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Merisiel… in… SPACE!

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Count Haserton Lowis IV
The Exchange Uncle Taco

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Justic Ironbriar
Aleon Hunter

M Laborer Elf Android Technomancer 2: Spd:30, Init:0, KAC:13, EAC:12, SP:4/14, HP:14/14, RP:3/3, Fort:4, Ref:0, Will:2, Perc:0, Lowlight

played by DoubleGold (387 posts)
Golden Orb
Bromsen Stedgard

Male Human Monk (Zen Archer) 1
HP: 13 Current: 10/12 Fort: +4 Ref: +5 Will: +4 AC: 15 Touch: 15 Flat Footed: 12 Int: +5 Perception: +7 Common Arrows: 60 Blunt Arrows: 20

played by Ace Of Spades (61 posts)

Female Samsaran Crunch Oracle Of Lore 1 HP: 9/9 AC:16 FF:13 Touch:13 Init:-2 Fort:0 Ref:+3 Will:+4 Perception:+3 Spells: 2/4 Focused Trance: 3/3 Spell Like Abilities: 1/1

played by Ace Of Spades (72 posts)
Niveus Anguis

Male Kitsune Sorcerer 2

played by OmniChaos (84 posts)
Radi Hamdi
The Exchange Saif al-Fajr

Male Human Bard (Dawnflower Dervish) 1 (HP 7/10)| AC:17 T:14 F:13 | Init:+4 | F:+2 R:+6 W:+0 | BAB:+0 M:+1 R:+4 CMB: +3| Perc:+2 |
Performance 3/5

played by Uncle Taco (124 posts)
Zirul Huntinghawk

Male Half-elf Gunslinger 7: Spd:30, Init:6, 41/67 HP, AC:22, T:17, FF:16, Fort:8, Ref:10, Will:6 +2 vs enchantment, Perc:8 lowlight

played by DoubleGold (308 posts)