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A willing journey into the Infernal Kingdom


I have never written a review before, but here it goes.....

This issue of Wayfinder is full of fiendish delights. From Hellknights to devils and character class options to magic items. If you have a diabolic bent, then this issue is right up your alley.

- I'll start with the various fiction written in issue 11. All well written and easily engaging. Very usable for backstory/story driven games.

- While I don't play in Golarion, the adventure hooks found in here are very helpful and interesting. They are written for Golarion, but can be dropped in anywhere. The range from political intrigue to combating an evil cult.
The side trek adventure, The Bookbound Herald puts the PC up against the Hellknights, performing rituals, and a very upset Erinyes. This will be used very soon. The Beginner Box adventure, Little Devils, Is politicaly charged. Very well writen

-Character options? Plenty of hellish options can be found:
There are Infernal Options for some of the wizard school choices (an example is the ossifer school (transform into a bone devil) replaces the trasmutation schools abilities).
Plenty of archtypes to choose from. The one that stuck out for me was the Cruel Huntsman (Ranger). Think of Sam Elliots character in Ghostrider. There is also a prestige class archtype in this issue called the Obedient Diabolist for the Diabolist prestige class.
And speaking of prestige classes, enter the Infernal Aspirant. A spell casting diabolist that has found a shortcut to become a devil as a finale to this class.
Wanna be a Hellknight without taking the prestige class? Then the Cavaliers of the Hellknight Orders might be the way to go for you. This article recreates the different Hellknight orders and organizes them into Cavalier orders. Very nice indeed. (I needed this about 4 months ago sadly.....)
There are several feats that will condemn you, but who cares right?
The one I like is Executioner Adept. Make my crits hit harder and my massive damage harder to survive through? Yes please.
And there are plenty of rogue talents and barbarian rage powers to make them a literal hell to deal with.

With all the hellfire and brimstone within, it is of no surprise that a slew of devils and their friends have found their way on these pages.Of the 5 new devils, I found that i both love and loathe the Lilim (seduction devil), especially with how they 'reproduce'. Corrupt? Hell yeah! And going up against a covey of flue hags will just be annoying. Love me some new monsters!

-Of all of the great things in this issue, The NPC's and the Artwork are my favorites, followed by the Bestiary. The NPC's all have great backgrounds and motivations and the artwork is tops that brings them to life. You have a choice of Hellknights, from the strict and orderly Maralictor Petra Highsmith to Karskin Elrick, a defiant Paladin/Hellknight. And then there is the flamboyant Federico Castrovel a political opera singer. There are plenty of other NPC's that would bring any campaign to life. Did I mention Federico Castrovel?

This is not all that rests within these pages. There are gems to be found by those willing to sell their souls or just plain lucky (did I mention Fedrico Castrovel?).