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Tried to download, but said it's unavailable?

I'm not for certain. However, how I do XP is what the next level is multiply by 1000. So from 1st to 2nd you need 2000,2nd to 3rd you need 3000 (for a total of 5000), and ect.

I'd like to get a copy as well. If possible.

Hey Owen.

Some of the thing I'd like to see are:

Continue the great work on the Monster Menagerie line. I like my monsters.

Its been a while for the One Night Stands.

I'd like to see a Shadowmancer (in the same vain as the other two Shadow classes) and a Chronomancer (to tie in with the other two Time classes)

While I'm on the Time Thief/Warden, maybe an adventure that showcases them?

And maybe some more riven spells fore the Rivenmage.

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Will look into this for sure

Book of Fiends
Book of the Righteous
Plot and Poison

What I'd Like to see:

Agree on the:
Shadow Caster/Shadowmancer
Alt Magic Item creation
Shadow Magic
Force Magic
Sonic Magic
Hellfire Class
Gruesome Demons

Additionally I'd like:
Gruesome Devils and Daemons
Gruesome Feats
Gruesome Spells/Magic
Gruesome Haunts
Familiar and Animal Companion Feats
Inevitable Bloodline and Domain
Neutral Magic and Domain (Neutral casters get no love)
Psionic Godling (hopefully compatible with Dreamscarred press)
More Monster Menagerie (love me some new monsters)
More One Night Stands
Some Riven Mage Support (additional spells, options, ect)

If I can Think of more, I'll post them.

If I could get the Talented Ranger, that be awesome :)

Freedom16 wrote:
I suggest RGG's to Apprentice levels, I've had memorable campaigns with it. It even has a little guide about adapting classes, etc.

Ditto. Fantastic little pdf.

Dragons, Sphinx of several kinds.

Bardess wrote:
Review, guys! As a prize for the first three reviews, I offer the complete stats of the Iconic Obedient Diabolist (20th-level/10th tier character!)

Is this still available? :)

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zylphryx wrote:

Glad to hear it! So what were your favorite parts? Were there any articles that really stood out for you? How was the art?

And before anyone actually posts their answers to these questions, why not take that minute or two you were going to spend posting a reply and post a review instead?

What? Too soon after my other request for product reviews?

You know, there is one definite way to get me to stop posting requests for product reviews ... one guess, that's all you get. ;)

EDIT: Seriously though, I am glad to hear everyone is enjoying the issue. I just see "reminding folks about the importance of product reviews" as a secondary job once an issue gets released into the wild.

As requested, I did review it. As it was my first review ever, it was done to the best of my current ability.

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HOLY HELL!!!! My favorite Wayfinder by far.

Ah, to late for the top 12.....
I'll be picking this guy up later on this week. Dogmas have me piqued and some of the archtypes seem very interesting

DarkMidget wrote:
"Let's see how much dirt you can eat without killing yourself" (Exact quote).

After eating one handful: looks at each other. "Well that didn't kill us." and then be done. You met the criteria. How much dirt can you eat without killing yourself? One handful. Ate it and did not die, domination over.

Elghinn Lightbringer wrote:
strongblade wrote:

# Spellgun.

Have a question. Arcane Gun replaces cantrips (they get read and detect magic, but cast as 1st level spells), however when looking at spells per day, they have cantrips. Am I missing something?

Awesome work though btw!

Thanks! Glad you like what we've done.

It's just a mistake on the table. Fixed!


# Spellgun.
Have a question. Arcane Gun replaces cantrips (they get read and detect magic, but cast as 1st level spells), however when looking at spells per day, they have cantrips. Am I missing something?

Awesome work though btw!

Tristan Sinns wrote:

Something else to think about...firearms are ranged touch (at least within their range increment), and damage reduction does not negate touch attacks. n

Pg 136 of the Ultimate Combat: When firing an early/advanced firearm, the attack resoles against the target's touch AC when the target is within the first/first five (advanced) range increment(s), but this type of attack is not considered a touch attack for the purpose of feats or abilities...

Ssalarn wrote:

Does the Quilted Cloth armor in the APG provide its benefits vs. firearm attacks?

The description seems very poorly worded in that it provides DR 3/- vs. small piercing weapons.... Why wouldn't it provide DR 3/Bludgeoning or Slashing?

It is DR 3/- only against small piercing weapons (as that is what is written DR 3/- vs small piercing weapons). It does not provide its DR against anything else because of that particular clarification, which is vs small piercing weapons. What the DR 3/- provides is that if you get hit by a +5 adamantine axiomatic unholy small piercing weapon (or any small piercing weapon including one that is made of a special material and/or magical), you apply the DR. And thats it. Everything else bypasses this, because the clarifier is small piercing weapons.

The real world question was not implied by the op, it was just the DR situation.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Zhayne wrote:
Those weird firearms with melee weapons attached to them?

Pistol Cane Dagger?

What they need to stat, is the Duckfoot Pistol. [/QUOTE

Check out

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Not really, but yes. Its not hit point damage, its a hit point adjustment, same as if the con score was raised by 2 points the druids (or any class for that matter) hit points would go up by 1 per hit die. So using 10 as the con score as a base: for every 2 points that the con score goes up via spell, gaining levels, etc, the characters hit points raise by 1 per hit die and for every 2 points the con score drops by spell, poison, disease, etc, the characters hit points drop by 1 per hit die.


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How about a book of encounters, like Guide of 100 Encounters (5 encounters of CR 1 - CR 20? Something to help with when the PCs do something truly unexpected, random encounter, or you need an encounter on the fly.
You could do the encounters based on location (city, dungeon, ruin, forest, sea, etc).

How about and expanded settlement qualities/disadvantages?

Background and goals of secret societies.

I would like to see more one night stands.

And add me to the list of people wanting a Talented Bestiary.

Ashram wrote:
strongblade wrote:
Any of the Manowar albums; esp. Triumph of Steel, Kings of Metal, Louder Than Hell, and Fighting the World.
We desperately need a Skyrim-esque Lands of the Linnorm Kings AP, where I can blast my Gods of War album.

\m/ ROCK ON!!!

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Any of the Manowar albums; esp. Triumph of Steel, Kings of Metal, Louder Than Hell, and Fighting the World.

Archtypes would be cool. I'm always looking for some more creepy crawlies. And me personally, some good PrCs, most I've come in contact with are a bit lack luster.

No. The 'bad guy' was not acting under his own free will/ was controlled by another. And it was after he was let go that the pally found out the exact extent of his what he had done. He should have a very stern talking to by the temple hierarchy to remind him of his vows. Now if he does not go after the 'bad guy' and bring him in and find the one who charmed him/made him do those things, then yes, I would say he falls. But what it boils down to really is, do you think it would cause him to fall.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

I admit, if anyone votes for being willing to beg for an expansion, I'd pay attention to that too.

Yes please. Count me as anyone voting or begging for an expansion.

171: The WyverInn-
The center supporting pillar of the large tavern is in the shape of a wyvern with is large wings creating the supporting eves of the vaulted ceiling.

Deepest heart felt condolences, Louis

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