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William Ronald wrote:

I will send some out right now.

Warren, feel free to list an e-mail.

Here you go


Thank You for you work on this!

Ok minor change of thought do you get Multiple attacks if your only attack is a shield bash if your BAB is high enough?

Ok minor change of thought do you get Multiple attacks if your only attack is a shield bash if your BAB is high enough?

Karui Kage wrote:

Small point here, but fractions pretty much always round down in Pathfinder, so it'd be healing of 1 hp.

"Unless otherwise noted, whenever you are must round a number, always round down." <-- Core Rulebook, Getting Started.

ThatHealer, the spell never references "total damage across all creatures affected". As pointed out, that would include objects too if you think about it. It's extremely clear what the spell intended, as all the responses here indicate. You shoot off a fireball. You roll 40 damage on 10d6. You deal 30 with the fireball, and heal 10. Anyone in the fireball's area then rolls to save for half (15 damage) or takes the full (30 damage) plus and minus all resistances/vulnerabilities/etc.

This is not a difficult thing to understand.

Opp thanks for reminding me Karui

they did not take a total
They each took 6 because they were in the area
the Damage was 6 so you would heal 1.5 hp round up to 2
even if some of them saved you did 6 damage and would heal the above amount.


What's the Source of the Spell i.e. what book is it in?
In all though I agree it is the damaged rolled in the attack. as the Fireball did not do 90 points of damage unless it was empowered and you rolled max.
unless stated in the spell area effect spells do the damage rolled to all target in the area. even their example supports this thought that it is the damage rolled before anything else is applied. Note this does mean that even fireballing a red dragon would net you healing even if the spell has no effect on the dragon.

Hey Daemonslye Could you please email me a copy of your conversion.



Grimmy wrote:

Ok , Thanks.

So I guess if the PC launched the fireball from the shore, it would have to detonate when it hit the surface of the lake, but with a successful caster level check it could still effect the underwater monsters within its AoE as a steam bubble.

Correct and they would take damage if they were shallow enough to be in the AoE.

From the Environments section: (p.432 PFCRB)
Attacks from Land: Characters swimming, floating, or treading water on the surface, or wading in water at least chest deep, have improved cover (+8 bonus to AC, +4 bonus on Reflex saves) from opponents on land. Land-bound opponents who have freedom of movement effects ignore this cover when making melee attacks against targets in the water. A completely submerged creature has total cover against opponents on land unless those opponents have freedom of movement effects. Magical effects are unaffected except for those that require attack rolls (which are treated like any other effects) and fire effects.

Fire: Nonmagical fire (including alchemist's fire) does not burn underwater. Spells or spell-like effects with the fire descriptor are ineffective underwater unless the caster makes a caster level check (DC 20 + spell level). If the check succeeds, the spell creates a bubble of steam instead of its usual fiery effect, but otherwise the spell works as described. A supernatural fire effect is ineffective underwater unless its description states otherwise. The surface of a body of water blocks line of effect for any fire spell. If the caster has made the caster level check to make the fire spell usable underwater, the surface still blocks the spell's line of effect.

so yes being underwater does provide some defense against fireball

Zhayne is right.

What I meant by LOS not effect is this Phrase in the ability description "You must have line of sight to your destination to use this ability" because you can see where you are going there is no miss chance this is better than studied Carefully be cause you are not trying to target by memory but going to a place you can currently see.

No, because you must have LOS to you destination.

As I understand the RAW you may fire any Bow (not Crossbows without Rapid reload but including Repeating ones) as often as you have attacks in the action you choose i.e. Standard action Attack = once
Full attack = to number of attacks you have i.e. if you have a BAB of +16 you get 4 attacks. (+16/11/6/1)
The Feat Rapid shot one one to the total for a -2 penalty
Manyshot adds 2

Thank you I missed that one
current party is average level 12.
but they are all kinda squishy (wizard, Cleric, Magus, Druid, and Inquisitor.)

bracelet of Medical emergency

Slot used: Wrist
Description: Usually a copper and silver bracelet inscribed with holy symbols, symbols of healing and more elaborate ones contain creatures that are known to have curative powers such as unicorns or trolls. They also typically take on the name of the wearer along with relevant medical information such as living/undead, blood type, allergies and unusual medical conditions (written in celestial).

Concept: A "breath of life spell" has been cast into the Bracelet that activates once per day on the round that a characters hit points become a negative number GREATER than their CON score. The "Breath of Life" spell variers in strength based upon the caster level of the spell used to create it. A Bracelet made by a higher level cleric will create a stronger healing effect.

Cost breakdown formulae: (5x9x2,000gp)/5 =18,000 market value. ... expensive? y
Aslo does such an item already exist ether in PF or 3.5

Thank you

Ah but Finger of Death, Destruction,and Wail of Banshee are Still Death effects if it kills you as a result of the Damage dealt Breath of Life will have no effect.

Thank you for the advice

Ok thanks

I do rule that it is 3 uses per day but is it a move action or a standard action to pass it off?

Does the spell actual level apply for the level limit of the rod or the slot used (i.e. a lesser rod of silent spell used on a still fireball( 3rd level spell in a 4th level slot)?

Ok that's what I thought Just was checking.
My Players tend to air burst Fireballs on large+ critters so the melee players can get in without being BBQ ed by their own team.

Greeting Friends
I have a question are area effect attacks like fireball and cone attacks 3D do the have a height and width? if so would a Dragon breathing its cone shaped (80ft)breath weapon straight down from 60tf up effect a base width of 60ft area in a line or a Radius

any Spell that needs Dragon Scales needs to buy the scale ranging from 5-40gp

Talk to your GM see if he has a house rule on it

Thank you this helps alot

Greetings all
How do You Figure APL?
Do only Count the PCs or do you include the NPC they have Hired?(not cohorts)
Example My current Party:
13th lvl Druid, 11th lvl Cleric, 11th lvl Wizard, 11th lvl Magus, and a 12th lvl Inquisitor(with 10th lvl Bard/Witch Cohort) just Hired the following NPCs to fill out the party
2 11th lvl fighters
1 8th lvl cleric
1 9thlvlv ranger
1 7th lvl ranger
1 8th lvl Fighter
and 1 7th lvl fighter
would this be an APL 9 group or an APL9+4(+1per every 2 after 5+14
or APL 11 just counting the PCs?

Tome of Horror complete has the Path finder conversion of the Orog

Without EWP the answer is No because as the weapon moves up the # of hands need to wield it also increases by 1 effectively putting large 2-handed weapons unusable to medium sizes beings.
example: a large Dagger goes from light to one handed
a large longsword goes to 2-handed weapon
and a Large 2-handed sword becomes unusable by medium sized creatures/beings

PFSRD wrote:

Weapon Size: Every weapon has a size category. This designation indicates the size of the creature for which the weapon was designed.

A weapon's size category isn't the same as its size as an object. Instead, a weapon's size category is keyed to the size of the intended wielder. In general, a light weapon is an object two size categories smaller than the wielder, a one-handed weapon is an object one size category smaller than the wielder, and a two-handed weapon is an object of the same size category as the wielder.

Inappropriately Sized Weapons: A creature can't make optimum use of a weapon that isn't properly sized for it. A cumulative –2 penalty applies on attack rolls for each size category of difference between the size of its intended wielder and the size of its actual wielder. If the creature isn't proficient with the weapon, a –4 nonproficiency penalty also applies.

The measure of how much effort it takes to use a weapon (whether the weapon is designated as a light, one-handed, or two-handed weapon for a particular wielder) is altered by one step for each size category of difference between the wielder's size and the size of the creature for which the weapon was designed. For example, a Small creature would wield a Medium one-handed weapon as a two-handed weapon. If a weapon's designation would be changed to something other than light, one-handed, or two-handed by this alteration, the creature can't wield the weapon at all.

emphasis is mine

see the Iconic Barbarian Amiri
She is a Good example of what you are asking

Yes and Yes

Xavier319 wrote:
Yes, but I"m running a game where they are preparing for siege. They have one day. the Wizard is wanting to cast a bunch of spells to reinforce the castle, and is more or less arguing that he can get three castings of his daily spells before they get there. I'm just double-checking to make sure that's legal.

Keep in mind spell duration. Most spells do not last that long and would expire before well into the rest period.

I Like them. and also started using them in place of my Happy Fun Crit chart (my term NOT theirs)
though our House rule on them is Monsters and NPC have to use them PC can choose to. effect stack with Crit feats and may negate the save or worsen it.


AS a DM I would Rule yes, but officially I do not know.
this is mainly because both spells damage any creature that enters their space while the spell is in effect or that the spell move over/through.

I tend to let my PC ask one Pointed Question about the Creature/Monster per 5 points they make the DC by. this give them a little better choice about what they learn and may cause them to forget to ask the Important stuff like what is it Immune to. (They are learning though)

Monks and Martial artist do not
I see no reason to not allow it as writen

Thank you

Ok the villager part is happening along with the Elementals being used. we just have to move 15ft deep snow back 240ft from the wall in 2hour and 45 minutes.


Greetings all
Ok I know this must be out there some where, But can a single vial of alchemist fire melt a 10x10x15ft section of Snow? or would the fire go out after 10x10x10
My Group has been Tasked with clearing the 15ft deep snow away from the Town wall (with out damaging the Wall) and is Planing to Lay out vials of Alchemist Fire 10ft apart to clear a section (using Air elementals to act as snowblowers near the wall first)before an attacking Giant band arrives (note we do not currently know what types of Giants just that they are Giants)

I will hazard a guess that I am not wrong here based on the lack of response

Greetings all
I have a Question when a druid cast "Commune with nature" besides Aberrations, Constructs, Outsiders, and Undead. count as unnatural creatures.
I am under the belief that Fey, Dragons, Humanoids, Monstrous Humanoids, oozes, Vermin and Plants would count as natural as well as some magical beast am I wrong??

What about a Druid that Wildshapes into an Elemental?

It is a good spell though currently in the hands on only the parties allied/Hired NPC wizard (a recon specialist build)

Thank you

Opps look like I Missed a word or two in the Question I wanted to ask how Invisibility Purge effects ethereal creatures?

Yes yes you can. ;)

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