-finding ability.

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My character just gained the glyph finding ability from the arcane savant prestige class (description pasted below). Anyone see a good way to make this a positive? I have an excellent spellcraft, I'm just worried that in the process of using glyph-finding looking for writing based traps I will expose myself to all sorts of other traps that I'm not equipped to detect. For this reason, unless I have reason to believe there are writing-based magical traps, I should just leave trap finding to the party rogue.

My gut tells me <10% of traps are writing based magical traps.

The ability...
Glyph-Finding (Ex)
At 2nd level, an arcane savant can use Spellcraft to find writing-based magical traps (including glyphs, runes, sigils, and symbols) in the same way a rogue can use Perception to search for traps.

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Angelic Aspect gives you the abilities of Lesser Angelic Aspect and, among other abilities, it gives you: In addition, your natural weapons and any weapons you wield are considered good-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Greater Angelic Aspect gives you the abilities of Lesser Angelic Aspect and a slew of other abilities, but does not cross-reference the regular Angelic Aspect spell. The slew of abilities Greater Angelic Aspect gives you does NOT include making your weapons good-aligned for the purpose of damage reduction.

So it appears, RAW, Greater Angelic Aspect, does not confer the ability to over come good damage reduction.

Is this true? Was it ever corrected in an errata? I can't think of another example of a spell where the greater version did not confer all the benefits of the prior version.


Linky-link: https://www.aonprd.com/SpellDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Angelic%20Aspect,%20Great er

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Hi, Does anyone know if Treerazer is in an adventure path, and if so which one? It will help me decide if I should spring for it.

My fingers are crossed we won't have as many broken minis as the last set.

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I'm about to start GMing this one. I went through the first adventure and the notes from this message board (particularly the modifications Adam Smith proposed a couple of pages back).

To help myself I put together my best timeline of what happened prior to the start of the adventure. I'm posting here in case others find it useful...

Six months ago: Rodrick and Brinya begin dating secretly.
Six weeks ago: Rodrick and Brinya engage with Rodrick’s mother’s ring and exchange hopeknives.
Five weeks ago: Jaggrin finds out about Rodrick and Brinya; Bad blood between father and son; Rodrick stops staying in the Longhouse.
Three weeks ago: Skreed and his company arrive at the Plague House and begin searching using Skreed’s alcemical explosives and Akrish’s silence spells. A few days later, Akrish dies in an explosion.
Two weeks ago: Skreed, Daktani, Urnsul, Riska, Vorom, Akrish, 2 FT Thugs, 4 FT Assasins, Melira check-in at Ramblehouse and begin searching within Trunau. Urnsul starts working at Clamor soon after the band moves into Trunau.
Over the past two weeks: Meira starts painting crosses including the big one on the guard tower. Skreed continues sneaking in a couple orcs here, a couple orcs there.
Ten days ago: Cham complains to militia about the vandalized room, Rodrick investigates room and takes on the case, Skreed switches his band from the Ramblehouse to an abandoned flop house to avoid detection.
Nine days ago: Rodrick accidently loses the hopeknife Brinya gave him in room H5 of the Plague House and Rodrick encounters the flood troll.
Seven days ago: Rodrick confesses to Brinya he can’t find the hope knife she gave him; Rodrick starts talking with Katreza about graffiti in Ramblehouse, about town, and flood troll; Rodrick commissions a new hopeknife at Clamor
Day -6: Sara hands work on the hopeknife over to Urnsul.
Day –3: Daktani captures Othdan
Day -2: Rodrick meets with Katreeza for the last time, and entrusts his journal to Katrezra.
Day -1: Katreza leaves sanctuary in the early morning for safety, with Rodrick’s journal. Skreed sends Meira out of town so she’s not killed in the orc attack. Skreed has decided enough is enough with Rodrick and starts a plan he's been noodling on for the past few days ... Skreed asks Urnsul to steal Rodrick’s hopeknife. Urnsul steals the knife and gives it to Skreed who will use it as the murder weapon.
Day 0: During Hopeknife ceremony Skreed checks into room next to Rodricks after paying bribe to Cham. He sneaks into Rodrick’s room and drops his note to Meira accidently.
Day 0: Hopeknife ceremony.
Day 0: All sleep in Ramblehouse.
Day 1 Wee hours: Skreed kills Rodrick.
Day 1 Morning: Cham discovers the body.
Day 1: Urnsul disappears from Clamor, and goes to the flop house.

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I have the same question.

Absent further clarification I would run it that if in a single encounter the shaman is battling multiple identical creatures (e.g., a room with 4 wights) the bonus applies against all weights. It seems to fit the flavor of the ability and the ability is not that amazing anyway.

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My players were happy to help the pharasmans in wati when the call came. Overall the people of the town left a mixed impression on my players but my party liked the 3 phrarasims. When the church trusted the party with the mask and dispatched them to tephu with the support of a letter from sebti it won the church a lot of credibility with my party. Also at this point my players knew they were like super heroes and the people of wait had no chance on their own.

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I would try to make sure it takes at least 4 days so you can work in the tephu intrigue you need to. My players had lots of fun with that.

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I agree with warped. I imagine the wizard has to investigate the magical energies around the sphinx closely before teleporting. Teleporting isn't like dusting crops.

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Afairc the adventure did give an explanation for how the scorched hand got around everything. To seannoss's point you could have the party find a map on the scorched hands bodies after the fight.

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You can use monk styles while raging. The game did not offer a classification system of "this is an offensive style and acceptable during rage" and "this is a defensive style not acceptable during rage" so no restriction exists.

As evidence, this clip actually shows an invulnerable rager using crane style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=5pL6uUYdWbU

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I am in a party with a rogue and vivisectionist alchemist. We started at level 1 and are now level 12. The alchemist has outshone the rogue at all levels.

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How do you pronounce "Ki" like in monk's Ki points?

Ki like in Ky in Kylo Ren?
Ki like in key, like use a key to open the door?
Ki like in Chee, like the beginning of the word cheese?
Something else?


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I understand LordKailas.

I can see the tradeoffs of necro-ing (consolidation vs. potential inclusion of out-dated information and always taking longer to get to the point).

In this case I thought the consolidation was worth it because the title of this thread will attack anyone interested in a 1E character with this archetype, the 2015 discussion did not seem to reach a 100% definitive answer, and the recent guides I saw seem to run counter of the way the 2015 discussion (and my reading) was leaning. It is likely that those looking at this thread are looking at those guides too.

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