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A while ago I saw and purchased this product

It is a series of feats that allow a character to perform minor magic by drawing and activating runes. They are feats which means that anyone can potentially qualify for them.

Since buying this product I've drawn up two fighters using the runes and it was everything I could have ever asked for, but the scope seems to be very small for a huge can of worms that it opens. A minor magic feat system that anyone could do is a huge boon for martials who have the feats to spare who could use just a little extra utility. Even if you don't like dirty magic in your martials it is still very possible to flavor the runes (as I did) as readying/bracing from an insane feat of strength or physical prowess. While this product did get a sequel I can see base classes and a large book coming out of this idea.

Has anyone else gotten this product? How did you feel about it?

Would you be willing to beg for an expansion on this system?

Are there similar systems that do it better?

Would you allow something like this in your game?

(edit):If anyone who made this is listening, please make more of this.

Scarab Sages Contributor

I almost always read feedback on books I wrote. :)

In the case of our rune system it's not lack of interest that has prevented me from doing another, but a shortage of time. I still have nearly a dozen Talented classes to do (not counting RGG classes or ACG), things like The Genius Guide to Time Magic and The Genius Guide to Godling Magic (both the last book before I can do some big compilations), The Genius Guide to the Shadow Warrior, Mythic Options: The Missing Advanced Feats (and The Missing Ultimate Feats and The Missing Monster Feats)...

But more of this IS on the list!

I admit, if anyone votes for being willing to beg for an expansion, I'd pay attention to that too.

I'll throw in my own vote for some more runes I've got both products.

Consider myself begging. I'm currently writing up some material for my house rules but I'm not a designer.

Consider me intrigued. Although, to be honest, I prefer waiting for something I can actually pick up off the shelf (or order) from my FLGS, I can see the benefit of a smaller 'add-on' in the form of a pdf. The price is more than reasonable, after all, even if I do need to print it myself.

So, sell me on it- why do I need this for my game?

(and since Mr. Stephens is listening in - is the pdf 'feats of psionic might' going to get an upgrade to 'Ultimate Psionics Compatible'?)

Time to dust off those PDFs and see what they're about again...

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

I admit, if anyone votes for being willing to beg for an expansion, I'd pay attention to that too.

Yes please. Count me as anyone voting or begging for an expansion.

I'd love more runic might feats, of course. Variant/alternate/different magic systems are my hobby-within-a-hobby and ... man ... I just had an idea of how to totally corrupt and repurpose these...

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