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Greetings all
I have a Question when a druid cast "Commune with nature" besides Aberrations, Constructs, Outsiders, and Undead. count as unnatural creatures.
I am under the belief that Fey, Dragons, Humanoids, Monstrous Humanoids, oozes, Vermin and Plants would count as natural as well as some magical beast am I wrong??

I will hazard a guess that I am not wrong here based on the lack of response

Shadow Lodge

Can't always assume that after just one hour, especially if it's not an easy question.

I don't think this is better clarified within the rules, but your interpretation seems reasonable. If you are a GM you should feel safe using it. If you are a player you should clarify with your GM first in case he has a different interpretation - for example, that any creature with innate magical ability (other than fey) is non-natural.

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