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I'd like to see more of the Nosferatu from Curse of the Crimson Throne part two. I like the idea of Vampires in Ustalav being ugly & dirty.

And I'd be interested in seeing what kinds of superstitions the peasants in Ustalav have about some of the weirder monsters. Like, I'm sure they know about garlic against vampires and such, but what do they use to protect themselves from stuff like the Mi-gos?

Kevin Crossley does my favorite art for Pathfinder. So happy to see his stuff in this book.

Not to be a stick in the mud, but what I want from Ultimate Magic is for it not to exist.

There's too many rulebooks being released in too short a time for my tastes. I've bought every Pathfinder book Paizo's published to date with a smile on my face. But I'd prefer they stick to adventures and make less rules related books.

All these new rulebooks lined up has me apprehensive.

Mike Kortes writing a level 1 adventure is the best news about this AP to me. Most of the adventures I've seen from him are mid-level. And I'm eager to see what he can do with level 1-3 stuff (AKA the "sweet spot".)

The fact that the rest of the AP is being handled by the usual cast of amazing adventure writers is nothing to sneeze at either.

My group & I are enjoying the hell out of Kingmaker right now. But it's nice to know we've got another stellar AP lined up for when Kingmaker concludes. We're not that in to the Red Mantis/jungle stuff.

Speaking only for myself, I wouldn't get much use out of an AP that went much higher than 12th level.

The game often slows down for my groups at high level play. To the point where it becomes boring & the players' interest (including mine)in what's happening during the game starts to wane.

I usually start to feel that slow crawling feeling around the 5th installment of each AP. I've had this experience with Age of Worms, Savage Tide, Rise of the Runelords, Second Darkness,and Curse of the Crimson Throne.

Personally, I'd be delighted (and so would most of my 21 regular players)if APs ran to level 9 or 10 instead of 15-16.

No Superman logo that I'm aware of. We usually play from 6-9.30 on wednesdays.

We're also gonna start running Pathfinder games on Monday as well. Our wednesday games are going so well that we're starting to get a little crowded.

I've never seen so many gamers in a city as I have in Baltimore. It's a little weird how many people here are into RPGs.

It probably has something to do with all the hipsters. Anywhere there are hipsters there are gamers. And they're usually the same people.

Kthulhu wrote:
Green Left Eye wrote:
Joss Whedon is good at writing his own characters. He's kind of rubbish at writing characters previously written by anyone else. See: His run on X-Men, or more painfully, his run on Runaways.
Perhaps you refer to Astonishing X-Men, also known as easily the best 25 consecutive issues of X-Men in a decade minimum?

Grant Morrison's runs on X-men were far, far better. Without Cassaday's art, Whedon's X-men would have astonishingly forgettable. Whedon's Runaways was pretty mediocre as well.

Joss Whedon can write good TV shows, but comics are best served without him I think.

And I think he's a poor fit for the Avengers movie too. Can you imagine Steve Rogers talking in cutesy, pop culture laden Whedon-speak? Barf. Good thing it'll probably never happen.

1. Crimson Throne
2. Runelords
3. Council o'Thieves
4. Second Darkness
5. Legacy of Fire

Hey, just thought I'd give this thread a bump to let folks know that we're still playing Pathfinder every Wednesday night at Graphic Novelty. We've got a really fun & friendly regular group together & we're always accepting walk-ins.

When someone says Avenger, I think of Captain America, Iron Man, & Spider-Man.

When someone says Inquisitor, I think of Solomon Kane.

Inquisitor wins.

Their Meenlock Prison adventure was a classic. Totally creepy and a joy to run.

Denizen of Leng

If you like Mr. Pett's work,check out Carrion Hill. It's his most recent module. It numbers among his best.

Marvel Rules.
Spidey Rules.

Who cares about a hypothetical movie when the comics are so much better than they've ever been?

Here's my dream team.

1. Eric Mona
2. Mike Kortes
3. Richard Pett
4. Mike Kortes
5. Tim & Eileen Connors
6. Mike Kortes.

Support Articles:
F. Wesley Schneider
Nick Logue
Mike Kortes

I'd also want to see a lot of Peter Bergting & Kevin Crossley art up in there. Bergting's art would be a great match for a Kortes adventure. And Crossley would be the perfect match for one of Pett's horror adventures.

I'd prefer not see any new rulebooks at all. Rather, I'd prefer to see Paizo devote their talents towards more adventures and setting books.

It's what they do best.

Billy Carter wrote:

I might drive up from near DC, where I live. It's possible I could become a regular. Would you say you are on the near (South) or far side of Baltimore from me?

Hard to say. Our address is 1712 Thames St. if that helps.

And we're playing every Wednesday night. If we don't for some reason, I'll post it in this thread.

Also, the group ( which is 4 regular players now) is starting an Age of Worms, (Pathfinder converted) AP campaign this Wednesday. So it's a good jumping on point for new players.

After running Burnt Offerings, Crimson Throne ( best of the bunch IMO), & Second Darkness all back to back, I decided to skip Legacy of Fire & run a more plotless, open ended campaign for a change ( still set in Golarion of course).

I guess if an AP doesn't have a Vankaskerkin in it, it just doesn't feel like a proper AP to me.

Also, Arabian Nights style adventures just don't appeal to me and my group. Looking forward to running Council of Thieves though.

Gryphon Gold wrote:
If you ever need players for daytime/afternoon sessions, please post it here.

Will do. So far, the only game we play on afternoons is Warhammer. That's every Saturday at noon if anyone wants to show up. We keep extra armies on hand for guests.

While it's not an RPG, it's still a good way to meet local RPG players.

4ekilledDnD wrote:

Hazel... are you still looking for players? I'm trying to get involved in a weekly pathfinder game.


We're still accepting new players. We've got 3 regular players so far, and we've played 2 games.

Everyone seems to be getting along well and having a lot of fun. So, if you're thinking about showing up, please do so. Walk-ins are always welcome. We'll have pre-generated characters & extra dice waiting for you. 6pm every Wednesday.

I love the bestiary.

Reading it gave me the same feeling I had as a kid reading the AD&D Monster Manual. I enjoyed the Bestiary more than the Core Rulebook.

Now if only the Bestiary had an Aurumvorax in it, it'd have been perfect.

Black Dalek wrote:


Hazel monday, after your last post, I actually got my hopes up that I could go. But there's a family event this Wednesday night.

I need a shoulder to cry on...

Listen, hazel monday, please do me a favor. Could you keep me updated? Of course, if there are many games going on at Graphic Novelty, I can't expect you to keep track of all of them. However, if you happen to know about one game going on, and its schedule, and whether it might have any openings for a player, I would very much like to know. Maybe you could post that information to this thread. Or maybe you could direct me to a website, or something, where that information might be listed.

If you'd like to come to next Wednesday's game, we'd be happy to have you there. It's 6pm to 9pm. Should be no trouble to fit you in.

Graphic Novelty's open 12-9 weekdays. 11-11 Saturdays, 11-8 Sundays.

Black Dalek wrote:

While I'm not optimistic about my ability to go, I'm curious about a few things.

1) For how many hours does a weekly session run?

2) I've played 3.5, but I know very little about Pathfinder RPG. Even if I were to download the rulebook right now, or study the SRD, I wouldn't have enough time to learn it well enough and create my own character in 2 1/2 days. Is that a problem?

I would ask more questions, but the answers to my first 2 might dash my hopes for going, so I'll stop at 2 for now.

We're going to start out playing from 6-9pm and see where it goes from there.

No need to worry about designing a character. We'll have pre-generated characters available for the first session. All you need to bring is dice.

Hey Folks.

Just wanted to let you know that my FLGS, Graphic Novelty, is going to be hosting a home brewed Pathfinder Campaign set in Taldor, as well as hosting Pathfinder Society games.

It starts this Wednesday, Nov.4 6pm, and will be continuing every Wednesday, every week.

So if you're in the area, come on down to Graphic Novelty. It's at 1712 Thames St. Baltimore MD 21231. That's in Fell's Point, for all you locals. If you've got any questions, call us. Our phone number's 410-522-0215.

Hope to see you there.

Man, that's great!
The Nobel Peace Prize is a great honor. And the American President won it.

Good news for America. The rest of the world seems like it's starting to hate us less.

If I wanted to see a crazy idiot spout absurdities, I'd just go watch the homeless on the corner.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
How is he doing that? Is he only fighting against 5 opponents a day?

No. She fights several opponents a day. I think the average is like 40 opponents a day.

She just saves up the smites for the ones that matter.

Besides, I don't think the smiting is the main problem. It's her ability to self-heal as a free action that put her head and shoulders over everyone else when it comes to melee.

I'm not bent out of shape about it. If any class should stand out as most powerful it's the Paladin. But still... most powerful by far.

I'm running the last parts of Second Darkness. There's tons and tons of Demons in it. My players' party has a Paladin in it.

Said paladin makes everyone else look like a side-kick in comparison.

I don't wanna see a 2nd ed. of Pathfinder for at least 18 years.

Dr. Johnny Fever wrote:

1. Limiting the number of buffs active on a creature simultaneously. Keeping track of the 20 buffs on Kharzoug when I ran RotRL was painful. Too painful.

There's an optional rule from the Beta that limits buffs and defensive spells cast on a single character or creature to 3. My players and I call it "The Rule of 3".

It works great. Really eliminates a lot of book keeping at high level ( and mid-level as well for that matter.). And my players think it adds an element of tactical thinking to their spellcasting.

It's just a great little rule all around. I highly recommend it.

Matthew Morris wrote:

Thank you Hazel, I find your position flawed, but accept your belief of it at face value.

If I may address your points.

In the 20 years between MJ and Peter being married and the retcon-bomb, his cast of characters changed, saying that they were stagnate would be incorrect. Using Wikipedia, we see that in this time, the Green Goblin returned, Mayday was born, Aunt May is killed, then gets better. MJ dies and gets better, new foes appear and old ones change/are upgraded. Flash Thompson is put in a wheelchair, Peter becomes a teacher, Eddie Brock is redeemed, Kraven dies, DocOc dies (and gets better) Peter finds some peace with Aunt May and he grows up. Heck even May got some development, in finding a dating partner with Jarvis.

All that tossed away, in an urge to return the character to a 1986 stasis. A stasis that was the norm in Ultimate Spiderman.

I don't see how that was all tossed away though.

The green Goblin is still returned from the dead. Mayday was still born. Aunt may was killed then got better, then got shot then got better. Then got married. None of the changes to his villains were wiped away in one fell swoop.

Flash Thompson is still in a wheelchair. Eddie Brock still has the same issues he's always had. Kraven's still dead. None of that stuff has changed.

Almost nothing that you mentioned was wiped away ( except for the part about Aunt May knockin' boots with Jarvis. And between you and me, that's something I'd like never mentioned again. On account of it's gross.) All the stuff that you listed still happened. Pete just isn't married anymore, and the Public forgot his identity.

That's a change I'm willing to go along with as long as the stories that come out of it are good. And they are good. So it's all good.

LazarX wrote:

Lesson 1. Comic book Characters don't advance. they don't age.

I don't know about that. Look at Luke Cage. That character has really come a long way since his "Sweet Christmas!" days. I'd say there's been some character advancement there.

And Hawkeye seems to have aged about 10 years in the past 2. The poor guy looks exhausted.

"Broken" is broken.

People who use that expression should be made aware that it's played out.

Amazing Spider Man has something it's been missing for years.

When Stan and Steve and John invented the character Peter Parker so many, many years ago the thing that separated Pete from other Superheroes at the time was that his love life was a total soap opera.He was unlucky in love. And it was good to read about. His costumed slug-fests were secondary to his romantical exploits and misunderstandings.

It was an important part of the character. Spidey's supporting cast was what really made him stand out. And when he was married, his supporting cast was set in stone for decades, unchanging, stagnant.

Now when I read ASM, I dunno what's going to happen next.Pete's always into some nutty affair or another. And that's when the character's at his best.

Brand New Day is the best thing to ever happen to Spidey.

If I ever met Joey Q, I'd shake his hand. Then I'd buy him a steak dinner.
Over the course of that dinner I'd say "Thank you Joe. Thank you for making Marvel Comics better than they've been in 30 years. How about some desert?"

That's what I'd do anyway.

Personally, I'd like the APs to end at a lower level. Like maybe 8th. It would be terrific if there was an AP designed for slow track progression.

1. Level 1-3

2. It's the least rules intensive.The numbers are small and manageable. The danger level keeps everyone alert and paying attention.

3. My favorite adventure so far is Beast of Burden by Mike Kortes.The setting was so creative and fun.I've never seen another adventure quite like it. My player's minds were officially blown.


If my interest in Pathfinder were a cheeseburger, then the meat, cheese, bun, lettuce, and tomato would be the setting.

The ketchup would be the rules.

I like Flesh to Stone a lot. The visual is cool, and it's crazy effective against spell- casters.

Also, it's the closest thing that Pathfinder has to a good old fashioned save-or-die spell. And save-or-die spells are a great thing when used sparingly.

Fantastic news. Paizo & Reaper is like chocolate & peanut butter. Two great tastes that taste great together.

Joe Sixpack wrote:

Honestly, there are lots of people who do call the education system socialist because it is funded by tax money.

Well, I would like to meet one of them, because I've never met anyone who honestly held that opinion before. Where can I find one of these people?

Do they hang around at militia meetings with birthers & flat-earthers?

I just don't get the position that publicly funded healthcare is somehow "socialized" because our taxes would finance it.

Our taxes fund the public school system. No one calls it "socialized" school.

Our taxes fund the military. You can be damned sure no one calls it a "socialized" military.

Our taxes finance the police. No one says we have a "socialized" police force.

Saying that a publicly financed healthcare would be "socialism" is nothing more than partisan propaganda. It's dangerous, cynical,and irresponsible, partisan propaganda. It's clouding the real and important issue of health care reform with poorly conceived, jingoistic rhetoric.

I find the whole thing very disappointing.

Just got mine yesterday. 2 whole days before the release date.That's just too cool. Many thanks to whoever made this happen.

Pathfinder buffed Clerics up so much that I'm actually glad they took a little something away.
Even something really minor like heavy armor proficiency.

I'm happy with Paizo, Pathfinder, and their production schedule exactly the way they are.
I honestly don't want them to change a thing.
It seems like they have a stable of regular talented writers who produce the adventures and setting material I want at the perfect pace for me to read and run all of it.
I don't want Paizo to get any bigger.I don't want Paizo to get any smaller. It's perfect as is. It's like the porridge that Goldilocks ate.

Quesada's the best thing to happen to comics since Stan Lee. Marvel Comics are better than they've ever been in my lifetime. Most of the credit for that goes to Quesada.

That said,I agree that Red -Hulk is unbearably stupid and nigh-unreadable.

Best horror movie to come out in years. Five thumbs up.

That's nasty. Nasty as hell.

I'll only list the ones I've run.

1. Crimson Throne
2. Second Darkness
3. Runelords
4. Age of worms

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