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I have a question are area effect attacks like fireball and cone attacks 3D do the have a height and width? if so would a Dragon breathing its cone shaped (80ft)breath weapon straight down from 60tf up effect a base width of 60ft area in a line or a Radius

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3d combat in pathfinder? Where did I leave that letter and my handgun...

Area affects are generally assumed to be 3 dimensional, though it is very hard to demonstrate or show such existence on paper. I don't have a cone template to tell you how big an area it should cover at that distance, but it should cover some radius on the ground.

Ok that's what I thought Just was checking.
My Players tend to air burst Fireballs on large+ critters so the melee players can get in without being BBQ ed by their own team.

I recall a cone area of effect is as wide as it is long at every point, so an 80 ft. cone at 60 ft. from its source would be 60 ft. in diameter.

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