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Is there a feat needed to make scrolls? Magical Crafting is for Magic Items, but I don't know if that counts scrolls.

Thanks in advance

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shroudb wrote:
Angel Hunter D wrote:
How did you get 2 stances and Shield Block at level 1? And how did you have enough hands for a shield and spear?

for the feats:

A veratile human starts with a general feat from his ancestry and an ancestry feat that he can pick up natural ambition for an extra level 1 feat.
plus his normal class feat, so 2 stances+shield block is doable at 1.

for the shield:
you're right, you can't hold a shield and a spear simultaneously.

Spears are 1 handed

So I wrapped up my session 0 yesterday and everyone has decided more or less what they'll be playing, and i figured it would be fun to share the ABC's of your party. Here goes!

Game: Age of Ashes

1) Artus "Thatch" Hewett
A: Human (Skilled)
B: Haunted Visions
C: Ranger (Flurry Edge)

Has taken the Animal Companion feat to get his bird Buteo

2) Nozgrim Olim
A: Dwarf (Forge Dwarf)
B: Hellknight Historian
C: Fighter

Has taken the Power Attack Feat and wields a Glaive

3) Him Battlehammer
A: Dwarf (Strong-Blooded Dwarf)
B: Field Medic
C: Cleric (Warpriest of Erastil)

4) Loralee Silver
A: Elf (Cavern)
B: Champion (Redeemer)
C: Warrior

Has taken Deity's Domain (Nature)

5) Viletta Bloodbane
A: Human (Half-Elf)
B: Dragon Scholar
C: Barbarian (Red Dragon Instinct - Despises them)

Has taken Raging Intimidation

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Paradozen wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Paradozen wrote:

In the playtest the summon monster list was extremely limited, a lot of the summons were evil and because of how the math worked, they wouldn't be able to contribute effectively. I understand the bestiary is bigger and math is looser, does it look like summoning is decent now? What are some of the cooler monsters to summon? What tricks can conjurers pick up to improve summoning?

EDIT:fixed typo

Using the specific spell, you can summon any creature with the corresponding Trait of the stated level (-1 to 15)
So if I understand this, monsters have a trait that indicates they can be summoned in the Bestiary. Is there a list of such creatures from the Bestiary or is it on the players to look for them?

It's not a trait specific to if they can be summoned. It's just their creature type trait. Summon Fey for example, you just grab a Fey from the bestiary so long as it meets the level (and rarity?) requirements of the spell.

Leotamer wrote:

Phoenixes are intelligent creatures. I don't see why they would be primal, but dragons would be arcane.

I also think vestige is a part of the imperial bloodline, which use to be human-only.

Primal has nothing to do with Intelligence (I think). All the spell types are about what essence they manipulate. In the playtest, their magical abilities were Primal.

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I've never used it, but it says on the site under Demo "Play in a game hosted by Ultimate"

So i think that if the GM has Ultimate, the players can all join via the Demo.

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Honestly, if my players can give me a good reason for the use of the Lore skill I accept it. I ran We Be Heroes? and the Lore skill came up a few times. Nothing groundbreaking that couldn't have been resolved with a different skill, but the players enjoyed gaining unique due to their backgrounds. I think my favorite use of it was:

Spoilers for We Be Heroes?

At the end of the adventure, you have to convince Ulthun to retreat through the mountains and escape with the Goblin Tribe. It gives each player a chance to convince him and increase his attitude and explain the situation with either a Diplomacy or Religion check. The bard used Diplomacy, the Druid used Religion.

The Barbarian asked me if he could use his Warfare Lore to provide the information he had on the movements of the enemies and their formations. Using this information to state that escape is our only option.

The Ranger similarly asked if he could use his Scouting Lore to map out their escape route that would keep them safest from the undead army and present that to Ulthan as encouragement that this is the best option.

Like I said, this all could have been done with different skills. But my players enjoyed having a specialized aspect of that skill. It also helped them when presenting their argument. The above players told me they couldn't think of anything to add on that wasn't already said via the two required skills, but still wanted to participate. The Lore skill gave them a window to approach in the conversation.

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So I don't have the AB, but I do have the C and concept. Essentially a "Reaction" Master Fighter. I'd have multiple fighting "styles" that would have different reactions based on the weapon combinations. (1 handed and hand free, 1 handed and shield, dual 1 handed). Then at 20, the Reaction Capstone will let me use all the extra Reactions I've built up for anything.

Reactive Shield, LVL 1
Dueling Parry LVL2
Twin Parry LVL4
??? - LVL 6
Quick Shield Block, LVL 8
Combat Reflexes, LVL 10
Dueling Riposte LVL12
Improved Dueling Riposte LVL14
Twin Riposte LVL16
Improved Twin Riposte, LVL 18
Reactionary, LVL 20

So I'd have
1 Reaction as normal
1 extra reaction specifically for AoO (Combat Expertise)
1 extra reaction specifically for Duelinjg Riposte (1 haded weapon, and 1 hand free)
1 extra reaction specifically for Quick Shield Block (1 handed weapon and shield)
1 extra reaction specifically for Twin Riposte (two 1 handed weapons)

And then my capstone Reactionary would let me use all 5 of my reactions for anything

That's more or less how I explained it for my games. You can do anything that is thematic to your class, so long as it doesn't yield any mechanical benefit beyond the focus point. The Druid can relax/meditate in nature, or just play with her animal companion. The bard can play music or clean his instrument ,ect ect. The "activity" you are doing is "re-focusing". Doing something such as healing the party would have your mind focused on that, and not on re-focusing.

I assume (we'll find out next month) that you CAN use it on larger groups later. Alot of skill feats in the playtest scaled up based on proficiency. So maybe Trained is 2 people, Expert 4, Master 8, Legendary everyone in the area. Or something along those lines.

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Honestly, the only situations I see being tight are multiple dedications, like you said. In the playtest, if you had a dedication and wanted ANOTHER dedication you couldn't until you had two other archetype feats.

But beyond that, I don't feel that way and in fact feel the opposite. Many builds I played in first edition didn't come online till ~7th-12th (depending on the concept) because of the feat taxes needed to get to the stuff I wanted. Multiclassing was just a method of getting certain things (3 levels of Unchained Rogue to get Dex to damage for example). And if you were a class that relied heavily on your class level (Like Summoner), Multiclassing was almost never an option.

Now I feel like I can just take what I want without really any major restriction. If I want spells on my rogue, I spend class feats on a dedication and the feats to get the higher level spells. Giving my rogue up to 8th level spells. Yeah, I lost 4th class feats doing it, but I love what I gained out of it. And down the line, as more stuff gets added to the game, more concepts will emerge and older concepts get improved on. A Rogue specific archetype that gets access to spells for example.

In short, yeah. Certain build ideas are going to have to devote a lot of energy, but I feel like that was still true in first edition if not worse. Only time will tell once we have the actual game in our hands.

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Attack of Opportunity was also a Fighter Class ability right out the gate at level 1. No other class got that as an ability. Champion had the option as a 6th level feat, while everyone else would have to multiclass into Fighter for it.

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Mechalibur wrote:
All right good to know, although I can't see much reason you'd do 3 1-action versions of the spell, since that would be 3d8 (avg 13.5) compared to 2d8+8 (avg 17) for using a 2-action and 1-action version together. It would also save a spell slot.

Oh totally, I'm just saying that you could as the original question was restrictions on using the same spell.

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If you have the Heal's to burn, yeah. Heck, you could 1 action heal someone three times if you have 3 heals to burn

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The flaws must be a different ability score unless you pick something boosted. So if you have a +2 Cha, and a -2 Cha. Then yeah, you can toss in another -2 Cha. To get that 8.

But if you just have a -2 Cha, you can't then put in another -2 cha. to get a 6.

Gotcha! So yeah, it's Background qualification as in biography, not as in the Background selection done in character creation. Thanks James and Luis! 08/01 can't get here soon enough.

Sounds good! If someone from Paizo wants to confirm or deny, great lol. This is more or less what I expected, but wasn't 100% sure. Thanks for the input FWB and Xeno!

So at Paizo Con, we were told about the Hellknight Armiger archetype, and that by default it's uncommon. Meaning you can't select it normally, you need to basically discover it before you can select it. Which I personally enjoy the rarity system in 2e. We were told that some people can work around this however by being from Old Cheliax. I have a player who was planning on taking the Armiger archetype at LVL 2 because he loves Hellknights. The world guide being delayed doesn't really stop this (I probably will start Age of Ashes prior to the Guides release, but they will probably hit LVL 2 around the release if not after). So my question.

Is the prereq for making Armiger common just being from that area, or is it tied to specific backgrounds in the book. I'm well aware I can just waive my hand and say "go for it", but if possible I'd like to avoid doing that when possible. If it IS tied to a specific background, would it be possible to be spoiled on that specific background since Character Creation is likely to happen before the World Guide is released.

Thank you :)

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Player: The way Archetypes and multiclassing works. The fact that when a new archetype comes out (with the exception of 'class archetypes') it'll be available for pretty much every class. And with the ease of multiclassing, any new content is also mostly available to everyone. A new LVL 4 Fighter feat is a LVL 8 feat for anyone else willing to multi into it. Personally I love that.

GM: 3 Action System, the simplicity of explaining the new system to new players. And personally, the monsters. Not having to keep track of every specific feat a monster has, and instead just look at a list of options they have at their disposal is amazing.

Both a player and GM: The fact that AoO isn't universal and just reactions in general. If you or a creature have reactions, it now becomes a game of "do i use this reaction, or save it so i can do this". Shield Block Vs Attack of Opportunity, ect.

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I haven't seen many "formal" reviews, but Known Direction was at Paizo Con and played it, and everything I heard from them on their site/blog has been overall positive.

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Cori Marie wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Roswynn wrote:

I think most Razmirans, most of all in the higher echelons, know it's all a scam and don't harbor any doubt in their minds regarding the possible divinity of Razmir - it's all very clear, and the higher you go in the hierarchy the more the priest knows how the scam is supposed to work.

But as with any faiths, I'm sure many people do believe sincerely, and that imo even includes some priests. They're not getting their spells from Razmir, but they don't necessarily know that - what they do to memorize their spells, be it meditating, studying, centering oneself, tuning up their instruments - they see it as a form of communion with the divine, i.e. with Razmir. Why other clerics do it differently and have different powers? Because they don't follow Razmir. Razmir is special. Within a religious framework it's quite surprising what some people will be willing to rationalize.

And we do know they're wrong and Razmir's just a powerful mage, not a true deity, but if that wasn't clearly stated in all the products we've read, we would be in their same position.

Also, maybe some do know he's not a god, but see him as some sort of enlightened mortal closer to mortal problems than alien, uncaring, cold gods, and prefer to worship him.

There’s even a specific undead created by the death of the legitimately faithful, the shock that it was all a lie and theres no Razmiran specific afterlife for them turns them into a type of wraith.

They're not a happy lot.

Ooooh what book is this in?

Apostasy Wraith. Inner Sea Bestiary.

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Sadly, Hellknight shouldn't be in Lost Omens. The first part of the first Adventure Path "Hellknight Hill", someone asked about this over there. They were told that Hellknight Rules won't be in that book, but will be out very soon.

After that someone asked if "Very Soon" will be somewhere within the first few weeks of release, or if they will have to "reskin" something to let their players be a Hellknight and James told them Reskin. So no Hellknight at launch from the looks of it, but soon™

Thank you! Apparently I'm blind

So I get the minion rule. I ditch an action to give buddy 2. What about Reactions? If I'm controlling a skeleton champion, who has attack of opportunuty, does he do this automatically? Does he never do this? Do I ditch my reaction to trigger his? Or do I count his reaction as one of the two actions I gave him? (Only move. Then Attack of opportunity if triggered with the second action)

Bump, as I have this same question and would rather not make a second post when this one already exists.

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I've got a question about the new Adaptive Shifter and how the two abilities interact if at all.

The Default Shifter claws have this nifty ability:

"While a shifter uses wild shape to assume her aspect‘s major form, her natural attacks gain the same benefits granted by her shifter claws ability. If the form she takes has claw attacks, she can use either the base damage of her shifter claws or the damage of the form’s claws, whichever is greater. If the form does not have claw attacks, she can choose up to two natural attacks that would deal less damage than her shifter claw damage and have those attacks instead deal the same damage as her shifter claws."

And while the Adaptive Shifter gains Adaptive Claws, this alters Shifter Claws. Not replaces the ability as a whole.

Now, the Adaptive Shifter doesn't gain Major/Minor forms, and gains Unfettered Wild Shape.

"At 6th level, an adaptive shifter gains the ability to turn into other creatures. This functions as a druid’s wild shape ability, except she does not gain the ability to turn into an elemental. The shifter’s effective druid level is equal to her class level. She can use this ability for a number of hours per day equal to half her effective druid level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but must be spent in 1-hour increments. For abilities that function based on “uses of wild shape,” each hour of unfettered wild shape counts as a use."

Since this is just a normal Wild Shape into whatever you want, and not a Wild Shape into your non existent Major Form, does this mean Adaptive Shifters don't apply their Shifter Claws ability to their Wild Shape form?

Thank you in advanced.

Yeah the cloud ships are more along the lines of what I was looking for. Found some good options through your search (cloud ship). Thank you!

Hello all! So in my current game (custom world), I've kept alot of the PF organizations and while I've made alot of custom characters for said groups/organizations, I've kept some of the people from their group. Some of these people have art, some don't, some have only headshots which I've then photoshopped onto a body.

Anywho, Ashasar from the Concordance of Elements. According to his info, he travels with 4 elemental companions. The Air elemental however is a massive Air Ship (or Airship-Shaped). I love this far to much to get rid of it and just give him an air element. However I'd like a picture to display (Roll20). Anyone have an image I can use for my game to reflect this? Either an Air-Elemental Airship, or an airship that could believably be an air elemental?

It doesn't have to be a "map" for encounters so to say (though I would not object to a combat map). Either a map I can through tokens on, or just a cool fantasy image to throw on the map and say "this is what you guys are on". Either work.

Thank you!

Majuba wrote:
+0: [list]
  • Resolute wouldn't be a bad choice (the lawful equivalent of fiendish), if you see your batman as a force for order. (Bestiary 2?)
  • Cave Creature ... :)

    Manimal (Advanced Bestiary)


  • Animal Lord (Bats) (Bestiary 3)
  • Lich?

    +?: (Advanced Bestiary)
    Alacritous Creature
    Limbjack (replaced limbs)

  • Hmm, more to consider. Animal Lord Bat gave me a good laugh but makes total sense lol.

    hmm. Not a Bad idea. Since i can do 2 CR+1's i can go with Mutant and Shadow Creature.

    Shadow creature fits thematically, and 5 abilities from Mutant that just reflect batman. I like it. Thank you!

    Good Morning Everyone!

    So I'm currently in a horsemen of the apocalypse game and the end goal is to be level 20 mythic 10. That is a ways away, but on top of 20/10, the GM has informed us that through our journey we will also be getting templates to boost us even further.

    I'm not looking for "what templates would make the strongest", I'm looking for thematically appropriate. My character is more or less Batman, or at least inspired by batman. Mechanically, I'm a feinting ninja on the Trickster path.

    So what templates would batman have? I am allowed to go with the following options:

    one CR+2
    two CR+1's
    one CR+1 and 2 CR+0's

    The GM has the final say obviously, and reserves the right to either alter the template or level gate it (for templates that grant like 10 abilities).

    So, advice on what templates batman would have?

    Question! The loot generator that's on the site. Does this get updated with new items from new books?

    Thank you! Love the site!

    Does anyone know roughly what time the PDF becomes available for purchase? Like is it midnight, 3am, ect?