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Expedition to the Barrier peaks... here I come woohoo!!

I threw away the character add on box LOL (Tore it open) so that's one 'slot' that will never be used.

I can't see any reason for so much space, the box could have been half the size!

Edit: No wait! If I take out the insert and make my own one it'll be big enough so I can sleeve the cards PLUS throw in my own designs :)

Not enough black faces or blondes.

Could have done with custom art filling out several stereotypes, rather than just reusing art from modules and such.

No Panicked either :(

Raiders/Crystal Skull!

Search for the lost ark here! LOL

Am I missing something?

Aren't the cabins and such already visible on the ship, if all the decks are showing? (As with the previous Ship Flip mat?)

Temple of Doom!! Love it!

Mortal Kombat!! Love it!

I'm a 'forty something' experienced DnD GM who is just getting back into the swing of things after a break. I've run numerous systems over the years including M&M, V&V, MSH, COC, Star wars (D6 and D20) and Cyberpunk, as well as Heroclix, MtG, Axis and Allies, Arkham Horror and lord knows what else!

I'm currently looking for some players to start up a [u]Pathfinder Campaign[/u], first level onwards using Crypt of the Everflame as a springboard to further adventures. I will be starting using the Core rules only.

Available: Tuesday or Wednesday evenings (until whenever).
Currently: I have 2 players and am looking to expand.
Located: Five minutes from Clapham South Tube.

Drop me an email if you are interested.

Thanks for reading! :)