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Solid Map

****( )

Overall this map is great. I love that I can combine it with my Red Light District, Warehouse, and Pub Crawl maps to make a large scene.

The side meant for that combination is good but the large building is odd. I think it could be a watch garrison but the design team made some strange choices for two rooms. There is a large hall with a suit of armor and a chair with a couple rugs and there is a tiny room with a book shelf (that's not awful but it feels out of place with the other chambers). Not sure what they intended the large chamber to be. The apartments surrounding this "watch garrison" are small hovels. Maybe they belong to the watch members? It all feels haphazard.

The side with the actual hamlet will get plenty of use. I would have preferred something than the shell of an old tower but it's not bad. The crop field is a tad big but a nice addition in case you want a scarecrow encounter.

Overall, I'm pleased about this map. It isn't always convenient for me to pull out my Dwarven Forge city builder series and whip up a little village so I can see using this map quite often. Thanks Paizo!

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Nice set- some strangeness though

****( )

This set has a few gems like the attic space. The scholar's library is unusual though. There are several rooms but they are not joined by doors. Each area has descending stairs. I guess you need to hit the basement and then come up in the next room. Even the mini tavern is a little strange with its configuration. There is a room with tables separating the tap room rather than having an open layout with a hearth.

They advertise a secret safe house but several tiles are so similar they may as well be the same and all of these could be the safehouse.

Overall, I'd say this set is worth it because you can throw down some fast locations in a moment's notice.

Oh- the open windows at the bakery with pies on the shelves is a nice touch.

I would have liked it if they had an alchemy shop, and a bank. Maybe something for the future?

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****( )

The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is that it doesn't look much like a swamp. That being said, this is one of my most used, "go to" maps. It's perfect for a forest path and ambush. I love, love, love this one, even if the art isn't comparable to more recent releases. It's incredibly useful and I highly recommend it.

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Nice addition to the map family.


Would love to see a short, official PF adventure to go along with this!

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Not sure what this would be useful for.

*( )( )( )( )

Completely disappointed. This is one map, I’m passing over, whereas I happily hit my brick and mortar store for the new map releases.

The exterior is a lot of roof with little features. There should be gargoyles and other things that could be useful for encounters. The interior is even more disappointing. It contains plenty of rooms like we've already seen on previous maps. There are a lot of small rooms where encounters would not be good. I was really hoping for a ballroom for party scenes, with plenty of detail and room for a party. There's no awesome library or dining hall.

The art, as usual is great, but that doesn’t save it.

It's similar to the Pathfinder lodge (which is actually more useful) which makes it largely obsolete.

Also, how many noble houses only have one floor? This could have been a good multi-map pack if it included useful spaces and rooms.

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